Friday, April 04, 2008


Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
(All Work Session are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32)

All Work Sessions are now streamed live.

2:00p.m. Sunrise Assisted Living Proposal: Follow-Up Presentation:

Environmental and Traffic Impact Analyses

2:30p.m. Budget Review – 2009: Council Person Assignments to Departments

2:45p.m Parcel Q: Town Historian, Frank Jazzo, Town Atty.Tim Lewis and George Calvi, Ardsley Village Manager

3:00p.m. Library Budget and Construction: Genie Contrata, Al Regula, Triton

3:45p.m. Hastings Affordable Housing: Tim Lewis

4:15p.m. Shamberg Marwell Davis & Hollis, P.C. – Schedule a date for hearing

Re: Old Army Road
4:30p.m. WestHab – Janet Giris
5:00p.m. Draft Resolution – Councilwoman Sonja Brown

5:15p.m. Executive Session – Energy Conservation Coordinator Interview

Library Board Interviews
6:00p.m. Executive Session – Legal
Work Session Summary – Tuesday – April 1, 2008
Town Board’s Question / Answer Session – Improved Procedure

To better serve the citizen’s requests for a more timely response to their questions to the Board, citizens are invited to submit questions to the Town Clerk, in writing via email ( , fax: (914) 993-1626 or by hand delivery to the Clerk’s office by 5:00p.m. each Tuesday before the regularly scheduled Town Board meeting. Questions will be forwarded to the appropriate Department Head or Council Members who will respond to the question during the Wednesday night Town Board meeting.
RFP for Pay Stations at the Greenburgh Public Library

Following a discussion of parking accessibility to public libraries in neighboring jurisdictions, the Board authorized Al Regula, Commissioner – Department of Public Works, to prepare an RFP to allow for the establishment of pay stations at the new Greenburgh Public Library. Among possibilities: provide an annual sticker to residents of unincorporated Greenburgh for reduced or free parking.

Greenburgh Housing Authority

A Housing Authority resident shared concerns regarding the treatment of residents by Housing Authority Commissioners and requested an opportunity for a follow-up meeting with the Board.
The Theodore D. Young Community Center (TDYCC)
On Thursday, April 10th, TDYCC will sponsor “Earth Day.”
Appointments will be made, during the April 9th Board Meeting, for the TDYCC Search Committee’s (for the Commissioner’s position) Chair and Co-chair.
An RFP will be developed by Tim Lewis for the creation of a Grants Advisory Committee
comprised of individuals who will assist the TDYCC Commissioner in identifying the need for potential grants as well as research and recommend possible grant sources to support programs at the Center.

The Philanthropy Department was asked to review the “Rubinger Report” to identify potential grantors from which to solicit consultants to conduct a needs assessment at TDYCC.
Code Enforcement

The most recent code enforcement related issues are those related to snow removal, roomers and boarders, following up on individuals who fail to show up for court appearances and the increase in dangerous dog cases. Residents on Ardsley Road, Fort Hill Road and Hartsdale Avenue in Edgemont have expressed concern over the fact that, following a snow fall, once they remove snow from the sidewalk in front of their homes, DPW trucks come to plow the streets and the sidewalks are, once again, covered with snow – ultimately resulting in the residents receiving fines for being accused of having not cleared their sidewalks. The issuance of summons has been on a steady rise to residents who rent out rooms in their homes to “roomers and boarders.”

waterwheel Property in the Village of Ardsley

The property known as “Waterwheel” is located on Saw Mill River Road in the Village of Ardsley and is currently owned by the Town of Greenburgh, thru foreclosure. The Town Board met with MayorJay Leon and residents of the Village to discuss an affordable housing proposal. The Board and Village of Ardsley will collaborate to develop an RFP to solicit bids for the purpose of developing the property. The RFP will provide flexibility regarding the number of affordable housing units that could be built. Possibilities: All the units could be affordable. There could be a mixture of affordable/market rate.

*Addendum to “Chauncey Estates” – Work Session Summary – Tuesday, 3/25/08

The following statement is added: The applicant was requesting that a conservation district overlay be placed on the property.

The Town Clerk’s evening office hours are the 2nd and 4th Wednesday’s of the month from 5:30 to 7:30 (to coincide with Town Board meetings) except for July and August when the Board only meets one Wednesday. The primary purpose is for marriage licenses.

End of Summary


audit on audit needed said...

once again - nothing on the valhalla school district audit

Anonymous said...

I appreciate our hard working Supervisor and Town Board. They are not allowing the naysayers to turn our board into the circus it once was. The majority of people in Greenburgh appreciate your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Any comment on the "Greenburgh may have to pay $3 million in tennis contract" article in the JN today? This should be a very high priority for the town to address ASAP at the next public meeting. I'm hoping that the JN article wasn't completely accurate because if Mr. Feiner did authorize the contract with that penalty clause, he's caused huge troubles for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Which lawyer advised you to go into contract for the bubble?
Are you out to ruin the residents of the unincorporated areas?
Do you represent the whole town of Greenburgh or just the villages?
Why is it that you fought tooth and nail to keep the finnernan law in tact when it came to the Taxter Ridge park so as not to hurt the villages and now since the villages will not be able to use the bubble park you want the law changed or done away with completely.
None of you on the board are scoring points with the residents
If you cannot change the law you loose the villages if you change the law you loose the unincorporated areas.What a beautiful picture.
By changing the law to suit yourselves you should return the money that Bernstein has paid from the beginning where he stated that the law was unconstitutional.
How can you enforce the law for one reason and change for another?
I must say you have put this town in a very bad state of affairs.
Bernstein was right and he did win.
It was too bad that the courts didn't see it that way but let's see how the same court system will react to your request.
By the way where do you get off saying that the unincorpoated has to pay the vendor of the bubble three million dollars if the plan does not go through.
Was anyone from the area in question present when you signed the contract?
How many people from the area voted on this proposal?


Anonymous said...

dont waste your breath -- paul and his handpicked majority on the town CARE NOTHING ABOUT UNINCORPORATED GREENBURGH NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL

Anonymous said...

Paul probably put that clasue in deliberately. He wants the Finneramn law changed so that unincorpoated pays all, but villages get to use.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to learn this from the JN???

Anonymous said...

How could Paul fight the Bernstein suit in court and agree to this clause at the same time???

Anonymous said...

Paul's "solution" to the Finnerman problem is that the unincorpoated residents should agree to paying for all parks, but allowing the villages to use. This is like if someone holds a knife to my throat, instead of the guy killing me, I agree to be raped.

The real solution is the Town should come up with a fair solution.

Anonymous said...

I humbly disagree. The finnerman law needs to be addressed. Unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers lose if the bubble agreement does not happen. Unincorporated residents lose $200,000 a year in income and tennis court renovations. Do you want your taxes to go up? I don't.

Anonymous said...

The edgemont guy who brought the lawsuit against the town wants chaos so he can run for office. Until Paul got his team the Town Board meetings were chaotic. the edgemont guy was a happy man. today, bd meetings are civil. The edgemont guy is unhappy.

Anonymous said...

cut out the politics , Mr. B!
I play tennis. I want the bubble!
All my tennis partners live in Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

Most of the tennis players live in Ardsley. The Villagers should pay their share.

Anonymous said...

The problem is if all this was about the Bubble, I think people would compromise. But Feiner insists on accomodating the villagers by allowing little leauges, firemen etc to have access. Feiner is holding the bubble hostage -- I resent it.

up with the tennis bubble said...

It is really amazing how the nuts turn everything into a conspiracy.

The tennis company would only build the bubble if everybody can use it -- that is, if everybody can be their customer, people in Greenburgh and outside of Greenburgh. It is the best thing that happened to Greenburgh in years, because it not only is a revenue producer for the unincorporated area but the company will fix up the tennis courts which otherwise would go to ruin because the town hasn't got the money to keep them in good repair.

The only way to get the company to do this was to tell them that if they spend money and then the Bernstein suit is reversed, which every sensible person knew would happen, then they would be indemnified.

I guess the Town Board assumed that if the Bernstein suit was reversed it would be easy to fix the law so that the company could get its customers from everywhere. Who knew that nuts like some of these anonymous writers would rather see the town lose this gem of an opportunity in order to be able to bray at the Supervisor.

I hope the Town Board has the guts to tell these nuts to bug off and recommend the changes so that the town can have the tennis bubble. It is for the benefit of the unincorporated area, not the villages. Quit being angry hporse's asses.

Bernstein is the worst thing that ever happened to Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

I even doubt the state would vote to amed Finnerman without broader support and while litigated. I see Bernstein as the only one concerned about unincorporated Greenburgh. Paul isnt. I assume any ligitgation expesnes come out of A budget.

Anonymous said...

Politics or no politics this board has made a mistake in thinking that the finnernam law should be repealed or changed.
Paul why is it that you run this town to please the villages at the expense of the unincorporated areas.
If you refuse to accept us as residents give back all the monies you charge us to please the villages.
Why do we have to pay day in and day out for all your decisions?
Bernstein won in the courts whether you like it or not because you are doing now what he did concerning Thaxter Ridge.
Here again you did your friend Gold a big favor.
The town should run as a government not one that does favors for friends.
The village people are your faithful friends so the hell with the rest of the town .
When election comes arround pay back will be very sweet.

Anonymous said...

If Anon 4:18 thinks that Bernstein won in the courts he is even more delusional than he seemed in his earlier blogs.

BERNSTEIN LOST. That is why the town needs to do something or else the town's recreational program will suffer. Paul Feiner isn't doing anything to please the villages. The villages don't care about our recreational programs.

The Finneran Law has to be amended for our sake, not for the villages.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, the villages very much want access to town parks and recs facilities. If that were not the case, the bubble would likely be more easily resolved. And everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

Why is parks and recs still accepting applications for non-resident memberships (first responders, handicapped) at Veterans? Why are there Village team applicatiions for town softball??

In short, why is the law not being respected? Why does Paul expect us to trust him? And please, dont tell us the villageers doent want to use Town facilities. If that were so, get rid of the applications. NOW.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Paul's proposal, to allow the Town Council, to allow villagers use of the Town Parks gives the TOV people no protection. He can handpick people for the Parks and Recreation board, so that is meaningless. I wouldnt be surprised if he deliberately had that clause in the Sportstime contract as more leverage against the TOV. If he were fair about this, and didnt allow villagers in at nominal prices, this would not be happening.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:43, if you honestly beleive that the villages dont care about getting to use town parks, see the email below that the mayor of Ardsley sent to Paul (Villages first) and the rest of the council

To My Fellow Ardsley Residents:

I emailed the following message to members of the Greenburgh Town Board. It concerns my proposal to have Greenburgh admit a limited number of village residents into the Town Pool at Veteran Park. If upon reading it you agree with the idea, I suggest you follow up with an email to members of the Greenburgh Town Council expressing your support. Thank you very much for your consideration on this matter.



To the Greenburgh Town Board:

On Wednesday evening, February 6th, the Greenburgh Parks Advisory Board was kind enough to listen to my proposal for the Town to accept a limited number of village residents into the Anthony Veteran pool. The Board is a very cordial, thoughtful and considerate group, and I greatly appreciate their time and consideration.

I am now asking the Greenburgh Town Board to consider this proposal as soon as possible in order to put the program in place in time for this summer.

I don’t need to tell you that unincorporated Greenburgh residents will have their Town property taxes raised by +19.4% this year. The Parks and Recreation budget alone is almost $8.5 million. Supervisor Feiner himself stated in his final budget message for 2008 that “we need to look for ways to increase revenues.”

Ardsley’s proposal would offer Greenburgh an opportunity to generate additional revenue, while offering some village residents a chance to join a pool club for the first time. These are the specifics of my proposal:

§ Greenburgh offers Veteran Park pool memberships to village residents;
§ The offer will be for families only, and all village residents are eligible to apply;
§ The Parks Commissioner will set a cap on the number of families to be admitted, based on his best estimate of how many additional members can be comfortably accommodated;
§ Memberships will be offered to these limited families by lottery or on a first-come/first serve basis.
§ Greenburgh may charge a non-resident fee that includes a premium over the current resident fees. That premium is to be determined by the Town.
§ The program’s success, fees and participation levels will be re-evaluated after the 2008 season.

This program would benefit all involved. The fees set by Greenburgh would be influenced by what the market will bear – they should be high enough for Greenburgh taxpayers to benefit substantially, but reasonable enough to attract village residents, many of whom reside in areas with no village pool and who cannot afford private clubs.

The following table outlines different scenarios of fees and capacity to dramatize the revenue Greenburgh can potentially achieve – it does not include incremental revenue for concessions and programs at the club:

Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3
One Family $275 $410 $820
25 Families $6,875 $10,250 $20,500
50 Families $13,750 $20,500 $41,000
75 Families $20,625 $30,750 $61,500
100 Families $27,500 $41,000 $82,000
125 Families $34,375 $51,250 $102,500

The precedent of permitting villagers into Town Parks has long been established. It is important to point out that many Greenburgh parks are already open to village residents. The Town plans on making the tennis bubble at Veteran Park available to village residents when it eventually opens, and the pool is already open to some village residents, such as emergency services workers and families with children with disabilities. Permitting additional village residents into the pool will simply be continuing a trend that has been increasing throughout the Town for years. This contradicts the notion that instituting this plan would create legal problems associated with the pending budget lawsuits, since it is a practice that was already firmly established long before the lawsuits were filed.

This proposal is fair, pro-active and benefits Greenburgh residents and village residents alike. We are all neighbors and Greenburgh residents, and this would be a tremendous gesture in bringing the entire Town more closely together. I strongly urge you as Town Board members to support this program and implement it this year. Thank you very much for your kind consideration on this matter.


Jay Leon
Mayor of Ardsley

Anonymous said...

The monies as stated by the Ardsley mayor for his residents to use the park will not make any kind of a dent in my taxes.
If you think that such a small sum is sufficient to satisfy the taxpayers who are burdened with such high taxes think again..
If this park was run as a good business from the beginning we would not be looking at charitable donations for it's use.
Up the antes and maybe someone will talk turkey about the sum to pay for membership.
The fees presented by the Mayor mean diddelswat.If they had to join any other country club how much would their fees be?????
But knowing the way Feiner thinks together with the board they would do anything to screw the unincorporated areas,so long as they keep the friendship with the villages which comes down to VOTES.
If the town supervisor and his board was to receive a report card there grades would be all FFFFFFs
since they have failed the residents in many ways.
Maybe you need a good business manager and not a commissioner to run the REC and PARKS dept.
You have so many parks and each one is worse than the other.
Now you have HArts Park where dogs run loose all over the place.
You bought this parcel to stop development and what do you have
there now,dogs and more dogs.
Well I guess the way things are finally coming to a head this town is going to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

I think the fair answer is to ask the state to amend Finnerman to provide as follows: The Town Council can decide which facilities will be open to the entire town, and then charge those facilities to the entire town. The town council can decide which facilities will be charged just to the TOV, and those facilities will be charged to the TOV. This will allow the Town Council to manage its assets and be fair.

Anonymous said...

oops sorry, meant if the facilites are open just to TOV, then charged to TOV,

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:57.

I am Anon 4:43, and I think that I was right when I said that the villages don't care about our recreational programs. The fact that the Ardsley mayor has asked the Town Board to admit some Ardsley residents to the pool doesn't change what I said.

Sure Ardsley asked for some pool admissions. The letter that you sent was written by the Ardsley mayor before the appeals court reversal of the Taxter Ridge case, at a time when the town was inviting non-residents to use our parks and programs, and the Ardsley mayor saw no difference between the pool and our other recreation programs.

Ardsley has been asking to have some admissions to the pool for many years, mainly because Veteran Park is located partly in Ardsley and when the town bought the old Scarsdale Club they took five acres off the Ardsley tax rolls, which has cost Ardsley plenty over these forty years and will continue to cost them forever. No other village has asked to participate in our recreation programs. The only reason that some village residents do participate is because the Recreration Department has invited them in so that they have enough participants to make programs viable, and they charge the village residents. There is no additional cost involved in these invited participants, only extra revenue. But it was the town which asked them to come in, not the villages which asked to come in.

