Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

-Marc Herman


Anonymous said...

What? Like the other topics and comments aren't important? Discuss them with who? Ourselves? What is the purpose of this blog other then to have Paul use it as his daily news feed? Concerns are abound! Questions are abound! No one cares! No One answers!

Resident said...

Paul, something has to be done about the speeding in our town. Yesterday a young women driving about 35 in a regulated 15 mph curve almost hit my daughter. The driver was on her cell phone and did not even bother to turn and look at the five of us who were yelling. The area in question is at the top of Palisade Ave and Crest. My Neighbors and I along with our children walk daily in this area. The speeding cars are just to much. I ask you to please assist with SLOWING these people down.

Anonymous said...

You f@#king idiot. Call the police. The supervisor doesn't enforce the speed limit!

hahaha. said...


Resident said...

Anonymous said...
You f@#king idiot. Call the police. The supervisor doesn't enforce the speed limit!

10/21/2008 8:19 PM

Sir,as I can see you have lack of an education. Since you use of words shows you stupidity I will over look you comment.

hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Feiner:

Thank you for returning this miscellaneous outlet. That said...
and in no particular order.

I agree, the posting about speed limits is misdirected to the Supervisor; on the other hand, being interested in these "pedestrian" issues is what he is about.

I just finished watching the rebroadcast of the first hour of today's work session. As usual the sound was off, a buzzing was the most consistent feature and the only clear microphone was that of the Supervisor. Faintly heard were the Comptroller and even more faint was the Library Director. Completely inaudible were Council members Morgan, Sheehan, Brown and Juettner. This is an ongoing and habitually reported malfunction and the Town Board needs to take immediate steps to correct it or give up the ghost of saying these meetings can be viewed from home. And if it is not the fault of the Town, hey folks, you are voting on the franchise agreement with Cablevision soon. What can be done by the Town is for the Supervisor's secretary to be given the responsibility to watch the opening minutes of these broadcasts on the tvs in Town Hall and come running to the Town Board if she observes problems with the broadcast. And, Ms. Brown needs to exchange seats with Mr. Morgan because from one camera angle, her darker skin blends in with the wood of the dais behind her and she becomes indistinguishable on camera.

Mentioning Ms. Brown reminds me of her championing of the Xposure after school program. Since she is their lead defender, perhaps I could prevail upon her to arrange with them a quick refresher course for the benefit of the Town Board and a better informed public. The topic: the fund balance policy as passed by the Town Board. Mr. Sheehan, at the time, was very quick to crow about how for the first time in history Greenburgh has a fund balance policy. Pay attention in the coming weeks as the 2009 Town Budget is presented and then revisit this fabulous fund balance policy. Then ask Mr. Sheehan how he prefers his crow -- half-baked,
under par broiled, frying pan into fire or served on burnt toast. Shortly, you'll understand only too well what I have written.

However, the highlight of the work session was not the whining of the Library (gee it's going to cost a lot more to operate a bigger building) or Feiner trying to appear accommodating and responsive but still look good to both pocketbook concerned taxpayers and gung-ho library patrons alike. No, the best show was the interplay between the Town Supervisor and his new faithful lapdog Sheehan beating up on the Town Comptroller, Kolesar. We've witnessed this on-camera ambush before and wish that Mr. Kolesar was a little less of an employee and more of the tiger in defending himself. Watch the work session, broadcast warts and all, and see if these observations should have been mouthed by the Comptroller.

If I hadn't warned the Town Board in May about tax increases, the Town Board wouldn't be looking at budget alternatives.

This is the first time in Town history that the Comptroller had to think in terms of presenting three budget alternatives, 5% less, the same, 5% more and all of these encompassing tailored to fit daily informational inputs.

That the budget book appears to be coming down to the wire is the result of late delivery of information from various departments. And, just like the Supervisor wants to review the information, so does the Comptroller before submitting it to the Supervisor. Whereas the Town Board is comfortable with just getting it out, in any degree of accuracy, the Comptroller seeks to supply correct information which means vetting what he has been given. When the Comptroller finds mistakes is it less of an accomplishment than when Mr. Sheehan unearthed a $300,000 math mistake in the Community Center presentation? Sheehan = good, Kolesar = bad. Whereas the Supervisor is ready, willing and able to commit to his job 24/7, this is because he generally spends few of these hours productively of for the Town's advantage. It is unfair to ask department heads (who, without submitting an accompanying press release, take pride in their work product and perform their work accurately and timely but quietly) to command their appearance to complement the Supervisor's grandstanding. What the Supervisor could do, but doesn't, is ask the Comptroller if there is anything he (Feiner) can do to speed up the process and ride herd on those departments which have still not responded, hint: get thee over to the Assessor's office, Mr. Feiner. And, if the Town Board's new mantra is to work with a 5% budget cut, then please explain what went on during the Library's turn at bat to betray that goal. Lots of politicking poses, not a budget review or a command to work within guidelines.

Now, I recognize the sticks and stones coming my way and at Mr. Kolesar. Everything I wrote is the product of things written on the blog (by Feiner himself and anonymous writers), by my viewing of various Town Board work sessions and from reading Town emails as promulgated by the Town Board. I like Mr. Kolesar and I don't like Mr. Sheehan and several others. Mr. Sheehan was once a hero and has chosen to become in the last two years, a heel. Mr. Kolesar has a long road to hoe; he needs to be more forceful in defending himself and in so doing name the names responsible. And, in turn, the public needs to understand that the role of the Comptroller is to transfer accurate information as delivered by those who are charged with creating it and arrange this information in a responsible manner and one which is in line with generally accepted accounting principles. What use is made of this, what variables exist are the determination of first, the Town Supervisor and later the Town Board. Who gets to spend how much and, on what, is not the call of the Comptroller but the Town Board. What revenues and funds available to the Town Board are provided (some by external input) and arranged in a usable format by the Comptroller. How they are used, for what purpose and whether this use is consistent with their own historical policies is a matter for the Town Board.

When push comes to shove, look not at the Town Comptroller but look at Mr. Feiner and Mr. Sheehan; they were here last year for the 2008 budget; Mr. Kolesar was not.

Please, try and get your criticisms off to a running start by getting them cleverly situated within the opening bold face "said". It is most often on this line, that most often appears the bold face "lies".

Anonymous said...

I would like to know when all residents of Unincorporated Greenburgh will be offered cable choice. The Verizon agreement was made a yesr or two ago, and I was happy to finally have a choice in providers. Since Verizon still isn't available on my street, I wonder if they're not following through with the Town agreement.

Anonymous said...


Police arrive at Community Center on Sept 13th
Upon their arrival, Valerie Whitehead abruptly leaves Center.
She doesn't return until 5 days later.
She doesn't contact staff.
At least 15 staff members are asked to report to Greenburgh Police for questioning.
Center’s security tapes taken by Police.
Time cards taken by Police.
5 p/t staff including Whitehead's nephew somehow put in 50 hours per week.
The Center is closed for evening programs during September.
Whitehead authorized these hires and their excessive hours without the knowledge of the Town Board.
Whitehead stops staff meetings.
Whitehead attempts to block transfer of James Robinson to Center.
Whitehead offers no statement on occurrence or explanation.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know why Sheehan will not allow Kolesar to implement the proper way of preparing budjets.
He was told over and over again that errors were made previously that can be and should be corrected to have a smooth running system.
Could it be that no one on the board sees further than their noses.
If figures were placed improperley in previous budgets why must we continue to have the same if there is a way to make corrections.
Kolesar knows of what he is talking about but thie board members don't want to hear that they don't know their asses from theit elbows.
Could it be that there are more coverups.

Kolesar keep up the good work and maybe you could set this board straight as to where the mistakes lie in thr previous system.

Anonymous said...

the library parking lot will be used for people that carpool to NYC and also take the bus to WP because they can park for free

ed krauss said...

Boy, these new topics are showing up on the FEINER BLOG faster than Pinocchio's nose is growing.

It must be annual budget time. Anything to divert the downtrodden Greenburgh taxpayers from thinking about yet another 20+% tax hike. But Paul the sleight of hand specialist is doing all he can (other than what he should be doing, WORKING ON THE BUDGET!!!!!) to give us more fodder to write on the blog about this that and the other thing, but not about our taxes.

Well Paul, I've been home sick these past few days, and I've had an opportunity to read all the sections on the blog. And, you know what, your days of fooling most of the people are coming to a close.

More and more taxpayers are catching up to your game. And, as their escrows get heavy, your popularity rating is running neck and neck with "W".

You have had a long, undeserved run. But all bad things must come to an end.

My only hope is that you and your fiscally-challenged "teammates"don't screw up this last of your budgets by not only hurting this town taxwise, but by trying to look erudite financially, you also screw up our bond rating by drawing down on the fund balance AND bonding the anticipated "rush" on certs. Rating companies will look unkindly on such obviously gimmicky financial moves.

