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Week of June 28th: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important that are not addressed in other topics. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

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-Marc Herman

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Anonymous said...

Paul, let the State PD take over the PD, like they did in the Town of Corlandt. we could save at least 12 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

Paul -
Get some serious training in financial management and budgeting; we could then rely on you to save lots of money on a continuing basis.

Anonymous said...

The state police would do a better job.

We see the state police all arround but where are the Greenburgh police hiding????

Anonymous said...

Police pay VS. size of crime said...
Here is the question Paul need to answer: Which Detectives investigated TTDY Center? Given their tremendous salaries, is it possible that we taxpayers spent $40,000-$50,000 to investigate a $500 crime?????

6/29/2009 7:10 AM

How much did this cost? said...
How much dis this study cost us tacpayers? Kapica and Edye "Oops I did it again" McCarthy make well over $100,000. How much of their time did this study cost? A study, I might add, whose sole purpose is to deflect the political repercussions of the Police Department making so much money away from them and onto our fire departments.

6/29/2009 7:16 AM

hal samis said...

Dear 10:01,

The Greenburgh Police Department can be viewed almost daily performing patrol functions in the Villages
--even without consolidation.

Unincorporated compensation for Village consolation.

Dear 10:18,

Whatever the cost, they couldn't even determine guilt and their report remains sealed.

Whatever the cost, the Hastings "home invasion" has so far yielded but one perp due to the combined efforts of the Greenburgh Police, and Hastings, Yonkers, State, NYPD helicopter efforts.

Perhaps the Fire Commissioners will be able to favor us with their report on Consolidation of the unincorporated and incorporated Police Departments.
How about one Police Commissioner, Precincts and the Bat signal?

better yet said...


better yet, lets bring the whole justice league of america back from retirement.

these good superheroes never get old or sick so imagine what we can save on pensions and health benefits.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Samis:

Can you please provide some specifics about Greenburgh police patrolling the Villages?

1. The Hastings incident that you seem to refer to occurred in the Donald Park section of Unincorporated Greenburgh. It may have a Hastings post office box, but it is clearly in unincorporated Greenburgh and therefore the primary responsibility for providing police services lies with the Greenburgh police department.

2. If one sees Greenburgh police riding through Ardsley, it just might be because Ardsley Estates, that area up Euclid Avenue, lies in unincorporated Greenburgh. Who is responsible for patrolling that?

To all:

The TDYCC matter involved a lot more than $ 500.

Anonymous said...

11:41 how many years have you been working at the PD? do you agree the EMS should be done by civilians ? also do you think the PD should stop tech-rescue training? or do you benifit from being on the team?

Anonymous said...

11:41 sounds alot like Francis. Pray tell Francis, how much WAS the dollar amount of the crime at the center? Did it justify the lofty salaries of teh Detectives involved? Does it make sense to spend money like that on a crime of an insignificant amount? When you add teh salaries, overtime, benefits of teh Detectives involved it probably is in the $30,000-$40,000 range. Wouldn't it have been better to fire everyone involved and then tell them to give the money back or else you would press charges and then let the DA's office handle it? Your waste of taxpayer dollars on that project is astounding. Also, we have a former Detective and a Forensic Scientist on this Board and together, you can't catch a kid playing with his time card????? This is why the worst is yet to come!!!

hal, please run for office said...

francis sheehanigans is responsible for that absurd ramp for no one annexed to the library which cost $175,000

it just got an award for the most unused walkway in westchester county

shouldnt someone who runs for the town board have some common sense?

Anonymous said...

To 12:50 PM:

I am definitely not Mr. Sheehan.

I do not know how much time was expended on the TDYCC investigation, but let's say it was a month, for a dectective and a Lt. Then, the raw salary costs would have been in the $15,000 to $20,000 range. Benefits are fixed, but I am sure a number of accountants could debate that one. Even their salaries are somewhat a fixed cost, so it just matters whether there were any other investigations that didn't get done. It wasn't a "kid" that was involved. They weren't "playing" with time cards.

