Monday, October 29, 2012

the power outages have begun

The power outages from the hurricane have begun... Con Ed officials advise that the most effective thing you could do if you are out of power is to call their 800 number -1-800 Con Ed.

As of 3:00 P.M., the following power outages are reported throughout the unincorporated Town of Greenburgh:
· Edgemont Section;
1. Fort Hill Rd. / Paradise Dr., transformer outage, (582) customers affected.
2. Edgemont Rd. / White Oak Ln., tree down on wires, (513) customers affected.
3. Lynwood Rd. / Sherwood Pl., tree down on wires, (42) customers affected.
· Mayfair Acres Section: Chelsea Rd; tree down on wires, (82) customers affected.
Con Ed has been notified with respect to the above power outages. Con Ed customers are urged to report power outages utilizing the following contact number: 1-800-Con-Ed.
As of 3:00 P.M., Greenburgh Police report the following road closures:
1. Old Kensico Road: from Old Tarrytown Rd to Woodland Hills.
2. Ft. Hill Road: Paradise Dr. to Central Park Ave.
3. Pat Capone Road; from Pinewood to Central 7 Campus.

The Theodore Young Community Center has been designated as a short term (no lodging) shelter for people to go to. Programming and the indoor pool swimming has been suspended. We have set up at the Multi-Purpose Center for a longer period of shelter. We will activate this center as soon as someone needs to be evacuated from their home usually because of flooding or a tree into a house that makes the structure unsafe. A shelter is usually not needed because someone losses power since it usually is safer and more comfortable to remain in your home and it does not appear that cold will be a factor
From the Hartsdale Parking District..
Metered parking on the street will be suspended tomorrow (Tuesday). Metered parking in Site A and Site C is not suspended so that we can control and maintain parking for our paying permit holders. ONLY SITE A PERMIT HOLDERS can park overnight in Site A - we already have at least a dozen 24-hour permit holders who have been displaced by non-permit holders. This is creating quite a problem for us as we now have to inconvenience our paying permit holders to park in Site F rather than where they paid to park in Site A.
Please be clear when providing information to the public - EMERGENCY PARKING IS AVAILABLE TO NON-PERMIT HOLDERS IN THE SITE F GARAGE ONLY, SITE F IS LOCATED BEHIND INDIGO CHIC BOUTIQUE AT 221 EHA. IT IS BEHIND THE METRO NORTH STATION. There are still spaces available on the upper levels of Site F and it is perfectly safe to park up there.
My cell phone is 438-1343. My home phone is 478-1219. My office is 993-1545. I will try to respond to every complaint quickly..


juanita Kelly said...

The Con Ed map goes not even show the massive outages created by the trees falling on Underhill. They show ONE customor out. Not only are there hundreds out, but the trees on Underhill are blocking BOTH ends of the street, so people can not get out. Calling Town Hall, we are told, call police. Police say not their job. Town Hall says Coned knows, but not on their map. No one cares.

juanita Kelly said...

The only way out of our prison is to walk to the border and get picked up. One person has already had a heart attack. Con ed map is inaccurate. DPW has to step in.