Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I received a call from Senator Cousins office today. Senator Cousins will take a first hand look at the destruction (tree clearing) in early January. We have tentatively scheduled a meeting at town hall on Saturday Jan 9th at 2 PM. I will then take her to Sprain Road/Ridge Road/Old Farm Road, etc.. We can also show her the destruction in Irvington and strategize re: next steps so that the kind of clear cutting that took place won't happen again.
The date for the meeting is still tentative-- I wanted to alert you to the fact that the Senator is interested in working with us. I think this is great news for our initiative.


Mr. Cinque said...

First of all what does helping a teacher have to do with tree cutting ? Second the NYS Public Service Commission mandates that tree that are so many feet from main electricial transmssion line be cut back. So question what is your point ?

klondike bar said...

as usual, no information is given about her true financial needs. and this is from the town's chief financial officer?

may i suggest judy beville returns her unearned stipends to this teacher.

Fed Up With Feiner said...

Does Feiner have so much time on his hands that he can waste time on this?

What does this have to do with "Help a Teacher"?

hal samis said...

Town Hall available? Yes.

Town Supervisor available? Yes.
"to honest maybe a few minutes late"

Senator Cousins available? Yes.
She made the phone call.

Teacher available? Yes.
School is closed on Saturday.

Then why is it tentative?
Feiner and Cousins don't know yet if they can get a camera crew for local news coverage.

Anyone remember Round Hill. Feiner couldn't even stop a small time developer from cutting trees.

Anyone remember Solomon Schecter School. Feiner couldn't even stop them from cutting trees.

Now he's after bigger game because he's running for a bigger office. And the evil doers are utilities who at least have a reason to cut trees to protect their overhead lines from storm damage from falling trees.

Another example of its ok if you're a developer. If readers don't remember Round Hill or Schecter at least remember this one thing: political campaign contributions under $100 ($99) don't have to be identified.

For another view of how developers get special treatment (now an award) see the blog topic below on what a nice thing Hampshire Management did...

Consumer Advice to Civic Associations: Save a tree. Instead of personal barf bags when the Town Board heads your way; try using a communal leaf bag.