Sunday, October 21, 2007


Congratulations to the Parks & Recreation Dept for doing a terrific job. The halloween spooktober fest at HartsBrook was a great success. Hundreds of adults, children enjoyed the day time event and the evening haunted house and hay ride. This was one of the best programs I have seen the dept organize. Hat's off to the entire dept.


Anonymous said...

At the Spooktober I could have sworn I saw BERGER as DOROTHY, FRANCIS as the cowardly lion, STEVIE as the Tin Man, Eddie Mae as the scarecrow and Alfreda as toto. They have been fooling the town for years but time time they were recognized as what they truly are A JOKE.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH I forgot Juettner was the invisible man and still is.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Paul and the rec dept for putting on a marvelous time for me and my kids. Hopefully we can more family and holiday events like this one again.

hal samis said...

It is disheartening to know, that a persistent Village critic of Feiner but did attend this event with his child, both thoroughly enjoying the event and this resident has blogged anonymously often to express his negative comments, doesn't see fit to make postive comments on this occasion.
Such is how things often unfold in Greenburgh.

funding of spooktober is troubling said...

Hal - what did Feiner have to do with the event? The liason from the town board to parks and rec is juettner, an ardsley resident.

The real question is why does the town only charge residents of unincorporated greenburgh for hart's brook when it can be used by everyone in the county of westchester or the state of new york? If the spooktober fest was funded by Greenburgh Parks and Rec only (that is, the now depleted "B" budget), that would be trick on unincorporated greenburgh and a treat for the villages and anyone else. I guess this is what Feiner means by following a villages first policy.

hal samis said...

Dear Spooktober,

I think you went to the wrong Park.
The event you are describing must have been Democratic Party Unity Day.

Didn't you see Suzanne Berger dressed as the Straw Man?

huh? said...

Hal - no one knew suzanne berger in or out of costume.

now - do you have anything to say about the funding of Hart's Brook or who benefits from Greenburgh Rec programs?

hal samis said...

Dear Huh,

Even though it sounds evasive, funding and A and B budget remarks are items I try to avoid because I don't think I have any special expertise in discussing their nooks and crannies.

That the Courts too seem to have difficulty in resolving what Mr. Bernstein assured all was to be a speedy "victory" for unincorporated is enough to convince me that I have nothing to add to the frustration -- on both sides.

Since many of these matters concern purchases and policies made
long before my local interest and subsequent involvement, I can't follow everything -- something that the blind men tiring of the elephant demand of the Town Supervisor to do without fault to any slice of the town pie.

While the confusion and uncertainty still reign, I advise both villagers and unincorporated to sit back, enjoy the ride and grab all the free benefits while they still exist.

see no evil? said...

Hal - the trial court had no difficulty in finding that Bernstein was right when it came to Taxter Ridge. Now the Appellate Court has on its own found even larger problems with the Town's funding schemes by asking the parties whether what the law which the town relies on to defend its policies of selective taxation violate the state's constitution. Clearly the court has in it sights the fact that its decision may result in the shifting of millions of dollars of tax from the unincorporated area to the villages - something that might even have statewide impact.

Now again - what did Feiner have to do with Spooktober?

hal samis said...

Dear molehill developer, stick to mountains.

"now again, what did Feiner have to do with Spooktober?"

What mysterious plot do you imagine that Feiner hatched when you ask what did Feiner have to do with it?

That he attended?

Do you even read Feiner's introductions to these blog topics? All he wrote was to thank the Parks Department for organizing a great show? Do you see him claiming credit for the event?

What embarrassing answer or admission are you seeking?

Is there anything that he can do that will be acceptable? You had a good time, your kid had a good time and you can't get over the aftertaste?

Chew on a Tums; get a life.

prefers mallomars said...

Hal, you cried that some anonymous blogger who has been critical of feiner didnt blog praises to his dupervisorness for this pre-halloween event.

the event was good but who paid for it? when i go to the movies, i pay for my own ticket. i dont ask my neighbor to pay for it. but thats what is going on here when it comes to hart's brook park and events like spooktober.

why is it so difficult for your hero to admit this fact outside of selected campaign literature where he announces he will be following a villages first policy?

instead, you claim "ignorance" of A vs. B budget matters as too complicated for your little head.

Now, thats truly disheartening. Such is apparently the way things unfold in Hartsdale.

hal samis said...

Apparently it is also too complicated for the judicial system because according to the Book of Bob, this was the equivalent of a legal lay-up but has become instead a bady laid egg.

So now your complaint is that you got in for free?

beggar thy neighbor practice is wrong said...

if by free you mean subscribing to a beggar thy neighbor philosophy, then yes. a greenburgh rec event should only be held at a greenburgh rec only location. otherwise, its theft.

when will feiner and juettner have the courage to admit that.

is it really that complicated? no.

Anonymous said...



I attended this event with my children as well as with my friends and their children. It was a successful event.

Thanks to the Greenburgh Parks & Rec---only