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GREENBURGH DEMOCRACY week of October 22 Please post comments

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hal samis said...

Let's look in on how Suzanne Berger is doing her job as Chair of the local Democratic Party post Primary.

But first a note for background on how she did the job as Chair Pre-Primary...when she personal self was running against the Supervisor. In August the Democratic Party had approximately $9,000 in its coffers. The Party authorized a mailing costing up to $4,800 to promote the Democratic Party endorsed candidates for the Primary. Of course these candidates at the time included Ms. Berger.

Having lost the Primary to Mr. Feiner and desiring to remain as Party Chair, Ms. Berger told the media that she would support the Democratic Party Primary winners.

At least that is what she said. At last Thursday's Party meeting, the first since the Primary and the only one before the general Election, Ms. Berger got around to discussing how the Party was going to support the Democratic candidates in November. Mind, you now the Party has some $3,000 left in the kitty.

"I called The Rivertowns Enterprise and asked how much a quarter page in it and its sister paper, The Scarsdale Inquirer, would cost and they said $588."

And from that point on the number $588 was the only dollar amount coming from the Party. Think preemptive positioning if you will. Just before the unincorporated slate came up for discussion, they had earlier voted to support two Village candidates for $300 each.

How was the $588 going to be used? To run an ad saying support the Democrats and probably portraying a voting machine row with ALL the candidates...including Judges, County legislators and Feiner and team. Lots of names, so little space, so little money and day by day remaining -- so little time.

And what Ms. Berger really meant to explain was that it was not to be a quarter page in The Inquirer but the size there of a quarter page in The Enterprise, a tabloid sized format.

"And what about The Journal News and The County Press?" asked Sam Wilkins. My people don't read The Inquirer and The Enterprise."

"Duh" said Berger, continuing to fail to connect with the people.

A lot of back and forth, a lot of anger and the result was a mailing with the Candidates to contribute $500 each toward a mailing, except for the Judges who don't have any money.

That's the whole effort by the local chapter of the Democrats to support the winners. Not a word of discouragement for those Democrats who are still running against the Democratic Primary winners.

Mr. Bernstein thought that the Party should not even give anything toward supporting the Primary winners running in November, other than those poor Judges. Afterall, a lawyer never knows who may be sitting in judgement. But, isn't the Party supposed to show support for its slate of candidates?

Oh yeah, Unity approaching but pardon me, when is it? Where will it be held? What's on the Agenda? I suspect that this event just ain't gonna happen. So, the question remains, if Berger doesn't intend to do anything for the Primary winners, how dare she continue as Party Chair?

She should resign because if saying I love you is enough, then there was never a need for anyone to ever buy a diamond engagement ring.

And, what's this nonsense that Alfreda Williams has got cooking at Town Hall before the Town Board Meeting, visit the Town Clerk's office? Free refreshments! Why not just give everyone $5 to vote for Alfreda? I hope that none of the Town Clerk's staff is required to attend, much less get paid overtime for their smiles.

And how has Eddie Mae Barnes been spending Mike Sigal's $500?

Anonymous said...


You raised a lot of good points (as always). What happened to the Democratic Party Primary winners at the GDP meeting on last week was a disgrace. The people of Greenburgh as well as the media should be made aware of Suzanne and the GDP's actions towards the Primary winners. What they did was unfair.
They continue to ignore the peoples best choice and who they want to represent them.


This party will DIE soon and the new Progressive Democrats will prevail!!! I can’t wait for the day.

By the way, what is the role and responsibility of our District Leaders?
What has the GDP done for the town in the last couple of years?
How many District Leaders are 30 and under, ok 40 and under, alright 50 and under. Not many I imagine.

I'm with HAL!!!

Anonymous said...

Feiner's running unopposed - he needs more money like he needs a hole in his head. Look at the funds carefully squirreled away by our favorite nut and you'll find an abundant harvest.
Berger isn't the best party chair, but at least she knows when spending more money is unnecessary.

Carried over from last week said...

Anonymous said...

10/22/2007 12:25 PM

central 7 question said...
question - what percentage of residents with children in the central seven school district send their kids to private school?

10/22/2007 12:52 PM

Anonymous said...
In regards to GC7, you must do away with certain people on the school board. They are the ones killing this school district.
Change starts from the top down.

10/22/2007 11:48 PM

Anonymous said...
The Town is legally separate from the School District - and has no power over its members. (As a matter of fact, School Board members are STATE officials and technically outrank the TOWN Supervisor.)
To report misfeasance of elected School Board members, contact NY State Education Commission James Mills - he is our only hope.

10/23/2007 9:49 AM

Anonymous said...

For 9:40, it isn't about the money. It is about the Greenburgh Democratic Committee making a statement that they accept the decision of the Democratic voters and support their choice. If they don't do this they might as well become just another talking society. Maybe that is what they already are.

democratic disgrace said...

Hal - did anyone suggest that the party's endorsement of Barnes and Williams be rescinded because they refused to honor the wishes of the primary voters?

What a disgrace.

sale discount said...

so, if i buy a house in hartsdale (cental 7 schools) how much of a discount should i expect since i have to send my kids to private school?

Anonymous said...


This party will DIE soon and the new Progressive Democrats will prevail!!! I can’t wait for the day.

By the way, what is the role and responsibility of our District Leaders?
What has the GDP done for the town in the last couple of years?
How many District Leaders are 30 and under, ok 40 and under, alright 50 and under. Not many I imagine.

I'm with HAL!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear sale 11;44:

Hahahahaha! Surely you jest!

Do not buy a house in Hartsdale unless you have plenty of money to send your kiddies to private school.

85-90% of Hartsdale children attend private learning institutions. The families of those kids contribute roughly 6 million, unquestioned,(do with it whatever you like,please) tax dollars to Greenburgh Central each year. The school board has the nerve to suggest that they will discontinue busing these children to those private institutions, if school budget increases don't get passed.

The entire excess costs to bus these kids is about 55k per year.

Greenburgh central, their school board, the parents of the children who attend it, are far from interested in the middle class kids in Greenburgh.

Do not get sucked into buying in Hartsdale because the housing prices are low, if you are not able to spend, spend, spend on education.

Anonymous said...

Cheesebergers spineless attempt to back the voters choice is a joke. No way she wants to back the winners, BESTEIN and SHEEHAN will not allow it. It is OK for BARNES AND WILLIAMS to meet at the GOP meeting and ask for Repub. backing YOUR TRUE 100% DEMOCRATS!!!. Even BARNES telephone calls should be questioned to truthfulness, Sorry a stupid thought truth does not rhyme with Barnes. There was however a sighting of her packing grocery bags at the A&P on Central Ave in Edgemont asking for any voter support, even communists and illegals were fair game. FEINER, BROWN, MORGAN and BEVILLE should tell the GDC to stick the $588 up their ass. PLEASE don't accept their support maintain the high ground as you all have since the start of the campaign.With support like that Please don't accept and be beholden to these loser. Jan 1, 2008 will be a new beginning and those who don't like it get the f--- out, the town will be better off. The new comprehensive plan should be for running the fallen few from town.

Publicus said...

Anonymous' intemperate comments last night about some folks leaving town highlights a major failure of leadership -
When the people have spoken, and duly elected a leader, it is the responsiblity of that leader to rise above the petty politics and lead EVERYONE. Not just those who voted for him, but everyone - and a good leader should be stepping up about now to denounce the sentiments expressed by that anonymous blogger.
Respect is a requirement for progressive government - and that respect needs to flow both ways.
Paul, demonstrate your ability and willingness to lead by telling anonymous at 10:13 last night that the politics of hate and exclusion have no place in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

On November 6th, the Greenburgh electorate has an opportunity to continue the effort the Democrats made on Primary Day, September 18th. On that day they announced, loud and clear, that they were fed up with the divisiveness and opposition to the Supervisor. They re-affirmed their decades old support for his work and work ethic. He has always been there for the public.

It was certainly unprecedented to throw out three office holders with 36 years of incumbancy. It would have been one thing if they were Republicans in opposition to the Supervisor, who is a loyal, but independent Democrat. But they claimed loudly to be the only "real" Democrats, and denigrated the qualifications of their opponents. Obviously it was Paul Feiner's independence from the party bosses,in and out of Greenburgh, and the current GDP lame duck boss, which has made him attractive to the average voter, whether that he/she be a Democrat, (he won overwhelmingly 2 to 1) or Independent, or a Republican. In the past general elections he has always enjoyed broad support. Four years ago he crushed his GOP opponent.

Obviously the public has tired of the plofigate and do-nothing ways of the current Town Board. Therefore, without real opposition from the second major party, the Democrats had to clean their own house.

The current chairperson, Suzanne Berger, has followed up her years of opposition to the Supervisor with her insincere attitude towards the "real" nominees of the Party. It is the role of the party leader to actively support the winners, not losers on tertiary lines.

Under our rules, the GDP may nominate who they wish, but these individuals must still carry petitions to qualify to be placed on the ballot. In fact, any one can carry petitions and have the same opportunity to seek the "official" nomination of the party. Therefore the GDP serves as a facilitator. In our current one-party environment their importance has been not only been over-stated but exposed as almost useless.

Change must surely come, with not only the GDP's leadership, and executive committee, but with fresh faces and blood who can serve Democratic values and issues into the future on the TownDemocratic Committee.

After November 6th, hopefully the Democratic Party, and the Town of Greenburgh, will be enfused with new leadership and enthusiasm on the Board. Both Kevin Morgan and Sonja Brown will bring energy and a more positive and a less confrontational perspective to their roles as Town leaders.

But there is still mischief being made with this current Board. Even though these two incumbants are facing an uphill challenge to maintain their seats, they are pushing forward a $400,000 master plan in the 11th hour before the general election.

More spending and the potentiality of saddling a new Board with costs they didn't vote for. The contract and its need may turn out to be correct, but why the hurry? This Board hurried on with the new library construction and we are now starting to pay for it, big time.

I suggest that this next spending boondoggle, and others, should be put off until the election and if the Board changes, and actions should wait until January, 2008.

Please also note, that there is an "information" party for citizens being hosted by the Town Clerk. How coincidental! Where was she over the past 14 years or so. Who's paying for her little party? The taxpayers?

We have a chance on November 6th to vote for the first of many reforms to come. Support Feiner, Brown, Morgan and Beville. New blood for new and challenging times.

Richard J. Garfunkel

hal samis said...

Just returned from the Town Board meeting at which the Town Council (Bass, Barnes, Juettner and Sheehan) voted to hire the consultant to assemble the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

Wow, didn't see that one coming.

Thought that at the very least that when the Consultant acknowledged that he would provide less than complete service for the reduced agreed upon expense, that they would no longer be hiding the fact that there is never any such thing as the term "Comprehensive Plan" imputes.

And this Plan had to be voted upon tonight because the ball had to be kept rolling (the required dollars had already been approved in the 2007 budget but have not been spent) so there was no question that they could not be spent. Some of had that question though. Because even though a "Comprehensive Plan" implies that once you have one, everything will fall into place and the logic and infallability of it will never need repairs -- at least in the near term. Because if you have already voted to spend the money, there is nothing that can alter that vote a year ago (voting for the 2007 Town Budget) and no circumstances can change the picture quality, even if you're watching the town's financial channel.

Ok. As a reward to those who take the trouble to read my postings, I'm going to make magic happen: poof, when you wake up tomorrow the new Comprehensive Plan will be finished, almost three years ahead of schedule. Everything will be done, all the questions resolved, all the recommendations neatly summarized. All the problems have neat solutions. Ready to go but......only one small hurdle left to jump: how do you get the funding to implement the conclusions?

After all, isn't the Plan supposed to provide solutions?

Like, old sewer system? The Great Karnak Comorehensive Plan says replace the pipes. Roads and sidewalk curbs need replacing? Karnak says do it. Need a new Police Station or
Court? Do it. Flooding a problem, here's the answer, now raise taxes to implement it. In fact almost all of the aged infrastructure needs replacing and it didn't take a $405,000 expenditure to point that out.

Now let's look at some of the fallacies that are ascribed to having an up to date "Comprehensive Plan". Rateables have declined in Greenburgh; thus lesser tax collection versus rising expenses yields higher taxes. How will the Comprehensive Plan raise rateables? Well the theory is that it will recommend, for example, how Central Avenue should be developed; what kinds of stores are needed, whether this parcel should be a park or an office building or a theater or a store. Certainly not a multi-family complex because that was not what Edgemont intended in promoting the need for the Plan. The only problem is that if you go to "Joe" who owns the piece of land and say, "Joe, what is needed on your land is a shoe store" you may guess what visual gesture Joe may respond with. Or to "Jane", "Jane, the Plan says that you want to build an office building on your land." I'm thinking that Jane who owns the land may not think kindly of anyone telling her what to do. Furthermore, Jane may not want to build anything at all or build what the Town's Plan says is needed, in fact Jane may not want to get a construction loan to accomplish that and even if she did, the Lender may not agree that the project will succeed and instead result in a default on the mortgage. You see, there used to be something called private property and just because some well-paid consultants say that if you have a shoe store or an office building, this will increase the rateables, the result will be that the Town will have to commence a goodly number of emminent domain actions to see that the shoe store or the office building ever get built. Simply put, how would you respond if someone said: "For the good of the Town, the next car you buy will be bought from the car store on Central Avenue or Tarrytown Road AND the color WILL be green.
No one has answered me HOW a comprehensive plan will increase rateables. In lieu of a response, let me save the taxpayers $405,000 and share this secret: if you want to increase rateables, raise assessments. Done. Now who is in favor of this?

The Comprehensive Plan will increase use of green construction which will save whom money? When I suggested that the Library adopt green roof construction, the idea was ridiculed. However, wrapped inside the Comprehensive Plan, it will be what everyone was seeking.

Another story is that a Comprehensive Plan will address serious issues like the Tappan Zee Bridge and that the plan will allow the Town to become "pro-active". Sounds nice. And what is the State's plan for the Tappan Zee crossing? What is it that the Town should be pro-active about? It will be years before the State is even close to realizing what they want, passing the enabling legislation and years after that the physical solution will be completed. And what does everyone in Greenburgh want since they seem to feel that whatever Greenburgh and Lola want will come true. But Greenburgh needed to pass the Comprehensive Plan tonight so that it can be proactive.

The Greenburgh Comprehensive Plan is needed because the people that support the concept are the people that toil in the spotlight of the various interest groups that work to promote the Plan. Oftentimes they are volunteers which means that their work product is unsullied, free of self-interest and must be valuable. The Chair of the Planning Board and involved with the pre-Comprehensive Plan Planning is in favor of it. Gee, there's another pitch I didn't see coming. Francis Sheehan, Mr. Town land use czar, sees no reason to delay. Another surprise. And so on down the line to the bottom of the barrel where you get to the "neutral" Edgemont "leaders" who see the Comprehensive Plan being written to say no to Central Avenue residential development. Why? Because the Plan says so.

Finally (at least for tonight) the neighboring communities either have or will get Comprehensive Plans of their own. We learned tonight that White Plains, having a Comprehensive Plan, didn't ward off their growth problems. But since Greenburgh's Plan will only bind Greenburgh, how does the Town's plan insulate it against what other nearby communities decide is in their best interest? Even in the years after our Plan is completed?
And for how long is the Plan useful. We are told that it is nice to have the pieces of a plan that we have paid for already but they are incomplete and out-of-date. Something our newest Plan will somehow manage to avoid. And, per Mr. Sheehan, the new Plan will save the Town money because it will be litigation resistant.

And the urgency of passing this hiring of the outside consultant is not political; just another example of the Town Council's common sense that played the game and never voted for any infrastructure upgrades in their collective turns sitting on the Town's dais. Just three votes could have put in place a reasonable plan to allocate tax dollars toward the rejuvenation of the Town's physical plant. But no one favored spending the dollars and raising taxes to do it even a bit at a time. But as usual, the Town Council shifted the blame to Feiner. As one resident commented, if Feiner was against Hitler, the Town Council would vote Feiner down.

So for the moment, the Town has started the flow of money out of its coffers and into the bank account of "Professional" advice givers. And like I say, once we've paid for it, how are we going to pay to apply the recommendations? Even if they cost less tomorrow than they would the day after tomorrow. Sheehan observed that Feiner is just using scare tactics about the Town's potential 2008 Budget increase. Feiner asked that the Town Board wait on tonight's vote until the Budget is finished and delivered next Tuesday. No, said Sheehan, you can't scare us. Then ten minutes later when teaching the class about how an eroding infrastructure can cause harm, he illustrated his point by mentioning the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. The message was if it could happen there, it could happen here.

What he didn't allow was his assumption that a little place like Minneapolis must not have a Comprehensive Plan either -- or the bridge collapse could never have happened. But that example wasn't meant to spook anyone, was it.

That one I did see coming.

Goodnight moon.

Anonymous said...

Hal should seriously chill out on the negativity. He obviously doesn't have any clue what he's talking about, therefore he should get all the FACTS before stating his bogus OPINION!

--a person in favor of the Clerk's Office

hal samis said...

Dear Person in Favor of the Clerk's Office:

As you seem to think that you know better, what facts did I state incorrectly? As for opinions, they are what the word is defined as and are like, feelings neither right or wrong. But there is no such thing as a bogus opinion.

However, the opinion was based on fact and the facts as stated last night were:

The Town Clerk is an elected position and thus a "Public Official/Elected Officer" under the Town's new "close the loopholes" Ethics laws.
The "Ethics Board" is a Town Agency as cited in the Ethics Laws.
The laws clearly state that a Public Official can neither solicit or ACCEPT contibutions from an Appointed Officer to an Agency. Mike Segal, who contributed $200 toward Alfreda Williams' campaign is Chair of the Ethics Board, appointed TO the Ethics Board by the Town Board and elected as Chair (this title having nothing to do with the Ethics laws) by the other members of the Ethics Board.

That the Town Clerk suddenly saw reason to give tours of the Town Clerk's office while still running for re-election after losing in the Primary might be be viewed as "coincidental" and that she paid for the refreshments might very well have been a use for the $200 contribution.

Unlike George Washington, the first President who said he cannot tell a lie, the local Washington has some problems following in those footsteps.

And I have nothing but abiding respect for the capabilities and effort of the staff that toil in the Town Clerk's office. It is only the Town Clerk, herself, that deserves the boot.

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden town meetings have taken the view of racisim.
This has been taking place before and after the primary.
The lady who spoke and gave us all of her credentials,did more harm than good.
She gave us a good picture of what is thought about the white people in the world.
Lady you should have stayed home.
We have lived in harmony for many years and we do not need the likes of you to upset the applecart.
We as residents can say what we have to say to elected officials regardless of color.
They are in their positions because of us .
You played the race card last night which was uncalled for.
I as an African American resent what you had said from begining to end.
I live here because I like the way my neighbors love and respect me.
I cause no problems and they do the same.
LISTENING TO YOU made me go back many years ago with so much unrest.
WE have come a long way and WE do not need you or the likes of you to throw a monkey wrench into what WE have worked so hard to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

No one is going after the town clerk because she is black.
If it were not for her staff who cover up her absence there would not be a town clerk's office.
I have been to this office I would say about twenty times at different hours,could it be possible that I have never seen the town clerk present.
She does receive a good salary for a partime job.Is this fair.
There are good reasons for anyone giving their point of view on her position.
Now you can see where she is going for help ...the republican party ...
It's funny that Barnes is also going the same route.
By not being on the job from 9 to 5 is outright thievery.
Her staff is great but covering up her wherabouts is and was wrong.
No one is playing a race card they are just stating the facts.
Getting paid for a no show job has been great for sometime but now it has to come to an end.
The voters spoke and showed their resentments so how can the town clerk still fight for a position that her staff has filled for many years.Give it up we all have your number ,do you think an endorsement from the republicans will be your salvation.I dont think so,you and only you did yourself damage.

racism nonsense said...

Racism? Hardly the case, two black women won the primary including the drubbing of the existing town clerk and long termer eddie mae barnes.

they simply were not doing the job or never made the case that they were entitled to re-election.

feiner has (or should) have his team. no more excuses.

Publicus said...

Feiner had his team for 14of his 16 years in office. The Paulitburo gave us gigantic but unusable parks and squandered the Town's ratables. It pre-collected taxes (what the heck do you think created those surplus fund balances)and required FOIL requests for minutes of the Town meetings. The Board did most of its business in "work" sessions, but kept no records of the discussions and voted in favor of some now questionable schemes. (Think WESTHELP and assigning all the parks and recreation costs to the B budget.)
If Greenburgh had been an Eden under the Feiner team, the Shehananigans would never have been so tempting to the voters 2 years ago.
But, we generally get the government we deserve...

Anonymous said...

"I hope that none of the Town Clerk's staff is required to attend, much less get paid overtime for their smiles."

This comment, Mr. Samis, has offended quite a few people.

If you were indeed "siding" with the employees on the issue, you should perhaps make it clearer. Just some constructive criticism.

Oh! And by the way, what system of politics is NOT run the "wrong way"? If everyone played by the rules, I guarantee that more than HALF of all the elected officials all over the country would not be in office at this time.

So it may be best not to bash the individuals themselves, but to encourage change. You catch more flies with honey, after all.

Politicians weigh their decisions not by their OWN beliefs, but by those of the voters. So if you wish to make change, it would be best to do so politely. People don't take kindly to insults.

--person in favor of the TCO

Anonymous said...

And by the way Mr. Samis, as for Alfreda Williams and the supposed "bribe", I suppose you don't realize that a good percentage of town employees were appointed by their political contributions.

Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Last night we were treated to another example of verbal ridiculum. One women said that the last meeting (two weeks ago) was a prime example of the mob gone wild. In fact, in her words, barbarians were attacking an innocent lamb sitting on the Board. These so-called
"barbarians" had the temerity to cite pretty obvious abuses of the swiss-cheese ethics code. What was said by others and myself, was that Board Member Barnes accepted a large contibution from Mike Sigal. We also mentioned that the same Mike Sigal, chairperson of the Ethics Board, contributed to Town Clerk Williams. Then we were entertained by Board Member Sheehan's incredibly long diatribe on how we were not reading the law exactly. Was he discussing "loop-holes" that he authored for his friends and allies?

But last night, Mr. Samis read the part of the law pretty accurately, and it seemed, to any reasonable person, to state that no elected official could receive a "gift" or donation from someone serving on a town board. Interestingly, Mike Sigal, not only serves on a board, but is the chairperson of the Ethics Board.

This is no-brainer to most sincere and fair-minded persons.

With regards to the term "barbarians," that person should listen to the British Parliament on cable television once in a while. There is much heckling, many huzzahs and much give and take. We, as an active democracy are used to the give and take, and if a public official cannot absorb the give and take they should leave. As the great Harry S Truman said, "If you can't take the heat in the kitchen, get out!"

My suggestion to the women who was worried about the so-called offensive political interaction is to get out into the real world, and see what is going on!

Richard J. Garfunkel

hal samis said...

Dear Town Clerk Office friend,

How did "that" comment offend people? Perhaps if the Town Clerk was really interested in showing off her domain, constructive criticism would surely feel the obligation to point out that staging such an event two weeks before the general election in which Ms. Williams is running, would perhaps not be as toxic were it to have been done six months ago or six months from now.

If Alfreda Williams paid for the refreshments, was there any pressure upon the staff to continue working after 5:00? Normally the ENTIRE Town Clerk's staff is not present on the same day after Town Hall business hours. "Asking" the staff to remain for an extra hour would be a management mistake, especially in light of the new Ethics Laws. On the other hand, paying them (overtime) to assist in a clear campaigning effort on Town property would be an even more flagrant abuse.

But what is done in other Departments is something that others (feel free) are welcome to pursue. My concerns are the Town Departments in which the head is an Elected Official, which apart from the Town Board, leaves only the Tax Collector, Mr. Dwinnell with whom I have no complaint.

And for those who want to catch flies...are they collectors? I find it simpler just to swat them on the spot, unencumbered by toting a jar of honey around.

hal samis said...

is Suzanne Berger still calling herself the Chair of the local Democratic Party?

Reverse racism is evil said...

The racism at last night's Town Board meeting wasn't about Eddie Mae Barnes and Alfreda Williams.

It was about a woman who made a harsh and personal attack on those people who had the "temerity" to criticize Barnes and Williams for accepting big campaign contributions from the chair of the Ethics Board, and she also attacked Paul Feiner and several of his running mates for allegedly smiling during the meeting. In the process she accused them of incorrectly quoting the Ethics Code in their criticisms. Hal Samis promptly read the language of the Ethics Law and showed that she was completely wrong in her so-called quotation of the Ethics Code.

She was wrong on her harshness and she was clearly aiming to hurt Feiner and his running mates, punishing them for winning the primary. But that wasn't the racism.

The racism was that before atartig her attack she described her credentials as being black, being a woman, and being a human being. She therefore not only accused those who criticized Barnes and Williams for violating the Ethics Code as being racist. She also insulted others by implying that she, as a black woman, had the right to criticize, but those who are not black women had less right to do so. She also made it clear that she was a "human being" but that those who did not agree with her were not human beings.

Shame on her! It is the kind of reverse racism that embarrases liberals.

It is interesting that Town Board meetings are filled with harsh criticisms and insults, mostly directed at Feiner. But this black female human being had nothing to say about that.

Shame on her.

Anonymous said...

Feiner's campaign chair Garfunkel isn't reading the town's ethics law correctly and he knows it. Neither is Samis.

Both are guilty of smearing Eddie Mae Barnes and Alfreda Williams, and the Westchester Black Women's Political Caucus was right last night to suggest their smears were racist because they were.

The ethics law allows the town's elected officials to accept contributions from persons who sit as volunteers on town boards, such as the zoning board, the planning board, the parks and rec board, and yes, the ethics board. These volunteers, who've already demonstrated an interest in town affairs by agreeing to serve on town boards, are just as entitled to exercise their First Amendment rights to make financial contributions as every other Greenburgh citizen.

That means that ethics committee chair Mike Sigal had every right to make the contributions he made, and Barnes and Williams had every right to accept them. That's not only their right under the Town's Ethics Code, but it's their First Amendment right as well.

So this is not some ethics loophole we're talking about here; it's the First Amendment, stupid.

Garfunkel knows all this, but he nevertheless writes glowingly of of Samis's deliberately wrong reading of the Ethics Code's provisions dealing with elected officials accepting contributions from "appointed town officials." The ethics code makes clear that "appointed town officials" do not include members of volunteer boards who are elected chair not by the town board but by their fellow volunteer board members.

Anonymous said...

Last nights' meeting was a last ditch desperate attempt by Bernstein/Sheehan and the rest of their fellow travelers to get Barnes over the top in the upcoming general election. It won't work. Barnes will lose by even a greater margin.

Anonymous said...

To anon 3:30

Brilliantly said! I am just sorry that I didn't use your approach. After a lifetime in politics I came to Greenburgh five years ago. I had been intimately involved in campaigns since 1969. I had been a town co-coordinator for George McGovern in 1972 and Marty Rogowsky campaign chairperson in 1976, and worked in many local races in between, and for years after.

After witnessing the abuse thrust at Paul from many quarters, I realized that I had almost seen it all. I cannot imagine anyone calling Al Delvecchio, Mario Cuomo, Tony Veteran, Sy Shulman, Dick Hendey, Dick Ottinger or Al Delbello (whom I have all known!) a minute fraction of the names hurled at the Supervisor. Any of these other officials would have had the insulting brigands escorted out or possibly arrested. Freedom of speech is what we celebrate, and some hoots and howls should always be tolerated in the spirit of the hurly-burly and rough and tumble of the political process. But can you imagine anyone tolerating the continued unending barrage of insults from people from their own party? Has anyone ever really listened to Lorrin Brown, Robert Bernstein, or any other members of the nasty CABAL.

But what was the character assassination directed to Ms. Barnes and Williams? Ms. Barnes and Williams characters were not smeared, slammed or slandered. They were chided for taking unethical or maybe even illegal contributions. They should understand the "rules of the game," and they have been around long enough to be able to answer the charges themselves. Interestingly they never really answered whether they accepted the donations. How come? The donations were part of the public record!

For any one to use the "race" or even the "gender" card is an insult to the system. If any one could be termed "barbarian" it certainly would not be the Supervisor's supporters.

Meanwhile, is it that the African-American women, who campaigned with, and on the Feiner slate, are less racially qualified? Are they less qualified citizens then their opponents? I do not see, or believe that. They had a right, as citizens, to petition to get on the ballot, and they did. They had a right to campaign, and they did. They comported themselves with dignity and honor at all times!

In other words, what honor did they not bring to Paul Feiner for asking them to run? That is the American right. No one has a birth right to any office. One must earn that right every election cycle. Ms. Barnes and Ms. Williams were not challenged for many, many years. Did they believe that they had a life-time right to those "elected" jobs because of certain qualifications above and beyond their records? I believe strongly in diversity, it makes America hum, but I do not believe in the political right to not be challenged. The Supervisor had been challenged, and unlike his fellow incumbants, he dealt with a well-financed, politically connected opponent who used all of her pull as party chairperson. He overwhelmed her in a landslide. How come his fellow incumbants didn't overwhelm their challengers?

The answer is incredibly simple, the voters stuck with Paul feiner and rejected his opponents and foes on the Town Board, what else is new? They sided with him, plain and simple.

With regards to insults, Supervisor Feiner's opponents, and they are well known, seem to feel that he is a large target always available to be hit with their brickbats.

Who are these well-known brigands? What gives them the right? They take it. Most people in Greenburgh appreciate the Supervisor's hard work and openness. That is why they have turned away from his opponents on the Board.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

There are records of every work session.
Each session is taped by Preiser.
Ask her all the question you want and she will answer you.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:48 pm

You are faceless, mindless, insulting and inaccurate. Have the guts to sign your name when you mention others. Who are you to determine anything? A women got up in an open meeting and literally called the Supervisor and his supporters barbarians!

Does that include Judy Beville and Sonja Brown? Are they barbarians?

The ethics code or "Throw Feiner From the Train" law is ambiguous unfair and applies to town appointees. You do not appoint a worker, you hire them. An appointed board member, especially a chairperson is guilty of unethical behavior with a donation to people they would judge or advise.

Contributions are restricted by law all the time. The courts have only ruled that individuals have a right to give, an unlimited amount to their "OWN" campaigns. What flummery are you trying to promulgate? How do you answer that Justice Cardozo?

Ms. Barnes and Williams should soon be history and a new chapter involving new leadership will come forward. Time will test their efforts. Time has tested Barnes and Williams and they were defeated by their own. I noticed that they even groveled to the GOP for support. Looks like the other major party rejected them also. Only political pressure from Berger and other Westchester bosses got them their minor lines. Come November 6th we shall all see the results.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Dear 3:30:

Well said. BRAVO!

hal samis said...

To Bob Bernstein, himself a dedicated "smearer" as writ today at 4:48,

It is true that Bob Bernstein knows that it will take me quite a few minutes to type the relevant supporting sections of the Town's Ethics Laws whereas it only takes him a few minutes to write about "smears". But it is worth the effort to refresh people with why he has is not really a Superlawyer.

I may not have had great financial success myself but then I don't pose as the equivalent (Super Mortgage Broker) to the Superlawyer that his peers likely don't buy into either.

Thus when Bernstein appears at Town Hall and on this blog, he lacks the essential understanding that most lawyers carry in their barfcases when they go to Court: that there is no absolute pre-trial judgement.

Perhaps Bernstein lacks the elements of a real argument but it certainly is not found in sentences like "Garfunkle isn't reading the town's ethics law
correctly and he knows it".

There must be some rural Courts where that will still go over big but honestly I don't think any Superlawyer would dare to run that past any Judge in anything higher than Traffic Court (not that there's anything wrong with these Courts). Hopefully no one reading failed to recognize that Bernstein's opinion (Garfunkle isn't reading the ethics laws correctly) is backed solely by Bernstein's opinion (and he knows it). Perhaps Mr. Bernstein should first ask Mr. Garfinkle if he "knows it". His style may win applause from Bernstein's groupies but it doesn't play well in open Court.

I didn't write the Ethics Laws and I won't defend them either but here is what I consider the pertinent sections. And remember that my use of them against members of the Town Council and Alfreda Williams is because they were all so "proud" of these tough laws (which Bernstein says that they don't address my issues which would lead to the question, why not) and as soon as they were passed, those voting for them and extolling them were the first to violate them.

The section of Town Code that contains the Ethic laws is 570.
570.1 is the Declaration of Policy.
Section 570.2 is Applicability of other laws. In Section 570.3 are Definitions of terms. Eddie Mae Barnes, Steve Bass and Alfreda Williams are ELECTED OFFICERS.
PUBLIC OFFICERS are "Both elected and appointed officers".
An AGENCY MEMBER is a member of an Agency. An AGENCY is, as mentioned, the "Hartsdale Public Parking District", the "Library Board" the "Board of Ethics" many other volunteer staffed town boards AND the "Town Board". So you see that there are volunteers AND paid members within the category. In fact as the section goes on to enumerate "and any other Town authority, board, bureau, commission, committee, entity or instrumentality thereof, not listed herein, that has decision making responsiblilities." Thus the sole criterion for an Agency is that it has decision making responsibility, not whether the members are compensated or not.

Therefore an AGENCY MEMBER is a member of an AGENCY and listed as AGENCIES are the Town Board, The Hartsdale Parking District, the Ethics Board and the Library Board, are we clear so far?

In the next section, 570-4, Standards of Conduct, under A, Gifts and Solicitations is: (1) Prohibited Acts (b) "No elected officer (Bass, Barnes, Feiner, Juettner, Sheehan, Williams, Dwinnell) shall, directly or indirectly, solicit (SOLICIT) or accept (ACCEPT) any gift item or item of personal or real property or any contribution (CONTRIBUTION) or donation from any appointed officer or employee, and no elected officer (Bass, Barnes, Feiner, Sheehan, Williams Dwinnell) shall, directly or indirectly, solicit any gift or item of personal or real property or any contribution (CONTRIBUTION) or donation from agency members.

Now I ask, how did Howard Jacobs get on the Library Board? How did Mike Sigal get on the Ethics Board?
The answer is: they were appointed by the Town Board. They were not appointed as heads of their respective boards, that was the result of the nomination and winning votes cast by their fellow agency members and I could cite the definition of ELECTED OFFICER as "every elected official of the Town, as defined in the Town Law, the Suburban Town Law, the General Municipal Law, the Public Officers Law or any other law referring to public officers acting on behalf of the Town. But that is NOT my argument. Indeed, what is needed is just one definition, APPOINTED OFFICER: "Every appointed official of the Town as defined in the Town Law, the Suburban Town Law, the General Municipal Law, the Public Officers Law or any other law referring to officers acting on behalf of the Town or ANY AGENCY THEREOF and shall also include those persons employed by the Town on a full-time basis....

Agencies are official, their members are officials and who would be more official than those elected by those to represent the Agency as its Chair or President?

And while I'm on it, the Definition section starts with AFFILIATE (1) "with respect to any person: household member,
SPOUSE, domestic partner...

That would include Howard Jacobs wife who is a Board member of the Hartsdale Parking District.

and EMPLOYEE "any person directly employed on a full-time or part-time basis by the Town or any AGENCY thereof and compensated thereof..."

So what do we have?

Eddie Mae Barnes
$100 from Stephanie Kavourias, Executive Director of the Hartsdale Parking District (Agency Employee)
$500 from Mike Sigal, Chairman of the Ethics Board (Appointed Officer/Public Officer serving on an Agency)

Alfreda Williams
$200 from Mike Sigal, Chairman of the Ethics Board (Appointed Officer/Public Officer serving on an Agency).

Steve Bass
$100 from Howard Jacobs, President of Library Board (Appointed Officer/Public Officer serving on an Agency and married to Ruth Jacobs (Affiliate of Howard Jacobs and herself Board Member of the Hartsdale Parking District.

The Hartsdale Parking District and the Library Board have sought enabling Resolutions from the Town Board regarding which Barnes and Bass have voted in favor. In addition, Jacobs and Sigal were both appointed by consenting votes from Barnes and Bass.

For those who are keeping track, Ms. Barnes' skin color is "black" and Mr. Bass is "white".

But Bernstein still has to be right so let's examine what he wrote: "Samis' deliberate wrong reading of the ethics code"... Does Bob have any proof of this? Can he read minds? But more important, who appointed him to the ethics board to pass judgement as a member, an official, an officer or anything.
So far the Ethics Board has rejected the "verified" complaints Bernstein has brought before them. The era of accepting just because Bob says he is right and everyone else is wrong has long yielded to skepticism on the part of residents. But let's throw it back to Bob. He writes: "the ethics code makes it clear that "appointed town officials" does not include members of volunteer boards". WHERE in the ethics code, Bob, does it say this?
And to whom else is it "clear"?

Later Bob writes: "That means the ethics board chair Mike Sigal had every right to make the contribution." There has never been any question that Mike Sigal as the chair had the "right" to make any contribution (that would be more correctly any contribution that wasn't meant to influence any vote by the Town Board and since the ethics board was requesting the Town Board to pay a substantial sum for outside counsel, it does take on a less of glowing and more of a glowering aura) but in general the ethics laws do not punish the giver, only the receiver. So Bob has constructed a classic straw man arguement to rescue his friend and fellow Edgemonter. But thanks to his help, Mr. Sigal should probably explain why in six months back and six months forward, he made a contribution to Ms. Barnes when the Town Board was asked to provide his Board with funding. At best, even without this in the background, Mr. Sigal as head of the Ethics Board should have given more consideration before exercising his First Amendment rights, especially at the $500 gift level. This is Greenburgh not national elections, Ms. Barnes received only one similar amount, the next highest amount was, I believe, $250 and after that the big drop south. So $500 is not a number exempt from questioning.

But Bob has more to say regarding those with open hands.

"Barnes and Williams (note to readers: see Bass has already dropped off the face of the earth in Bob's opinion) had every right to accept them. That's not only their right under the Town's ethics code, but it's their First Amendment right as well."

Now Bob is an expert on both the Town Ethics Code AND the Constitution and its offspring while overlooking the case law which appears to remove ethics laws from the strict protections of the Bill of Rights. Anyone remember the presumption of "innocent until proven guilty": that the burden is on the Prosecution to make a case.
Ethics laws are notorious for what didn't bother Bob when he was working the other side of the street: the "appearance" of impropriety. No crime need be committed, just the appearance or the expectation of one. One need only return to Bob's golden days of yesterday when he was hawking "Feiner accepted tens of thousands of dollars from developers" a mantra that was quickly tossed out by fed up Democrats.