To 12;43 PM:

I am not an employee of the Town, either. I believe there is merit is your questions.

Anonymous said...

Why does Feiner allow the junkyard at Royal Palace to continue? Have any tickets been issued? Someone said that Feiner used Royal Palace for fund raisers. Feiner deleted the comment of course. If this is so, would it not constitute an ethics code violation??? Unless it is legal to have a junk yard in a parking lot.

TJ. Briar said...

Anon 5:39

You keep pounding "the junkyard at Royal Palace".
Can you tell us, what town code prohibits the parking of vehicles in private property for extended periods of time?
If you like the town to interfere push such town-code change!

Anonymous said...

Francis, do you realize that the two pole lights that shine on the Library's $175,000 ramp never has and still hasn't worked? Look at the ramp any night and see it not shine. HOW PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The leak has maybe been stopped by the front door. It took about ten people to fix it. Let's see what happens when it rains again.

P. Leavy said...

FYI- I posted earlier in the week that items were stolen from my car, again, on Monday during the day, while I was home.

My neighbors across the street had an attempted break-in on Monday as well. Grandmother was in the home watching thier child. They are very, very afraid.

There are only 4 homes on my street. One burglarized (2 years ago), one attempted burglary and my car break ins. Crime, 3 out of 4 homes.

Not good stats at all.

Problem solved said...

Dear Mr.P. Leavy,

Suggestion buy a gun and why you are at it get Grandma one.

Anonymous said...

P.Leavy I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Maybe if the police would stop going to the hospital when on EMS calls for an hour at a time, or training on tech rescue stuff,that the Fire depts do already. maybe that could make a difference. how many special patrols do they have working in Fairview ?
maybe they could do the same for you. ask Chief Kapica if he's not to busy doing another study, maybe he can come up with some idea's to stop this problem. if that doesn't work maybe call the FD, they always seem to solve problems when I call

6:15, Read it and weep said...

The junkyard at Royal Palace consists of trucks that have been abononed/unattended. This is copied directly from Town Code

Any vehicle parked or abandoned during a snowstorm, flood, fire or other public emergency, or found unattended and an obstruction to traffic or located where stopping, standing or parking is prohibited, on any private road, driveway or parking area listed in Schedules I through X may be removed and impounded upon the direction of any police officer of the Town of Greenburgh Police Department under procedures promulgated by the Chief of Police. A vehicle removed pursuant to this section shall be stored in an area designated by the Chief of Police and may be disposed of in accordance with applicable law and Police Department regulations

The Police are supposed to take these vehicles away by law. They refuse to do so. Could it be because Feiner uses Royal Palace for fund raisers?????

Anonymous said...

There are codes on the books which prohibit commercial vehicles being parked for extended periods of time. In the case of Royal Palace, the site plan letter of approval specifically states that no commercial vehicles are to be parked overnight. The Town needs to issue violation notices to the owner of the shopping center. They most likely have done so - I'll bet the violations are just hanging around the court!

prediction said...

prediction: there will be no pat weems supervisor blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prediction:

The people of the Town of Greenburgh won't need a "Pat Weems Supervisor blog" because she will operate a truly open government and answer taxpayers' questions.

Go get 'em Samis said...

Dear 6:52 AM

A review of the Building Department's website indicates that NO VIOLATIONS have been issued to Royal Palace. Given the amount of complaints against it, one now has to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. 5 abondoned trucks have been left there for years! Does the Building Department have a hands off policy because Royal Palace is the site of Paul's fundraisers??????

Samis, add this one to your list of ethics complaints! Town Code is being violated and Paul does not care!!!

Anonymous said...

