Tuesday, August 31, 2010

garage sale october 9th

Dear Prospective Vendors, Residents and All;

The Town of Greenburgh will sponsor “ A Dry Sale – Like An Old Fashioned Block Party and Garage Sale” at the Greenburgh Town Hall, Saturday, October 9th, 2010 from 11:00am until 5:00pm. Proceeds from the event will benefit the town’s youth skating program.

The parking lot at Town Hall will be converted into a welcoming festival-like space with vendors, music and activities for children. If it rains, all activities will be moved inside town hall.

Vendors, professional and non-professional, are invited to participate. To participate, vendors must pay a $50.00 (fifty dollars) participation/ table space fee. Professional, “For Profit” vendors, retailers or established food businesses, will be asked to provide a NYS Sales Tax Certificate of Authority. Any established “Not-For-Profit” organization will be asked to provide a NYS Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. All other vendors, including residents who wish to participate as individual vendors, will not be required to provide either.

The Dry Sale is just like a flea market event – participants may sell a variety of items (legal) that may be found at any flea market type event. Vendors must provide their own “set-ups,” i.e., items for sale, decorations, chairs and a table – not to exceed 3 feet wide and 6 feet long – as well as a table covering (optional). Vendors will be responsible for setting up their individual space, as well as breaking it down at the end of the event and will be held responsible for taking all personal items with them at the end of the day. There will be ample free parking available for all.

Please reserve your table space by Friday, September 17, 2010. The $50.00 table space fee must be paid by Friday, October 1, 2010.

For further information, please call 993-1627.

We look forward to your presence and participation in this wonderful and festive event!

Best regards,

The Event Committee

Monday, August 30, 2010

From: frank [f__deleted name @hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 8:06 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Subject: Back in business!

Dear Paul.
After a long period of P/T jobs, one of which you were instrumental in my getting, I have gotten a contract in my chosen career and will be reducing the p/t commitments.
Your help came at a time when things did not look good and was deeply appreciated.
I have asked___, the firm that has me teaching ESL in Weschester, to reach out to you to find someone to pick up most of my hours and recommended that the law firm (___) you set me up with, get back to you as well.

Friday, August 27, 2010

garage sale...westhab receives state funding...e hartsdale ave concerts..fun events

The Town of Greenburgh will sponsor “ A Dry Sale – Like An Old Fashioned Block Party and Garage Sale” at the Greenburgh Town Hall, Saturday, October 9th, 2010 from 11:00am until 5:00pm. Proceeds from the event will benefit the town’s youth skating program. We have a very successful indoor skating program at the Theodore Young community Center. The only problem: the skates are very old (30 years old). They need replacing. Rather than use taxpayer dollars to replace the skates we will raise the funds privately. Vendors will be asked to contribute $50 for their tables at thee garage sale. If you would like to participate in the garage sale please e mail Town Clerk Judith Beville at townclerk@greenburghny.com.

The parking lot at Town Hall will be converted into a welcoming festival-like space with vendors, music. Lots of fun.

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday September 12th--DOG Swim---Anthony Veteran town Pool. Every year we close out the summer season with a dog swim at the pool. Over a hundred dogs and their owners have a great time between the hours of 10-2.

Westhab received approval yesterday from DHCR for about $7.5 million in tax credit and other state financing for this 28 unit workforce housing development in Greenburgh, at 22 Tarrytown Road.

Katherine Bescherer will be performing at the E. Hartsdale Farmers Market Outdoor Music Series Saturday, August 28th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at the E. Hartsdale Train Station.
Katherine Bescherer is a singer-songwriter currently living in White Plains, NY. She is at the beginning of a reemergence with her song-writing and performing. Katherine previously had an extensive performing career in NYC including a self-released debut CD entitled Clouds Can Break. Her life now as teacher and single working mother have ultimately led her back to her art because it is here where the many aspects of her life meet in synergy. Katherine’s alternative folk songs are reflective and insightful as she considers the journey of her life, its many heartaches and losses, it precious moments and successes, and her ongoing quest for self-understanding and liberation. For more information, please go to www.myspace.com/katherinebescherer

Pier 54 will be performing at the E. Hartsdale Farmers Market Outdoor Music Series Saturday, August 28th from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM at the E. Hartsdale Train Station.

