Thursday, March 29, 2012

abandoned building has tenant...westhab demolishing building for workforce housing...westhelp could be used for developmental disabled

I am pleased to report that a large vacant building on Central Ave will no longer be vacant! The former Office Depot on Central Avenue will be replaced with a large tile store named “The Tile Shop. They have filed a permit for alterations.

WESTHAB will start demolishing the old King's Inn very soon. Workforce housing will replace the former homeless shelter and hotel.

And...the town has asked the county to approve a lease agreement to convert the WESTHELP homeless transitional facility off of Knollwood Road (which the county shut down last year) into housing/services for the developmentally disabled. The town would like to enter into a contractual agreement with Ferncliff, an outstanding non profit organization that has a great track record dealing with the developmentally disabled population. The town would receive close to a million a year in rent. If the county rejects the request the town has entered into an agreement with the Greenburgh Housing Authority to use the property for affordable housing purposes. The Town Board approved a resolution last night authorizing an extension of an affordable housing facilities agreement with the Greenburgh Housing Authority. If the property is used for affordable housing the town would not receive the same revenue as we would if the property is leased to Ferncliff.


jonty jeff said...

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