Monday, March 14, 2011

fundraiser for victims of Japanese earthquake-April 27th...Habitat for Humanity helping victims of last weeks flood

We’re looking for bands…volunteers for April 27th benefit at Greenburgh Town Hall…

Town Clerk Judith Beville will organize a benefit performance for the victims of the earthquake in Japan. The event will be held at the lobby of Greenburgh Town Hall on Wednesday April 27 from noon to 7 PM.
We are looking for musicians/bands to perform during the day. Visitors to Town Hall will have the opportunity to make voluntary donations to a non profit organization. The non profit organization that we will donate the funds to will be chosen in the near future. .
We are looking for musicians to perform during April 27th and are also looking for volunteers to help organize this event. After the earthquake in Haiti Town Clerk Beville organized a similar gathering for the victims of the Haiti relief effort. Close to $3000 was raised in one afternoon for AFYA, an organization that provides medical relief to Haitian victims. A subsequent fundraising effort was held at the E Hartsdale Ave farmer’s market last year. That initiative also raised substantial funds for the victims of the earthquake.
If you would like to volunteer for this cause or perform – please contact Judith Beville at or call her at 914-993-1504. If you have family or friends in Japan who have been impacted by the tragedy – it would be meaningful if our community could also help those with a Greenburgh connection.

Last week residents of Elmsford & N Elmsford experienced two major floods and suffered significant property damage. Habitat for Humanity is sending volunteers to help neighbors on Babbitt Court with some removal of ruined furniture, sheetrock, etc… I have been in contact with Jim Killoran, executive director of Habitat for Humanity and am very grateful to his organization for assisting others as they try to get their lives back in order. If you would like to volunteer please contact Jim at or Office: 914-636-8335x101

Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Fed Up With Feiner said...

You are so disingenuous. Nice of you to get Habitat for Humanity to help but how about actually doing something about the flooding. You keep pointing the finger at the Army Corps of Engineers. Did you submit a request for stimulus money when it was available? Millions of dollars could have been realized by our Town towards fixing not only this flooding problem but others throughout the Town. You did a study of the drainage problem on East Hartsdale Avenue. A lot of lip service but no action. That study cost the Town over $60,000 and to add insult to injury, most of the info in the study was incorrect. Your consultant didn't even properly locate the drain lines. It was a $60,000 band-aid to shut everyone up but nothing was done. The Town still is not maintaining the drainage system on the avenue. Actually, they are haphazzardly maintaining it. They send the sewer jet to clean out the culvert behind the Classic @ 50 EHA and the culvert behind 80 EHA. I guess there must be big contributors in those buildings because they don't clear out behind 180 EHA which is where the culvert is most unprotected allowing large items of debris such as supermarket shopping carts and 12 foot long sections of dead trees to enter the system. 180 EHA didn't want to be saddled with clearing a protected culvert so they removed the grate which allows all these large items to enter the underground PUBLIC system. Being a public system the Town should be cleaning it routinely. Habitat should be applauded for their efforts but you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing four years to pass since the last devasting flood without doing anything to protect the neighborhood from the next one. Please consider retirement - you've done enough damage to our Town.