Pier 54 is Julia Pernicone (Vocals), Jack Hoffman (Guitar), Dan Hemerlein (Bass) and Andrew Barbato (Drums). Pier 54 is a colorful array of genres; with Jack's roots in pop and rock Dan's experience as a jazz/funk musician and Andrew's influences in classic rock the band has a sound which is both unique and attention grabbing. As students at Ardsley High School, the four met and began playing at the school's guitar club once a week after school. After playing a few local shows the group thought of taking on a real challenge, the summer leg of the Westchester battle of the bands at Rye Playland. After preparing a brief demo in Hoffman's basement studio the group was accepted to play from over 25 entries. As the youngest band to play, Pier 54 won second place of the six bands who played. Since, the band has begun work writing and recording a demo tape as well as booking many more local gigs. As a budding fresh act in the local music scene, Pier 54 is turning heads as their repertoire and fan base grow by leaps and bounds

Fun Events from the Rivertownsguide.com

www.rivertownsguide.com ( frequently updated calendar of fun events happening in our area)
www.thehudsonindependent.com for news and activities.
www.tarrytownpatch . com for more news and activities.
www.scarsdale10583.com news about Edgemont and Hartsdale
www.intervillage.org (non profit adult education programs)
www.volunteer-center.org (the volunteer center can provide you with hundreds of volunteer opportunities.
WANT TO SAVE MONEY? WWW.KnowtoriousPIG.com posts substantial discounts on their website every day. Most of the discounts are 50%+ off the typical costs. Example; $1- for an entree at a restaurant.
Want a free prescription drug card? Some residents have advised me that they have saved 40% or more off their prescriptions from this card. Also have cards for pets.
The cards are available at my office. No gimmicks, no registration. Just take a card. Cards are effective if you do not have insurance or if you are underinsured.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

new voting machine demonstrations

Town Clerk Judith Beville will be sponsoring demonstrations re: new voting machines on the following dates. The new machines will be used on primary and election days. Feel free to stop by at town hall.

New Voting Machine Demonstrations at Greenburgh Town Hall,

177 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, New York

· Saturday, August 28th: 11:30, 12:00noon, 12:30pm, 1:00pm

· Tuesday, August 31st: 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm

· Wednesday, September 1st: 3:00pm, 3:30pm, 4:00pm, 4:30pm

· Thursday, September 2nd: 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm and 5:30pm

Saturday, August 14, 2010

a nice article about e hartsdale ave and the efforts to revitalize the ave

PassionsVideosBizMarketOnline NewAdvertiseSubscribe to Print EditionThe ListsHome Westchester County Business Journal Hart walk
Hart walk
Georgette Gouveia | Aug-13-10, 04:09 PM | 1 2 3 4 5 1 Vote

Topics: Economic Development

“I don’t think East Hartsdale Avenue was ever really gone,” Greenburgh planning Commissioner Thomas Madden says of the thoroughfare, which has had its share of ups and downs over the years. “As streets evolve, tastes change. They go through a 20-year cycle. East Hartsdale Avenue is about to start a new 20-year cycle.”

And how.

A vital east-west artery through Westchester County that was once home to banks, pharmacies and specialty shops, East Hartsdale Avenue has reinvented itself of late as an international food court in the Greenburgh hamlet of Hartsdale, with Vega, a zesty new Mexican restaurant, and an expanded Enrico’s pastry and cheese shop joining eight other eateries that include Azuma Sushi, Frankie & Fanucci’s Wood Oven Pizzeria, Harrys of Hartsdale, Hunan Village II and Masala Kraft Café.

Now Greenburgh is serving up some food for the soul to go along with food for the body: The town is set to announce The East Hartsdale Avenue Art Walk as part of the continuing Celebrate Art Greenburgh 2010. The walk – stretching from the Fenimore Road Bridge to Central Avenue “around Oct. 21” through mid-December – will consist of a juried show of local artworks reproduced on vinyl banners suspended from lampposts. The double-sided, weather-resistant banners – created using soy-based inks baked into fabric made from recycled plastic bottles – will cost between $200 and $250 each, says Tracy Allan, a filmmaker and photographer from Hastings-on-Hudson, who organized a similar event for that village in 2008. Sponsors’ names will be displayed on the bottom of each work along with that of the artist. For $20, interested artists will have an opportunity to submit up to three works to a committee consisting of town officials and members of area arts councils, with each additional submission costing $5.

In this, Madden – whose actual title is commissioner, Community Development and Conservation – is working with Sarah Bracey White, executive director of Arts and Culture for Greenburgh. She has placed a small exhibit of painted gourds by Mount Vernon artist Gail Wilson in a storefront where the former Hartsdale Cheesery once displayed its wares.

“An empty store on a street is the equivalent of a mouth of pretty teeth with one missing,” White says. “It’s very rewarding to put pictures in a window and see people walking up and down looking at them.”

