Friday, April 11, 2008


Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
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All Work Sessions are now streamed live.
7:30p.m. Executive Session / Personnel – Discuss selection of

Candidate for the Energy Conservation Coordinator position and

TDYCC Advisory Board Interview
7:45p.m. Hevelyn Road – Al Regula

8:00p.m. Bond Refinancing – Michael Kolesar

8:15p.m. MIS – Pandya Dipak and Michael Ng

8:25p.m. Richard Greenspan Property Bridge Repair – Gerry Byrne

8:35p.m. Chief Kapica

9:00pm. Appointments / Special Meeting:

· CAC – Richard J. Ronde

· Additional TDYCC Search Committee Members

· Energy Conservation Coordinator Position

· Housing Authority Report

· Tree Appeal

April 22, 2008 Work Session – Cancelled

April 23, 2008 Town Board Meeting – Cancelled

April 29, 2008 Work Session - Tentative

Ø Greenburgh Housing Authority

Ø Cabrini – Proposed Affordable Housing in Dobbs Ferry

Ø Richard Greenspan Property Bridge Repair

Work Session Summary – Tuesday – April 8, 2008

(Please note the following addition to the Tuesday, April 1, 2008 Work Session Summary:

Councilman Francis Sheehan submitted a report on the Greenburgh Housing Authority tours. The report was distributed to the Board and Town Attorney for the Town Attorney’s opinion re: whether or not it would be an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy to include the tenant’s names in the report. It was subsequently decided that a redacted version of the report would be submitted to reflect the removal of tenants’ names, only.)

Sunrise Assisted Living Proposal: Follow-Up Presentation

Sunrise Assisted Living, a national provider of senior living residences, conducted a follow-up presentation to their initial February meeting with the Board. During the first meeting, the Board requested that the developers prepare a financial/economic impact analysis as well as an environmental impact analysis. The proposed site is located off Route 119, in the Glenville area of Tarrytown – an area that also borders East Irvington and Watch Hill. Presenters suggested that, with the development, the likelihood of a considerable traffic flow was minimal and that the town would generate significant taxes from the development. Next steps include the submittal of a special permit, a rezoning application as well as a zoning amendment and referral to the Planning Board. The town will undertake traffic, environmental reviews. The Town Supervisor recommended a 2nd follow-up meeting with the Board to include residents from Glenville, East Irvington and Watch Hill with the possibility of this combined community meeting taking place at the community outreach meeting in Glenville. (Date and time, TBA).

Budget Review - 2009: Council Members’ Assignments to Town Departments

Board members will help department heads identify cuts in their budgets. Assignments are as follows:

Councilperson Departments

Sonja Brown Theodore D. Young Community Center & the Dept. of Philanthropy

Diana Juettner Parks & Recreation, Library & the Office of the Assessor

Kevin Morgan Police Depart. & the Dept. of Public Works

Francis Sheehan Departments of Planning, the Comptroller and Building

Paul Feiner Purchasing & MIS

Parcel Q

An Ardsley resident currently has access to property owned by the county (by special permit) and the Town of Greenburgh has expressed interest in purchasing the property. County Legislator, Thomas Abinanti advised the Board to send an updated letter expressing an interest in the parcel. The issue will also be presented for discussion at the May 1st Community Outreach meeting to be held at the Ardsley Community Center.

Library Budget and Construction

The Library has a construction budget of $19.8 million. Genie Contrata announced the existence of approximately $400. thousand in grants for the purpose of library construction enhancements. Discussion centered around the question of whether or not the grants should be used for enhancements or applied to lower the bond amount. Town Supervisor, Paul Feiner, requested that the library conduct an analysis to determine the impact on the library development should the funds be applied to lower the debt rather than on enhancements. He also stated that a termination date for Triton should be considered.

Hastings Affordable Housing

Guidelines for selection state that there must be a neutral list – open to anyone and not restricted. There are currently 2 Town employees and 2 Town residents who have indicated an interest in moving into the four designated affordable housing units. The town will send an e mail alert to residents identifying the availability of the 4 housing units to unincorporated Greenburgh residents.

Old Army Road

Applicants (Edgemont residents) applied for a tree removal permit (for a number of trees) in order to clear land for the construction of a house. An appeal of the initial decision must be heard by the Town Board – as per law.


In January, a petition was initiated for a zone change to build an affordable housing unit on Tarrytown Road near Fulton Park Apartments. The following steps have been taken toward the project’s development: The Town of Greenburgh declared intent to be lead agency, the developers appeared before the Planning Board and a public discussion will be held at the Planning Board meeting on April 16, 2008. The applicant has modified plans – they reduced the height of the building and number of units by 2.

Draft Resolution to Expand the Theodore D. Young Community Center’s Advisory Board

Councilwoman Sonja Brown has initiated steps to expand the Advisory Board by 2 members. Town Attorney, Tim Lewis will write the resolution and present it for approval at the April 10, 2008 Board meeting.

Annual Financial Disclosure

Only those individuals who serve as members of advisory boards who make decisions will be asked to submit financial disclosure forms.


Anonymous said...

Where in Ardsley is this parcel that the town is thinking to purchase.
Your work session agenda does not state any particulars WHY?????

Anonymous said...

Think locally. Act globally. Glad the town is going to finally hire a replacement to Nikki.

Anonymous said...

why would advisory board members have to file a fiancial disclosure form ? I don't get it. do town board members file?

Anonymous said...

Paul is trying to get existing members to resign. Then he can, with the help of his dream team, appoint people who will be freindly to his developer/contributors.

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh has a tough ethics law that Feiner voted for last year.

Anonymous said...

It is a meaningless ethics law. Citizens cant file complaints.

Anonymous said...

To Paul's credit, officials can't accept contributions from developers and from businesses, individuals who do business with the town. The county, state should do the same.

Anonymous said...

"An Ardsley resident currently has access to property owned by the county (by special permit) and the Town of Greenburgh has expressed interest in purchasing the property."

1. Precisely where is this property?

2. For what specific purpose does the Town want to purchase it?

Please respond, Mr. Feiner. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To Paul's lack of credit, he accepts staggering amounts from lawyers for developers etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57 says "To Paul's lack of credit, he accepts staggering amounts from lawyers for developers etc."

Prove that. Show some evidence. You are simply repeating the disinformation that Paul's enemies have been feeding us for years.

Anonymous said...

At the work session Abbinanti and CAlvi mentioned that they wanted the land for a trail to be used by the residents.
But tell me do these idiots understand that we have too many parks that we cannot take care of them.
The person that is using the land BY SPECIAL PERMIT has maintained it for many many years.
How can we be burdened with another purchase to suit the town of Ardsley this time arround.
The last parcel purchased was to please Gold and Irvington so for what reason is someone interested in this parcel other than a trail.
Now getting down to bond issues.
I do hope that Kolesar looks into the purchase of computers for the PD by getting a bond to make the purchase.
As Lasser said after five years the computer have to be thrown out and the residents will still have to pay a debt of five more years.
Kolesar straighten out this town as far as purchases go.
They spend without doing their homework.
Tell me in how many more ways must the residents express their sentiments against the town and their I DONT CARE ATTITUDE.

Anonymous said...

s for the library Paul there will be no impact on the construction since they wanted that amount that was voted in that's what they get.
They are just trying to steal more money from the public.
The building is almost finished and now they are looking for more gelt.
The nerve of these people,do they think the residents are getting senile like the ones on the board,

Anonymous said...

s for the library Paul there will be no impact on the construction since they wanted that amount that was voted in that's what they get.
They are just trying to steal more money from the public.
The building is almost finished and now they are looking for more gelt.
The nerve of these people,do they think the residents are getting senile like the ones on the board,

Anonymous said...

"At 4/13/2008 6:00 PM, Anonymous said..."

We await your specific response, Mr. Feiner.

Anonymous said...

We do not need more parkland.
If the parcel is up for sale let the person interested purchase it.

Anonymous said...

Paul you are running into another disaster with this parcel in Ardsley.
We do not need more baren land. You caused this town enough trouble by satisfying one friend in Irvington now you want to satisfy another. Enough is enough.
All this parkland is not needed.
Smarten up you are sending the residents the wrong messages.
Taxes are bad enough since you and the board refuse to make the necessary lower taxes.

Anonymous said...

There's so much misinformation here...

The parcel in question is mostly in Greenburgh and partly in Ardsley. It's owned by the county and they've offered to sell it to Greenburgh... for $1.

The blog entry describing the work session was incorrect -- it is a Greenburgh resident, not an Ardsley resident, who recently (it hasn't been "for years") has taken over part of the county land, without paying taxes on it,and without adhering to Greenburgh's local building and zoning codes.

He supposedly received a permit from a county employee, but nobody can find a copy of this permit, and it apparently has never been approved by the board of legislators, the county clerk's office, or any other county office of authority.

You should be upset about this, but not at Ardsley or Greenburgh. You should be upset that the county is allowing this resident, perhaps illegally, to enjoy the use of property located in Greenburgh without paying taxes to the Town, without scrutiny from the Town's building department, without paying fees to the Town for applications and permits, and all at the same time blocking egress to the parcel where the Greenburgh Greenway Committee has been planning for years to place an historic trail.

Anonymous said...

May I ask who brought this to light.
Was it a politian ?
Was it a developer?
It seems kind of odd that this comes to light from left field.
After so many years this is brought up.
There must be a very interested party looking at this parcel.
May I ask who could this be?

Anonymous said...

At 4/14/2008 10:01 PM, Anonymous said ...
At 4/13/2008 6:00 PM, Anonymous said ...
We await your specific response, Mr. Feiner.

Anonymous said...

The Parcel Q situation came to light through Frank Jazzo, who is neither a politician nor a developer.

He is chairman of the Greenburgh Greenway Committee and he has been keeping tabs on the property for years, because he is spearheading the drive for an historic trailway to be placed through the Parcel, from Old Sprain Rd to McDowell Park. He's been doing this since Greenburgh was first offered the property from the county five years ago for $1.

Although he's an unincorp resident, he has no agenda other than the purest intentions of land preservation and historical substance.

Anonymous said...

Historical or not who takes care of this property if Greenburgh picks it up.
History does not pay our taxes.
Why don't you mind your own business and leave homes and land alone.
I am an American but I don't care if the place had indians or whatever I'm tired of paying taxes for things that people like you think it's the right thing to preserve.
How are your thoughts in preserving lives the lives of all residents who are tired pf paying taxes for parkland.
How many people would use this trail,with the coyotes,deer,foxes and other wild animals roaming arround.
There's nothing like someone thinking that they have all the solutions to historic sites.For that matter almost every home has been built on historic ground.
Why did this take place i'll tell you why money talks and BS walks.
I was told a battle took place where many of the homes on my road are built. WHere were you MR. JAZZO .The difference is I pay the taxes on MY home but with this trail I would have to pay extra taxes for the upkeep.

Anonymous said...

4:17 Why don't you Move!!!! you are a nasty no good SOB. Frank Jazzo volunteers hundreds of hours
of his time to this Town every year for the benift of everyone in this Town, even people like you. You are a self centered person.

Anonymous said...

How can a historic sight be good for the benefit of the town?
From what I was told there were battles all over Westchester does this mean that the property that I own someday can be considered an historic parcel.

Anonymous said...

The person was just giving their opinion on this site since it would be another parkland added to the taxes that the residents will have to pay for it's upkeep.
You must know that we do have to pay taxes for the upkeep of a little too many parklands.
We really cannot afford another o
The gentleman does donate his time and is very thorough in his findings and he should be thanked.

Anonymous said...

Hey where's Feiner's financial disclosure form posted?

Anonymous said...

Sonia Brown is so much involved in getting all that she can to allow many more in the Fairview area commit a crime.
What they are doing is stealing funds away from areas that really deserve attention.
Day care how much does a person pay?
I'm quite sure that they are getting the service for free.
I pay dearly for childcare,so why is it that in Fairview childcare is a freebee to parents that live in affordable houses and make a dam good salary way and above many of us.
What happened to the social service workers that we once had.
Sad to say the ones in charge look the other way when it comes to their own kind.
I too am a minority but I break my butt to stay and hold my head high as to what my husband and I have achieved.