Friday, October 03, 2008


In recent weeks some anonymous bloggers have been slandering people's reputations. This is not fair. I was contacted by someone whose integrity was hurt on the blog. If these disgraceful comments don't stop we will have to modify the blog and require registration.
Please focus on the issues. This blog is designed to promote discussion of the issues, not for people to lie about other people.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think that people are lying? Have you investigated the allegations thoroughly?
I do not think so because if you did you would see that some of the bloggers are one hundred percent correct.
Smarten up Paul.

Anonymous said...

The Dromore Road litigation was dismissed the other day, which makes me wonder why Feiner feels it's okay for him to use his blog to slander individual residents of the town, but somehow not okay for residents of the town to use his blog to raise legitimate questions, still unanswered, about some of Feiner's appointees.

Anonymous said...

Wow, who cleaned the median strip on Central Park Avenue across from Midway Shopping Center? After so many years of neglect, it's a welcomed sight. Now just simple monthly touchup will be needed.

Anonymous said...

Hurt feelings or not, please realize that some of the "slander" is/was true and related to relevant town issues.

Anonymous said...

Dromore road was dismissed. And yet Feiner still posts unsupported allegations by the plaintiffs on the TOWN website. How about not being so one-sided paul???

dromore said...

can someone post the decision?
is it being appealed?

Anonymous said...


Dont you think you should take the Dromore Road plaintiff's allegations off the Town Website? Maybe you could replace with your own testimony in Fortress Bible, which is much more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Paul, why is it OK to slander people you dont like -- like the peoiple at TDYCC who worked for your appointtee Whitehead.

Anonymous said...


It made my morning to see a post complementing Whitehead’s work. I couldn’t stop laughing for ten full minutes! Remember, this is the same person who does not have minimum qualifications, who was not supported by staff, not supported by the center’s advisory board, not supported by the community, who has brought morale down to its lowest level, and is now being investigated by police.

So who would support her? Perhaps one of the six people who are alleged to have worked excessive hours yet couldn’t be found on the premises. Now they’ll support her!

Did competitive interviewing take place for any of the employees who put in these excessive hours over the summer? No!

Was Family Day a success? Yes! Good work Lee & center staff!
(In fact, Whitehead didn’t attend Family Day since 1983.)

Can someone name one outstanding accomplishment of her (Whitehead’s) record in her former position which warranted a free pass to the head of the department? Name one! Bad choice. Close the chapter.

Remember – it’s not slander or character assassination when the facts can be supported with truth.

ed krauss said...

I hope the blogger who trashed me for telling residents about the Cablevision offer of a FREE digital cable box and remote, reads the papers and finds, in print, I was right and he/she was wrong, and admits it.

I don't feel slandered, but I do know his/her posting possibly retarded Cablevision subscribers with analog tv sets from benefitting from my information. They still have until October 16 to take advantage of the offer.

I hope now that he/she has seen I was correct, he/she permits me to offer suggestions to the Town...and vets before pointingfingers at someone who's done his homework.

Anonymous said...

So Ed, if I have more than basic cable, and a box on one TV, can I get a box for another TV, or can I only watch the PEG channels on the one TV I have a box on? I cant beleive I am the only one in this position.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you set the tone on this blog and it mirrors the tone that you set at the Town Board meetings.

Anonymous said...

Paul you have put us into this situation of critisizing those in your administration.WHY you never have listened to the publics view on any matter.
You have blanked out what we want and what we say.
Maybe your heads of department read these comments and they will see how disappointed the residents are with their performances.
You started the ball rolling and now it's up to you to listen and act.
Your meeting are a zoo.
Not one on the board listens to what is said but we have to listen to how they did things to make things right.They want to prove they are right when they are wrong.
This town government has left themselves opened for all the remarks made of them on this blog.
When we see that our government is for ALL the people then and only then maybe we could change our way of thinking.
As of today there is no chance of respecting you at all.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your appointment as permanent Commissioner of the TDY Center. There is truly a great opportunity which can be yours to share with staff, with the community at large, and even on a national level. It goes without saying that the building itself is a tremendous resource, envied by many other communities. The center is unique in that it serves a diverse population. This diversity isn’t reflected by just the use of space throughout the building, but more importantly working hand-in-hand plus becoming a focal point of positive exchange and fellowship. There is no reason for this Department to ever be second best to anyone and that includes other departments within the town that have placed segregation over a commitment to expanding their audience.

But more importantly, you have outstanding staff, who have endured six months of friendly fire by an ego driven political placement. It has become clear that operational process only moves forward based on whether one is liked or not, as opposed to serving the public interest. If I don’t like you, I find ways to block your work. No thought is given about how this will damage the department, or ruin our public image. Yet the majority of staff have put in herculean efforts to overcome purposeful blockages to getting their work done. To add insult to injury, the efforts of the staff have been stolen by a temporary political placement whose goal was to gain permanency in her position. That self-centered direction doesn’t garner support from anyone. The agenda of making this center the best it can be regardless of whether I like you will in fact gain the respect via achievement and accomplishment in which the staff is capable of, but until now has not been allowed to perform at optimum levels.

Yes, the staff has had hallway and office conversations, which are not focused on gossip, but rather centered on exchanging ideas and strategies to get the job done within the situation we have been saddled with in this most unfortunate time. We have had no choice but to defend ourselves and the good work we do, while others in the building have come and gone as they please, are unaccountable, and unqualified. We are truly a tail of two cities. The one standard, that being getting the job done and serving the public interest has been dropped by the wayside. What can be more damaging to staff, than to have the people who are truly committed to serving the public be the brunt of relentless attacks while the click gets a free pass, gets a free ride, puts in as many hours as they like and are not even seen at the facility.

Also in the climate of raising taxes, how is it that Gay Silverman has 1: not paid her bill? 2: is being disruptive to our patrons? And 3: is paying a rental feel far below the market value of pool usage? What does this do to staff morale? As we are faced with possible layoffs, a freeze on pay increases, and paying a higher percentage of health care costs, why is the wasteful allocation of services allowed to continue? Then there is the Exposure program, which is also attacked by friendly fire. The mechanisms for this program were set in place last May. Yet the public was only informed of the change two weeks ago. The question remains, was the public not informed of the program due to an oversight or was this more of purposeful sabotage by people who placed their personal agenda over serving the public interest?

Mr. Carter, many people are banking on your success for a turn around. There are great challenges in front of you. The TDY staff deserves a true leader. If they have performed well under this type of adverse condition for six months, imagine what they are capable of when treated with respect, dignity, fairness, and with a focus that places the public interest first. You have a virtual goldmine waiting to be untapped by people who sincerely want to do the best job possible and take the community center to new heights.

May God bless you and give you guidance.

10/05/2008 1:20 PM

Anonymous said...

Equality must be the new rule at the center.
NO MORE FAVORS everyone must pay their fair share.
We have to bring in revenue so the center can pay for itself without screwing the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

We are not ruinning anything for anyone. You saw to it to put incompitent people in charge and now you blame the bloggers.
If the truth hurts their and your feelings well thats tough.
Have you ever thought of the harm that they have given to each and every one of us with their lies.
Tell me is it appropiate the way you and the board are running this town.
Is it appropiate the way you spend our money.
Is appropiate the way you refuse to listen to the residents concerning some of your department heads ie DPW and the assessor.
The rec dept. also needs some tweeking because they have been spending money for the same projects over and over again.
The dpw head lies and you swear. The assessor never reads the newspapers so she sends out the wrong tax bills. Is this way that you run a government.
You all have ruined the residents of this town without palcing your comment on the blog.

Anonymous said...

"Is this way that you run a government?"

I wish we had a professional manager.

Feiner for God said...

Perhaps if we just elected Feiner Supervisor-for-Life he could stop his continuous reelection campaign and concentrate on actually supervising.

Anonymous said...

Paul you give us no choice to criticize your hired help.We complain to you left and right but you do nothing. Your interest is only in the Fairview area to spend all the tax dollars there.
Why wont you listen to the public.
We want a lot of things but we are told there is not enough money in the budget,but lordie lordie how do you find the money to pay for all the programs in Fairview where there are more leaches than any other town.
We have to say that you above all have ruined Greenburgh for being in favor of one group and not all the people.
So stop the bs and step down you have caused the biggest problem in this town and that being racisim.
The rest of the town is a filthey mess but you are going ahead to beautify Manhattan Ave.which we all have to match the grant that was received for this project.
Do you think that that is the correct way of dooing things. Stop rubbing our faces in dog doo.
We have had enough.

Anonymous said...

The Community Center has been crippled by the Town Supervisor and Board members.

For all the TDYCC critics - stop in and visit the place. The diversity, the programs are what happening at the center, it's a great place!!

Merging the department services of P& R and TDYCC maybe one answer, but it will keep Gerry, Joe and James from playing golf everyday.

The Parks and Recreation department is a joke too!

Programs operate three months out of the year - Nothing done during the months of October to March. Oh Halloween. Cut a few lawns, one senior program, one special needs program - Separtism was created because we (caucasion) did not want to mingle.
Racism is rampant in Greenburgh -perpetualed by town board members, motivated by being re-elected.

Let's raise fees of non-residents who use our facilities at rock bottom prices, structure the programs at the Center/P&R to be self sufficient and stop doing favors for people who are supposed to pay fees.

Get it right Paul and Board members; Nov 2009, 2010 will be here before you know it - Then it's over!! smile Greenburgh taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernstein's comment about American Italians was uncalled for, so if he thinks Edgemont has a Jersey atmosphere maybe he should hire someone to start his car in the mornings

Anonymous said...

10:31 we are not smiling.We want the pork to stop going to the center.
All the children in Fairview go to the camps for free.
The charge for a bus trip to conneticut costs the tax payer $10,000.00.
Could this be possible.
Francis Sheehan pointed this out to Whitehead and she had no answer.
They have duplicate services that are being paid good money.
They have five bus drivers .
Francis we are depending on you to check this budget because we know that Sonya is out to criple the taxpayers with all her pushing for different services for her center.
Another question when did a town clerk give her opinion as to how a budget should be examined.
She has no right in informing the town that the children are the loosers if programs are cut or if money is made tough to get.
We pay for our children to go to camps these children pay nothing and they could very well afford it.
We have reached the end of the line with this center.
Money money going Where.
Help we know that Paul doesn't give a dam for the other areas or the taxpayers.
Someone has to help us and it should be Francis Sheehan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The person commenting on the previous blog spelled the word rescue wrong.If that's what was meant to be written..
That really wouldn't be a bad idea after all .
Francis loves being a politian which is good but will he work for the entire town or start right and end up the same way Feiner did.

Anonymous said...


How dare you go around saying they "gave" the position to William Carter! Are you kidding us? Dr Carter, in the most extreme contrast possible to you, got the job based on merit, qualifications, and established a work related track record. You on the other hand received a gift. You deserve credit for one thing and one thing only, selling a bill of goods to Sonia Brown. Don't feel too bad Sonia, she's fooled many others before you. While many dedicated staff worked hard at their jobs, you gave Sonia a steady stream of lies which misrepresented your limited abilities. You're doing the same now to Dr Carter.
Ok, fast talkin' got you the job, but then you BLEW IT! Taxpayers had to settle for an under qualified person placed in her FIRST leadership position at the Center. However then you introduced your personal problems to the Center. You dragged the whole Department in your mud. Why should Teddy's name be tarnished because you felt a need to hand out no show jobs? Many of our young men need jobs and are willing to work hard when they receive an opportunity. But no, you had to hand over paychecks to felons! Did you really think you could trust them based on their past history? Everyone knows they have been milking you for years.
The Whitehead freebies: $10,000 for a one day trip to Playland; Free all you could eat BBQ at Family Day (Imagine doing that at Veteran's Park?); Full staffing when the building was closed to programs in September. You're very generous with Taxpaper's money!
You could have been Deputy. You could have done something that would have made a name for yourself. You could have retired with honor and respect. You could have respected Paul and Sonia. You decided to embarrass the Town Council, the Center, your Church, and the Community, by your shady wrong doings. Now the place is under police investigation because of you.
Hay Girlfriend, they had a party for Hopeton and William, they ain't gunna have nothin' for you except scorn. Everyone will look back at your time as temporary Head as the worst chapter in the Center's history.
The only reason you're still on payroll is due to Paul's charity.