The rewards are financial as well as emotional, and not just for the artists. Several years ago when East Hartsdale Avenue had several vacant storefronts, White hung artworks in the windows. Soon, she says, the spaces were rented.

It’s the strategy behind Art Walk.

“Art is one of the lifebloods of a community and one of the ways to spur economic development,” Madden says over coffee at Starbucks in MTA Metro-North Railroad’s Hartsdale station -- on track to become a state landmark.

But Madden isn’t planning to use art only to raise the profile of the avenue. He’s hoping to create a unified Greenburgh identity by extending the art walk project to the town’s various communities – the villages of Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington and Tarrytown as well as the unincorporated area that stretches along Central Avenue from the Midway Shopping Center to the boundary of White Plains.

Many people live here for years, Madden says, without realizing that Greenburgh is made up of so many diverse communities.

If diversity is the key to East Hartsdale Avenue as Restaurant Row, then Shiva Natarajan is certainly its poster child. Natarajan owns several Indian and Thai restaurants in Connecticut, the Hudson Valley and New York City, including Malabar in Elmsford, Jaipore in Brewster, Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich and Chola in Manhattan. Vega – on the site of the former Oporto, which was a Portuguese restaurant – is his first Mexican place.

“I love Mexican food, and food is universal,” he says. “Maybe a few spices are different. But it’s the same discipline.”

Natarajan remembers Hartsdale from the days when he lived there as an MBA student at Pace University. He wanted to bring to the hamlet not only the Mexican food he adores but a vibrant feel.

“We don’t get a lot of happening places in Westchester,” he says. “I said, ‘Let’s do it here.’”

Indeed, on a Friday afternoon, Vega seems to be a happening place, with patrons complimenting waiters on entrées like the fresh, crisp grilled-chicken taco salad. The throbbing music adds to the vibe, as does the eclectic modern décor – beaded black chandeliers, tree sculptures, midnight-blue tiled walls, purple and orange-accented banquettes. The look is complemented by a romantic floral tribute to Frida Kahlo that the artist herself – a bold, sensual colorist and a modern woman if there ever was one – might’ve found ironic.

Across the street, Joe Floriano, owner of Enrico’s of Hartsdale, is indulging in one of his luscious jelly doughnuts before heading back to the kitchen. The new, expanded 2,400-square-foot Enrico’s – located in the former Hartsdale Farm – consists of the pastry shop plus a streamlined version of the old Cheesery, with some of the Cheesery staff. It’s getting good reviews from the public, Floriano says.

Meanwhile, neighbor Brad Nagy – co-owner (with Angelo Viscoso) of Frankie & Fanucci’s – is considering annexing the old Enrico’s and using the extra 800 square feet as a party room.

For Nagy, who’ll be opening another Frankie & Fanucci’s with his partner in Mamaroneck in October, it’s all about knowing the clientele and the times. The thin-crust pizzeria started as a higher-end place but segued to a popularly priced casual family eatery when the economy went south.

The strategy is working. On a Friday night, the place is packed.

It’s a scene town officials, merchants and artists alike are working together to replicate all over the street.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I am disappointed with the Order and Opinion of Judge Robinson, issued more than three years after the conclusion of the trial, and on his last day on the federal bench. It is not appropriate for a Court to substitute its judgment for the judgment of elected municipal officials who relied on the opinions of independent professional traffic consultants during the environmental review process. Here, in evaluating the church’s application to build a large combined school and church immediately adjacent to the busy entrance to the Sprain Brook Parkway on Dobbs Ferry Road, the Town relied on its traffic expert, who advised the Town that the project as proposed would cause unsafe and dangerous traffic conditions. I believe that it would have been irresponsible to disregard this conclusion. Notwithstanding Judge Robinson’s Opinion, I believe that nothing the Town did in evaluating the Church’s application violated any provision of law.
Furthermore, as anyone who lives in Greenburgh will agree, Greenburgh has an outstanding record in welcoming all religions, and I dispute any suggestion to the contrary. During my administration, numerous and diverse religious institutions have applied for and received approval for their projects. I have always maintained, and continue to maintain, that the Town would welcome the Fortress Bible Church at an appropriate and safe location in Greenburgh.
I will be discussing with the Town Board and the Town’s attorneys an appeal of Judge Robinson’s Order and Opinion.

How are leaves, composting and money linked?

Last year the Irvington DPW collected 2,000 tons of leaves in the Village. Dumping fees alone (not including labor, fuel, transport) cost $15/ton.

$15/ton x 2,000 tons = $30,000 ---YOUR TAXES!

