Monday, October 20, 2008




Anonymous said...

Why are you yelling?

Anonymous said...

The building dept. has got to be crazy to issue a temporary CO.
They should wait until everything is in order.
That's what is wrong with this town everything is done half assed.

Anonymous said...

What's a C/O?

Anonymous said...

I thought the library was supposed to open in October.

Anonymous said...

It is October. Temporary c/o are always issued when most of the work is completed. Not unusual in Greenburgh. Not unusual anywhere.

hal samis said...

The Library Board wants to conduct private tours of the new facility to solicit support from groups such as civic associations, private would-be donors, and the like. To do so, they required a temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

Just to unpack and get ready for patrons likely could have been done without this.

The latest word is that the Library may open the end of December. Although not everything will be in place... not because of a lack of time but because of a lack of funds.

Then, just as quickly as it opens, the Library will shut down and be open on a limited basis because the Library Trustees will claim that they don't have enough money to operate.

Meanwhile the dormant cybermobile continues to remain parked at Town Hall where its electric utility line continues to draw constant electric power from Town Hall amidst the blind eye of Allegra Dengler.

Following that announcement, the Town Board will announce that due to its overwhelming success, the Xposure Program will be acquiring the Library as its permanent campus and the location will become registered with NYS as the Fairview School District.

And the Library will return to Town Hall where it will continue to flourish with 5,000 feet.

Anonymous said...


You forgot.

The new library will be ideally suited for the new Fairview School District. It will have plenty of room for the kids to play videos, rent videos, play computer games, in addition to the Xposure games. Not a lot of time for homework, reading or writing.

Anonymous said...

Why should the library receive preferential treatment in receiving a Co when the work will not be completed by December.
How can the town permit people to enter the premises while it is still in shambles.
Is there enough insurance to cover any accidents that may occur?
Poor judgement Building Deprtment.

Anonymous said...

The town does what ever they want. Their is no one looking after all the chiefs just a few too many chiefs looking after all the workers. Anyone here ever try and get a partial certificate of occupancy for their own house. Nope because their is no such thing unless you are a town entity. This is the best part, if something does go wrong the blame will just be passed onto the worker who was told to approve the c/o instead of the chief in charge. Typical of Greenburgh.

ed krauss said...

A "temporary" C of O, is like being "somewhat pregnant"


Rule by FIAT reigns supreme in "Open Government" Greenburgh.

Shaping the law to make it fit is derigueur in the supervisor's suite aided and abetted by his four handmaidens and various and sundry "dept. heads."

A C of O means the premises is ready to be occupied...totaly, occupied. Without it, the building is illegal, and may not be covered by the Town's liability policy.

Here's hoping no one "trips" on a "slippery resolution."

Anonymous said...

Well I guess the supervisor has another department head in his pocket.
I do hope that there are no accidents at the library which will in turn be another law suit where the residents of unincorporated area must pay.
Boy there is something wrong with this administration plus it's department heads.
One signs off on a CO like it were candy the other spends money like it was water to keep refrubishes all the non used parkland and above all the one that said there was enough money to finish the library from start to finish.
Are they all getting the Feiner and Regula bug.
The building dept. opened the door for others the parks dept keeps shoveling our money into dog parks and blacktop and as far as the DPW goes well need anyone say more about his score card.

stop sheehanigans said...

sounds like the town board needs its own Xposure program.

comparing the town board to a car, it would have low trade in value especially as it has a giant lemon in diana juettner - town board liaison to the latest greenburgh fiasco - the so called library to the future (not) featuring the sheehanigans of a ramp to nowhere.

in two weeks will be electing a new president. let the countdown begin for the end of the reign of errors and waste on the town board who go by the name of juettner and sheehan.

Anonymous said...

The t/o is issued to enable the library to prepare for opening day. Library staff must order shelves, books, furniture. Every building first gets a t/o--then a c/o.

hal samis said...

Dear 9:21,

You mean that if the Library didn't obtain a temporary CO, they wouldn't be able to order books, chairs or bookshelves? And you felt it your duty to point this out, voluntarily? No one held a gun to your head to type this?

You have succinctly established your bonafides to qualify for the Library Board of Trustees building committee; or at least to work for Al Regula.

Anonymous said...

The town should have never given the library the CO.
Maybe if the opening day was further up the line the new library board would see things differentley.
You all played into the library boards hands. Where have all the patrons gone since the project started.
Do you think we were waiting for opening day to start reading again.
The libraries are all the same.
Mark my word this library will be another baby sitting place for Fairview residents.

Anonymous said...


Whereas you have entered into an agreement to rent space at the Theodore D. Young Community Center, and as a good responsible taxpayer, conscientious of the financial burden placed on our valued town residents, this letter serves to remind you that you owe $20,000.00 in rental fees which was duly noted from last January. Simply put, we taxpayers don’t know where you get the chutzpa from, to go to a town board meeting and play victim while shamelessly pandering to temporary commissioner, Valerie Whitehead. Add to the fact that you put down the efforts of the entire staff, who work hard every day to put out the best programs possible plus contrary to your comment, do indeed welcome everyone who enters through the center’s doors.

Now let’s figure this out:

A Valerie desperately needs money.
+ B You haven’t paid your bill.
= C: More shady wrongdoings!

Can you smell kickback?

It’s highly suspect when the department head praises the efforts of a space renter who is ten months behind in her rental fees. The temp lady should have initiated some efforts to collect money that was due to the town!

Paul, please investigate this.

PS. Gay, I’m sending you some kneepads. They should be useful at your next town board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Send the Comptroller to collect monies owed to the Town??? -

What's Kolsear job?

Who does collect fees not paid anyway? Answer please - I know who collect my back taxes -:)

Anonymous said...

The building department gets paid and is worth every penny. They are truely a hard working group..............................

Anonymous said...

The building department is the only one that can account for every penny that comes through to their office.
Can't say that about the DPW .