Wednesday, October 17, 2012

leaf angels wanted


Over 20 years ago we started a snow angel program. Volunteers help seniors and disabled residents by clearing snow from their walkways/driveways.

Last year some residents contacted me about our policy re: TV pick ups. - we do not use town staff to pick up television sets and dump them at the highway garage. We started a TV angels program --that has helped a number of seniors. Volunteers pick up TVs from the homes of the elderly and drop off the TVs at the highway garage.

Greenburgh is joining the river villages and some other communities around the county -requiring all leaves to be bagged or mulched. Some senior citizens and disabled residents can't afford to pay landscapers. I would like to set up a new program: LEAF ANGELS. If you are interested in helping seniors on fixed incomes or disabled residents on fixed incomes with their leaf mulching or bagging -please e mail me at

If you know of any senior who could benefit from this service please advise. It's nice living in a community --neighbors helping each other. That's why Greenburgh is such a great place to live.

If you are interested in joining our snow angels program or TV angels program - please let me know. We can always use more volunteers.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor