Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last night the Building dept took action that probably saved lives. I would like to express my thanks to the Building dept, Fairview Fire Dept and Greenburgh police dept for their efforts. This highlights the importance of our code enforcement initiatives.
The address is 45 Gibson Avenue. It’s a one-family house that also contained an illegal basement apartment. There were small children in the house which totaled 13 people. There was a gas hot water heater that had its flue exhaust and gasses vented directly into a space where people were living. Additionally, there were wires in the electric service panel that were melted from overheating. The Police Department assisted Building Department staff in gaining entry to the house. After the inspector’s observed how dangerous this situation was, the Fairview Fire Department was called. They conducted heat tests at the roof level and found the temperature to be approximately, intimating that a fire was imminent. Con Edison was called and upon viewing the danger cut the gas and electric services. The Red Cross was called and came to the scene and assisted the occupants to be relocated. This surely would have ended in death(s) if the Town did not act.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Anonymous said...

Let's see if this is correct. The police got a raise this year and last year. The fire department got a raise this and last year. And the building department got no raise this and no raise last year. Way to go Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are alot more illegal aprs all over Fairview

Anonymous said...


allin said...

all town workers that did not get a raise last year should do less work like we are doing in the ----- dept.

Anonymous said...

Are you s$itting me? There are illegal apartments all over TOV.
You crack ,me up Paul

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul! What services are available for the 13 homeless people YOU created?

Anonymous said...

While it is nice to hear that an accident was avoided, the owner of 45 Gibson Avenue should be held accountable for putting peoples lives in jeopardy!

Anonymous said...

How about getting a crew out to check how many homes have illegal apartments.

How many new homes are being built to accommadate more than one family.

The building dept. did a good job in thios instance but do they check all construction that is going on. NO NO .,,cause if they did they would close many jobs down.
Have they checked to see if homes a completed in the amount of time that was asked for. Have they checked to see if the properties are in clean conditions.
Have they check as to what the home owners are doing in their homes where extensions were asked for.
Inspections should be made in a timely manner to avoid what has happened at this residence.

Anonymous said...

allin....that is not a good statement about your work ethic. I am glad that not all town employees think like you!

Anonymous said...

There are numerous illegal multi-family dwellings throughout our Town. Check out the 2-family on Wilson St. - they claim it's a one family yet it has 2 electric meters and 2 entrances beyond the entry. There's a 4-family house @ 45 Columbia Avenue - there are at least 9 cars parked in the illegal parking lot they installed behind the house. Many complaints to the town building inspector - no resolution.

Anonymous said...

on my street prospect ave there are three illegal basement apts. 104 prospect ave 93 prospect ave and 121 prospect ave

Anonymous said...

seems you should set up a number for these illegal conversions to be reported and shut down by the building inspector

Send in the building department said...

Why don't you send someone to end the public travesty of a junkyard in the parking lot of Royal Palace??? At last count, five abononed trucks are there, rotting in full view. Isn't this breaking some type of law?

hal samis said...

Yes, lives were probably saved.
Yes, illegal roomers and boarders remain a problem in Greenburgh.
Yes, illegal roomers and boarders remain a problem in Greenburgh even when there aren't unsafe conditions present.

But, what does the Town (in this case, Buildings Department) do about all the legal one (two to four family) dwellings which remain uninspected and hence at risk?

The issue presented here is one of
building code violations leading to unsafe conditions which if extended to all homes could probably yield the same result(s), even in affluent neighborhoods.
Don't fires occur all over town?

Why does a one-family home which consists of a husband, a wife, four children, two in-laws and five "visiting" relatives present less of a problem?

Even a McMansion can have problems which would fail inspection -- if one were contemplated.

The point here is that the potential loss of lives can happen everywhere. But everywhere does not get inspected. So, if this is really a positive first step on the road to education and inspection, then I applaud it.

But don't kid yourself into thinking that this is the only illegal apartment in Greenburgh.
There are lots of "tragedies" that are not going to be "avoided" because these homes will never be inspected.

What really happened here is akin to a policeman pulling a car over because a rear tail light was out. In the course of writing the ticket, the officer noticed a bag of white powder on the back seat. Lo and behold we have a drug bust.

In the course of enforcing the code against an illegal apartment, the building inspectors noticed safety violations -- these violations didn't just happen overnight, like since the last inspection.

So whereas it is good that the inspection and the chain of events following occurred. One might just as well ask why this didn't occur months or years ago.

Lucky there's some good news to report in this election year. You can be sure that every such ripe for reporting fruit will be squeezed until bone dry.

Anonymous said...

Paul you fired the doctor that had many remedies as to how to make this town somewhat solid.

I don'think he is capable of running the monetary aspect of this town.
I don't know too much about this new comptroller but I do not believe that he has the culognies that Kolesar has to stand up to the best and tell them where they made a mistake.
You can't keep covering up the
mistakes. You will see that what you have been trying real hard to hide will hit the newspapers and television.

Anonymous said...

Check out the extensions made in Edgemont and see how many families will be living there.
Some have two kitchens.
I don't think that they are thinking of putting in a restaurant.
Has anyone checked the electrical work being done in these extensions. No.
Are all contracters so honest that they are working by the book
How many permits were issued for all the work being done.

how to save millions said...

close the tdycc
that will save 4 to 5 million

the town should not be in the poverty alleviation racket

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul! What services are available for the 13 homeless people YOU created?

Please give us your name and address so that we may find you and slap you silly.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair The thirteen lives were saved by the respective departments.

The problem is that the building dept depends on neighbors to make the complaints .
Has the building dept. checked out homes that had expansions or any other work in progress... NO....
Have they checked out permits that were granted for a specified time ?
Have they checked out all the electrical work that was done and is being done.

I grant you that most of the work in the homes takes place on weekends so
that they are not bothered by the town.

Have they checked how many trees are cut on the properties without permits .

Have they checked the conditions of properties to see if they are clean or messy.?

We not only have to be watchdogs for the police dept but we have to do the same for other departments here in Greenburgh.

Most of the homes are in great condition ,trees manicured and lawns better than golf courses so why must we put up with filth of neighbors properties???

I do think the thirteen residents will find somewhere to go.
Their lives were saved that's all that they should be thinking about.