Learn how to keep those leaves on your property and turn them into GOLD!!!! --high quality compost to fertilize your own garden beds and lawn.

Saturday, August 14, 10:30 AM
at the
Greenburgh Nature Center

Members – free; Non-Members - $6

For more information, call:
Anne: (914)813-1812; 914-564-9696
Greenburgh Nature Center
99 Dromore Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
RiverTowns Arts Council has a fantastic camp during the end of the summer (after many day camps have closed for the season). If you are a parent of a child between 3rd and 9th grade and are looking for a place to send your kids to camp during the end of August—this is a great opportunity.
-----Original Message-----
From: RiverArts
To: feiner98@aol.com
Sent: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 6:31 am
Subject: Register now - SummerArts Workshops for Kids 2010

SummerArts Workshops for Kids 2010
There are a few spaces remaining - REGISTER NOW!

Dates: Aug 23 - 27 & Aug 30 - Sept 3 2010
Time: 9am-2pm Monday - Friday
Place: First Reformed Church, Hastings on Hudson
For: Kids entering grades 3-9
An end of summer experience not to be missed!
For more info click here!

Register now

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PO Box 60
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York 10706

Tomorrow (Saturday) the Theodore Young Community Center will be sponsoring their family day celebration from 11-8:30 PM. Lots of fun events. Bring your entire family. Outdoor concert tomorrow at the Hartsdale farmer’s market.

www.rivertownsguide.com ( frequently updated calendar of fun events happening in our area)
www.thehudsonindependent.com for news and activities.
www.tarrytownpatch . com for more news and activities.
www.scarsdale10583.com news about Edgemont and Hartsdale
www.intervillage.org (non profit adult education programs)
www.volunteer-center.org (the volunteer center can provide you with hundreds of volunteer opportunities.
WANT TO SAVE MONEY? WWW.KnowtoriousPIG.com posts substantial discounts on their website every day. Most of the discounts are 50%+ off the typical costs. Example; $1- for an entree at a restaurant.
Want a free prescription drug card? Some residents have advised me that they have saved 40% or more off their prescriptions from this card. Also have cards for pets.
The cards are available at my office. No gimmicks, no registration. Just take a card. Cards are effective if you do not have insurance or if you are underinsured.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I understand many residents and commuters are concerned about an apparent lack of progress toward repairing the Fisher Lane Bridge. Please be assured this is an active design project and we are working with our consulting engineer to develop the best solution to this problem. As you know, this bridge was closed to westbound traffic this past April after inspection revealed serious structural decay to the steel beams supporting the deck grates. The Town contracted with a local consulting engineering firm, WSP Sells, with expertise in bridge inspection and design services, to inspect the existing conditions, evaluate the bridge and provide design services for the repair and or replacement of the bridge. Under their direction, the Town closed the westbound portion of the bridge after analysis confirmed the steel could not safely support the weight of passing cars. Since that time in April, we have continued to work with WSP Sells to further inspect and evaluate the bridge structure and supporting substructure to determine the condition of all aspects of the bridge so a design can be prepared to restore the bridge to allow traffic to again travel both east and west bound.

While it was first thought the failed steel beams could just be replaced, concerns developed relating to the condition of the existing concrete substructure. To test this system, it was required that the bridge be closed to all traffic. Closure of the bridge involves coordination with the adjacent municipalities, the County and Metro North Railroad and several weeks for advance notice to the commuters that use the lot. On July 19, the bridge was closed overnight as portions of the decking were removed and the concrete substructure was more fully evaluated. The testing verified the integrity of the concrete.

Following this test, design alternatives to the steel beams and deck were evaluated to consider long-term replacement, as the current steel beam and open deck structure is subject to accelerated decay and therefore does not have a long projected lifespan and has high maintenance requirements. The existing bridge failed due to severe rust and corrosion of the steel beams. Also, additional designs to offer improved accessibility along the walkway across the bridge were considered.

Designs evaluated include two different types of pre-cast concrete plank systems and a hybrid system of both steel and poured in place concrete decking. A key design constraint is the bearing capacity of the existing piles supporting the bridge requiring a relatively light deck structure. A second design constraint is the constructability of the new bridge within the restricted time frame of 48-hours over a single weekend to permit access to the lot for commuters.

At this time, WSP-Sells is focusing on a final design alternative that will be strong enough to carry the traffic, light enough not to exceed the capacity of the pile foundation, provide long-life with reasonable maintenance needs and be constructed within a 48-hour window. Our consultant expects a final design by the end of August.

Victor G. Carosi, P.E.

Commissioner of Public Works

Town of Greenburgh

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GREENBURGH BECOMES HOLLYWOOD EAST COAST --town hall used to film commercial..we receive $4100...movie filmed in Greenburgh

The town of Greenburgh may eventually become Hollywood East coast! A scene in the just released movie: "THE OTHER GUY'S starring Will Farrell was filmed in the vacant Mitty's Restaurant, south of the 4 corners in Hartsdale. soon--Hurricane Grill and Wings will open their new restaurant at this site.
Today, thanks in large part to the efforts of Bill Carter, Commissioner of the Theodore Young Community Center and Judith Beville, town clerk - a commercial was filmed at our Greenburgh Town Hall. The town received a check for $4100. Excellent revenue for a few hours of excitement!
The following is an e mail from Judith Beville, Town Clerk.

“Lights!!! Camera!!! Action…no…, better yet…, ROLLING!!!” Town Hall was all a-buzz today as a portion of the cafeteria was transformed into a Progresso Soup commercial set and scene. The question, “Do they need extras?,” could be heard by town hall employees, in passing. Of course, Progresso brought their own crew and actors. It was truly a day of quiet excitement, though, after the trucks rolled up and unloaded props, camera equipment as well as a mini lunch café for the production crew. For several hours, we spoke to each other in hushed tones near the cafeteria and legal department as production assistants gingerly guided staff through the area, when necessary. The atmosphere at Town Hall was warm and welcoming, yet strictly business and professional as the curiosity and novelty waned giving way to town business as usual. After close to four hours of filming, a husky voice stated, loudly, “That’s it.” The hustle and bustle of breaking down the set replaced the near silence with accolades and expressions of “Job, well done.” As it was now near 5:00pm, several town staff, still in awe, greeted the production staff with handshakes and smiles. Wrapping up his gear, the production manager gave us a parting comment, “It was great working with you. This is a fantastic location. We hope that you will keep the doors open to us.”

Judith Beville

Town Clerk

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new places to eat in hartsdale


Hurricane Grill and Wings at the former Mitty’s Steak House on Central Ave hopes to open up on Central Ave, south of the 4 corners.. The plans are in the review stage and construction should start soon. They offer wings, burgers, fish, sandwiches and appetizers. This is the site of last year’s filming scene of the Other Guy’s starring Will Farrell. That movie just opened up. The space was vacant for 3 years.

Benjamin Steak House at the former Mighty Joe’s Restaurant. This is their first restaurant in Westchester the others are in Manhattan and Queens. Construction is underway.

Prime Barbeque Grill recently opened at the four Corners in Hartsdale.

Monday, August 09, 2010


Received this e mail from Gerry Byrne, Commissioner of Parks about Crane Pond, which is located in Edgemont, off Pipeline Road (Pipeline Road connects to the Hartsdale train station). This is a charming little pond --one of the gateways to Edgemont. Many constituents have expressed concern about the condition of the pond. It's almost all green. Thought you would find this interesting. PAUL FEINER

I just made a site visit at Crane’s Pond and had a conversation with our Caretaker, Saverio DeGiorgo who has a degree in biology and he informed me that while there is some algae in the pond that the majority of the surface is duck weed and not algae. He thinks that this must have been transfer from a duck that picked it up from a different location and introduced it to the pond.

What is duck weed? Below is some information I picked up from the internet:

Duckweed belongs to the family Lemnaceae and is small, free floating green plants that form large blankets on the surface of sheltered water. The body of duckweed is composed of a simple floating disc of photosynthetic tissue often with roots attached. It is not differentiated into stem and leaf tissue. All species of duckweed supposedly produce minute flowers, but these flowers are seldom observed. Reproduction is generally vegetative and its growth rate is tremendous, A thumb-sized planting will cover 1.2 acres in 55 days if uninhibited.

Duckweed has some desirable properties for water purification. Duckweed treats waste by breaking it down and converting it into two components: biomass (duckweed leaves and roots) and treated water. Using duckweed for water purification is definitely low tech and needs a lot of space to be effective. Also, duckweed cannot process heavy metals, pesticides, or toxic substances.

Duckweed blooms typically occur in shallow waters rich in nutrients, especially phosphorus and/or nitrogen. Many studies have indicated that duckweed growth is a function of nutrient levels and not pH and/or temperature. If duckweed becomes an operational problem (i.e. clogging outlets), destroying the duckweed layer with herbicides does not solve the problem of excessive nutrients in the water. In addition, the chemical herbicides may be toxic to animal life, either directly or through biological magnification.

Because of the exponential growth rate Lemnaceae, herbicides must be used repeatedly (perhaps several times a year). Herbicides should be used with extreme caution and under careful supervision. Biological controls using ducks, fish, turtles, and crustaceans may also help control duckweed populations; however, this type of control is generally not suitable for wastewater systems. The mechanical removal of the duckweed cover can also remove some the nutrients. Stopping the inflow of excessive nutrients and the repetitive removal of the duckweed will greatly reduce the growth of duckweeds. Ideally, the best control is to eliminate the influx of excessive nutrients in the system.

In a nut shell, duckweed is present in water that has high levels of phosphorus and/or ammonia and unless it poses an operational problem it does not need to be removed.

Another way to eliminate the growth of duckweed or algae in a pond is to add supplemental biological products to help degrade any organics in the system. These bacteria will grow and create a stronger biomass and thereby reduce the amount of food or nutrients available for the duckweed or algae and outcompete them.

Here is the link were I got the above information: http://www.environmentalleverage.com/Duckweed.htm

why is crane pond green with algae...free health screenings...dog swim scheduled

Greenburgh Health Center
In collaboration with
The African American Men of Westchester
Will host the 10th Annual
Community Health Fair
330 Tarrytown Road
White Plains, NY 10607
10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Free Health Screenings For:
Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Pregnancy, Glucose, HIV, Vision, Emergency Contraception, Nutrition, Prostate/Breast/ Colorectal, Cervical Cancer, and Family Planning.

Free Giveaways * Refreshments * Entertainment

Admission: Free Rain Date: Friday, August 20, 2010

This issue has come up over the years especially when we have hot and dry summers. The pond is not spring feed and the water source comes from stream off the Edgemont School District Property and the area catch basins. I would refer this as a rain retention pond. I would say that chemicals coming from yards that eventually get in the catch basin system that feeds into the pond does not help either. We are a pesticide free municipality and I really don’t see the problem going away.

Once it starts raining again most of the algae will overflow from the spillway and the pond will get clearer. If you recalled last summer when it rained throughout the summer we did not have a significant algae problem.

I just talked to Barbara Stack, ED for the Westchester branch of the Cornell Cooperative Extension asking if their agency can assist us. She directed me to a Jerry Giordano, Horticulturist for the agency that specializes in community education to assist us. My plan is to try and get a site visit with him so he can give us an assessment.

We also may want Thomas Madden to weigh in on this issue too. I personally believe that there is not much we can do about the problem and don’t even know if plenty of money was available if that would help too.

I will keep you posted and maybe I will have more information for tomorrow’s tb work session.

Gerry Byrne

Charles and Bernard will be performing at the E. Hartsdale Farmers Market Outdoor Music Series, Saturday, August 14th from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the E. Hartsdale Train Station.
Charles and Bernard was formed in the spring of 2010 with the sole purpose of introducing a new unique breed of music into the hearts and minds of people everywhere. With a melodic, laid-back style intertwined with an emotional acoustic feel, Charles and Bernard never fail to bring passion and energy to each live gig and practice for which they have so proudly been a part of. Music truly is the light unto the world as well as the universal language. Once you have heard this group you will surely been more than satisfied! For more info, please visit www.myspace.com/charlesandbernard

Kristina Con Vita will be performing at the E. Hartsdale Farmers Market Outdoor Music Series Saturday, August 14th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at the E. Hartsdale Train Station.
Kristina Marie and Vita Izabella have created a unique sound with their opposing backgrounds and styles of singing. Vita Izabella is a classically trained singer who has been greatly influenced by the classical and jazz greats. Kristina Marie is a rocker through and through, having been influenced by artists such as Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, and Pat Benetar. Although their voices are seemingly on opposite ends of the color spectrum, when blended together they become one fascinating splash of sound. They have become heavily influenced by each other over the past few years of performing and writing music together. In fact, it is now difficult at times to discern one voice from the other. For more info, please visit www.KristinaConVita.com

SAVE THE DATE FOR THE DOG SWIM…Sunday September 12, 2010 10 am – 2 pm and it is called “Dog Days of Summer – Dog Swim”. AF VETERAN PARK …the pool is open fordogs (don’t worry, it’s after the pool is closed for the season).

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


During the past few weeks I have been encouraging residents to write e mails highlighting the impact that the Stellaris Health Network and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield dispute has had on their personal lives. I have forwarded approximately 100 e mails and letters to the parties detailing very stressful personal problems. Cancer, leukemia, heart patients and many others talked about their stressful situations--not being able to access White Plains Hospital, Lawrence Hospital, Phelps and Northern Westchester Hospitals. Even worst-- their personal doctors did not have privileges at other hospitals.
Each of the e mails I received was forwarded to all the parties. Mark Wagar of Empire Blue Cross assigned representatives of his company to respond to each of the complaints. In some cases they authorized the surgeries, procedures and advised residents of actions that they could take.

