Wednesday, August 04, 2010


During the past few weeks I have been encouraging residents to write e mails highlighting the impact that the Stellaris Health Network and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield dispute has had on their personal lives. I have forwarded approximately 100 e mails and letters to the parties detailing very stressful personal problems. Cancer, leukemia, heart patients and many others talked about their stressful situations--not being able to access White Plains Hospital, Lawrence Hospital, Phelps and Northern Westchester Hospitals. Even worst-- their personal doctors did not have privileges at other hospitals.
Each of the e mails I received was forwarded to all the parties. Mark Wagar of Empire Blue Cross assigned representatives of his company to respond to each of the complaints. In some cases they authorized the surgeries, procedures and advised residents of actions that they could take.

I appreciate the fact that Empire and Stellaris put patients first --and made compromises so that the health care services that are so needed can be restored. I also am very grateful to the many constituents who wrote passionate letters/emails highlighting their personal stories. These e mails/letters were highly effective and highlighted to all the parties the need to place health care first. Meetings with Town Supervisors/mayors/village managers were held with Stellaris two weeks ago and scheduled with Empire for next week. The efforts of so many members of Empire who trust and need services from White Plains Hospital, Lawrence Hospital, Phelps and Northern Westchester Hospitals made a big difference.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor