Friday, September 07, 2012

scarsdale inquirer reports that former County Exec Spano was considering closing down WESTHELP

In recent years some of my critics complained that I refused to renew the lease with WESTHELP after the former County Executive, Andy Spano, invited the town to start the negotiations for the lease renewal. The town, under the old lease, was receiving  $1.2 million dollars.

These allegations were never true and I e mailed the Scarsdale Inquirer copies of letters I sent to the county  in 2009 indicating that "I would like to start the discussions that will determine whether the lease will be renewed."
In today's issue of the Scarsdale Inquirer  the newspaper reports that "Diane Atkins, (who was deputy to Social Service Commission Mahon) "said that the county was, at that time already considering other uses for the WestHelp apartments because the shelter was underutilized. We didn't have a lot of referrals to that facility."

Former deputy and chief advisor to Spano, Susan Tolchin "echoed Atkin's arguments that the decrease in the county's homeless population made WestHelp less necessary." "If we had stayed in office we would have looked at the possibility of closing the facility," Tolchin said. "She also said that she didn't recall that Greenburgh refused to renegotiate."

I learned a lesson today  - I have to do a better job responding to misleading, inaccurate comments made by critics about my record.


WPEyesNEars said...

Sorry Paulie, you lie to us so much it's difficult to believe this isn't just more of the same. Remember, if you had done the right thing, the outcome would be right. It's sad you've abandoned religion for the secular side, where lying is acceptable. Look for us at temple and we'll help you to redeem your soul.