Tuesday, March 13, 2012


To the Editor
Last year the NYS Legislature cut back many important programs. And they made it difficult for counties, school districts and local governments to maintain services by imposing a tax cap on everyone. The reason: NYS was running out of money. And, our property taxes are too high.
This year they are misusing taxpayer dollars in the following ways...
The Republican controlled State Senate has decided to increase the number of State Senators from 62 members to 63. New York State doesn't need another State Senator. In fact, we would be better off with a one house Legislature - like Nebraska. My guess is that every State Senator costs taxpayers (salaries, staff, rent for district offices, other expenses) a million dollars or more. How does the average New Yorker benefit with another lawmaker added to the payroll?
Another major waste of taxpayer dollars: having three primary election dates: April for President, June for members of Congress and September for members of the NYS Legislature. Every time there is a primary election there is a big election day cost: election inspectors, rent. State-wide, we're not talking about thousands of dollars in duplicative costs. We're not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary spending. We're going to be wasting millions of dollars --just to oversee three primary elections. And, having three separate primary election dates won't increase voter turnout --it's confusing and probably will result in fewer voters participating in the election process.
In 2009 the NYS Legislature passed legislation encouraging municipalities to consolidate governments-- to merge localities, fire districts, special districts. Shouldn't NYS lawmakers lead by example: merge primary election dates as a starting point?
The millions of dollars that is being spent on adding a new State Senator to the payroll and on having three separate primary election dates --could have been spent much better. Would you prefer 3 primaries or funding for your local schools?
Greenburgh Town Supervisor
914 438 1343