Sunday, September 30, 2012

Robert Bernstein continues to misrepresent...

Robert Bernstein, writing for the Edgemont Community Council facebook page, continues to misrepresent my position and actions. On Friday he tried to indicate that we have no intention of allowing 108 vacant apartments to be used for affordable housing unless the county provides millions to cover the costs of renovating the units. This is not true.
The town plans to issue an RFP--inviting developers to submit proposals to the town to convert the property into affordable housing.. It is my hope that the county will contribute county funds to make the project more affordable.  If they don't, we will still proceed with our efforts to utilize the building for affordable housing. Legislators rejected a proposal that would have generated $500,000 a year to the town in rental income from Ferncliff, an organization that provides services to the developmentally disabled community --most who are low income and are referred by the county DSS.
In recent months I have reached out to affordable housing developers inviting them to submit bids in the event the legislature denies the town the ability to generate maximum revenue from the property- for a worthy cause---helping the developmentally disabled. Some developers have expressed interest in submitting bid proposals to the town. However, the town will not generate as much revenue from affordable housing as we would have received from Ferncliff (the developmentally disabled would be living at Ferncliff).

Bob's most recent misrepresentation of the facts


JPG&R said...

Paul, no need to lash out at Bob. Look in the mirror if you really want to know who is at fault here. EVeryone who follows Greenburgh closely knows that Ned McCormick didn't want a homeless shelter unless his Civic Group received the big bucks. Since that deal has proven to be illegal (like so many of your deals), you delayed negotiations with the County, costing Greenburgh taxpayers millions in revenue.

Terry Williams said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!