It is time that we got over the paranoia that Bob Bernstein has spread over our community. If we care about our quality of life and the wonderful programs that we have here in Greenburgh, then we should do what is necessary to preserve them and not worry whether a village resident also has some pleasure from them. I go to waterfront parks in Irvington and Dobbs Ferry, and nobody asks me to pay and nobody kicks me out or gets mad at me. Bob Bernstein has made you mean and angry. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

12:26's "fair answer" is the same thing as repealing the Finneran law. Do you think that any sane village official will let that happen? No, for sure.

Anonymous said...


I can understand how parks and recs wants to expand their programs and protect employees. But I resent their doing that at my, a taxpayer, expense. If their are not enough TOV residents for a program, then the program will have to be cut. It is that simple.

As to what the courts will allow, so far all courts have stood for not allowing people to have access without being subject to tax. Some courts will do that by expanding tax base, some by restricting use. Either one OK by me.

It is not just Arsdley with Veterans, it is also use of fields, etc.

So if the Villages wont allow Finnerman to be repealed, then the TOV will not allow it to be amended to even more unfairly favor the villages. The courts will decide how to interpret Finnerman. I am OK with that. You do explain to the fireman and handicapped that they will have to find another pool.

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest we need drastic cuts in the police department. TOV doesnt need a navy. OT is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that if the Villagers wanted everyone to get along they would emphasize to Paul and the Council they MUST reduce the budget. Taxter Ridge and the library may both be unfortunate, but the decisions have been made. We should focus on current payroll, OT, the new public safety building etc.

Anonymous said...

This voter is impressed with the way the Town Board & Feiner have been addressing the village/unincorporated disputes. Calmly, reasonably. Seems like everyone is starting to work together. I like that.

Anonymous said...

And what recommendation do they have? First Paul tries to rush everyone into a hasty decision. That would only help the villages. He refuses to live in reality, that the TOVers are upset with a HUGE property tax increase and are tired of subsidizing the villagers.

Anonymous said...

Most of the villages in Greenburgh are paying more for municipal services than residents of unincorporated Greenburgh are. Glad I live in unincorporated.

Anonymous said...

Village residents have to pay more because there is an economy of scale. It costs too much to fund a small government.

Anonymous said...

That doesnt mean the Town cant deliber more efficiently.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Paul thinks TOVers should pay for ineffeciencies of scale at villages.

Anonymous said...

Well once again this morning, Greenburgh public works was picking up garbage at a commerical enterprise, Are they paid to do so? Is there a revenue for private collections on the budget? It was truck nubmer 23 if anyone cares. The town should have a phone number of who to call for public employees doing work on the side, etc.

Anonymous said...

Remember the men take orders.

Anonymous said...

I know, I have complained about this, but no one cares. The fact is no one cares about the B budget.

Anonymous said...


The pick-up of commercial garbage by the Town is not prohibited by the Town Code but is limited to quantity (Section 410-3 (E) 3. There is also provision for pick-up of excess quantities in the Code in Section 410-3 (E) 4 and Budget Revenue Line B.15.2670.00 reflects that income.

Albert S. Regula

Commissioner of Public Works

Town of Greenburgh

177 Hillside Ave.

Greenburgh, NY 10607

This e mail was received from the commissioner. PAUL FEINER

Anonymous said...

This seems to be an appropriate time to remind people that the township system is antiquated and no longer reflects our reality. The "unincorporated" area of a township was designated for the sparsely populated, rural areas outside of villages.

Keep this structure hundreds of years later is a choice, and it creates Finneran woes and such. The unincorporated area needs to be divided into three villages, and Greenburgh township would just be like an umbrella organization for the nine villages. It would be initially complicated dividing up Greenburgh's resources to the new villages, but it could be done and be of valuable long-term benefit.

Anonymous said...

Paul, tell Al to stop pickup of commercial garbabe immediately and cut headcount. We have no way of knowing if charges are fair or not.

Anonymous said...

Oh golly gee Regula has finally checked the blog and answered a complaint.
How about checking intoall the other complaints like uncovered garbage at curbside.
Household garbage mixed in with recycling matter.
Garbage and recycling picked up at least four times a week.
I'll be waiting to see your answer .

Anonymous said...

