Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GREENBURGH BECOMES HOLLYWOOD EAST COAST --town hall used to film commercial..we receive $ filmed in Greenburgh

The town of Greenburgh may eventually become Hollywood East coast! A scene in the just released movie: "THE OTHER GUY'S starring Will Farrell was filmed in the vacant Mitty's Restaurant, south of the 4 corners in Hartsdale. soon--Hurricane Grill and Wings will open their new restaurant at this site.
Today, thanks in large part to the efforts of Bill Carter, Commissioner of the Theodore Young Community Center and Judith Beville, town clerk - a commercial was filmed at our Greenburgh Town Hall. The town received a check for $4100. Excellent revenue for a few hours of excitement!
The following is an e mail from Judith Beville, Town Clerk.

“Lights!!! Camera!!! Action…no…, better yet…, ROLLING!!!” Town Hall was all a-buzz today as a portion of the cafeteria was transformed into a Progresso Soup commercial set and scene. The question, “Do they need extras?,” could be heard by town hall employees, in passing. Of course, Progresso brought their own crew and actors. It was truly a day of quiet excitement, though, after the trucks rolled up and unloaded props, camera equipment as well as a mini lunch cafĂ© for the production crew. For several hours, we spoke to each other in hushed tones near the cafeteria and legal department as production assistants gingerly guided staff through the area, when necessary. The atmosphere at Town Hall was warm and welcoming, yet strictly business and professional as the curiosity and novelty waned giving way to town business as usual. After close to four hours of filming, a husky voice stated, loudly, “That’s it.” The hustle and bustle of breaking down the set replaced the near silence with accolades and expressions of “Job, well done.” As it was now near 5:00pm, several town staff, still in awe, greeted the production staff with handshakes and smiles. Wrapping up his gear, the production manager gave us a parting comment, “It was great working with you. This is a fantastic location. We hope that you will keep the doors open to us.”

Judith Beville

Town Clerk