Thursday, February 22, 2007


Bill Riccardi e mailed me with a great idea: He is suggesting that the sanitation calendar be placed in a format other than pdf. For example, a vCal, iCal or other format would be helpful and allow residents to download the calendar into their PIMS. Just imagine: your blackberry beeping at you at 7 AM Wednesday morning reminding you that it's commingle day, not paper day. I have asked our MIS Computer staff to look into this suggestion.


Anonymous said...

It is a good idea. So simple. I wonder if it will improve compliance with recycling laws?

Anonymous said...

how about returning to the old way with 2 day a week garbage and no recycling on holiday weeks?

Anonymous said...

Mr Feiner,

I am so glad that you think
this is a great idea,
I consider it nonsense to be
taken advanrage off by yourself
and the chap that came up with this
Can't you get yourself to stick
to the fundamentals of your job,
administering the towns business
for the good of all.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous: Mr. Feiner is doing his job. He does his job better than you could ever do it. He listens. We have a well run town. It's the little things that make our town extra special.

Anonymous said...

A very nice suggestion. I always forget what to recycle.

Anonymous said...

"It's the little things that make our town extra special."

Perhaps, but at the on-going neglect of the big-picture, everyday functions of the Supervisor's actual job. This isn't Mayberry R.F.D.

Just imagine if your company's CEO issued similar memoranda. I'd sure be worried about the future of my company. I expect my CEO, and my Town Supervisor, to carry out the strategic plans, to set the long-term direction, to oversee the management of the organization, etc.

When election time comes, these are the professional skills and experiences we need to look for in voting for a new Town Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

How about some real leadership on recycling? Admit the whole program is a hoax and save the town the trouble and the cost. Except for the aluminum cans, everything goes to the same dump.

If recycling was cost effective the private sector would pay you for your rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Here is the email I sent to Mr. Feiner. You will notice that my initial request was sent to Mr. Pandya, MIS director.


Is there anyway to get this done? I have not heard from Mr. Pandya. Is he the correct person to contact?

Thank you,


Begin forwarded message:

From: William Riccardi
Date: February 13, 2007 12:34:41 AM EST
Subject: Sanitation Calendar

Hello Mr. Pandya,

Is it possible to obtain a copy of the 2007 Sanitation Calendar in a format other than pdf? For example, a vCal, iCal, or other format would be helpful, and allow residents to download the calendar into their PIMs. Just imagine - your blackberry beeping at you at 7am wednsday morning reminding you it's commingle day, not paper day. Technological bliss. How do the elderly read the calendar that was mailed? It's so tiny.

Thank you!!!

Bill Riccardi

For the technologicaly challenged, the Sanitation Calendar most likely already exsisits in the format I requested. It only needed to be published to the web site (literaly a 5 minute operation).

I agree Mr. Feiner has far more pressing maters then an electronic calendar request, and I am sure he knows that. Since the webmaster or MIS people have not gotten around to putting the calendar up I have done it myself. You can download it here -

Anonymous said...

Dose the garbage inspector check what is put at curbside ,if and when he travels through the streets. I know what I put at curbside, what is specified for that day. some of my neighbors put what they want at curbside .What's wrong with this picture.When we have a holiday in the week,people put all their garbage out,for recycling.I do not think your plans are working. We should all adhear to the rules set forth by the town,but someone has to see to this.Plastics [,newspapers should be tied,]and cans in a basket or plastic bag.In the city of New York,the Dept. of Sanitation checks what is put out. Fines are given to homeowners like it was going out of style.RULES have to be followed .I'm quite sure a few fines here and there will put this project right back on line.I THANK ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DO THE RIGHT THING putting the correct recycling for that day.The rest is up to the inspector . We all know the rules,but many of us try to see what we could get away with.We all receive schedules in the mail,therefore the computer listing is not a good idea,since many people do not have one.