There has been a trailer parked on and off for days. This was reported several times and nothing has been done.
The owner may go to a race and then park the trailer on the street until the next race comes up.
This has been a comment on the blog many times and guess what nothing has been or will be done.
The codes that cover many rules and regulations go out the window in this town.

pat who? said...

and she will waive a magic wand and all will be good in the land of declining ratables.

and why is that ms. weems has been a no show at the council of greenburgh civic associations?

and does pat weems agree that disabled families should be barred from veteran park?

and can ms weems explain why the tdycc remains open to anyone? will she change that illegal policy?

or will ms. weems explain why the town is in the poverty alleviation business in the first instance?

we know ms. weems is against the clock at town hall meetings. what is she for?

oh, and will weems release the investigation of the tdycc?

and will she fire john madden for gross incompetence with respect to the metz reservoir?

and where is ms. weems on the development of the dromore parcel?

does ms. weems even know where dromore and metz are?

John who? said...

Anon at 9:53, who, judging from his ignorance of matters in the TOV, sounds an awful lot like that disgruntled resident from the village of Ardsley who ranted for months against his neighbor Diana Juettner, now rants against Pat Weems.

Among his other mistakes, perhaps someone should clue him in that John Madden is a now-retired sports broadcaster who wouldn't know the Metz Reservoir if he fell into it. Perhaps Mr. Ardsley, you were thinking of Thomas Madden, the Town's planning commissioner who, along with the building commissioner and the town engineer, signed a site plan waiver for the Metz Reservoir project?

But why let facts get in the way of your tirade?

And why, for example, do you think there's an issue about barring "disabled families" from Veteran Park. The only issue is whether village residents, like yourself, disabled or otherwise, should be permitted to use Veteran Park without having your village government agree to pay your fair share of the cost?

weems ducking the issues said...

would like to hear from ms weems on the issues posed including whether she would fire thomas madden.

the feiner blog is seemingly open to everyone (sort of like the tdycc)as the censors seem to have gone back to school.

regarding the disabled, the court ruled that the town board has the authority to open an otherwise restricted park to non-residents so long as its not on a wholesale manner. does weems agree with that? or does she think the court was wrong?

well ms weems, we would like some answers and not the type of evasive responses your anonymous supporters have provided.

madden must go said...

madden is being investigated by the ethics board for soliciting food for the comprehensive plan meetings.

who is protecting him?

Anonymous said...

10:46: The censors didnt' go to school. It's Paul's blog and, as is his right, he deletes attacks on himself and his allies, not on his opponents. Let's see how long b/f this comment is deleted.

Anonymous said...

Isnt the royal palace private property in a commercial zone? They are permitted to park trucks theire. It is not a junkyard, it is a parking lot. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Anonymous said...

Royal Palace does not own the parking lot. it is owned by a real estate company that rents the space. Thay are resposible

open govt in greenburgh said...

curious, what other towns or villages show their work sessions online or on television? greenburgh does.

Anonymous said...

The trucks at Royal Palace are abondoned and leak oil. They are an eyesore AND are poinoning the environment. Violations need to be issued but it seems that politics rules in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Pat Weems is needed to get the current Town Supervisor & Town Board out of office. 18 years of proven disaster. Over 60% tax increase during their tenure. Corruption in the TDYCC. Corruption in the Court. Unable to audit/trace funds in various departments (including the Building Dept.) as stated by the past comptroller and ignored by the current administration, numerous lawsuits against the Town which directly involve Feiner, an ever decreasing tax base, a failing infrastructure that has been neglected for 18 years, diminished services in light of 60% tax increases over 18 years, supporting developers with special interests vs. protecting our residents (Westhelp & Shop n'Stop to name just 2), corrupt department heads (see Ethics Board meeting minutes), etc., etc. etc.

At least Pat Weems has the gumption to try to break this cycle of mismanagement and corruption. Paul Feiner plays us for fools - he placates everyone by saying yes to everything regardless of the consequences. I don't want to get personal but really can't help it. He is self-serving and vindictive. He is motivated by what serves him best, not us. He has Town employees who have not had a salary increase in nearly 3 years even though we the taxpayers have been paying for it in the annual budgets. If he hasn't released it to them than the question is where is it? He did increase Town Police salaries - why not the lower paid civil service employees who have gone without their negotiated increase over the last 3 years.

We were told there would be no overtime and no new hires in 2009. Guess what, wrong! Many new hires and lots of overtime.

We were told the 2010 tax increase would be less than 8%. Guess what, wrong. Feiner and friends overstimated 2009 mortgage tax income and sales tax income. They have to make that up in 2010. Hold on for 15% or better!

Vote these three clowns out of office - they have proven time and time again that they don't know what they are doing. Give Weems a chance. If she doesn't prove herself she can be voted out in 2 years. At least we can move on!

Anonymous said...

Anybody who votes for Weems, doesn't know her. Anybody who knows her will definately will not vote for her!

Anonymous said...

Bronx Fire Fighter Says:

I see more fire in a week then these guys see in their careers.

How do I transfer to one of these fire houses???

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2:03pm Paul said there would be no new hires yet he hired a new head of DPW and then hired back the DPW and the assistant DPW as consultants. Also heard that Desimone got a new assistant. Also wages were frozen at the Greenburgh summer camps bet that isn't true of the TDYCC!!! When are the double standards going to end. This town is becoming a joke. It is time for the other 4 board members to stand up and speak for themselves instead of being puppets.

Anonymous said...

To 6/30 10:46 AQM and 6/30 11:30 AM:

The issue of "censorship" on a "private" blog would be one thing. But this blog, while not directly funded by taxpayers, says at the top that this is another initiative of "open government". As such, censorship is not and should not be acceptable.

The Supervisor "censored" the last Comptroller. Interesting to go back to the article from The Scarsdale Inquirer in March that got him "censored" (fired). In that article, he indicated that there would be likely be a $1 million problem with mortgage tax revenues and a problem with sales tax revenues. What did the Supervisor admit at the last work session before today. Just that.

Now given a three month advance warning, what has the Supervisor (Chief Fiscal Officer) and the Town Board done to rein in costs? Nothing that we can see. The Town is not going to "grow" out of this fiscal mess, much of which has been created by the Town Board over the last few budget cycles. Sure the current economy isn't helping anyone, but the Town's fund balances have been so depleted and even more is coming, that very soon, possibly 2010, there will be no place to "run".

15% tax hike for unincorporated Greenburgh could be low. Mark Weingarten (?) indicated 20% at the public hearing on the White Oaks (Stop n Shop)proposed deveopment and since he meets privately with the Supervisor from time to time, maybe he knows a lot more than the public.

Can the public really afford two more years?

TJ said...

Royal Palace broken record.
Will you PLEASE read the code out loud again, maybe you understand what it says.

Please read your post:

"Any vehicle parked or abandoned during a snowstorm, flood, fire or other public emergency, or found unattended and an obstruction to traffic or located where stopping, standing or parking is prohibited, on any private road, driveway or parking area listed in Schedules I through X may be removed and impounded upon the direction of any police officer of the Town of Greenburgh Police Department under procedures promulgated by the Chief of Police. A vehicle removed pursuant to this section shall be stored in an area designated by the Chief of Police and may be disposed of in accordance with applicable law and Police Department regulations."

The trucks can be there as long as as the property owner allows it. THEY ARE NOT UNDER ANY OF THE LIMITATIONS OF THE CODE.

Do you get it!

madoff sentence meaningless said...

so bernie is going away for 150 years
what bunk. psychos like him who would sacrifice his family and friends will not be deterred by anything. if the economy had not tanked he would still be going strong.

being in prison does what for society? let him teach kids to read, work in a soup kitchen, clean graffiti

bush is a far greater criminal. he bankrupted us, he got us involved in two ruinous wars.....

a sentence of 150 years is a joke for a 71 year old

Anonymous said...

the police need to log their mileage during their tour,and should be require to drive at least 100 miles per tour,any time they make a stop they should radio in to justify their time and mileage


Some of those vehicles lack registration, a clear no no in the Town. Know your law before you pontificate in your pathetic effort to protect Paul!!!

Anonymous said...

Bronx Firefighter if you want to work in Greenburgh, take the test like everyone else. but you probaly don't realize when there is a fire, there are only 2 FF's on a truck not like your 5-6. It always looks greener on the other side but we all know, it's not always the case

Anonymous said...

Dear TJ - you don't get it. The site plan approval prohibits leaving commercial vehicles parked overnight.

Anonymous said...

2:03 from yesterday: why do you say 60% tax increases in 18 years? I have my property tax numbers in front of me and they have gone up over 60% in 6 years (from $9,500 in 2003, to almost $16,000 in 2009). Now, I havent' broken out TOV numbers which are about 25% of the total, but I'm sure those increases have kept pace with the schools (consistently about 5%), the county, and fire districts. I have lived in other parts of the country and I'm constantly astounded by the complaceny of New York metro residents about paying the highest property taxes by far in the country, while getting only mediocre services. Paul's best argument, however, is that fiscally, Greenburgh is no worse than the surrounding comnmunities in Westchester, Nassua and Bergen - all of which suffer from heavy taxation and voter resignation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:49 obviously hasn't read Greenville's fire district budget which, unlike Greenburgh's budget, with its hidden costs, 31% tax hikes, next year's 15-17% tax hike, is a model of transparency by comparison. Greenville's tax hike this year was less than 2%.

Anonymous said...

Why did edgemonts fire commisioners ask the town to reinburse them for equipment? We all know that they are going to mount vernon and eastchester more than greenburgh. Let them suceed from greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

8:58 did you ever hear of mutual aid. If not pay a visit to the fire house where one of the finest will explain to you why they go outside of Greenburgh.

tdycc bernstein and weems said...

is bernstein appealing or rearguing that portion of the cacace decision that didnt deal with the tdycc being open to everyone but only billed to the TOV?

the tdycc is used extensively by folks from towns outside of greenburgh

ms weems - your view, we know the view of the current board

Anonymous said...

8:58 is the leader of The biggest duplication of servies in Greenburgh (he's in charge of tech rescue) Paul why do you train police officers for the same thing the high priced firefighters already do and are much better at? do you know the police train with FD's monthly? please answer

Anonymous said...

7/01/2009 11:01 PM,
You are partially correct a group of police officers and fire fighters do train monthly as part of the towns tech rescue team. It is not a police team it is not a fire team it is comprised of fire fighters and police officers, even the DPW employees train with them at times.

Anonymous said...

Paul, are you going to answer? why the police officers are training as tech rescue firefighters. all the firefighters train for this all year, and the police train on Wednesday's. shouldn't they do more police work?

Anonymous said...

Lorraine Valentini, a fierce competitor on top of a bike who helped share her love of cycling with many newcomers to the sport, died Tuesday at her home in Hartsdale

rip said...

rip lorraine 2009
unfortunately hartsdale died about 30 years ago

feiner vs. michael jackson said...

who is michael jackson compared to paul feiner?

was jackson elected to the town supervisor of greenburgh 9 consecutive times?

did michael jackson have a blog?

and feiner's bond rating are much higher than jackson's!

true said...

and what did jackson do for the environment?
thx to paul greenburgh is leed certified.

Anonymous said...

and feiner bested bernstein in the court of appeals too
jackson had to settle a child abuse case against him

Anonymous said...

How absolutely crazy can people get. Comparing Michael Jackson and Paul Feiner. Is there nothing more sensible to clog this blog up with? Any wonder why we have such a screwed-up town?

imho said...

as a fan of both, i think feiner has the edge