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Town Bd to be asked to hire accountant for up to $5000 to help Supervisor prepare budget and keep taxes down. VOTE ON TUESDAY


Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

Part of the Sheehan/Bernstein strategy is to throw everytrhing into the Barnes election in November. Sheehan/Bernstein want AND need a tax hike so as to blame you and then hopefully turn out the vote for Barnes. These people are desperate. They don't care about Greenburgh, only their own personal power. They won't be able to stand the fact that if the primary results hold up in November, they will be rendered inconsequential. This is the reason why Sheehan is not cooperating with you. He needs a tax hike to attempt to secure a Barnes victory in November, thus securing his continued control over Greenburgh.


Francis Sheehan is becoming a legend in his own mind. Today he announced Chief John Kapica's resignation. When does the resignation take effect? In 2 years! Who the heck is Sheehan to makek this big announcement?

Anonymous said...

Sheehan loves the spotlight. It will be interesting to watch come January when Sheehan is in the minority and his pontifications will be meaningless.

Sheehan's delusions of grandeur said...

Yes, a legend in his own mind, or delusions of grandeur.

I saw the letter also, and scratched my Head. Why is this coming from Sheehan? Why isn't this coming from the Supervisor, or the entire Town Board? Who the hell does Sheehan think he is by trying to one-up everybody?

I guess that this is the only thing left to him since after January 1 he will no longer be able to dominate the Town Board and the Town itself.

Anonymous said...

This is another prime example of megamania at its worse. Again Mr. Sheehan has taken it upon himself to release this letter to the public.

This action is again, another, in a series of disclosures, which denigrates the value and standing of his felllow members of the Greenburgh Town Board and a blatant attempt at self-promotion.

I assume, that one day soon, Mr. Sheehan will announce that he has received private and priveleged information, which he only can release, that the sun will arise tomorrow morning.

Mr. Sheehan sees himself as the alternative Supervisor. Maybe he envsions himself as the emerging minority leader of the Board. But, lo and behold, he is a Democrat. It maybe better for the town that he revert his registration back to the GOP.

One can read the clear handwriting on the wall. Francis Sheehan will continue to serve his own vain interests first, and the electorate's interest, second.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

One can readily see that Sheehan has the upper hand with Chief Kapica.

Who is Sheehan to anounce that the chief plans to resign in 2009 instead of the Supervisor?
Sheehan has anyone employed by the Town against the Supervisor, starting from his personal henchman Gil Kaminer. The power went to Sheehan's head in a very sick way.

There has to be a way that this crazy man could be removed from office. We detest the fact that he has come this far with his divisiveness.

How many more surprises must we expect in the coming days.
Yes we do know how much Bernstein and Sheehan need Barnes on their side to givr the people in Edgemont what they want.
Remember Bernstein will be running the town from now on if Barnes wins the election.
One can see how back stabbing Bernstein and Sheehan are together in leaving Bass out of the loop after walking throughout Edgemont to get the people to vote for him.
Is this what the residents of Greenburgh want,I don't think so.
The two power crazy individuals have done so much back stabbing along the way ,that is is getting to a point that we as residents have to watch ourselves.
The only way that we could accomplish to get back a government for all the people of Greenburgh is to make sure we get the vote out, for Feiner and his entire slate.
This is the only way that Sheehan and Bernstein could be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Garfunkel,

Sheehan's meglomania is exactly why we need investigations into his illegal activities such as the threat issued to the Valhalla School Superintendant. I can assure you that Gil Kaminer confessed in front of witnesses. The illegal changing of the Zoning Map must also be investigated. Sheehan must be stopped during the next two years prior to his re-election. He clearly is mentally unsound and who knows what he will be capable of. If these two event are properly investigated, Sheehan will be forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace /////
Front page news that Chief Kapica will retire in 2 years is put forth by a crazy man who thinks that he is the one in charge of Greenburgh government.
Sheehan step down ,crazy people belong behind cages and not in the midst of the pulic that wants to live the best life that they could.
You have made living in Greenburgh a hell for the past two years. Enough is enough.get out.

Anonymous said...

After all is said and done why would Barnes still run for office knowing that the public knows of how Sheehan has munipilated her for the past two years.
Do youself a favor don't run this time arround you will only be part of the Bernstein and Sheehan power machine.
With these two, you could never be your own person.
Barnes a word of comfort is that you could run again when the name of Sheehan is unheard of.
That's only two years from now.
All the residents know that Bernstein and Sheehan run the show AND you will be their third vote that will be needed to serve their purpose.IS IT WORTH IT NOT TO BE YOUR OWN PERSON.THINK ABOUT IT.

Anonymous said...

Paul as supervisor should have an assistant other than a secretary.
I think having Kolesar to assist you with the budget is the best thing that could happen for us in Greenburgh.
Sheehan and Bernstein want someone else to throw a monkey wrench into this budget system,so it could be taken apart from one end to another by Prieser another one of their patsie's .
Let's make it right the first time with Kolesar's help so we will not have to listen to hot air at the meetings.

barnes said...

if barnes announced she would act as a check on feiner' and sheehan's excesses, she might be worthy of consideration. but her track record does not bode well for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:06

If Barnes did that she would only be following Sheehan's orders and everyone would know that. Barnes is through. Bernstein can have all the meetings at his house that he wants and plot whatever strategy he can conceive of, once the Independants get to vote in November, Barnes, Berger and Bass will go down to an even greater defeat than they did in the primary.

Anonymous said...

If Barnes was a real Democrat she would just go away. The people have spoken.
Also Berger should resign as chairwoman and go away,

Anonymous said...

The fact that Berger has not yet resigned speaks poorly of the State of the Democratic Party in Greenburgh. Think of it. This is a one party Town and that party lost!!!!!! There is a huge disconnect between the party bosses and the people.

Anonymous said...

Kapica should retire now

Anonymous said...

Sheehan rushed to announce the retirement of Kapica because Sheehan wants Kapica out. He didn't want Kapica to have wiggle room to change his mind.

Anonymous said...

I think Kapica should speak for himself.
Is it true that heir Sheehan wants you out?

Anonymous said...

It would be good if he left now.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan doesn't want Kapica out. Kapica takes orders from Sheehan

Shameless Sheehan said...

Another poster on another blog topic made a good point. Sheehan had no problem CREATING the position for Gil Kaminer and paying him $75,000 a year including benefits. However, when Feiner wants a ONE TIME expenditure of $5,000, he screams bloody murder. Sheehan is such a hypocrite it is disgusting. Clearly, this man has no shame.

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:54

As several bloggers have comented, Sheehan ism a meglomaniac. Meglomania is a sure sign of mental illness.

Anonymous said...

All that has happened here is that Kapica used Sheehan to put the pressure on Feiner to allow the usual expansion of his budget despite Feiner's calls for moderation this year.
The # of police personnel increases each year, spread out in various budget areas, they are just not out on the street. The duplication in services needs to be stopped. We pay County taxes & many of their specialized resources are available to us & other municipalities.

Anonymous said...

Hey John Kapica now you fell into Sheehans circle by letting him release the news of your retirement.
If I were you I would retire sooner to make a big mouth out of him who had no business announcing this news.
This should have been done by the supervisor.
Now residents are looking at this and saying WHAT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT TOO.When will Sheehan take over County government and then the White House?

Anonymous said...

Sheehan should give Feiner the tools to reduce the budget and then slam him if he is not successful. Let Feiner hire Kolesar.Kolesar is smart, honest, a bit difficult to work with. HE's a budget cutter too.

Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!

Sheehan just announced today is Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hal samis said...

Here's the problem, Bernstein needs validation. His star rose quickly with the filing of two lawsuits against the Town but, darn it, they just don't get resolved. Initial decisions often come quickly but the appeal process response is almost automatic and it takes much longer to review than getting to the original decision.
The filing of the suits was a reasonable posture; the arguments from both sides seemed reasonable and needed the resolution that only the Courts could provide but, darn it they just don't get resolved. The notion that a private citizen would and could undertake a challenge of the government was novel hereabouts and Bernstein sopped up his new found "glory" and fame that the newspapers accorded each time he pronounced some soft-spoken pontification of how the Town was proceeding to handle matters not in the manner that Bernstein would. And, darn it, the lawsuits still hadn't achieved closure.

What's a fellow like Bob to do? The public knows from tv police shows that if the case isn't solved in the first week, the odds that it gets solved decline sharply thereafter. Hence the "cold case". And that became the same problem that Bernstein faced. He is old news and he won't get the respect he feels is his due until the undecided lawsuits get out of the way.

This irks Bob for he had envisioned that he would achieve the role of Godfather to his community and that everyone would come to his door for answers and he, not the Democratic Party, would become the real power broker in town.

But how to do it? Especially since those darn judges wouldn't rule quickly on what he, Bernstein, had told everyone was just a lay-up decision.

So he decided to recruit the four members of the Town Council to do the dirty work. He, Bernstein, would prepare the speeches, write the arguments, provide the public comment supporting the Town Council members who were really parroting Benrstein's positions. To an outsider, it looked as though this was all happenstance; that the four had independently put forth issues and that Bernstein agreed with their stance. Of course, the target of these efforts was Feiner, the Town Supervisor, who had committed the unforgiveable offence of "slighting" Bernstein some years ago. Worse was that Feiner refused to apologize and pay tribute to Bernstein. So the feud festered and those darned judges refused to rule and elevate Bernstein to his former lofty perch.

But like at the courts, Bernstein was getting nowhere at Town Hall either. The efforts to crucify Feiner were numbed by the observation that Feiner did not act unilaterally; that his supposed powers came not from his titular position but from a five vote plurality in which only three votes were required for action. Thus word travelled quickly and soon it was widely understood that the four Town Council members who had mouthed Bernstein's words became not the solution but were found to be part of the problem. They had voted together in favor of the very things that Bernstein pronounced were wrong.

What was Bob to do. No one in Edgemont had any interest in running for Town Supervisor or Town Council. So Bob had to cast a wider net to find some sacrificial lamb to mouth his issues; he found such a person in the Villages, the very area that Bob had represented as freeloading on the back of unincorporated. An odd coalition from the start, Bernstein and Berger, still it was hoped that by splitting the Village vote, that some hoped for synergy would produce a victory in the Primary and Bernstein would be the real winner.

To make the victory even sweeter and to insure that his programs would be acted upon in the coming years, Bernstein even threw his affection in the direction of Barnes and Bass. Barnes, recently discovered to be an Edgemont resident, had not previously supported Edgemont in any of its endeavors and Bass, seeking a career in politics, was willing to be anyone's "friend for a day" who would take him in hand. So, the trio was Bernstein's attempt to regain the limelight and their combined victory would bode well for Edgemont which Bob views as his office annex.

However, in the background was lurking a serious misstep -- l'affaire Dromore. Just as Bernstein was "unique" in bringing suit against Greenburgh, so would the developer achieve attention when he filed a notice of claim. But, accompanying this notice, was not just the ho-hum, drab legalese of the filing; instead here was a juicy sworn affidavit which named names, places and included exhibits. Names, places and exhibits which caused considerable embarrassment for the Town Council and Mr. Bernstein. Taking the denial and no comment path, they learned it would haunt their credentials both as the candidates and as the kingmaker. As the backlash mounted, they fell victim to both hints of the retribution to come and the superior effort of Feiner and his team to reach the people that don't read The Scarsdale Inquirer. And still, those darn judges hadn't ruled on the lay-up lawsuits.

His own actions called to question, Bernstein sought to divert the negative publicity away from himself and direct it instead back at Feiner. What better invention than to revive the fallen into disrepute Ethics Board, a name which itself implied integrity. Bernstein realized that the Board was "toothless" and it needed a quick fix of "off the shelf" dentures. Wouldn't it be a fitting denouement if the Ethics Board, using the Bernstein/Sheehan rulebook tailored to fit the intended victim, could offload their own grief at Feiner's door just ahead of the Primary. So they whipped up a batch of new laws, carefully sewn together to avoid any danger to the Town Council incumbents and assembled a star chamber of Board members, turned the microwave on and hoped that thirty seconds later, the Feiner goose would be cooked and Berger and company stock would soar on the Greenburgh/Edgemont Bourse. This promptly turned into another example of lead not turning into gold but instead sinking of its own weight.

And still the darn judges had not ruled.

So, there's only one immediate course for Bernstein to pursue. If this fails, then he is so over.
He needs to get Barnes (the most malleable candidate) re-elected to preserve the three votes that Bernstein thinks he can work with.
come January 1: Feiner as Supervisor plus one while opposed by Juettner (gene pool of jello) and Barnes (woman of color and perceived voice for Fairview) and Sheehan (take no prisoners; I'm for me first), Feiner will be again be rendered powerless.

And like water seeking its level, Bernstein will re-emerge as the man behind the throne. Heil Edgemont! So Bob is out beating the bushes on a stealth mission to drum up Barnes support. If you think that Bernstein believes that Barnes is a worthy candidate, then you also believe that sidewalks are coming soon to Seely Place.

And if you believe that, then you also believe that those darn justices are going to rule soon.

Like the recent remake, the train is due at 3:10, will Bernstein be on it?

Herb Rosenberg said...

There is a long story to be written about this election -- just a tad longer than Samis' excellent posting, but I won't write it here and now -- but the fundamental truth is that Feiner didn't run against Berger. He ran against the history of the Town Council these past two years, and against Bernstein's domination of the Town Council.

And it is ironic that by his actions, Bernstein has made Feiner Supervisor for life, and has caused the defeat of two Councilpersons on whom he depended.

Life is ful of jokes.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Town of Greenburgh:

I read all of these comments about how Mr. Sheehan must go. Have any of you heard of a recall? Review your civics books.

Just so you think that a recall process is purely "fictional", I remind you that the people of the State of California got so fed up with their Governor, Mr. Davis, that they recalled him (i.e., removed him from office0. He didn't commit any "crime" other than to destroy the faith of the people in his leadership. So, if you are so really unhappy with Mr. Sheehan, get off your butts, research what is needed and go do it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there are any provisions in NY State Law for the recall of Public Officials.

That is why we need investigations into the illegal dealings of Sheehan & Co. Once the truth is exposed, Herr Sheehan will be forced to resign!

Anonymous said...

If one checked the Board of Election's contributions list today, it may not yet be posted, one could see a $500 contribution from one Myer Sigal to Edie Mae Barnes. Could that be the same fellow who sits as chair of the new Ethics Board?

Anonymous said...

Once again the Town Guide to Services comes out after some recreation programs have started. Who is watching the shop. How many of these guids are stockpiled and thrown out?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It would be a conflict for the chair of the Ethics Board to contribute to Eddie Mae Barnes. Heard that the contribution was substantial - $500. The Ethics Board members should be non political.


Eddie Mae Barnes and Alfreda Williams went to the GOP committee on Tuesday night in Ardsley. They want to switch parties and run as Republicans in November. Less than a half a dozen GOP members heard them spoke.
Both are Democratic District leaders. Shouldn't they quit?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Town Bd meet on Tuesday evenings? Did Eddie Mae put the Republicans first? Is she a real Democrat? Does she support Bush? UNBELIEVABLE.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, Barnes will alienate more Democrats. It will be a net loss for her. There will not be too many Republicans that will vote for her but many Democrats will be aggravated at this desperate attempt to hold onto power.

Besides, wasn't Eddie Mae a TRUE DEMOCRAT??????????

Anonymous said...

Question of the day for Edie Mae:

Do you know what a Democrat is??????

Anonymous said...


What happened at yesterday's meeting?

Anonymous said...

Barnes and Willaims cannot legally be on the GOP line. They could informally be endorsed by their leadership, but that is a stretch. I am sure that the GOP would rather spend their money and give the use of their line to their own.

My sense is that when the news gets around that they have entertained the thought of groveling for a major line, that they can't even run on, their creditability will be even lower.

Just to think, that it was only a few weeks ago when the were trumpeting themselves as the "real" Democrats. But hypocracy in politics is rife when it comes to this current Board and their attitudes the last 4-5 years.

I note that Reggie Lafayette, the County Democratic Leader is endorsing Clinton Young and Paul Feiner, who was not endorsed by his local Democratic committee. He told me personally that it is the County party's obligation to endorse the winner of the primary.

Please understand, that Mr. Lafayette is very close to Mayor Davis, but with him, responsibility comes first and foremost.

But, how about our leader here in Greenburgh, just silence. Is she running, is she endorsinging, is she resigning, the world wonders!

In this overwhelmingly Democratic town a decisive primary victory, with a pretty good turnout, should prove conclusive. But,in November we are still holding an election, and the losers of the Democratic primary, who have terciary lines, still have the option to run.

It is interesting that Barnes, Bass, Williams, and Berger did not seek the GOP line for fear of a backlash, but took the Independence Line, which in New York City is dominated by a known anti-Semite and racist. The line created by billionaire Tom Golisano is strictly a patronage vehicle that can be bought.

Now in desperation, Barnes and Williams are trying to resurrect their careers, mostly lost because of inaction, and voter disatisfaction, with the GOP, who cannot get their own credible candidate to run. They should be comfortable with some members of the GOP, because Frances Sheehan was a registered Republican until the mid 1990's and seemed to changed parties as a matter of political expedience.

My sense is that the Supervisor and his ticket will get overwhelming support from the Democratic electorate and will do quite well with Independents and crossover Republicans. When your own people toss you out as incumbents, something must have gone awry.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

In 2003, Feiner ran on the Independent line. if Garfunkel is right, that this is a line that can be bought, how much in 2003 did Feiner pay for it?

Anonymous said...

Well Richie?

Anonymous said...

Is Kapica still leaving?

An Authentic Democrat said...

Rumors are running rampant in Greenburgh that "Real Democrats," Barnes and Williams, asked the Greenburgh REPUBLICAN Party for their support.

If true, this is hypocritical to the extreme, disingenuous to the core and as "UNREAL" as it could get.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but abandoning the "REAL" for a handful of votes is like putting your hand into the poor box and taking money OUT!

Benny Arnold said...

I understand the Greenburgh Republican party split down the middle: 2 for endorsement 2 against endorsement, and the other 7 couldn't make up their minds.

P.S. Bernstein can't be a "godfather." Who ever heard of a Jewish godfather? He has no ring to kiss, can't speak the sicilin dialect and isnot welcome at Umberto's.
However, if Barnes and Williams can btray the Democratic party, Bernstein can betray the Children of Israel. A godfather is more restigious than a Greenburgh councilwoman or clerk.

hal samis said...

Anyone remember...


Except in Greenburgh.

Before the Primary, it was anyone's guess who would be the winners. Now the Democratic candidates have been defined.

It is time for the Party to get behind these candidates and support them.

Dawdling and otherwise running out the clock with a month before the November elections is not in the spirit of "Real" Democrats.

It is especially not appropriate for the Chair of the Greenburgh Democratic Party to be so indecisive. The Chair has one responsibility -- to get Democrats elected. If that is a role that the Chair does not feel up to performing then, the only fitting action is to resign.

And I should think that those Democrats further up the line would also want to get on board the train. Time passes quickly and soon enough their needs for line support will be before Greenburgh Democrats.

"Memories are made of this."

feiner wing said...

there appears to be two parties in greenburgh - the feiner democrats and the faux democrats.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein is going bald. Can we call his faction of the Democratic Party the "Whigs?"

Anonymous said...

Bernstein and his crew are to blame for the split of the democratic party here in Greenburgh
Now we can see who the true democtates are and who are the phonies.

bernstein basher = idiot said...

how is that the case? please get rid of your black and white views. you really sound foolish.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan was a Republican before he ran for the Town Council. Eddie Mae Barnes & Alfreda Williams are taking advantage of Sheehan's GOP connections and trying to win Republican support because they were disowned by the Dem's. It's not about principals. It's about power, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein deserves to be bashed.
He's nothing but a low life in saying that he represents all of Edgemont.NOT SO.

Party Reformer said...

The Greenburgh Democrat Party was split into warring factions before Bob Bernstein could spell Edgemont, let alone live there. A weakness of one-party dominated government is the need for every candidate to claim the mantle of party stalwart - witness Mr Garfunkel's frequent and rather shrill attacks on those who aren't TRUE DEMOCRATS. And the need for any opposition to join the party to be taken seriously - witness Sheehan's or Lasser's change in party affiliation.
A healthy two party system would pit Republican party candidates against Democrat party candidates - not tear the guts out of the Democrat party every election.

Anonymous said...

The concept of a second or third line was a vestige of the "former" two-party system that we had in Westchester and Greenburgh for many, many years. The idea was that either the Democrat or the Republican would take, either the Liberal or Conservative line, to offer a comfortable place for cross-over voters to cast a ballot for them. In most cases it was for constituents who were on the margins of their own party. In other times, there were strange marriages between the Conservatives and the Democrats, and Liberals and the Republicans. But basically it was anethema for many Democrats to vote for a Republican on the GOP line, and therefore they felt more comfortable on the Liberal line.

In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy, the incumbent senator from New York, was murdered while campaigning for the presidency. His vacant seat was filled by then Governor Nelson Rockerfeller with the appointment of little known upstate Congressman Charles Goodell.

Therefore, in 1970, in the Senate race, appointed, now Senator Charles Goodell was running far behind in all of the polls. Goodell, had become one of the Senate’s leading and outspoken doves and liberals. The views of the liberal Richard Ottinger, the incumbent Democratic Congressman from the old 25th (Hudson River) District, who won the Democratic primary with a saturation television campaign, were indistinguishable from Goodell. In the general election, James Buckley, a well-financed Conservative, was able to match Ottinger’s spending dollar for dollar, about one million dollars for each campaign. The liberal vote was split; and Buckley, the brother of William F. Buckley, the publisher of the conservative National Review, was elected.

On the local level, it seems, in retrospect, that after the redistricting of 1970, which shifted too many Democrats out of the 25th CD, Ottinger, looked at the numbers, and had decided to run for the Senate. Bill Dretzin, in the 25th CD, fought a hard campaign in the primary with the slogan “He can save Ottinger’s seat,” and upset the favored opponent, Bill Greenawalt, who stayed in the campaign with the Liberal line. In the general election Dretzin lost to Republican Peter Peyser (who later changed parties.) Of course Greenawalt, who stayed in the race as on the Liberal line, only polled 5,697 votes or 3% and did not really affect the outcome. Peyser won by approximately 10,000 votes or 6% with the added burden of a Conservative Party candidate, one Anthony DeVito, who polled over 31,000 votes and 17% of the vote. I can certainly understand Ottinger’s trepidation about running in the old 25th.

In 1974, Greenawalt would again run against Peyser, now with the Democratic line, and be decisively defeated.

What does all this mean? The rise of second line's importance would serve as both a spoiler, or an asset. FDR's winning margins in New York in 1944 were mathematically attributed to the American Labor Party, which was a fore-runner of the Liberal Party. But, if that party did not exist in the 1944 election, would FDR still have beaten Republican Thomas E. Dewey? Of course. The liberal voters would have been forced to vote on the Democratic line. Where else would they go? Would his margins have shrunk? Quite possibly they would have. But, the American Labor Party had muscle and FDR did not wish to take any chances. In the same way, for many, many years, no Republican could win a state-wide race without the Conservative line adding hundreds of thousands of votes to their totals. Could they have won without the Conservative line? Yes, as long as there would not be an active Conservative in the race to syphon votes from their ticket. The Conservatives therefore always threatened the GOP with reality of an active, well-financed challlenger.

In 1980, Alfonse D'Amato defeated long-time incumbent Jacob Javits, in the Republic primary in 1980, 323,468 to 257,433 or a margin of 56% to 44%. Also, D'Amato had the endorsement of the Conservative Party and the Right-to-Life Party. Javits, with the Liberal line, stayed actively in the November race.

Elizabeth Holtzman, a liberal Congresswoman, received the Democratic endorsement for the US Senate race, and lost by less than 71,000 out of the total of 5,983,170 votes cast. Javits' vote total, of 664,544 on the Liberal line, shifted enough voters from Holtzman, and inadvertantly elected D'Amato.

What does all this mean? It means that second lines can enhance one's chances, but at rare times, when there is an idealogical split within a party, the result could be unpredictable.

In both cases, in 1970 and 1980, the Democrats were beaten by a split in their usual constituency.

Not all of the liberal votes would have automatically gone to Holtzman or Ottinger in 1980 or 1970. Many may have chosen not to vote. But, logically, both Ottinger and Holtzman were not conservatives, and the vast majority of these "liberal" voters would have been much, much, more comfortable with either one of them over Buckley or D'Amato. Eventually both of the above would be defeated by a more unified Democratic Party.

In Greenburgh, the dynamic is a bit different. The acceptance of a second line is more of a threat to still be on the ballot come November. Without a GOP candidate in the race, the second line is basically meaningless. This is not an idealogical contest between liberal and conservative wings of the Democratic Party, it is basically a contest between two separate branches of the party vying for control.

The second line, whether it be the Independence Line, or the Working Family Line, or even the United Greenburgh line is not a party. It is just a line, or a place to vote for someone. The line, in almost all cases, stands for nothing and is controlled by a tiny group of outsiders. At least, The United Greenburgh line enables Republicans to vote for the Feiner team on another line, without enhancing the Democratic line's totals. But why would Democrats vote on the Independence or Working Family lines after the Feiner slate won decisively in their primary?

Of course, anything theoretically could happen. My sense is that Democrats will unify behind their nominees and vote overwhelming for their party's choices. The so-called "real" Democrats, who were mostly incumbents, were rejected by their own, and therefore would be seen as hypocrites if they ran against their own party.

The choice is simple, without a GOP presence in the race, November becomes more and more meaningless. If the two-party system is to survive, and it should, we need an active GOP effort. With an active Republican Party, the Democrats will be more unified, and their message will be more focused on issues that are attractive and important to their voters. If not, it will again descend into a fight over personality, with the resulting mudslinging. With regards to Paul Feiner, he is as "real" of a Democrat that has ever existed. I suggest that Democrats come out and vote overwhelmingly for him and his slate, and give them a chance to get Greenburgh back on the right course.

Richard J. Garfunkel

gaffe-funkel wrong said...

gaffe-funkel says get greenburgh back on the right course - meaning the bigotry of westhelp, the giveaway that is westhelp, the obscenity that is the 9-11 wall on central avenue, the lack of oversight of the flood problem on east hartsdale, the decline in services, the understaffing of departments, the revolving door of comptrollers, the library fiasco, the growing blight of central avenue, the broken central seven school system, the looming big budget increase, the unending threats of lawsuits arising out of unequal taxation, the increasing burden of school taxes, etc etc.

many (but not all) of these problems arise from a board that rubber stamped whatever feiner wanted. some arise from events independent of town government some are related in part.

the house of greenburgh is in poor shape and remains deeply divided.

its current (and future) managers truly lack the skills to solve these problems but they have the ability to make them worse.

when that happens, and it will, watch for a resurgence of voters who will look beyond personality issues that now dominate.

Anonymous said...

To Party Reformer and 10:14 Anon!

No one should make a habit of answering individuals who contribute anonymously and make attacks on others under the cover of a bedsheet. But, in response to the shy "party reformer," and others, nowhere have I ever used the term "true" Democrats on this blog, or in any letter to the editor, or in public testimony. The Democratic Party is a large tent that should welcome all sorts of opinions, and all sorts of people. With regards to "real" Democrats, that word was only used in my responses to others who like to refer to themselves as "real" Democrats. One can only look at this past primary's literature and one could easily find where that term emanated from, and was used quite often.

The losing Berger slate used that theme constantly, and may, or may not run on second party lines, against the "official" nominees of the party. The primary gives an opportunity for all Democrats to vote and make their choice.

Mr. Reggie Lafayette, the Democratic Party Chairperson is supporting both Clinton Young and Paul Feiner, whom he did not support in the primary.

With regards to the charge of being "shrill," is that to mean something? As a newcomer to Greenburgh politics five years ago, I was introduced to the "real" meaning of "shrill." In fact, at every meeting of the Town Board, local "so-called" activists, now generally known as the CABAL, attacked the Supervisor with venom at every opportunity. Individuals came to the podium, with the "so-called" authority of their neighborhood associations to attack the Supervisor and the Board. Did they get permission to speak for their neighborhood or associations? Hardly! When challenged by me, and others, about where and how they received that fiat or mandate, they shut up. In other words, "party reformer," where was your outrage over those faux representatives using the "cover" of their neighborhood association's name? I was a neighborhood association president for many years in White Plains, and never did any neighborhood officer ever speak in front of the Common Council without express permission, backed by a vote of the neighborhood, and on the most narrow and focused issue.

Because of the Supervisor's well-known policy of "open-government," and his expressed attitude of encouraging free expression, the floor and the podium were, and have been, dominated by single issue idealogues who ganged together to make life miserable for the Board and the Town.

That is the atomsphere which I was first exposed to five years ago. No one, including myself, am opposed to free speech and criticism of elected officials. There is an honored place for that political activity throughout our history. But, if there was ever an example of "shrill" hectoring, it did not start with me or any others who tried to balance the scales of rethoric.

This "shrill' hectoring has reached monumental levels with one of the last survivors of the CABAL, one Robert Bernstein, who has used the Scarsdale Inquirer as his personal media outlet. Even his last letter to the editor, in the Journal News, about the vote in Edgemont, was deceptive and untrue. he claimed that Edgemont's 600 voters voted in a landslide against the Feiner team (100 vote difference in the Feiner race, and almost 50-50 with his slate.) But, in fact, the voter turnout was sparse, vary sparse. In his letter he mentioned the 7000 Edgemont citizens, as if they had all voted, even the children, and the independents and Republicans. How farcical.

What makes Robert Bernstein, or the CABAL, true or real Democrats? Does anyone know? All we all know is that Robert Bernstein sues Greenburgh. Robert Bernstein has devoted his energy and treasure to defaming and destroying Paul feiner. All we do know is that Robert Bernstein wants to split apart Greenburgh. All we do know is that Robert Bernstein's name was mentioned, with the Town Board, in an affidavit by Richard Troy, chronicling an illegal meeting. All we know is that we all want the truth to come out about his activities. All we know is that there is much more to these meetings, the altered zoning map of Greenburgh, the relationship of Francis Sheehan to Robert Bernstein and much, much more. The big question is why Robert Bernstein is out to destroy Paul Feiner? In other words, what is his hidden agenda?

A few years ago Robert Bernstein, a so-called top NYC lawyer stated,(and I paraphrase) that he would devote an a great deal of time to the effort of defeating Paul Feiner.

So when one accuses me, or anyone else, of a "shrill" defense, (or attack) one must first look at the territory, history, and frame of reference. In fact, one should read, if they have the stomach for bile, the contents of O'Malley's rump group.

Also, to 10:14 AM, you are still hung up on the 9/11 Wall. get a life! As to all the other issues, a unified Board, behind the Supervisor, will have a greater ability to address your concerns and issues.

Richard J. Garfunkel

garfunkel concedes feiner to blame said...

garfunkel's last paragraph is telling - he doesnt dispute the central charge that feiner caused many of the problems detailed in the post about greenburgh especially when he had his rubber stampers. sadly the rubber stampers are back.

the lack of adequate insurance (another feiner calmity) could also have been mentioned.

as for the wall - why should one get over it? its an obscenity. i dare you to find 3 people in greenburgh who like it. it was a mistake. its a wound on the land. its time you recognized this and call for its removal.

as for bernstein - you claim he has an obsession with feiner. its more like you have an obsession with bernstein and his supporters which you absurdly label a cabal. i suggest you look in a dictionary to see you dont understand what the word means as well as its unsavory history.

and please stop talking about canards like the village of edgemont. thats not happening anytime soon (its only been discussed for the last 40 years).

more likely are the villages leaving greenburgh, a movement that has been given new life by feiner's reckless taxter ridge purchase (which the villages are now paying for) and the tree case.

an unchecked feiner is scary. watch out for falling trees.

Anonymous said...

11:13 am- Anon

Your sub rosa conclusions are hilarious. Your claims about Feiner are ridiculous. Your obsession with the wall is laughable. In fact, you seem to be the only one to even care about the "wall." The Board has been pushed around by the CABAL years, and it is now controlled by the number 2 Cabalist, Francis Sheehan. The insurance issue is another red herring. It has been addressed before. The coverage was in line with all of the other communities and accidents do happen, which is why one has insurance. But they are very, very rare. If the insurance would have been more, the suit and the reward may have been greater. There is no limit that individuals, corporations, and municipalities can buy. Maybe you are in that business and wanted to sell the Town more. I am in the insurance business and there is no limit to the amount one could buy. But all insurance purchases should be geared to need and potential risk. You make that an issue, but no one else seems to agree with your reasoning. By the way, see my other pieces on the history of the CABAL that emanated from Merrie Olde England!

With regards to your other broadbrush lunacies. You mention the libray fiasco. Well that certainly has nothing to do with the Supervisor, who opposed the rush to a referendum, had alternative, more sensible and less costly plans for the property, and wanted an independent project manager. Did you forget?

The controllers have had to deal with Francis Sheehan, the number one nitpicker, who could drive anyone nuts.

The flood problem has existed for decades. and it is in most part the responsibility of the failure of the Army Corps of Engineers. The cleaning of the drain screens may have had an impact, but the storm was unique and would have most probably overwhelmed any current storm drain system. Residents have come up with plans for a drainage pool. Let's see what happens with that plan.

Deliveries in services have always been excellent and you again are totally off-based and wrong. Central Avenue and its repair, etc.,is a regional issue, I believe.

Budget increases are do to not only the new Library debt service kicking in, (not the Supervisor's fault,) but demanded increases in repairs to recreation facilities (should we get rid of the sinking fields?), the court house and police lockers. So that is a town problem that is being addressed. The reserve fund was raided by the Town Board not the Supervisor.

Central 7 has nothing to do with the Supervisor or some earlier so-called, your language, rubber-stamp Board, another red herring. School tax increases are also not the responsibilities of the Supervisor or the Town Board and they are endemic and all over Westchester. You should wake up. If you don't like School Board increases go form a group and fight them. My kids are out of high school many, many years, and and happily on their way. In fact Rutgers and Princeton did fine by them, and one is an electrical engineer and the other works for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. So I hope your progeny, if you have any, do as well. We all have a responsibility to aid our schools in the bast way possible.

The three suits, should be placed at the feet of your hero Robert Bernstein. Personally I could not care a fig about him in the least. he is the attacker, and I consider myself the defender. As he makes his silly and divisive charges, good citizens, inside and outside of Edgemont, react. I have close friends, who not only live in Edgemont, but are District Leaders. They don't like him either, and think that he is very dangerous. But I will limit all of our remarks about him to ones that can be published in a family newspaper.

Therefore your wild, and unsubstantiated charges are basically worthless, but I do not like to see attacks go unanswered.

Richard J. Garfunkel

the true believer of g'burgh said...

time will tell who has fell and whose been left behind....when the appellate division rules on bernstein's lawsuits. (btw gaffe-man, nothing wrong with lawsuits, thats what courts are for).

so their you have it fellow bloggers - feiner ala garfunkel is beyond reproach. his pencils do not have erasers.

signifying nothing as usual said...

richard garfunkel's long post about ancient political history is irrelevant. as another blogger correctly noted, there is one democratic party in greenburgh with two wings - feinerites and faux democrats. greenburgh is too diffuse to sustain any third party and its republicans have been taken off life support.

as for village residents - their contribution is summed up in two words - diana juettner - 16 years of nothing.