Oh well Samis and Krauss were right on target about the library.
Now what they need is four hundred thousand dollars more to continue.
The only extra expense that I could remember was for a generator.
The ramp was in the initial plan together with all the other things that the library board is asking for.
Boy talk about being screwed.
Many saw this coming because those in charge of the library knew all the time what to ask for and don't worry they'll come across with the rest.
Let's see now if Sir Francis and Juettner will vote in favor of the first demand which was made at the work session.
There will be many more because the library cannot be on target for the opening as stated.
Yes the doors will be opened but to what.
Francis and Juettner elections are coming up real fast,I do hope that you will vote against this demand.
You know dam well that one demand is always followed by another.
Now is the time to see if you are going to help the taxpayer or have the same attirude as you both had before.

Anonymous said...

So the library needs more money ,what else is new.
The board was told over and over again that the residents were getting raped.
So the first step has been made in asking for $400,000,00 .This is the the beginning.
The board thought that two of our most knowledgeable residents who versed their opinion over and over again that the library will ask for more money ,that the library will not give the residents what they promised on the onset and above all that most of the construction that was added to make it larger was not needed.
The tone at the work session today was deplorable.
Their demands and insistance that they should get the money was the pits.
If the town gives in they will be baqck because there is not enough money to finsh the project.
Regula can say what he wants,we know that he does not know his rear from his elbow just look at the distruction of town streets .He can't even do his own job none the less become a construction manager==Wrong move on the boards part.
This demand for the money should not be made the handicap entrance was already on the plans from the beginning.The generator was an after thought.
Kolesar check out the whole scenario from the start to this point.
You know the residents are getting tired of getting a snow job when it comes to laying out more money than was budgetted .
Toay the library board asks for this amount what's coming tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Paul you were right in reminding the public that Samis was right on when he spoke against the construction of the library.
But as one can see it did nothing to make a change in Sir Francis and Juettners minds
In how many languages can one speak to tell this new board that we cannot afford another penny in taxes.
To the library board this means nothing to us the taxes are getting out of hand.
What will happen when all the audits are finished?
What will happen if new audits creep up which they will and maybe more and more law suits stemming from the audits?
Do you think this board is looking ahead or are they focused on giving more and more money to the library.
Yes many of us made a mistake in not taking the time out to vote against the library I'm guilty of this but it taught me a good lesson for the next time arround.
The library board got all the money that they wanted .
Now it is not enough.
Are they trying to make fools out of the residents.
Paul they got what they asked for and that's it.

Anonymous said...

Will budget cutter Mike Kolesar stand up to the library? Will Mike be there for us and tell the Board that Samis and Krauss were right all along? Mike--we need you now more than ever!

run samis run said...

paul was right about the library.
juettner should resign. we cannot afford her incompetence and indifference any longer.

run samis run!

Anonymous said...

Paul,Samis and Krauss were right all along.
Francis and Juettner will give them the money that they are asking for {AFTER THE FACT],but they should remember the taxpayers are looking at all their desicions with open eyes.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure that Kolesar will do the right thing.
He has the hutspah to do what others on the board are afraid to do.
Feiner knows and we know that the library will be asking for more monies because the construction will not be on time.
I would suggest that the place be inspected from one end to another to see what materials were used,
Knowing how Regula works these things should be checked out .
He knows dam well what is going on instead he lies along with the library board.
Regula has been arround too long without accomplishing anything.
What he does has cost the taxpayers more money.

Anonymous said...

You can see that Samis and Krauss are perfect gentleman in not answering anyone one who has written about the library.
Not even I told you so.
Can't wait to see the fireworks at tonight's meeting.
Boy I think we should call up one of the news channels to see how and why we are in this predictament.
The people should be heard.
With a 23% hike in taxes the library is still holding the residents hostage together with two of their pals Sheehan and Juettner.
We know the way the meetings go answers will not be given tonight
we will have to wait until the next meeting.
One thing is for sure that the two above will grant them the money,because they made asses of themselves for voting for the project to go against Feiner.
Had Feiner said yes he was in favor of the new library,the old board would have voted against him and they would have said no.
Let's see what happens tonight.

Anonymous said...

The library is screwing us in plain english.
Is what they are trying to do after the fact,LEGAL
This is the second demand being made,
The first was that they needed a bigger place rather than to renovate what they had
Second now they need more money for whatever after the fact.
What will be coming next if the town meets their demands???????.

