Thursday, May 12, 2011

greenburgh nature center--trail for severely disabled adults

The Greenburgh Town Board supported the application of the Greenburgh Nature Center to apply for a CDBG grant for an ADA/Multi sensory Woodland Trail for Severely disabled adults. The grant (federal dollars) would be for $60,000 and be spent in 2013-2014. The purpose of the project (which I am very excited about) is to provide safe, beautiful and comfortable access to a portion of the woodland trail—free of physical and economic barriers. There will be multi sensory stimulation through landscaping and engaging activities that integrate the use of colors, light and shade, sounds, smells and textures. Universal design principles will be utilized for all information boards, tactile maps and wheelchair accessible pathways so that families, caretakers and service providers can also enjoy the site.

There is no other ADA/multi sensory trail of this kind within Westchester County. Severely disabled persons need to have the chance to use their own unique sense of discovery. The Greenburgh Nature Center is providing the disabled with the opportunity to connect with the environment, to see, to touch and hear the wonders of nature. It will motivate family members to spend more time with the disabled at the nature center.

BENEFITS: EASY AVAILABILITY—central location. COST TO THE DISABLED: NOTHING—no fee required to access trails. FULL ACCESSIBILITY to a trail that can be safely navigated. Encouragement of sensory play to optimize discovery of the natural world.

The Greenburgh Nature center was formed in 1975. The 33 acre property includes a woodland preserve with trails and a pond, a new barnyard, an indoor animal museum, greenroof and water catchment demonstration areas and an organic garden. They are planning to raise (with private dollars) $20,200 for this project. . If you would like to get involved and help them raise funds for this worthwhile cause – please call Greenburgh Nature Center Director Courtney White at 723 3470. Visit the nature center website: The Town Board will be building a new discovery playground at the nature center in the near future –using non taxpayer developer escrow funds. This playground will be enjoyed by many pre schooler’s.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor