Saturday, February 03, 2007


The satellite library locations are about 2 weeks old. We're continuing to work to enhance the satellite libraries and welcome your thoughts. Here are some impressions that I have.
* The staff working at the library is outstanding. They are trying very hard to make the best out of the smaller satellite spaces. I'm extremely impressed with their efforts. They are terrific public servants.
* I am also pleased to see so many people stop by at the satellite library location at Town Hall. There is a steady flow of traffic -- almost non stop. Residents really love the Greenburgh library. Programs for children will start soon.
* Earlier in the week we had to close down the lobby/check out area of the lobby (located at the entrance of Town Hall) a few times. It was freezing - about 57 degrees. The librarians were uncomfortable, but not complainers. We are addressing the freezing condition problems --providing the staff with portable heaters.
* In response to complaints about lack of parking near the entrance to the library (creating difficulties for seniors/disabled residents) we increased the number of disabled parking spots at Town Hall and also created short term (30 minute or less) parking at the front row parking area.
* We need a reading area for library patrons/librarians to use to relax - to read magazines, newspapers. I suggested a possible location: the former room used for STAR applications. Another possibility: Use the back area of the Town Board auditorium/meeting room.
* I believe that we need an additional satellite library location(s)--East Hartsdale Ave and/or the Greenburgh Nature Center.
* The ground breaking ceremony was held last Saturday. However, construction of the new library has not yet started because only 2 of the 5 contracts have been signed by the contractors. I feel that we should have closed down the old library a few weeks later --providing residents with full service library programs a bit longer. It's my hope that the other contractors will sign the contracts that had been awarded to them in December of last year. No construction could happen till they sign the documents. 3 of the 5 still have not signed the contracts.
* I am requesting the Town Board to discuss the status of the library construction at our work session - this Tuesday. The work session starts at 3:30 PM. I feel that the Town Board and community deserve an explanation as to why the contractors have delayed signing the contracts that had been previously awarded to them.
We want the library to continue providing residents with outstanding services during the next two years - during the construction of our new library. It's very important that you, our library users, take the time to provide me and other town officials with your thoughts and suggestions.


Anonymous said...

This project is destened for doom. As far as I know the last building built in town was the multipurpose center at Veteran Park. What a discrace this building is. I do give kudos to the rec department for enhancing it however it is ontop of a steep hill. It has al kinds of roof leaks. There is ground water seeping up from the floor damaging the tiles. It was poorly designed becuase there are light switches behind doors. This was a small scale project compared to the library, im sure a lot mor things will be wrong with this building.
Has there been any research on the contractors, are they any good or are we going to get the typical shoddy work that the town always settles for?

Anonymous said...

The Town Council members don't seem interested in doing their job, monitoring this project. It's sad. It's costly. It's a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

I'm just using Yonkers until the Greenburgh drama is done. Yonkers has impressive resources (though a tacky 70s building that needs rehab ... the Central Park Avenue branch).

Anonymous said...

The Town Council members should do the job they were elected to do and make sure that the library construction project is built within budget. The Board also must make sure that the town is not short changed with materials, workmanship. Any construction company would be happy to work for a client that isn't paying attention to the job that is being done.

Anonymous said...

we need a place to read at the library.

Anonymous said...

The new library is not needed. All the delays should be telling you,that something is wrong with the planning. Smarten up. When things start off on the wrong foot,you could rest assurd,that someone is telling you to stop. Pay attention,this library will cost more money than was projected,if it ever gets off the ground.

hal samis said...

Guess what? Staying open later at night doesn't put more books on the shelves, doesn't put more periodicals out, doesn't replace tables and chairs etc.

Of course in warmer weather we can have a Library al fresco.

On the other hand maybe we didn't really need to spend $20 million+ if we're doing so well with a quarter of the space of the old building. 24/7 online live reference sourcing, books online and media downloads...these are really the Library of the future without the costs of bricks, staff and maintaining a cafe.

$20 million (plus the undisclosed over budget items and plus the $10 million in debt service) would buy a $500 computer for every RESIDENT, not household, RESIDENT of unincorporated Greenburgh and cost the same or less as the final bill for the Library.

And we could easily be a wireless TOWN which will come closer to the future than our new Library will ever achieve.

While at the same time, saving the annual operating budget, which is nearing $4 million (paid from resident taxes), and would start plunging immediately.

If Johnny still can't read, look more critically at your school district, not to your Library.
Today's Library is really about borrowing dvds and cds and the NY Times bestseller fiction list.
The only real difference between the Library of Today and the Library of Tomorrow is that with more space, the Library will likely be circulating video games.

The lesson of the satellite Libary is not that it is so small but that the old Library was really adequate. New HVAC, ADA compliance, utilization of the WLS, and, some of the parking from the old Town Hall; voila the Greenburgh Library of the Future.

Do not pass Go. Do not spend $20 million+. Spend $10-13 million and instead buy every HOUSEHOLD a $500 computer.

Instead of the phony ground-breaking ceremony, the Library Trustees could pose in front of a pallet full of computers and Chair Howard Jacobs could be handing one to a grateful student...