I appreciate the fact that Empire and Stellaris put patients first --and made compromises so that the health care services that are so needed can be restored. I also am very grateful to the many constituents who wrote passionate letters/emails highlighting their personal stories. These e mails/letters were highly effective and highlighted to all the parties the need to place health care first. Meetings with Town Supervisors/mayors/village managers were held with Stellaris two weeks ago and scheduled with Empire for next week. The efforts of so many members of Empire who trust and need services from White Plains Hospital, Lawrence Hospital, Phelps and Northern Westchester Hospitals made a big difference.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

jackson ave and 9 A left turn lane and road improvements

Commissioner Thomas Madden of the Planning Department sent me the following memo concerning improvements that have just started on Jackson Ave and Saw Mill River. A new left turn lane—and traffic signal upgrades!


1) Jackson Avenue and Route 9A (Saw Mill River Road)

The developer is currently constructing improvement to the Jackson Avenue and Saw Mill River intersection. The proposed improvements include new drainage facilities around the intersection, to widen all approaches to the intersection and to add exclusive left-turn lanes and to upgrade the existing traffic signal.

2) Jackson Avenue and “S” Curve Between Sprain Road and the Park

As part of the settlement with the developers of Ridgehill, the Ridgehill Intermunicipal Intersection Committee’s consultant is currently designing improvements to straighten out this roadway segment through alignment improvements and to increase the roadway vertical and horizontal radii in order to address design speed criteria.

3) Jackson Ave. & North Sprain Road

As part of the settlement with the developers of Ridgehill, the Ridgehill Intermunicipal Intersection Committee’s consultant is currently designing improvements to reconstructed the intersection by eliminating the existing triangular island and re-align North Sprain Road to meet Jackson Avenue at a typical T-type intersection. This improvement would required a traffic signal be installed to control traffic. With the intersection reconstruction, the eastbound approach would consist of one through lane and one left-turn lane, the westbound approach of one through lane and one right-turn lane, and the southbound approach of one right-turn lane and one left-turn lane. Town of Greenburgh DPW is coordinating the proposed improvements to the Drainage District at this intersection.

4) Route 9A (Saw Mill River Road) and Ashford Avenue

As part of the settlement with the developers of Ridgehill, the Ridgehill Intermunicipal Intersection Committee’s consultant is currently designing improvements to the intersection to match up with the proposed improvements (2014-2015) by the County to the existing bridge. The proposed improvements include widening of the intersection to match the proposed widening of the bridge lanes and redesign of the existing turning and through lanes to accommodate the existing and future traffic conditions.

5) Route 9A (Saw Mill River Road) from Ridge Road/Bridge Street to Heatherdell Road

As part of the settlement with the developers of Ridgehill, the Ridgehill Intermunicipal Intersection Committee’s consultant is currently designing improvements to this roadway segment that will include proposed roadway widening and a possible center left hand turn lane to access businesses along the road, sidewalk and landscaping improvements.

The improvements numbered two thru five are in the design phases and plans are expected to be completed within the next year and half with construction proceeding right after the plans have been approved

Monday, August 02, 2010


Feiner Steps In To End Impasse Between Insurer and Hospitals
Village Workforces Affected By Stalemate
by Robert Kimmel | July 29 2010Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner is interceding in the unsuccessful negotiations between the health insurer for hundreds of town and other municipal employees, and the network of local hospitals, where, he says, the town’s employees now have only “limited access.”

Mark Wager, president of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, has agreed to Feiner’s request to meet with him and other municipal leaders at Greenburgh Town Hall on August 11.

“I’m pleased that he has agreed to meet because a lot of people are hurting because of this stalemate,” Feiner said. He added he hopes that Wager’s meeting with elected officials can help get the contract talks moving.

Empire Blue Shield has not been able to reach agreement for many months with the Stellaris Health Networks, operator of four area hospitals, including Phelps Memorial, White Plains Hospital, Northern Westchester and Lawrence Hospital Center. Approximately one third of Westchester County residents are reportedly out of the hospitals’ network of care because of the impasse.

The workforces of Tarrytown, Irvington and Sleepy Hollow’s are covered by Empire Blue Cross.

“It has been a major inconvenience for our employees, most of whom would prefer to go to Phelps for their needs,” Sleepy Hollow Administrator Anthony Giaccio said.