What say Bob to throwing out the ethics laws and work with the more convenient: Bass, Barnes and Williams took contributions from those that were seeking favorable votes from the members of the Town Council. Either you want to work with the ethics laws, such as they are written, and Bob was these laws' staunch defender, or you don't and we'll just work with the Constitution which offers the same defenses to Supervisor Feiner.

Bob, get over yourself. You are no longer the person to represent your community as head of the ECC.
Everything you touch is turning to dreck. In the beginning you rose from obscurity on some interesting issues and you made some progress in exploiting your issues. But in the last six months, nada.
Edgemont is no longer thought of as first for its schools but instead as "isn't that where Bernstein lives". You may think that is a paen to you but regarding property values, you add no dollars and the sense is that by pushing yourself to the front of the line always, even the Edgemont schools are suffering as opposition to you grows causing lessened support for the needs of the schools.

You still raise some reasonable points as you did last night regarding an appraisal of the parcel in Ardsley. But where was your support from the Town Council?
You have brought this result upon yourself; not only did you fail to defeat Feiner, always a daunting task which he won on his own gas, but some of the votes for Feiner were clearly votes against Bernstein. It is time to resign or otherwise face disavowal from the ECC, you have compromised their trust and your continued use of their calling card only brings grief to those you claim to represent. I'm sure you see no error in disenfranchising the Edgemont Association from the meeting in Harrison with the Dromore developer. You carried only your own portfolio, you represented no one but yourself and still you don't get it.

As does your misappropriation of the legal term, stupid, near the end of your post. If you continue to insist upon postulating smear within the framework of your reliance upon the Book of Bob, be forewarned that when you do I shall always be thinking of the relationship between George Papanicolaou and the cancer growling from Edgemont.

It's so past your time to fade away.

Anonymous said...

Samis, you should know that Bob the all-knowing Bernstein will never resign from anything, nor will he fade away. He will go out screaming and kicking, proclaiming his omniscience to the end. It is like Senator McCarthy at the end of the Army McCarthy hearings, while everybody was leaving the room, McCarthy remained sitting and ranting all alone.

At yesterday's Board meeting Bernstein accused Feiner of smearing, even though Feiner hardly opened his mouth all night. He also accused Feiner of being dishonest. Of course it was Bernstein who was dishonest and smearing. He was using his tired old trick of projecting his evil behavior on to those he doesn't like. He will forever think it works. He should watch those Army-McCarthy tapes.

Bernstein's assertions of laws, which he knows to have been false, and the Council's willingnss to give in to him, is one of the main reasons why things have gone so bad.

But Samis, even if Bernstein won't go voluntarily, all he is doing now is blowing verbal farts. Nobody takes him seriously anymore, not even his former friends on the Town Council.

hal samis said...

Dear Anonymous:

I'm working off your mental picture and made a call to central casting.

So far they've come up with:

Senator McCarthy (Bob Bernstein, a few twists of the identikit, add a few years and voila)

Roy Cohn (Michelle McNally, if Cate Blanchett can play Bob Dylan...)

G David Schine (you know who, but we need someone to play the role for the full run, not just to 12/31/07)

Judge Joseph Welch (who else but "here comes the Judge" Rosenberg)

Senator Mundt (the Democrats very own Suzanne Berger)

Edward R. Murrow (Paul Feiner)

The Communists
(in alphabetical order)

Judy Beville
Sonja Brown
Richard Garfunkel
Mike Kolesar
Arnold Laubich
Kevin Morgan
Bob Reninger
Hal Samis
Don Siegel
Sam Wilkins

The Army
(by rank)

Secretary of Defense (F. Sheehan)

5 Star General (Francis Sheehan)
4 Star General (Francis Sheehan)
3 Star General (Francis Sheehan)
Brigadier General ret. (J. Kapica)

Colonel Mustard (Mark Stellato)
Major Dominatrix (Eddie Mae Barnes)
Major Dumbinatrix (Diana Juettner)
Sergeant Pepper (Alfreda Williams)
Lieutenant Greenwald (Tim Lewis)
Beetle Bailey (Danny Goldberg)
Supply Lie (Al Regula)
Major Hot Lips (Ella Preiser)

Anonymous said...

Senor Samis reached new heights of brilliance regarding his new casting of the re-make of "Point of Order."

No contribution here could improve on his analysis of Robert Bernstein aka King Zog II and this miscreant band of characters that currently haunts Town Hall, both on and off, the public payroll.

Somewhere along in time, a small, round, bald, arrogant, mean-spirited, obnoxious, and offensive character strode (waddled) from the bowels of Edgemont. Somewhere he convinced himself that people would follow his magic words as lemmings rushing to drown themselves in the surf. Of course, he is the author of litigation that has tied up Greenburgh, that has incurred large legal expenses, that has prevented the tennis bubble to be authorized, which would add needed revenue to the Parks and Rec. Dept, and the Town coffers, that has divided the Town and that has stimulated incredible rancor.

But, he is also the the star performer in the Dromore Road saga, which was chronicled in the Troy affidavit. He encouraged the Board Members with his lead water boy, Sir Frantic the Duck (Drake to historians) to meet and to concoct some weird story about preserving some land for his future kingdom. On that piece of land he was going to build his new capital. But to accomplish that feat, he dragooned the real stealth character in this ongoing charade. The real thief in the night regarding this whole kabuki dance is, and was, Board Member "Striped" Bass.

The Fish-Man was going to facilitate a referendum in Edgemont to raise money to buy this piece of property from the Troys to restrict development and to keep more children out of their precious schools. A so-called "noble" goal! Only a blatant appeal to the baser instincts of NIMBY and don't add apartment dwellers to the school population! But was it really for that purpose? Methinks not! methinks that it was really to have the Edgemont public panic and fork over money to enable BB aka King Zog II to control the property for his Village Hall capital. In other words, independence from Greenburgh! The destruction of Feiner and the bankruptcy of Fairview. And who was his willing accomplice, I ask? You all know now that it was Barnes and her silent partner Juettner, who both should have known better.

Meanwhile the ruling has come down on the illegal meeting from the Open Meeting Board and it will be made public soon.

So like in the "Caine Mutiny," the real villian was Lt. Keefer (Fred MacMurray) who stimulated the mutiny, who encouraged every one to doubt and hate the worn out, war-weary Capt. Queeg (Humphrey Bogart). It was the "Striped" Bass who was appointed to the Board six years ago as the stealth member and the stooge of the CABAL. They had their inside guy, and from that day on he leaked, and leaked like the spigot he was. He placed all he could in Sir Frantic's bag of tricks. He opened the door for the CABAL's, former GOPer and lead Feiner hater to finally get the nomination from the Berger dominated party. Sir Frantic, who facilitated the Bryan, Cave contract for Berger's firm,(see the connection) with the help of their last minute smears in 2005, was finally elected in the primary.

What a disaster! But along the way the Fish-Man got sloppy and in trouble with his boss who is a County Legislator. He was already measuring curtains for Mr. Abinanti's office. He was already secretly rocking in his chair and re-arranging the items on his desk, when the plans for Brodsky to move up the ladder were derailed. Suddenly it didn't look good for the the Fish-Man, he was now in troubled and polluted waters. He was also challenged for the first time! He had run unopposed in 2003. This guy has had a free-ride forever. He has a cushy job with the Democrats at the County and he collects his pay at the Greenburgh Town Hall for being the conduit to the CABAL and their faux neighborhoods rump groups.

Well surprise, surprise, we do have elections in America, and the Fish-Man, with his huge bankroll, larger than all the other candidates (except Feiner) combined, went down to crashing defeat, in last place. In fact, at the last filing he went through not only his large war chest, but $17,000 of his own savings!

Both he, and his mentor, Princess Chee Chee Berger, went into very large debt over their abortive and futile campaigns.

So the plans for both came crashing down. It is hard to constantly "fool the public all of the time," as Lincoln has said.

What is the moral to this tale? Is it "Point of Order" with BB stridently dominated the legal gymnastics of the Town, or is the "Caine Mutiny" where the public rebelled and mutinied against the Sheehan-led Board? Either one fits.

From the Shadow Group LLC

shadow wrong again said...

Shadow - get your facts straight - two courts have already agreed with Bernstein - the appellate court that granted him standing and found that townwide facilities must be paid for by all town taxpayers and the trial court that held the town's charging only unincoporated for taxter ridge was illegal.

Bernstein has done what few are capable of doing - fighting town hall and winning while you remain in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:22, Shadow is not wrong, you are.

The most recent appeals court decision said clearly that before village residents can be charged for a park the village has to have voted to be included in the town's park system, subject to a permissive referendum. And that hasn't happened.

Wtach for the fall of almighty Bernstein.

hal samis said...

To 11:22,

Mr. Bernstein has gone to great expense and much effort to fight Town Hall. That much is correct. If I paid taxes, which as a renter I don't, I would certainly be appreciative of this when the last bell has tolled.

But, let's be honest. Very few legal actions, especially those involving significant dollars or establishing precedents, escape the appeals process. And the incidence of higher courts reversing decisions of lower courts remains substantial. This, of course, is why there are lower and higher courts.

Bernstein knows this as do most lawyers. Wanting something as a result is not akin to buying the winning lottery ticket. The process is lengthy, arduous and time consuming and the light at the end of the tunnel is dim.

In short, it's not where you start but where you finish. And those who really understand the process have seen it advantageous not to dissuade their followers that the end of the road is still miles away.

appellate facts not fiction said...

first, there is no such decision as 11:56am claims
second, most appeals are long shorts. the affirmance rate for lower court decisions is probably about 80%.

in criminal cases, its even higher.

