Thursday, July 15, 2010


Unfortunately, there are a number of vacant store-fronts around town, thanks to the bad economy. Sarah Bracey White of our arts council is involved in an interesting project: placing art in vacant storefront windows. We were involved in a similar project a number of years ago when E Hartsdale Ave had numerous vacancies. The art in the windows project helped the avenue--the street looked less empty. The art also generated more street traffic, helping existing storefronts. We are looking for additional storefronts to display art work at.

“Recycling Nature: Painted Gourds” by Gail Wilson will be on display from July 12th thru August 30th, 2010 in the Village of Hartsdale, at 215 East Hartsdale Avenue. The exhibit showcases Ms. Wilson’s use of botanical gourds to express her creativity. The exhibit is visible in the store’s front windows during daylight hours.
Gail Wilson is a diverse artist and teacher. While still a child, she started sewing for fun; as an adult, she did it to earn extra money. She continues to work as a seamstress while teaching doll-making at a local after-school program. A quilt maker for about twenty years, she just began working with gourds a year ago. She crafts and runs her own business, Gail’s Corner, out of her home in Mount Vernon, NY.
Windows on Hartsdale is a beautification project of the Greenburgh Arts and Culture Committee. For more information about the exhibit, or to arrange an exhibit of your art work, contact Greenburgh’s Director of Cultural Affairs, Sarah Bracey White, at (914) 682-1574.

CHILD CARE ADVOCATES TO PROTEST CHILD CARE FUNDING CUTS ON SATURDAY...July 17 ...11 AM... Lois Bronz Children’s Center, Manhattan Ave

The programs that are in danger include the Westchester County Child Care Scholarship program (created by the Board of Legislators) and Title XX child care, a federal program that helps countless families. In addition, the County Executive has drastically increased parental contributions, from 15% to 20%.

“These cuts will disproportionately impact working families, according to Legislator Alfreda Williams.. These actions will force working parents to choose between having to place their children in sub-standard care or quitting their jobs to take care of their kids. Westchester should not be about deliberately pushing working parents onto the unemployment rolls.” I will be at the rally.

CELEBRATE GREENBURGH DAY AT AF VETERAN POOL THIS SATURDAY--I'll be at the dunk tank at 1 PM. You don't have to attend a Town Board meeting to express your disapproval of any town policy. Buy a $1 ticket (which goes to the swim team), throw a ball at me and try getting me dunked.


The Town Board unanimously approved a contract to sell the waterwheel property for affordable/workforce housing. Housing is located in Ardsley. 22 units of housing will be built across from Macy Park. Sale price: $1.2 million. I signed the contract last night.

VETERANS RECEPTION TONIGHT--We expect over 450 veterans to attend our barbeque tonight at AF Veteran park beginning at 6:30 PM. Celebrate their bravery and dedication to democracy. We will share some of the video interviews: living history project.


Paul Feiner


Fed Up With Feiner said...

There are only 2 vacant store fronts, not "numerous" - as always, Feiner has no idea what he's talking about. Maybe the Town can lower the commercial property taxes so that retailers can afford to stay in Greenburgh. There are "numerous" vacancies on Central Avenue and the properties are not being maintained. Owners must maintain their properties even when they don't have tenants.