Saturday, July 10, 2010

new mexican restaurant opens on e hartsdale ave...summer constituent hours at the pool sunday...waterwheel to be sold...shooting incident

A new restaurant opened on E Hartsdale Ave yesterday --replacing the old Oporto on East Hartsdale Avenue. The restaurant: Vega Mexican Cuisine.
The restaurant looks fantastic. Beautiful glass doors, windows. Colorful interior. Another restaurant in the chain owned by chef Shiva Natarajan.

TOWN BD TO VOTE TO SELL WATERWHEEL PROPERTY FOR AFFORDABLE/WORKFORCE HOUSING ON WEDNESDAY! 17 units affordable...5 units for volunteer firefighters/ambulance corp members (workforce) is located in Ardsley but is owned by the town due to foreclosure.
TB 2 – 7/14/10 Resolution authorizing the Town Supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh to execute a contract conveying surplus Town-owned real property to Ardsley Waterwheel Partners, LLC for the development of affordable and workforce housing for the properties designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Volume 6, Section 16, Sheet 1, Lot P-23; Volume 6, Section 16, Sheet 1A, Lot P4; Volume 6, Section 16, Sheet 1A, Lot P5A; and Volume 6, Section 16, Sheet 1A, Block 7, Lot 1; commonly known as the Waterwheel property located in the Village of Ardsley.
A thank you to Councilman Francis Sheehan for tightening up the language of the contract to make sure that units allocated for volunteer firefighters/ambulance corp members actually go to the volunteers/workforce housing. We don't want any loopholes in the contract.

Will continue my summer constituent hours at the AF Veteran town pool tomorrow (Sunday) at 1:30 PM.
Was at the pool today --but few people were at the pool due to weather. Stop by and say hello. Let me know what's on your mind.

We will be devoting time to our work session on Tuesday beginning at 10:30 to address the shooting incident on Manhattan Ave. The police are increasing their presence in the community, we've been in contact with the owner of the apartments at 33 Oak, 90 & 100 Manhattan Ave. The police chief has made suggestions to the landlord regarding action steps that should be taken. I've asked the landlord to pay for off duty police to provide additional protection for residents. Have also suggested improved screening of new tenants. This will be given the highest priority attention.