Thursday, March 03, 2011


Greenburgh resident Bernice Gottlieb, author of the bookTake My Children ... and an expert on adoptions will be my guest on my WVOX (1460 AM) radio program tomorrow from 10 AM to 10:30 AM. The program is streamed live on the website:


Fed Up With Feiner said...

Sad that there is only self-promotion on this blog and no mention of Timmy Weinberg's passing. Nice of you to have sent your g'mail but we all know you had to be prompted to do so.

Timmy was one of very few honest politicians. She did not have a personal agenda as do the rest of you. She dedicated her time and service to the residents of her Town and fought the good fight for quality early childhood services and education.

While something motivated you to be kinder to her over the last year or so one can hardly forget your venom in waging an ugly campaign against her when she refused to be your rubber stamp on the Town Board. Sheehan and Juettner were in her camp until it came time to campaign and then decided it was easier to join your camp so you could pay for their campaigns. They're actually too lazy to campaign and raise their own funds so they sold out the taxpayers and became your rubber stamps. This is the most dangerous Town Board this town has ever seen...twenty years from now those of us who can afford to stay here will end up paying for your mistakes. It should be illegal from one candidate to pay for the campaigns of other candidates. The current make-up the Town Board is a good example of buying the votes of other elected officials.

You should take a moment to reflect on Timmy's legacy. Repent for the harm you caused her emotionally. Ask yourself if you want people to treat your elderly parents the way you treated her and other seniors in this Town. You claim to be the senior citizen advocate but you have dismissed seniors who volunteered the better part of their adult lives to this Town simply because they didn't agree with your politics and policies. I hope someone treats you the way you treat others.

The top story on your blog this week should have been a tribute to a wonderful human being who dedicated all of her efforts to the betterment of our Town.

We'll miss you Timmy!

GOD said...

Dear Fed Up: