Wednesday, October 03, 2012

More misrepresentations on Edgemont Community Councils facebook page...

there is more misrepresentations on the Edgemont Community Council's facebook page. Most of the page, usually written by former ECC Robert Bernstein, contains commentary against me  - not pro Edgemont.  Does this page discourage people from wanting to move to Edgemont?  The ECC should be promoting Edgemont.

for example todays story says this...
In 2008, then county executive Andy Spano twice tried to get Mr. Feiner to enter into negotiations to renew the WestHELP lease, but Mr. Feiner opposed any renewal of the lease

This is not true. I have copies of letters to the county expressing interest in commencing with negotiations -- I  would be happy to forward the letters to readers who ask for them. My e mail is

I hope that the ECC will stop making things up. And, will be more accurate when they criticize.