Friday, June 05, 2009


The Greenburgh Town Board will be participating in a meeting with Robert Freeman, executive director of the NYS Department of State Committee on Open Government this Wednesday, May 13th from 6:30 to 8 PM to answer questions from the Town Board, Town Clerk Judith Beville and members of the community re: open meetings & freedom of information laws. If you have a question and could submit it in writing in advance of the meeting – that would be helpful.
The Town Board will be holding a public hearing on a green building initiative on legislation to adopt, in principle, the US Green Building Council’s leadership in energy and environmental design for new construction (Leed NC) rating system which will provide owners and occupants of new commercial and multi family buildings with the economic benefits of energy and water savings. The hearing begins after 8 PM.
THE HIGHLIGHT: Quadricentennial Celebration at the river villages waterfront. Visit for complete information about the historic river day, flotilla parade. The boats will be floating down the Hudson River between 2-5 PM.
According to the Irvington Education Foundation is hosting a spring thing evening of fun for the family tonight…the Friends of the Dobbs Ferry library hold their annual meeting tonight…farmer’s markets: opening days on Saturday in Hastings & Hartsdale…a tag sale at the Dobbs Ferry Community Hospital on Saturday…Sleepy Hollow Arts Festival on Saturday…and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Read an ad in the Enterprise recently. The village of Hastings Recreation Department is sponsoring KAYAK THE HUDSON at Kinnally Cove. For reservations call 478-2380. They are partnering with Mountain Valley guides. The fee for tours/lessons: $60.


Anonymous said...


TY 1 – 6/10/09 Resolution authorizing the extension of the contract with White Plains Bus Company for Transportation Services for the Department of Community Resources, Theodore D. Young Community Center Summer Day Camp and related programming June 29 – August 21, 2009

Anonymous said...

How much do the campers and users of this service pay for the usage of this companies buses????????

Anonymous said...

not one penny

Anonymous said...

If they don't pay why should the taxpayers pay for them .

How much more do you want to steal from us to support these campers who can very well pay for all that they get.
Paul you never take the time to investigate each family from head to toe,smarten up and stop screwing the town residents.
Most of these children have parents who have civil service jobs ,new cars,live in section eight buildings and get what ever they want at the center at our expense.
You know I never felt so much hatred for anyone as I have for you in the many years that I have known you.
It is a crime what you are doing to all the residents of this town.
Your parks commissioner is to blame for all the freebees given to those that do not deserve it.
We pay good money to send our children to camp because there is no room for them in the town camp.... Is that fair ,maybe for you because your daughter is allowed to go because her father is the boss.
There is only one prayer that I utter everynite and that is that you,Sheehan and Juettner loose.
You have been robbing money left and right to give to those that CLAIM that they are in need.

Anonymous said...

While I understand your anger and agree with most of what you say, I disagree that the Parks Commissioner is to blame. He does not have any say on what goes on at TDYCC. Blame the Town Board.

As far as not having room for kids at the Town sponsored camp,is this really true? I know it can get tight but I've never seen any kids get shut out. If that's the case it makes what's going on at TDYCC that much more egregious.

Anonymous said...

this is the truth the so called underpriveleged come first since both their parents work .

Anonymous said...

It galls me that there are 2 camps, 2 levels of services, 2 vastly different fees.

Since Edgemont has it's own camp who, Paul, do you think its getting the shaft? Hartsdale, of course. Those really wealthy families for never have to choose whether to pay their health insurance premiums because they do not qualify for state aid or mortgages & taxes. The very same who are all gainfully employed. They don't ever fret over money issues. No sir.

4$ million dollars to TDYCC to alleviate poverty while the rest of us go broke and due without. Paul, go check the stats and see how many families actually signed thier kids up to Park & Recs camp this year. Numbers down? That's right! They can't AFFORD it.

steal, cheat, lie said...

I'm sure TDYCC camp programs are filled to capacity. At best fees are 4 times less what Park & Recreation charges. Of course, no fee is accountable as well.

How many Elmsford kids this year? Since the center was caught giving camp away to Elmsford for as many years as TDYCC was in existence, how many are enrolled this year for free? There shouldn't be one but we know this can't be true.

If one kid from Elmsford is found to be attending and not paying the full non-resident rate, I assure you this is entirely illegal.

TOV should sue the town for the tax money that funded hundreds of Elmsford kids to attend TDYCC camps for decades.

No doubt the tab is millions of dollars.

fat pension said...

the blog master strikes again!!

Anonymous said...

A policeman is needed to direct traffic so we will not have an accident with cars traveling southbound since the trailer has been parked on the same street as the previous complaints were reported.
Could it be possible that this person hqas permission to park in this manner with this type of a vehicle.

I thought this was a residential area. What happeded Paul.

Kapica did the law change concerning commercial vehicles parked on residential streets all night and day???????

Anonymous said...

Paul: seriously, deleting comments reflecting on town political developments and that mention your opponent shows a lack of judgment and maturity on your part.

Anonymous said...

50% tax increase in just 4 years.

Anonymous said...

People, November is coming. The problem is that hardly anyone wants to gather a committee to defeat the incumbents and put the pressure on. You must get the villages against him.

Anonymous said...

I received a letter from the Supervisor on Saturday regarding the music and farmers market in Hartsdale. He was asking for volunteers to assist with market and also develop a contest similar to "Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent" - yes, he actually wrote about Susan Boyle! My question is, who is paying for these mailings? I must get one letter a week from Feiner about some nonsense or other - it seems to me this is a taxpayer paid for campaign strategy just to keep his name out there. The envelope had metered postage so I'm assuming it was mailed from Town Hall at taxpayer expense. If I get a letter a week that is approximately $22 per year just for my single address - if he is mailing these Town wide the cost is nearly $457,000 based on 20,000 residents in Unincorporated Greenbugh alone. Who is watching the postage funds for the Town?

Anonymous said...


Why do you adopt Green Building initiatives when you allow for an open junk yard to exist at the Greenburgh Shopping Center that contains Royal Palace, Dunkin Donuts, A&P etc.???? Check it out for yourself. There have been four or five trucks parked there for YEARS!!!!! These pieces of junk are leaking toxins onto the parking lot. This parking lot is an environmental nightmare! Why has this condition been allowed to linger for years????? I can't believe that NO summonses have been issued. Someone is falling down on the job. Investigate the leaking oils underneath these derelict vehicles. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

feiner needs to update email /blogsite said...

Paul last month you complimented the meter reader on Hartsdale Avenue for not showing favortism by giving your vehicle a ticket. I and some other people wrote to you that a Blue Toyota truck partial plate # CAS parks on East Hartsdale Avenue and never gets Tickets or pays for the meters.The owner of this vehicle is now thinking he is cute by the last two Saturday's parking on Columbia Avenue at the meters and other people on the block get's tickets and he has none while he is parked there most of the morning with no money in the meter.The meter reader continues to play favortism.Paul the town could use the money either from the meter getting money or a ticket should be issued.Paul please talk to the meter reader about this what's fair is fair.

hal samis said...

Blogger needs to update complaint.

Dear 11:07
I am intrigued as most readers must be with your question about "favoritism" regarding the "partial" license plate #CAS.

I am even more intrigued with why, even when protected by using "keyboard" sign-in, that in all this time and including this past Saturday, you won't supply the entire license plate number?

Do you want to be taken seriously or not?

Anonymous said...

# CASS Must be Caserella!!!!

That evil man can park where ever he likes. Why? Because he'll threaten the enforcement guys with bodily harm and he'll destroy HPPD property if he gets ticketed.

Paul know this.

Paul Feiner said...

Much of the comments and allegations on the blog are inaccurate. In response to comments from_steal,chat and lie (see above) I contacted the commissioner of the Theodore Young Community Center. I received the following response. _______________________________________
From: William Carter
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2009 3:08 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Subject: RE: this was on my blog

Elmsford residents who are Village residents and are not unincorporated residents are paying the full fee without scholarships.

Hartsdale Home Owner said...

I'm curious about the "full fee." I send my daughter to the Town Rec camp and I hope that I pay less than non-TOVers going to camp at TDYCC. Can Mr. Carter go the extra-step and disclose the camp fee for non-TOV kids?

Anonymous said...

Is it not kinda early for these children to receive scholarships.

When I was going to school many of us received scholarships to further our studies in college.
We received this not because we did not have money but becqause we excelled in school.
So what kinda BS is this that these so called underpriviledged children whose parents work and travel in the best vehicles go to the camp for free.

How about investigating each family ?????

feiner needs to update email /blogsite said...

This vehicle does not belong to Casserella. It belongs to a person who the meter reader knows him.

P. Leavy said...

Oh goodie! Camp! My favorite subject.

1) 4:23 This year due to mounting pressure *snort*, the non-resident fee at TDYCC is $1180. Elmsford was either paying the resident fee (about 1/4 of P&R camp) or nothing at all. $1180. is below 2009 P&R camp but, if you add in that non-residents get bused to camp, free lunch, early drop-off and extended day services at at n/c. I'd put that $1180 comparable. And hey, your kid can't get lunch free or otherwise.

Before this year Elmsford freely attend TDYCC camp at either resident fee or on scholarship.

Which brings me to
Carter says, "Elmsford residents who are Village residents and are not unincorporated residents are paying the full fee without scholarships."

Golly. Are their any Elmsford kids attending and paying this rate? I don't know for sure but I sincerely doubt it.

Also, Paul conveniently omits this tidbit by steal, cheat, lie; "TOV should sue the town for the tax money that funded hundreds of Elmsford kids to attend TDYCC camps for decades.

No doubt the tab is millions of dollars."

Bingo! Years, decades of TOV taxpayers paying for non-residents to attend TDYCC camp for free or deeply discounted. Millions indeed.

What say you Paul?

tdycc must go said...

close the tdycc down or let a not for profit run it

the town has no business being in the poverty alleviation business

Anonymous said...


Please respond to the complaint about the dilapidated vehicles next to Royal Palace. Have you sent someone there to document the situation and the leaking of toxins onto the parking lot? How can this condition have been allowed to exist for years?

Anonymous said...

people are worried about oil dripping out of a car in a parking lot. I would be more concerned about the street sweepings that were dumped in the woods at Rumbrook park between the dog park and the baseball field. You know how many toxic things street sweepers pick up. Just imagine all the crap that will now poison our woods for years. But down worry the town is going to cover it up with top soil today. If you would like to see for yourself Paul head by rumbrook today.

Anonymous said...

The blue toyota belongs to someone living in 80 E. Hartsdale - not Cassarellas. Although Cassarellas is a repeat violator and has threatened not just enforcement officers but also police officers, the toyota issue can't be pinned on him. The police need to get after the toyota - he does receive tickets during daytime enforcement hours - he does not receive tickets from the police during the overnight hours when he's parked in "no parking" areas. If his tickets are unpaid his vehicle should be towed. Someone should check out the cooler strapped to the cargo area of his truck - it's filled with beer!

Anonymous said...

What's the license plate number of the vehicle in question? It will be simple to check the status of any unpaid parking tickets.

Anonymous said...

What the environmentally UNSOUND street sweeping and illegal junk yard in the parking lot of Royal Palace indicate is that the Town does not really care about the environment. LEEDS is a way for an exclusive group of manufacturers to make money, pure and simple. Feiner & Co. think they will benefit from being praised for being so concerned about the earth while in the meantime junked trucks are allowed to rot in the open, dripping oil, hydrolic oil, gas etc., street sweepers bring their bounty full of toxins and drop them off in a park.

Paul, all it takes is one call to News 12 and show them these conditions and your positive publicity will be destoyed. You and the Board will be shown as hypocrites for allowing these situations to exist. You had better act now, time is running out. A simple phone call is all it takes.

Anonymous said...

Town hall should be LEED-EB certified, before you make it a requirement for private developers.

Anonymous said...

6/09 at 8:00

Stop the BS and make the call to channel 12.
If you can pinpoint the problem it's up to you to see what happens with complaints against Feiner and company either to the the TV channel or to the Journal news. NADA////How about reporting it to the DEP.????/

What you should do is report the problem to the TV problem solvers.

Well todays papers report that finally two democrates are tired of what is happening to the residents in their wards and decided to change their affilations with one party and go to another.
We will not see any changes in this towns government until we can get someone outside the democratic party to return us to an honest and open government.
We too have been punished for too long.
My hat goes off to the two democrates who finally had a change of heart in favor of the people to upset the applecart by becoming republicans..

ed krauss said...

Eventhough this topic was posted on 6/5/09, it says Robert Freeman, the "guru" of FOIL and other things relating to open govenment will be at Town Hall from 6:30-8:00 PM on Wednesday, 5/13/09. I think it is Wednesday, 6/10/09.I know the former date is wrong. and "hope" the latter is correct.

The mistake is too obvious to be intentional, so how about an Elist blast to inform those who've been looking forward to this opportunity to clarify FOIL law, will be at the right place on the right day at the right time.


ed krauss said...

6/9 10:39 AM

Reconsider "taking your hat off" to these progenitors of "honest and open government."

Read about why they had a change of heart, and it's not '"in favor of the people."

These are two of the least ethical members of the legislature who should be in jail, not representing constituents.

Monserrate, slashed his girlfriend's face with a broken glass bottle.

Espada tried to funnel $3/4 million to HIS "health center," which pays him $200,000/year; owes more than $13,500 in unpaid fines for campaign finance violations and lives in Mamaroneck represening a Bronx senatorial district.

As a Republican, I'm sure you are proud of Dean Skelos fo engineering this coup, despite the fact that the two crooks he recruited are scum and everyone in Albany knows it. I guess his principle of "anything to gain control," proves NY is now in "GOOD HANDS."

The Republicans have controlled the NYS Senate for nearly 45 years, what have they done to make you happy? I guess being screwed by a Republican Senate is OK with you.

Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Krauss are you saying that just the republicans are crooks.

How long have you lived in Greenburgh under this present democratic regime ?????

How can you say that the republicans are crooks ,please start looking in your own back yard.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you fired Kolesar he would have given you the most honest report concerning consolidation.
Feiner Here you did cut your nose to spite your face.

Anonymous said...

This report tells us diddleswat.
How much money went into drawing up the nonsense?
Instead of telling the assessor to do the job that she was hired for you put her on together with Kapica to set up a report that bears no merit.

Why are you spending our money foolishly?

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes - you guys living in the career fire department areas are paying $200,000 dollars salary plus benefits to some firefighters! Sure glad I don't live in those parts of TOV. Volunteers where I live - plenty good - 40 year native - lots of fires, all handled well. Yes, they sometimes call for assistance, from other volunteer dpts., and give assistance to the career TOV Greenburgh, when requested.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Anonymous 11:44" - your volunteer fire department receives assistance from my paid department! You also receive EMS services from our paid departments. Those $200,000 salaries you speak of are a result of life long career firefighters. Many of them will be retiring and the salaries for replacement personnel will be lower. Greenburgh is too large a Town to depend on volunteer services. I wouldn't feel safe without our firefighters. I would rather pay their salaries and benefits vs. those I am paying for via Town Supervisor & Town Council - they are the ones who are overpaid.