The breakdown in talks has also affected the access to the four hospitals for thousands of others with individual and group health policies with Empire BlueCross. In a statement released this past week, Feiner stated, “Employees can’t get the surgeries they paid for at the hospitals of their choice even though we are paying for the insurance.”

The insurance company, however, cannot restrict emergency care access at the hospitals, nor does it in any way affect persons with other coverage, such as Medicare. Phelps Hospital, in a letter to patients, stated, “ as a courtesy, we will continue to submit a claim in your behalf to them,” (Empire Blue Cross). The hospital asks that any such payments be forwarded to it.

In a letter to Wager from Feiner, the supervisor noted that “representatives of the majority of towns and municipalities throughout Westchester County recently hosted a meeting with representatives from Stellaris and the network’s hospitals. Those in attendance now have a better understanding of the issues that challenge the hospitals and why they cannot accept inadequate rates of reimbursement.”

He also said he plans to call another meeting of mayors and other municipal officials and that he “hopes pressure from elected officials will lead to the conclusion of negotiations and the resumption of service.” In order to bolster his pursuit of a settlement, Feiner also is asking town employees to provide him with stories of hardship caused by the contract’s termination, so that he can present them to the insurance company.

According to Stellaris Health, publicly available data shows that its hospitals “are paid less by Empire compared to similar hospitals in the state and across the nation. The non-profit health care operator goes on to state, that, “All we are asking for is that Empire Blue Cross pay us rates that are similar to what they are paying comparable hospitals in our state and around the country. Our need for adequate payment comes after years of underpayments from Empire, and we need to fix this contract now.”

The Hospital network said it operates at a one percent operating margin, as compared to what it claims is the $1 billion in profits that Empire Bloue Cross has “amassed” over the last three years in the New York region. A letter signed by representatives of the four hospitals, notes that, “our hospitals are required to provide care to anyone in our communities who needs our services. regardless of ability to pay. “Over the past two years, we have provided over $22 million in uncompensated charity care.”

Empire Blue Cross points out that it did not cancel its contract with Stellaris but the health systems operator, “allowed its contract to expire when they refused to accept a generous offer from Empire, (20 percent over three years), to increase their rates in an amount that would more than cover cost increases,” and “...keep health care affordable.” The insurer, in a statement released late in July, said that it “gave them an opportunity to earn additional reimbursement for quality improvements.

Instead, Stellaris is demanding new reimbursement rates that would increase the amount you pay for services at their hospitals by over 40 percent in three years,” the statement continued. Empire Blue Cross said it wants “ to ensure that there is a rational connection between what we pay to Stellaris and the value Stellaris delivers.” And it claims that Stellaris receives rates from Empire, “comparable to what Empire pays other community hospitals.”

Knowledgeable observers point out that Feiner apparently has to see the two sides considerably narrow their positions on the thorny issues separating them before negotiations can lead to a positive contract settlement

building dept activity comparisons


RICHARD PRESSER/WEBB PLAYGROUND UPDATE Demolition is presently underway and installation will start in less than two weeks. We hope the new playground will be up before the start of the school year. The playground costs $120,000 but will NOT be paid for with taxpayer dollars. We are using developer escrow fees. The old playground was aging, becoming unsafe and was not up to date with the latest safety standards. Sorry for the inconvenience to children and parents who use the playground. We thought this was the best time of the year to construct the new playground.

THE EDGEMONT SCHOOL DISTRICT ALSO REPLACED A PLAYGROUND AT THE GREENVILLE SCHOOL—My 11 year old daughter was thrilled to see the new playground at the Greenville school on Ardsley Road. This playground is also replacing an old playground that was built around the same time the playground was installed at Webb.

DAVID ROTHSTEIN RETIRING AS DIRECTOR OF EDGEMONT SUMMER DAY CAMP—The Town Board will be honoring David Rothstein at our August 11th Town Board meeting. David is retiring as director of the Edgemont summer day camp after more than three decades of service. He came up with innovative programs, provided thousands of children with a fun and exciting summer camp experience. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM at Greenburgh Town Hall. . Help us salute a great camp director!

POOL UPDATE (DOBBS FERRY POOL HAD TO BE SHUT DOWN THIS WEEKEND)—Yesterday, I was in Dobbs Ferry for the Road to Freedom Day parade –commemorating the role Dobbs Ferry played in the Revolutionary War. Spoke to the Mayor. The Dobbs Ferry pool, like the Greenburgh pool, is aging. Unfortunately – the pool had to be shut down this weekend. The village estimates that the cost of a new pool will be $5 million dollars. We should all pay close attention to their experiences –our pool consultants anticipate that we could also experience similar problems in the future.