Monday, December 14, 2009


In recent months the town has been experiencing some good economic development news. Shoprite at Midway…Stop & Shop at 119 (near Tarrytown border—rezone approved)…Regeneron expansion at the landmark…OSI choosing Greenburgh as their corporate headquarters in the unincorporated section of Ardsley.
More good news…Magnetic Analysis Corp is moving to Greenburgh from Mt Vernon. This company manufactures metal testing systems for industries.
The company plans to move to 103 Fairview Park Drive. 75 employees will move to Greenburgh. The company will take over about 47,000 square feet of space. They also plan to expand their workforce and will hire another 10 employees.
This company uses electromagnetism to detect flaws in steel products. We welcome the corporation to the town. The company had considered other out of county and out of state locations. Like Regeneron and OSI they selected Greenburgh!
In these difficult times – when so many people are out of work – it’s good news for our town to see quality companies that have hiring potential come to the town.
Paul Feiner


hal samis said...

Any possibility that less than 75 employees will move to Greenburgh or did you mean to write 75 employees will work in Greenburgh?

How come there's so much space available in Greenburgh for growing companies?

Anyone move out of Greenburgh and leave vacant space on the market?

This is what happens when half full (Mr. PR) meets half empty (Mr. Reality).

Anonymous said...


Michael Kolesar said...

As these wonderful companies move into the Town, they have no idea of the future tax burden they will in all probability be facing. This evening based upon the latest slip sheets, the "A" budget is now facing either an additional tax increase of approximately $ 2.6 million or further reduction in the already depleted fund balance or some combination of both. Friday's decision is going to be very interesting.

Fed Up With Feiner said...
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Fed Up With Feiner said...

There are over 15 vacant stores on Central Avenue - Why isn't the Town concerned about this? No rented stores results in no sales tax revenue for the Town and also reduced commercial property tax for the Town. It also drives away other businesses as less traffic results in fewer sales; retailers look for bustling areas. The same is happening on Tarrytown Road. Hopefully Central Avenue won't become like East Hartsdale Avenue which is oversaturated with food and restaurants and very little retail. The new boutique is a great store but it's a matter of time before they throw in the towel - there just isn't enough foot traffic on the street during the day to support this store. The Town should be trying to solicit more retail for not only Central Avenue but East Hartsdale Avenue as well. The seniors on the avenue need better services. A growing population of young families also need retail options on the avenue for childrens clothing, shoes, etc. Right now the avenue is a mecca for hair/nail salons, banks and restaurants.

Who will Feiner blame when more vacancies start cropping up in the new year? Anyone and everyone but himself. The Town has made no significant improvements to E Hartsdale Avenue. The trees are overgrown, the streets are poorly maintained, the garbage cans are filthy, the holiday decorations only went up last week after local residents complained, there is no visible policing or traffic control - for 2 years the public has been complaining about non enforcement of traffic laws - has anything been done? Of course not! The cars are flying over the double yellow line into oncoming traffic near the four corners - yesterday there was yet another close miss. Does someone have to get hurt before the Town takes action?

Why is there no elevator at the train station? The Town should be imposing this necessity on MTA - Hartsdale is one of two stations on the entire line without an elevator and is in the top 5 of the busiest stations on the line. Does the Town care? Of course not!

A lot of promises were made to the local residents by the current administration when they ran for office 2 years ago. This time around we never saw them because they ran unopposed. Broken promises and now neglect...what's next for our quaint little community?

klondike bar said...

once again we are wondering, what has the town done to make opening a retail business easier in greenburgh?

as for the train station and the elevator, this was a decision by the mta. of course, many years ago feiner as gadfly sued the mta and lost. they certainly are not going to listen to him on any issue.

the town board needs engineers, businessmen and women , financial professionals. we need term lmits.

all we have are career politicians or party hacks.

if you can, sell now and move. the taxes next year are going to the far reaches of the galaxy.