Friday, February 02, 2007

2 of 5 library construction contracts signed by contractors

As of this writing two of the five contracts with the contractors for the library construction project have been signed by the contractors. 3 have not been signed. The failure of the library construction contractors to sign the contracts is delaying the start of the construction. We hope that all the documents will be signed by the contractors early next week - I will promptly review the signed documents before signing the agreements. Once both parties sign the documents construction of the library can start.


Anonymous said...

Didn't the town have a groundbreaking ceremony last week? How could they break ground before contracts are signed?

Anonymous said...

Feiner was right when he suggested a project manager. I originally didn't like the idea. I felt it was a waste of money. However- this is getting ridiculous. It's February. Construction hasn't even started.

Anonymous said...

Agree -- a project manager is needed for the library construction project. I don't understand why the Town Councilmembers have rejected this idea. The construction was supposed to start in May, then June, then July, then Aug, then Sept, then Oct, then Nov, then Dec and then in January. The work hasn't started and its February.

Anonymous said...

This project is destened for doom. As far as I know the last building built in town was the multipurpose center at Veteran Park. What a discrace this building is. I do give kudos to the rec department for enhancing it however it is ontop of a steep hill. It has al kinds of roof leaks. There is ground water seeping up from the floor damaging the tiles. It was poorly designed becuase there are light switches behind doors. This was a small scale project compared to the library, im sure a lot mor things will be wrong with this building.
Has there been any research on the contractors, are they any good or are we going to get the typical shoddy work that the town always settles for?

Juettner is the problem said...

easy answer to the ongoing library fiasco. diana juettner lives in ardsley. she doesnt pay one dime in taxes for greenburgh library. guess who liasion to library from town board is? diana juettner. unincorporated greenburgh residents should demand she resign from this position immediately.

hal samis said...

Dear Problem Identifier,

But Juettner, as an "educator" thinks that libraries are a good thing, doesn't that count at all?

And she is very enthusiastic about the library expansion, too.

Perhaps you're being a little harsh by insisting that she know something about this particular expansion project. After all, I think that what the Library Building Committee (Howard Jacobs, Susan Wolfert, Estelle Palevsky) knows, I'm certain that Juettner can't be far behind.

Unfortunately, the Library Building Committee knows nothing.

On the other hand, since they know they know nothing, they wanted to remind those at the Ground Breaking that they had been advised by a blue ribbon panel.
Blue ribbons are a quaint notion however let me amend my charge:
The Library Building Committee and their blue ribbon panel know nothing, otherwise the project would not be behind schedule and over budget, even with diminished amenities.

Anonymous said...

Trying to blame each other would solve the problems.

Playing political games would wast
taxpayers' money.

If the person who is supposed to be responsible for the Lib. project
, even part of it, can't do it, please step down - thanks a lot!