Anonymous said...

This is 11:56 AM educating 1:43 PM.

The decision is dated September 25. You can find it on the court's website under the name Matter of Bernstein vs. Feiner. And it says what I said it says.

hal samis said...

1:43 needs some more time too.
What does "probably" around 80% suggest to you? To me it appears to be nothing more than a guess.

In any case, were such a rate to be the reality, then that would suggest that those at the higher court saw no problems with the lower court's process and conclusion. If this were the case, then they would render their decision speedily. Such is not the case re Bernstein which suggests that there are some major issues still being researched and tires being kicked.

Anonymous said...

Every chance Bob Bernstein gets, he talks about the Feiner Team in a very bad way. What is his problem? Why does he have so much hate for Kevin, Sonya and Judy? What have they done to him? Has Kevin slept with his wife? Has Sonya and Judy touched him inappropritly? The people want to know. The people are tired of him bad mouthing this team for no reason. Bob Bernstein, be a man. Get to know them. You act worse than the Republicans. More so (if it is possible) GROW UP!!!

ED KRAUSS said...

I can't comment on The Shadow Group LLC's legal analysis. I leave that to "legal analysts" with or without porfolio.

I can comment about his/their analysis of Steve Bass' upwardly mobile aspirations.

The SG LLC, all knowing as they/he appear to be are dead wrong about Mr. Bass. Mr. Bass earns nearly $29,000 as a town councilman, and approximately $65,000+ as a legislative aid-or whatever his title is at the county board. That's about $94,000 a year. If he were to "take" Tom Abinanti's legislative seat, he would be making significantly less than that because he would have to give up both of his current jobs.

You don't need a BS in math to know that A+B is greater than C.

I really can't understand why the venom flows so freely from the posting "anonymous" members of this commuity as well as those who identify themselves.

It's quit apparent Steve has for all intents and purposes conceded this race, so why attack him with no purpose other than petty revenge? Maybe that's the answer, petty people do petty things.

Unless Dewey vs. Truman revisits Greenburgh on November 6, Feiner will have a new team and the ashes can be stoked once again, with or without reason and "Greenburgh is Burning," will start on a two year run once again.

Until that time it would be refreshing to NOT read about the ficton in his/their own mind about the CABAL...and if their is a CABAL for one team, he is the point man for his CABAL for the other team.So let's cancel out CABALIM.

Opposition to postions taken by elected officials is an American game. Virulent attacks, baseless attacks, name calling- some vulgar,and dedging up fabricated "facts" to validate a pointless point, only slows down progress.

Although, listening to a CABALISTA-EMERITUS may be deafening and against the grain, my suggestion is declare an armistice, keep your powder dry and save your salvos for real problems.

Paul has won and carried his "team" with him on a bicycle built for four. Depending on which side of the Maginot line you are on, you're happy, or stuck with him for two more years.

Those who are Happy should celebrate without throwing bombs. Those who feel stuck should be resolute because they can't change a thing with vitriol and personal attacks.

Who knows, some of the B--ls--t campaign promises atriculated verbally, via the phone and the mail may happen.

But not by introducing RACISM, by outside hired guns into a community that is one of the most racially, ethnically anr religiously integrated in the county. Not by inciting a "civil war" between the villages and the unicorporated. No by making far reaching decisions based on politcal gain or loss as opposed to what is best for all the members of this community.

Sounds naive.Maybe. But it works and has worked for decades in Scardale. A Town/Village whose residents drink the same water we do, breathe the same air we do. Live through, if not the same,but similar problems that we do. Etc, etc.,etc..

I know thoughtfulness and civility are out of the question but "punching" above the belt shouldn't be too much to ask for.

friend of TCO said...

Mr. Samis,

As for the "who did the comment offend", look at exactly what you said from an outsider's perspective. It may not have MEANT to be offensive to anyone, but it was taken in the wrong context.

All over this blog I've seen people insulting each other back and forth using "big words," and it gets me sick. It is as if the entire town is being run by a bunch of children in adult form with more extensive vocabularies. I am not pointing anyone out in particular except to say that I have witnessed a "town board meeting," and I REFUSE to spend another 10 MINUTES of my time listening to people yelling back and forth about who said what and "barbarians." Ha! At the meeting I attended it was a "political witch hunt," and now it's barbarians? People PLEASE.

What this town needs, from the perspective of an outsider, is to stop wasting time calling names and pointing fingers and just get down to the SERIOUS issues.

-friend of TCO

PS--Mr. Samis, if you wish to contact me on this issue, please feel free to e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

Letter to the Editor-Journal News

October 26, 2007

On Election Day, November 6, 2007, Greenburgh has an historic chance to give Greenburgh back to its people. Recently in the Democratic Primary Supervisor Paul Feiner, and his team of Sonja Brown, Kevin Morgan and Judy Beville, accomplished a remarkable achievement, they beat the party bosses. Rarely if ever, will an electorate defeat three incumbents without good reason. Over the past number of years the Town government, and the public confidence, has taken a beating by a divisiveness encouraged and abetted by the Town Board. They have held secret meetings, they have divided the Town commissioners from one another, and they have squandered an excellent bond rating with a cavalier and profligate sense of misplaced values. For too long this Board been ordered around by special interests emanating from one segment of the Greenburgh community. It is time for a change in direction, a return to civility, a return to open and transparent government, and an end to insider deals. All of you: Democrats, Republicans and Independents have your opportunity to re-enforce this reform that was begun on September 18th. Please exercise your right, go out and vote!

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Letter to the Journal News

Bravo to Sonja Brown, who spoke so eloquently and passionatley about her father at last night's town board meeting. She talked about how hard her father worked over his many years as a resident of Greenburgh to help his neighbors, especially the youths who have so little and need so much. When she was finished, I only heard the supervisor express his sorrow at her father's untimely passing. There are no bravos for the members of the board who did not attend his funeral or wake or even acknowledge her loss after she finished speaking last night. Whether they, as members of the Town Board, like it or not, Sonja is a very public person having won the Democratic primary for town board, and she deserved acknoledgement from those sitting in those hi-backed chairs in the front of the room. And whether they like it or not, she is a real Democrat representing the party in the November election. Shame on the board members and the town clerk for being so callous in their silence. Does your loss in the primary affect your understanding of the difference between right and wrong?

In the November elections, the residents of Greenburgh have an opportunity to usher in a new era or a new beginning and elect Democrats who will not only listen to their constituents, but will engage in dialogue with them. I urge my fellow voters in the town to vote for Paul Feiner, Kevin Morgan, Sonja Brown and Judith Belville on November 6th.

Linda R. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Krauss -

You have been out of the loop when it comes to Mr. Bass's ambitions. In his unrequited desire to succeed to Mr. Abinanti seat, he was literally getting measured for a bigger chair for himself. Please understand that reality. Everyone from Reggie L. down knows that truth. Whether you have a BS in Math or you are just BS, that is irrelevant. He wanted his job and felt he would again have another unopposed run up the Peter Principle of incompetance.

With regards to Mr. Bass, I am sure that his self-imposed quietude is a result of two separate dynamics. The first is that he went into the proverbial black hole of debt for $17gs, while funding the dual campaign for Barnes and himself. The second is that he works for the Democrats on the County Board, and I don't believe they would smile broadly at his effort on a minor line, challenging legitimately nominated Democrats, now known as the "real" Democrats.

As to the CABAL and its loose membership, its main purpose is to oust the Supervisor by whatever means is at its command. Its current political chieftain is a bit newer to the fray, Robert Bernstein, aka King Zog II, but its main architect is Sir Frantic the Duck who sits with borrowed time on the Town Board. His editorial vehicle was, and has been, its moribund website, and many of the faux leaders of their rump neighborhood associations that give him support. These associations rarely meet, do not represent the broad spectrum of their neighborhoods, and the vast amount of their neighbors are totally unaware of their actions, many of which are done in their names. Many of these associations have bylaws which call for dues, semi-annual meetings, term limitations, minutes, and demand that any actions in their name be voted on by a quorum of the residents. Has this ever happened? We doubt it!

Both Sir Frantic and KIng Zog II's political days are numbered. Zog II will not be king of Edgemontania. I assume he will be a pariah in that neighborhood very soon. Sir Frantic will probably resign from his office before he is indicted over the Dromore Road affair. If he happens, by some miracle, to dodge the bullets from an Ethic's Committee probe or the District Attorney's actions regarding the altering of zoning maps, or the convening of illegal meetings or a number of other offenses that will be revealed in 2008, he will certainly be challenged at the polls come 2009, if he lasts.

I am sure that when Town employees are questioned about his influence peddling the heat will become to unbearable and he will soon run for cover. I even have heard, and the Shadow Group LLC, has ears every where, that he will probably resign after the election for health reasons.

But, for sure, this campaign has seen new levels of silliness and foolishness raised daily. One strange woman accused critics of Barnes and Williams of being barbarians. She even thought it was racism. That's a stretch! Ms. Williams' opponent is Judy Beville, a woman and a proud African-American with abundant credentials. The leading vote-getter was Sonja Brown, whose family has roots in the Greenburgh African-American community for decades. She is home grown and homebred, and her people were and are pillars of the Union Baptist Church. The Shadow Group did not see this "accuser" and racial-rabble-rouser at George Brown's funeral. She was missing along with Barnes, Williams, and others. But hundreds of other mourners, from all parts of the wide community were there!

As we all recall, it was Sir Frantic who stirred the racial pot to a boiling pitch, when he accused Don Siegel of "you know how they treat your people?" How does Don Siegel treat what people? What made Don Siegel suddenly the butt-boy of Sir Frantic the Duck? It was Sir Frantic that accused the 2005 slate of being soft on choice, and they (He) did it again in 2007. Meanwhile his hand-maiden Lederer-Plaskette printed those lies again in the WCLA newsletter. That publication may soon lose it franchise when they are sued up the
gazinda. But wasn't it Sir Frantic who opposed the Health Clinic, fearing methadone and abortions. I thought the alter boy was pro-choice. He certainly wasn't too ecumenical when he called a "special" meeting on a Jewish important holiday and was about to slip through his $400 @ per hour radical-defending lawyer, while the Supervisor was with his family. You should certainly be offended by that type of subtle religious "divide and conquer."

Personally your metaphors about Scarsdale's drinking water wouldn't even influence Gunga Din. What has the diversity of Greenburgh have to do with upper-crust Scarsdale. Many towns in the State of NY are a combination of all levels of the economic strata, and that is how they work. Not every village can be rich, but all of our communitees need a work force that can afford to live in peace and happiness, and not be force to commute from 50 miles upstate.

I suggest you jettison your former support for Bernstein, McNally,and the rest of these CABALISTS, and chill out for a few years. Let the next generation have a chance at the brass ring. Bernstein, Berger, Bass and Barnes should have gone quietly into the night, knowing that they were rejected by their own, but they are still sqirming, looking for wiggle room, and trying to accomplish the impossible, a resurrection from rejection.

The Shadow Group LLC

Anonymous said... Oct. 26 (Oct. 25 Debate - Greenburgh Town Hall)

Bass, who remains on the Working Families line, did not attend.

Brown thanked Bass for not actively campaigning and "for respecting" the wishes of the Democratic voters.

Brown, an education consultant who was the leading vote-getter in September's primary, said she was "a true Democrat" and touted her management experience. She said she would address quality-of-life issues and focus on flooding and affordable housing.

"The present board has not done enough," Brown said. "The things that are common in the villages, they feel they're not being listened to. The first step in resolving this is to listen to the needs of the community and acting on it."

From Edgemont Voter said...

Anonymous wrote: Brown thanked Bass for not actively campaigning and "for respecting" the wishes of the Democratic voters.

Sonya Brown continues to prove she is a "True Democrat".

Even after Bass and Barns lies and indecent behavior toward Brown, she continues to behave like a "True Democrat".

I live in the village of Edgemont, and on November 6th will help to get the voters out in my area to vote Sonya Brown, "The True Democrat".

Anonymous said...

Remember, we need to vote for Paul, Kevin, Sonja and Judy in order to bring good government to good people.

Anonymous said...

Someone help answer my question.

Why is it that Mr. Bernstein hates the Feiner Team so much? Every chance he gets, Bernstein continues to bad mouth Kevin, Sonya and Judy. I over heard Kevin asking Bernstein the same question at the last Town Board meeting. Bernstein was very nasty to Kevin during their conversation. Kevin proved to be the better man during this incident, Bernstein the boy.

I certainly hope Bernstein is without children, I would hate to see another like him.

Go away Bernstein, we do not want you here!!! Puff Be Gone!!!
Get a life, better yet a wife - you seem to need to let a lot of frustration out. Try it, you may like it!

hal samis said...

Dear Ed,

Although I consider you a friend, I cannot allow your analysis of Mr. Bass' political career which includes horrendous mismanagement and bad timing to go unchallenged.

Mr. Bass is no longer a kid nor has he been such for a long time.
His whole life has been politics and at some time he has to take responsibilty for the wrong decisions and the self-serving positions that he has sponsored; if others run his life then that alone would be cause never to vote for him at any level of public office.

(A + B is less than C) is an accurate mathamatical model and by substituting dollars for letters one generally agrees that more is better. However, the converse is also true: Either "A" or "B" by themselves is less than "C". What if, as apparently has happened, "A" ($29,000 in 2007) is no longer on the table? Then you are no longer earning $94,000 but only "B" ($65,000). With that always a possibility, would it not be better to earn what your bosses (County Legislators) earn and have someone else earning the $65,000 do the work for you. Especially if you to hope to land a higher office up the food chain.

And what if it became obvious that even with Feiner removed from the picture, that the coveted Supervisor's job would not be yours to claim. No one seriously expected Berger to win but, if she had, few expected her to complete her term. Waiting in the wings (not so patiently) is newcomer Francis Sheehan who is also a friend of Bass' backer, Ms. Plaskett. And face it, if it came down to Sheehan vs. Bass, for those with a cause to promote, as Ms. Plaskett does, it is Sheehan over Bass in a heartbeat. Those who study the Town Board meeting have observed that now it takes a lot longer for the script to travel from Sheehan to Bass in the last six months than it did now nearing two years ago when Sheehan first came on board. And the mail from Old Colony Road addressed to Bass has been similarly less punctual in recent months.

And Mr. Bass did indeed try to take over Mr. Abinanti's seat. For about a week which I grant you was longer than the 15 minutes in which he tried to go after Feiner's seat at the Democratic Party meeting four years ago. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious but if everything does not go according to plan, then expect the fallout.

Then too, what did Mr. Bass actually do for his part-time job in Greenburgh. We needed to pay someone to propose a Darfur Resolution? We needed to pay someone to look the other way on the Library? We needed to pay someone to insure that future Town construction contracts would require non-productive on-the-clock apprentices so that their unions can collect more membership dues and the contractors will pass these costs on to the Town in their bids? You, as one who deals with unions, should be angry seeing Mr. Bass paid tax dollars to see that taxpayers will shell out more for the future Court/Police station just so Bass and Sheehan could bag union votes.

And did Mr. Bass conduct his own campaign as a paragon of virtue when he allowed himself to be the poster for real democrats and pro-choice fanatics and the lies they set out with the garbage. Obviously Bass had little problem with where his campaign funding came from but there are worse players than real estate developers out there looking to gain an entree to the Greenburgh Town Board.

And while he is doing little as a continuing candidate having lost the Democrat line, neither has he withdrawn from the race nor supported the winners of the Democratic Primary.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bass, as part and parcel of the Town Council junta, participated in those great show and tell farragos of the past two years in which the Council nayed and poo-pooed all of Feiner's proposals because they had their own better, more thought out solutions which they promised to present to the residents. Like an anonymous blogger used to write a few months ago:

Still waiting...
Chirp Chirp...

Where are those Town Council sidewalk policies? Where are those Town Council fund balance policies?

Still waiting...

But not all problems can be answered so let me instead mention what might be considered bowing out with good grace. Had Bass done so, perhaps I might have even a little smidgeon of sympathy for his losses. But true to form, he intends to stick it to Feiner right through December.

I'm talking about the vote on the Comprehensive Plan (which I oppose and will address at the appropriate blog venue over the weekend). Whatever the Town Council thinks about the plan, the expense, the need, the vendor...all of that is irrelevant in light of the results of the Primary. The voters showed that they weren't buying what the Town Council were selling. In any changeover of command, it is customary or gracious for most departing administrations not to to ram through last minute laws that their successors won't want to be burdened with. The Public suffers because the new administration spends most of their first months undoing the damage. It is true that the first $220,000 of the Plan was part of the current year's budget and that its funding would carry the Plan forward through the 2008 budget. The money had already been allocated and is sitting in the Town treasury waiting to be spent. However it is also true that it doesn't have to be spent; that it could remain unused and transferred to another needed use in the 2008 year.
Clearly the Supervisor opposes spending the "manufacturer's suggested retail price" of $405,000 for this study and would not do so, if given the opportunity.

That is not a secret. But, it is of equal weighting that the town is in Budget submission season and both Feiner and Sheehan have leaked (separately) to the public that the coming budget will require a sizeable increase in taxes to fund. Both the Supervisor and the Town Council have depleted existing fund balances to reduce taxes in the last two years. It would be gracious, as well as the responsible thing, for the Town Council (i.e. Bass) to have waited for the Public Hearings on the Budget to see if taxpayer sentiment was still in favor of buying the Comprehensive Plan package or whether the unspent dollars should go toward 2008 expenditures. They should have allowed this because the Public said in the Primary that they trusted Feiner, not the Town Council.

And even if the Council disagreed with this, even if they had to have the Comprehensive Plan underway, they had until the last Town Board meeting in December (when the 2008 Budget gets voted on) to vote on the contract to commence work on the Plan.

It is well documented that I harbor no love for former Town Council member Timmy Weinberg. However, Sheehan got on the Town Board by beating her in the Primary and the resulting loss of the Democratic line sealed her fate. Nevertheless, despite her loss to Sheehan, she recognized a responsibility to the Public to allow the winner to get on the fast track and be part of the process to fine tune the proposed Budget, which Sheehan would inherit upon taking the oath in January. What the Town Council (i.e. Bass) is doing regarding the Comprehensive Plan is instead initiating a scorched earth policy to do as much damage as they can on the way out. And this I believe is wrong, spiteful and of harm to the public.

So what goes around comes around. The Shadow Group LLC has both deftly and adroitly shown Bass for what he is. He has earned and thus deserves no sympathy. Perhaps Mr. Brodsky will recognize his unique talents and find some use for him ELSEWHERE. Should that happen Goodbye and Good Luck.

But for the meanwhile, I see no reason to be nice to Mr. Bass.
Perhaps remembers the lyrics to "Cruel to be Kind".

So Ed, Mr. Bass bought his own ticket to ride and his road to redemption is not lined with good intentions. Reminding residents, as the Shadow has done, of who Mr. Bass is and what he stands for is certainly called for and long overdue.

And I'm hoping that living in the same complex as Eddie Mae Barnes is not rubbing off on you. We can only work together and love one another when some of our officials are removed from the town work force. Hopefully, real Democrat Barnes will join real Democrat Bass and real Democrat Williams on the political unemployment line come this November.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that Barns and Williams continue to fight for their position. They have done little to nothing to represent the Town of Greenburgh. They continue to act only as TOKENS for many years. They are not truthful about their accomplishments.

