Friday, August 13, 2010


I am disappointed with the Order and Opinion of Judge Robinson, issued more than three years after the conclusion of the trial, and on his last day on the federal bench. It is not appropriate for a Court to substitute its judgment for the judgment of elected municipal officials who relied on the opinions of independent professional traffic consultants during the environmental review process. Here, in evaluating the church’s application to build a large combined school and church immediately adjacent to the busy entrance to the Sprain Brook Parkway on Dobbs Ferry Road, the Town relied on its traffic expert, who advised the Town that the project as proposed would cause unsafe and dangerous traffic conditions. I believe that it would have been irresponsible to disregard this conclusion. Notwithstanding Judge Robinson’s Opinion, I believe that nothing the Town did in evaluating the Church’s application violated any provision of law.
Furthermore, as anyone who lives in Greenburgh will agree, Greenburgh has an outstanding record in welcoming all religions, and I dispute any suggestion to the contrary. During my administration, numerous and diverse religious institutions have applied for and received approval for their projects. I have always maintained, and continue to maintain, that the Town would welcome the Fortress Bible Church at an appropriate and safe location in Greenburgh.
I will be discussing with the Town Board and the Town’s attorneys an appeal of Judge Robinson’s Order and Opinion.

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峻胡邦慧v帆 said...
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GOD said...

"The judge wrote that town Supervisor Paul Feiner directed town staff, including town attorneys and consultants, to perform research and provide ideas for ways to support the denial of the church's application. Town Board members instructed employees to "kill the project" and prepare an environmental study to achieve a negative outcome, he wrote."

See you on judgment day!

Omar said...

Supervisor Feiner, why don't you post a link to the trial transcript or the judge's decision? Maybe because you are very well aware that the transcripts would not reflect positively on you or those that work for you.

You would look to further cost your town money with appeals and additional litigation, when there is no valid reason for your opposition to this project. I am not a member of the church, but in informing myself with the details of the case, it is reprehensible what the Town as Lead agency has done in this case.

This is definitely not your proudest moment.