Anonymous said...

Well I want to know how we are going to control OT.

hal samis said...

"Scotland's burning, pour on veggie oil..."
(old english folk song)

But meanwhile, the Town Board takes a vacation after three months and cancels the next Town Board work session and Town Board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Kevin have you checked out the overtime of some of the police personnel.
We the residents are getting robbed without someone showing a gun.
What they are doing is out right thievery.

Anonymous said...

Hal the town board needs time to put their plans in action.
They know that they are getting caught with their pants down too many times.
It seems that no matter what they try to say or do concerning the library,police,dpw,rec.dept.there are wrong things going on.
How many more coverups will be brought to the New york state comptrollers office.
The state should setup an office at town hall since they will be here over and over again.
We must say that too many people were sleeping on their watch whether it was on purpose or just plain stupidity thinking that no one will know the difference.
Well now the residents woke up and they demand answers on all the overtime received by town workers
plus where is our money going.
Last night it looked as though Kolesar was disgusted as to what he found out about the police record keeping of overtime.
I could be wrong but he didn't look to happy.
You can take all the time to put your heads on straight,but as the saying goes THE GIG IS UP.

Anonymous said...

it took a double diget budget to wake up the residents of the goings on in this town.
Complaints were being made left and right but they fell on deaf ears.
Now that there are a few citizens that are making waves we have come to realize that certain departments have been stealing our money.
This goes for the library also.
They asked for an amount and we the idiots gave it to them now they are asking for more.
Will they get it well if it were up to Sheehan and Juettner YES.
The two of them should resign as soon as possible because as long as they are sitting in those seats we will never have a good running town.
Why is it that citizens have to correct all that is trying to be done in town.
I feel sorry for our new comptroller who has to see how this town has never kept good records because everyone did as they pleased.
M.Kolesar you have a big job ahead of you. The people involved cannot give back but you can stop them.
You come across as a person that knows his apples from oranges and because of this we ask you to study and make changes to bring back good government.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that Kolesar answers Ella's question about the legality of amending the budget after the fact without the publics knowledge.
Hal's question which he has asked the chief of police over and over again what is the public being charged for overtime and how necessary is it.
Who makes what and how much ?
Is it true that some police make more than department heads.
Why are they permitted to make so much money?
Does carrying a gun and a badge make the big difference as to how much an individual gets paid.
If that's the case I will take the job and make over 100,000 + a year.
Boy there are so many cushioney jobs here in Greenburgh.
How many men on the police force have doctored their overtime to collect a larger pension.
The chief was asked this question but I think he knows darn well who has turned in their papers and those that will .
But then again why retire if they get all the overtime they want without working the job they were hired for.
This should be a task given to Kevin to investigate since he now is a council person and knows the goings on in this department.
The rec .dept.has to many assistants answering to the commissioner.One would do the job.
Paul you want to make cuts let's see where you are starting from.
I will bet my last dollar you will let things stay as they are because you and the council have decided not to make waves and let sleeping dogs sleep.
Many of the questions were asked at the Wednesday nite meeting but were not answered.
There is really no sense in being at these meetings when questions are not answered.
Open government says who.
Hal and Ella I do hope that someone has the fortitude to answer all the questions,but again I say don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

The woman that is the assessor makes a bit too much money cut her salary down also.
Where do you find these people that make so much money and do nothing.
What are her qualifications to make her qualify her for her salary.
I think she is a big mistake.
She is not a nice person to do business with and when you talk with her she looks down at the people. She has no personality to deal with the public.
Paul you need people who know how to deal with the public.
Many feel that she is not a responsible person to make decisions none the less enforce them.
In plain english her attitude stinks.

Anonymous said...

we should dramatically downsize town govt.

1. get bid from state or county to provide policing.

2. Keep Finnerman, do not allow villagers in Town Park, get rid of excess parks.

3. get rid of all feiners stupid program.

Anonymous said...

State Police could provide protection for our town and we could save more than half of the money we pay now. Just look at the Town of Cortland their crime stayed the same or went down when they disbanded their police Dept. At least look into it.