Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Greenburgh continues to be a desirable place for businesses. In the coming months I will highlight new businesses that are opening up in town. Please thank them for doing business here in Greenburgh. In these difficult economic times we need to support the businesses. In addition to the businesses that have received temporary or permanent c/o’s in the past month – STARBUCKS is building a new store on Central Ave. Fuji Mountain Restaurant is in the process of demolishing the old Carvel site on Central Ave and will build a new restaurant. Global Gatherings is being replaced by the New Jade Palace on Central Ave. And, Trustco will replace the abandoned bank on E Hartsdale Ave.
Paul Feiner

Renue Day Spa – 100 North Central Avenue, Hartsdale

Cerullo – 570 Taxter Road – 3rd Floor

Community Mutual Bank – Crossroads Shopping Center, Tarrytown Road,

ABCO Refrigeration – 155 Fulton Street, White Plains

Equisearch – 555 Taxter Road

Kinetics – 555 Taxter Road – 1st Floor

Natural Selection Furniture – 331 Central Avenue, Scarsdale

Dream Dinners – 640 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale

Bushido Karate – White Plains Shopping Center - 53 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, NY

Personal Care Dental – 455 Central Avenue, Scarsdale

HomeGoods – Crossroads Shopping Center – 449 Tarrytown Road, White Plains (Scheduled opening in early-mid November)

Bob’s Dry Cleaning – White Plains Shopping Center – 53 Tarrytown Road, White Plains

Royal Beauty – White Plains Shopping Center – 51 Tarrytown Road, White Plains

SpookyTown – 111 S Central Avenue. Hartsdale, NY (temporary for halloween)


Anonymous said...

Yeah ok buddy. Drive up and down central ave..empty stores everywhere! Its a disgrace.

hal samis said...

I don't blame the Town Supervisor for posting his good news. I don't think it is inappropriate or an unreasonable role for him to do assume.

Accentuate the positive.
Half full, vs. half empty.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made of..."

Still, on the day that the Consumer Confidence Report is issued, does this together with the presence of "for rent" and "for sale" signs all over Greenburgh act somewhat to undercut or temper Mr. Feiner's enthusiasm?

We are not living in or through the "best of all possible worlds".

And, like going "round and round on the carousel", we are asked by the Supervisor to put up the mask.

The doing so is just too Fantastick.

And I wonder whether residents are expected to invent reasons to support these businesses and whether in doing so they should withdraw their "support" of those already existing that provide the same service.

Meanwhile, you better hurry if you want to support Spookytown.

Anonymous said...

For every new business opening up, one went out. Paul missed the chance years ago to have Home Depot here. The Yonkers Home Depot and the Mt. Pleasant Home Depot probably earn 3 million per week. It would have been nice to get that tax revenue, wouldn't it Paul??? What about the water treatment facility that you turned down. That would have brought in millions in tax revenue to the Town. Kepp lstening to the Danny Golds of the world and keep on rejecting new business and see what happens to the tax base.

Anonymous said...

And to make matters worse, after Paul chased out the Home Depot, they moved less than a mile north outside of Greenburgh, still on 9A. Any moron could have seen that coming. Thats what Home Depot does -- look for an area they like, and if they have to move a town over. Good move Paul. We have all the traffic, but not the property taxes.

Anonymous said...

Talking about business what has happened to the channels coving the Town of Greenburgh.
The station has been blacked out for five days so far.

Anonymous said...

How about taking care of the business at hand.
Boy how convient that the residents that have Verizon as their cable company have been blacked out for five days.
I do hope that the work session will be televised if and when service is back.
Why is it that your tv person does not check a television that is at town hall to see if programs are being televised.
Bad managerial skills even in this instance.
What must one do to get a smooth running town.

Feiener needs to update emails /blogsite said...

Paul what about the discusting Health spa Central Avenue and why has the candlelight inn got the variance they want to put in a takeout where the furniture store used to be. These items have been going on for many years.

Feiner needs to update emails / blogiste said...

sorry meant to say why hasnt the canclelight gotten the variance

Anonymous said...

There are environmental issues re European Health Spa -- no one cares.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

Dear 3PM -
What one must do is defeat Mr. Feiner at the polls in November 2009. Electing a candidate who favors hiring a Town Manager and eschewing amateurs for jobs requiring professional level skills will go a long way towards addressing your concerns.
Remember, Mr. Feiner has always told us that hiring a professional manager will be more expensive than allowing him to do it himself. Not for the first time is there evidence to the contrary - perhaps this time the voters will see and understand how expensive Feiner and friends have become.

The great Criswell said...

Renue Day Spa – 100 North Central Avenue, Hartsdale reinvented 6 times. Will be another spa in 6 months

Community Mutual Bank – Crossroads Shopping Center, Tarrytown Road, LOL

Natural Selection Furniture – 331 Central Avenue, Scarsdale newp!

Dream Dinners – 640 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale 2 years

Bushido Karate – White Plains Shopping Center - 53 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, NY could be a keeper

Personal Care Dental – 455 Central Avenue, Scarsdale one year adios!

HomeGoods – Crossroads Shopping Center – 449 Tarrytown Road, White Plains (Scheduled opening in early-mid November) 3 years. see ya

Bob’s Dry Cleaning – White Plains Shopping Center – 53 Tarrytown Road, White Plains. 8 months

Royal Beauty – White Plains Shopping Center – 51 Tarrytown Road, White Plains haha

SpookyTown – 111 S Central Avenue. Hartsdale, NY (temporary for halloween) closes in 1 week BUT reopens again at same location as the existing building is still not rented

Starbucks? Never gets completed. If so, goes out in 1 year.

Anonymous said...

Paul. You better not give us a double digit tax hike. Be a leader. Make cuts.

Anonymous said...

Most of Mr. Feiner's postings are either silly or shady. This one, however, is good to see.

Anonymous said...


paul feiner said...

I am contacting Verizon about this problem. PAUL FEINER

what we need said...

the best business news would be:

1. the opening of a campaign headquarters for samis for town anything

2. diana juettner and francis sheehanigans going out of business

3. a big sale on klondike bars

Laurie D'Amico said...

I found out this evening that Patricia Roper, the Aquatics Director at the TDYCC, was fired today. And by guess who -- Valerie Whitehead! Could someone please tell me why she is still acting commissioner at the center?????

Ms. Roper has done nothing but wonderful things for the aquatics department and everything was running quite smoothly until Ms. Whitehead entered the picture.
Could someone please tell me why Valerie Whitehead is still allowed to make decisions regarding the TDYCC when I thought a commissioner had been named? I do not understand why she has been allowed to continue in her position when a police investigation is occurring. Why hasn't she been placed on an administrative leave ... this happens quite often when someone is being investigated for being involved in criminal activity.

This is a terrible injustice to the aquatics department and one that will not be allowed to happen quietly. A petition has already been started and there will be an uproar about this.

I wrote to Mr. Feiner this evening asking the questions above...I am not sure I will receive a response since the last time I sent him an email, it went unanswered and I had to appear at the town board meeting to try to get my questions answered!

I am so disgusted by all the injustices that occur in this town and this is just the icing on the cake...by the way, can ANYONE tell me if Ms. Silverman ever produced the papers she said she would from the meeting in September? Has she paid the money that is due the TDYCC?

Anonymous said...

This is awful. Again, the IRS has not filed lately with the IRS -- filings are requried for organizations with more than $25,000 per year in reciepts.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that Feiner is not capable of managing TDYCC. The town should subcontrac to the YWCA.

Laurie D'Amico said...

I did receive a response from Mr. Feiner this evening stating that Ms. Roper's position was terminated on Friday (not today) as I thought.

He said that he was asked not to comment on personnel matters and asked the town attorney to respond to matters that they can respond to.

Anonymous said...

Feiner and Sonya are making it crystal clear to all of us that TDYCC is only meant to be used by Fairview and the rest of us are suckers.


response from Verizon to above complaint...
I have alerted the network team. They have opened a trouble ticket and will work with George Malone to resolve.
Darian Gill
Manager Franchise Operations - NY
Verizon Video Solutions - FiOS TV

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's our Paul in action! Calling Verizon customer service on behalf of complainers too lazy or busy to wait on hold for 10 minutes. This is how he gets re-elected time and time again.

Anonymous said...

You are so wrong I called Verizon myself days ago but did not receive the answer that suited me.
I then called the town and put a comment on the blog concerning the problem.
By the way I'm not lazy and I do thank the supervisor for taken the necessary steps in trying to resolve the problem.
By the way I called Verizon again without getting to first base yesterday where I also stated that I was a Verizon retiree and they told me too that they will issue a trouble ticket.
.The time That I had to wait on the line was less than two min.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paul for calling Verizon concerning the Government access station.
Your call did the job. We are back viewing the town meetings.
Good job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks now we can catch up with town business.

Anonymous said...

Paul I think you had better get a professional person to run the cameras at the meetings.
The system failed again and it is at the town's end.

Anonymous said...

Paul the tv went kaput again.
No access to Greenburgh .

Anonymous said...

Paul if spooky town opens again next year perhaps they should be made to hire a person to direct traffic because this is an accident waiting to happen. People are making left turns in and out of the store and U turns on Central Ave.Maybe the town should put in temporary No left turn signs in and out of the store. Soemone is going to get hurt.

Anonymous said...


I have been using the TDY pool for four years. But today was the last day I will ever enter through the doors of that Community Center. When I asked about what happened to Patricia Roper, in a vivid illustration of almost demonic proportions, Whitehead gleefully implied that she was no longer working at the Center. I was disgusted as to how giddy and cruel her mannerisms were at the point of my question. It was very clear that she took some type of perverted sick pleasure over someone’s loss of employment.

In the last two years Ms. Roper has been the Aquatics Director, I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in programs, staff courtesy, and equipment upgrades including a brand new electronic scoreboard, not to mention her determined advocacy of the FAST swim team. I don’t know what happened to cause Ms. Roper’s apparent termination but there was no reason for me as a Greenburgh resident to be subject to Whitehead’s attempt to denigrate and take joy from someone else’s pain. It seems hard to believe that with Whitehead’s attitude she’s employed at a community center. Her vindictive display is a poor example to our children.

Does Whitehead’s unprofessional behavior reflect the integrity, ethics, and motus operandi of you and our council members? Please answer this Paul.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Isn’t it funny that when someone brings up a concern about the TDY Center, a blogger here responds by saying, “Close that place!” Mr. Feiner, is that you???

Anonymous said...

The center will never be closed by Feiner.

He has to keep them happy so they vote him in again.

That's where all the money goes and they have nothing to show for it.

That place does not even bring in one dime but that doesn't matter for Feiner.

He loves spending our money.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by them ? I live in Fairview and am offended by your insensitive remarks. Get over old news move forward and help or leave. Come to the center and make those statements. And YES Roper needed to go she was part of the problem and once the commis. come in things will change. The board had the guts to make changes and will clean up that mess