Friday, March 16, 2012

auditorium style chairs wanted for town court (donations!)

TOWN COURT NEEDS AUDITORIUM/THEATER STYLE CHAIRS FOR COURT ROOM---anyone know of a business that wants to get rid of auditorium chairs and make donation to town?....

A few weeks ago I shared info with community residents: a conference room, used by the Town Board, Zoning and Planning Boards desperately needed new conference room chairs. Linda Garfunkel heard our request. Her business didn't need some excess conference room chairs (in good condition). We saved thousands of dollars when she donated the chairs to the town.

I visited the Town Court today. The Town Court needs auditorium/theater style chairs for their court room. If you know of any business that wants to get rid of excess chairs in good condition that we could use in the court room--please advise by e mailing me at

The town highway department does not pick up old TVs or electronics. At times senior citizens and disabled residents need help. I'm compiling a list of volunteers who would be willing to transport old TVs to the highway garage for recycling. We don't receive many requests for help. When I do receive requests for help - it would be nice if I could reach out to a list of volunteers. E mail me at

Out of work? I have helped over 80 people find work during the past three and a half years. I share job openings with residents who subscribe to a job club list. Have organized another website with job openings on (greenburgh jobs club). And- meet individually with constituents out of work trying to be of help with contact info. Let me know if you'd like to receive job e mail alerts.