Even though I dislike Steve, as a Greenburgh Resident & Democrat, I thank him, as Brown mentioned in the Journal News Oct 26th write up, for doing the right thing.

Steve, because of your concern and respect for the Greenburgh Democrats after the Sept. 18th Primary, I now look at you in a different light and know that there maybe a slight chance that you are a real democrat (very slight chance).

However, until you publically give your apologies to Brown and Morgan and the residents of Greenburgh for you dirty tactics, only after that may you continue your political journey. Until then, the people will not grow to like our respect you.

Do the right thing, apologize (publically) to Morgan and Brown and support them during the November 6th Elections.
You still have time to redeem yourself.

Again, Shame on you Barns and Williams for going against the party.

Anonymous said...

My hat goes off to Bass for stepping down the way he did.
I did not vote for him but who knows what I will do the next time arround.
Barnes and Williams are so hot up for the job that they will go to all lengths to get votes.
They said they were democrates but just for a day.
What are their true affilliations?

Anonymous said...

Nothing so great about the way Bass stepped down. He lost big - he didn't step down. Maybe you could say something positive about him if he had congratulated and supported Morgan and Brown, who won the primary, but he didn't do that honorable thing.

No, all Bass did was not campaign furrther as Barnes and Williams are doing. His restraint is only to protect his patronage job with the County Legislature.

Anonymous said...

His job with the county is in jeopardy,since his campaign was full of lies.
How can anyone vote for a follower and not a leader.
Sheehan was the leader ,Bernstein another leader whom I must say are loosers too, big time.

Anonymous said...

Bass apologize publicly to Sonya and Kevin.

Anonymous said...


This party will DIE soon and the new Progressive Democrats will prevail!!! I can’t wait for the day.

By the way, what is the role and responsibility of our District Leaders?
What has the GDP done for the town in the last couple of years?
How many District Leaders are 30 and under, ok 40 and under, alright 50 and under. Not many I imagine.

Vote November 6th for the Feiner Taam

Anonymous said...

Democratic leaders here in Greenburgh mean didlysquat.It just sounds somewhat like an important title when one speaks in front of the board at meetings.
It is true what has the democratic party done for this town.
The leaders are one worse than the other.
One can see how this election went, when Bernstein walked the streets of Edgemont with someone who was going for reelection that party lost big time.
Let face it people are tired of certain people and to make matters worse because they represent the democratic system.
These leaders are not true democtates. they are real phonies.

Anonymous said...

The Greenburgh Democratic Party is a rump association made up of no-show individuals that have been recruited by various factions or individuals to stack the vote for one endorsement of another. That is how Berger got the nod, by adding district leaders to defeat Greenawalt.

They never attend debates, they rarely go to meetings, and they give their proxy to their handlers and have no clue where or to whom that vote is going. They never come to the Town Board meetings and they are politically illiterate. Political Town and City committees have been on the decline for years. This group has been worse than most. They do not understand issues, they support nothing concrete and they stand for nothing but as a tool for other's ambitions. Bernstein and Sheehan worked for Lasser, a Republican in the Supervisor's race four years ago and should be forced off the committee. Plaskette endorsed Spano in his losing race against Stewart-Cousins and should be forced off the committee, and there are other examples. Lorrin Brown has spent the last five years bad-mouthing the Supervisor and others, like Mary Jane Shimpsky have worked agressively against Feiner and other incumbants. Now she's on Brodsky's staff, rewarded for her work in the trenches of political infighting.

But look at the results, they endorsed Berger, and she lost big and their actions will have eliminated Weinberg, and eventually Barnes, Bass and Williams. Juettner got re-elected in 2005 because of their last minute smear over choice, the Tappen Zee Bridge and other lies. She will be out in two years. The only one left will be Sheehan, a former Republican, a closet right to life supporter, who opposed the Health Clinic, because, God forbid, it would (may) allow abortions, and an individual who will bend the truth at any and every opportunity. Look how he tried to defend his Ethics Code by saying it didn't include Board Members. He will have to be investigated over the Dromore Road affidavit, the zoning map alterations, the hiring of a $325 per hour lawyer and the holiday fiasco, the Bryan-Cave contract, the strong-arming of commissioners, the deal with Gil Kaminer and many other problems. He'll be forced to resign when the truth of these inceidents come to life.

The Democratic Town committee is rife with inactive deadwood, and many should resign, and the real committee should be made up of Democrats that work in real elections, not just primaries for their boss-handlers.

Anonymous said...

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Ed Krauss said...

I wonder how someone like Shadow Group LLC who's "in the loop," could be so ill-informed about so many things political and have the temerity to condescend to say that I am out of the loop. Because I no longer attend Town Board meetings, which frustrated me, nor Grenburgh Democratic meetings, which after 33 years was enough, how does the Shadow know I've been "out of the loop." He doesn't. But,he still shoots his mouth off.
His definitive and authoritative replay of what Steve Bass was doing on his way up the political ladder- "getting measured for a bigger chair," Abinanti's county legislative seat, is a "reality" in his mind alone.Bass NEVER had eyes for Tom's seat. How does the SG LLC know what Reggie L knows about Bass' desire to take Abinanti's seat, as well as Reggies subordinates on the Westchester County Democratic Committee? Is he/they an insider on that committee? I know-as one out of the loop, yet knowledgeable about some inside political matters- that Steve did not want that job.

How could you be so sure about why Bass is quiet without asking him? Is there a bit of Karnak in you, or is it a supposition of yours presented as fact?

Yet once more, you make statements without proof. Do you think the County Legislature is even aware of who Bass is running against, and, if so, they really care?

It seems, you pass judgement on the "opposition" leadership as one "new to the fray." You as "political Chieftan" Crusaders for Feiner, are also NEW, since you've only lived in Greenburgh for 5 years or so.

Calling Francis the "architect" of the loose membership CABAL is very much over the top. At best, Francis was a player who gained more prominence after his election. Maybe you could refer to him as an "architect-in-waiting.

As an aside, if it's OK for you to call Francis, Sir Frantic, it should be Ok for me to call you Prince Paul's Garflunkie. Nicknames unlike sticks and stones can not harm a tough as nails stand up guy like you.

Regarding you having "ears everywhere" why didn't you hear that Bass really, really, really wanted Bodsky's assembly seat, and Brodsky wanted him to have it...providing of course if Brodsky moved up.Maybe the SG LLC needs more powerful batteries in its "everywhere hearig aid."Now about how you misread about Katherine Lederer-Plaskette. Your characterization wasn't even in this universe no less this town.Katherine is nobody's "hand-maiden," no less Francis'. She's as tough and her own person as your candidate is not.Being a know-it-all has its moments when you keep finding out you know not what you know not, yet continue to make factless pronouncements.

What I said about Scarsdale were comparisons and not metaphors. And your tie-in to Gunga Din is an oxy-misplaced-moron.

Scarsdale too is a diverse community. IT has whites and blacks, Asians and Indians, upper-crust, middle-crust and lower-crust. When used in the context of my posting, your use of upper-crust inplies you see a correlation between civility and income. There is none. Some of the most unruly people at town board meetings, I attended, we're upper middle income well educated professionals...even some with law degrees who've never pacticed law.

You make another supposition about who I supported. Again, YOU"RE WRONG. I have always articulated what I thought was right. If others agreed with me, we agreed on a partiular issue. Not, Carte Blanche.There was no CABAL. There were no meetings that I am aware of, no plan or formalize end game.How about your group?

Doctor, heal thyself.You chill out for a few years. And, while you're at it stop claiming you were Marty Rogowsky's campaign chairman when you were not. Marty's my personal friend.I asked him. And surprise surprise...he said NO YOU WERE NOT!!!!Next, I'll call Al DelBello, another friend and Mark Weingartn's law partner to see how friendly you were with him. Unfortunately, I can't ask Tony Veteran with whom I had a very good relationship. But, I fail to see where your paths crossed, you coming from White Plains and/or Mount Vernon( oh, is that where you know Reggie from?)and Tony from Tarrytown- proper.

Your name dropping impresses no one- partisan or non-partisan- when they hear what you have to say or write.

Paul Feiner has had a long run without you. But trust me( it's only an expression, you really don't have to) people like you, and you in particular can bring that run to a screeching halt.

You place in doubt a line that brings back my childhood, "who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man. the Shadow knows."

"Lamont," you're too full of yourself.

Krauss, you're right said...

Krauss, your take-down of the Shadow, who is Garfunkle, doesn't go far enough.

He not only is full of himself, he not only claims credit for everybody's campaigns, he not only pretends acqaintance and friendship with all sorts of people who probably wouldn't sit down with him at a table, but he hurts himself and the person he thinks he is helping, Paul Feiner.

He doesn't realize that non-stop name-calling, and insulting people for their names and appearances rather than for what they say or do, works against him. Even people who might agree with him become lost because of his nasty rantings. He may think he is helping Feiner, but he is really hurting him. If I were Feiner I would tell him to get lost.

Friends of Feiner, tell Feiner to shut Garfunkle up or else he will sink Feiner.

Anonymous said...


I am a resident from the Greenburgh area who usually watch what’s going on from afar.

One thing I must say-
I, like the anonymous writer, have no clue what a district leader is or the purpose of the GDP. I don't even know who my district leader is.

As for Mr. Garfunkle-Good for you. I am not happy with most of the phony people who preach that they are for the people of Greenburgh when they do not do anything but stay with their negative clicks. Some people (even after many times) some people , well - you just can't be nice to. Some people need to be hit with hard words after attempts of using soft words.

I say - Go get them Garfunkle. Bring government back to us - by any means necessary!