Anonymous said...

12:56 anonymous

Weird post "who has fell..." What does that mean?

Is that the pluperfect of gefallen?

"So their you have it fellow blogger..." and "nothing wrong with lawsuits..."

Huh! "their" is spelled "there!" Nothing wrong with lawsuits, you are quite strange!

Anonymous said...

The villages didn't contribute Diana Juettner. In fact, village residents consider her useless in general, and traitorous to the villages in particular. She will "fell" next time around, along with the bully.

dylanologist said...

sorry no spell check so you are right there

obviously you are not familiar with the lyrics of bob dylan where the quotation is from:

Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine Lyrics

and here they are (last three lines)

Then time will tell who has fell
And who's been left behind
When you go your way and I go mine.

juettner watch said...

last i checked diana juettner lives in the village of ardsley on ashford avenue.

she goes by another name sometimes and may also teach at mercy college in dobbs ferry.

her term expires 12.31.09 but she stopped working long before that.

curious about juettner said...

curious - how is juettner a traitor to the villages? two years ago she got more votes than anyone including feiner.

i tend to agree with the bloggers who say she'll be out on january 1, 2010. who knows if she is even going to run.

Anonymous said...

Juettner lives in Ardsley. But she has never attended a single Ardsley meeting and she has consistently stiffed Ardsley Democrats.

Until now she has assumed that she doesn't need village votes and what she has to do to win is please Edgemont. She was right. But things have changed, and not just for Juettner.

ardsley democrats? said...

ardsley democrats? where does such a group meet? the greenburgh democrats meet in ardsley and she goes to every meeting. juettner voted to appeal the bernstein case (thats pro village and anti edgemont).

she also serves as liasion from the town board to the library and parks and rec - she has done an awful job there and mostly hurt unincorporated greenburgh taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

So we agree. Juettner has been bad for ever part of the town.

Anonymous said...

Can't you see that where Juettner is laison for library and parks dept. nothing is done and it costs the taxpayers more and more money.
The parks dept,keeps doing so much work every year and then again and again.The parks are in very bad shape.The workers don't know what they are doing it's all a guessing game.
Now the library,how much money will it cost each household because Juettner didn't want her friends to loose their position plus we didn't need an expansion of this size.
Feiner and Samis were right.Now it's too late we have to pay the hike even though there is not enough money to pay for furnishings.
So you see Juettner should not be sitting on the board plus she should not run again.
I think that she shoud resign come the New Year.

Ed "Cabala Believer" Krauss said...

Mr. Garfunkle's labelling of "so called activists" includes himself, I hope, else what would he call himself..."the defender of the throne?" As to his comment that the activists "now generally known as the CABAL," is sort of a pat on his own back because he labeled them, and he's one of the few if not all who refer to them as the CABAL. That term is defined as "a small group of secret plotters against a government or authority." So what are they,secret or outspoken, Shrill or a secret subrosa group. Or, of course a subrosa group who are so shrill they are uberrosa?

Not all of the outspoken implied they representd a neighborhood association. I know one, intimately, who didn't...ME!
Additionally, I know of no one who "shut up" when challenged by you or anyone else. Quite the Conrary, remember HartsBrook a few years ago? John Kapica will laugh everytime he thinks of it.

What you conveniently and continuously omit from your "worthy Diatribes" is the fact that you and your fellow travellers who rudely denigrated those who didn't think like you , were often given MORE than 5 minutes, while others were interrupted by you and that interruption was counted as part of their 5 minutes.Please lay the Bubba Meissa of Paul's "open government" to rest.You of all people should know that's what cattle ranchers shovel up every day including Sunday.

For all intents and purposes this election is over, so squirrel away your amunition for 2 years from now.

For your esoteric factoids of history, the Democratic party is not a monolith. There are conservative, moderate and liberal Democrarts. There are fiscally conservative while socially moderate and other permutations.As a history buff you also remember the Dixiecrats who were the antithesis of the Democratic party values.

You may also remember that it wasn't to long ago when you "discovered" somewhat like Columbus, that you didn't live in Tarrytown, but merely the Tarrytown postal address within unincorporated Greenburgh.

Get smart, Richard.After you've made the sale, say thank you, shake hands and leave. It may not be History 101, but it sure is Salesmanship 101,102 out to infinity.

Anonymous said...

Ed Krauss, with whom I rarely agree, is right, Garfunkel. As a Feiner voter, let me say that you have made your point, made your point, made your point, made your point, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. By your endless shrillness you are embarrassing Feiner. It is time for you to be quiet and let Feiner run his administration without the distraction you are making. If you really support him, stay away from this blog and from meetings for a while.

krauss gets it right said...

bravo krauss and anon who followed.

however, this election probably decided the supervisor's race in 2009 also. as for the town board - thats still open. juettner stock is not looking too good right now.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. Garfunkel. Let Paul speak for himself. He does a pretty good job of it. It is really about him, not about you and you aren't doing him a favor by putting yourself in front of him.