Go out like a MENSCH, I know that's like climbing EVEREST but try. You won't have a park named after you, but if you play your cards right, you may have a FEINERMOBILE with all the electricity still in force althogh you won't be around anymore.

In Japan, people who performed as you have have the decency to commit HARI KIRI. In Greenburgh, I only mean it figuratively...but you would do us all a MITZVAH if you induce Diana the Sphinx, and Francis the All-Knowing to follow your lead as they've followed, religiously, your error filled voting patterns.

I don't know if this blog is a microcosim of the Greenburgh universe but I do know you've REALLY, REALLY, REALLY screwed up this time, and even the bubbies-the backbone of your constituency, can feel it.

Hope your "press conference" bestows the rewards you so richly deserve.

It's time to PUNT my man. The down and distance is beyond your reach.

P.S. Andy Spano regrets he won't be able to make your retirement party...no matter when or where it is, even his front lawn.

Anonymous said...


Whereas you have entered into an agreement to rent space at the Theodore D. Young Community Center, and as a good responsible taxpayer, conscientious of the financial burden placed on our valued town residents, this letter serves to remind you that you owe $20,000.00 in rental fees which was duly noted from last January. Simply put, we taxpayers don’t know where you get the chutzpa from, to go to a town board meeting and play victim while shamelessly pandering to temporary commissioner, Valerie Whitehead. Add to the fact that you put down the efforts of the entire staff, who work hard every day to put out the best programs possible plus contrary to your comment, do indeed welcome everyone who enters through the center’s doors.

Now let’s figure this out:

A Valerie desperately needs money.
+ B You haven’t paid your bill.
= C: More shady wrongdoings!

Can you smell kickback?

It’s highly suspect when the department head praises the efforts of a space renter who is ten months behind in her rental fees. The temp lady should have initiated some efforts to collect money that was due to the town!

Paul, please investigate this.

PS. Gay, I’m sending you some kneepads. They should be useful at your next town board meeting.

Anonymous said...

It is time to suggest that Ms. Brown do something about her attire. The frumpy cheap look is not a fashion forward statement to make as a public official. Clothing that is apparently to small ,to short and simply does not fit does not say professional. As a role model for young women look in the mirror and find something else to put on.

palin she is not said...

perhaps ella preisser is her stylist?
i gather everyone has given up on juettner. wish she would do what klondike bar suggests - resign.

Anonymous said...

WILL SILVER STREAKS PAY THEIR FEES????? Why is this still going on??????? And why the heck was Valerie Whitehead not placed on some type of administrative leave while all this police business is being looked into. And now that we have a new commissioner of the TDYCC...what is Valerie doing now?

Anonymous said...

Please make cuts in all departments

hal samis said...

Dear 6:18,

What remarkable clairvoyance you have exhibited?

Do you perform at supermarkets?

Anonymous said...

blog broken/

Anonymous said...

Folks check your tax bills if the assessor made one mistake maybe she made some more.
This was a big one .
She should be let go.

Anonymous said...

Fashion Critic - send Sonjia Brown to the Republicans for a makeover - WCC for an education on what liaision means - don't forget the face too

Anonymous said...

Sonia Brown continues to seek a job for her snitch dog (bitch) Whitehead - Yep - Sonia spends so much time at the Community Center plotting a way for Whitehead to have a job - She's INCOMPETENT, A THEIF, take your bitch and head to dog heaven in the new dog park ruf ruff

Anonymous said...

Do you work at the center? I'll bet you do. You are a prime example of why the center should be CLOSED.

No tact, classless, and certainly in no need of my money to perpetuate this disgusting behavior. You're just as bad as Whitehead.

calling obama said...

is whitehead a blackhead on the center?

can someone with an obama like calm explain what all this inside the tdycc politics is all about?

Anonymous said...

No Whitehead is a zit! Soon to be popped - jail.

10.28 Read the papers- tactless were not, disgusted, frustrated and damn mad. U bet yr sweet s

join hands and sing said...

TTDYCC Theme song:

I KNOW I CAN, I know I can,

BE WHAT I WANNA BE, be what I wanna be,

IF I WORK HARD AT IT, if I work hard at it,


Anonymous said...

A traffic light has been needed for many years at Sprain Road - Ardsley Road. In the meantime, can two more stop signs be added to make it a four-way stop, please.

Anonymous said...

If there are investigations going on at the center in regards to Ms. White head and if Ms. Brown had drugs in her car .Why doesn’t the public know about these things. What is your position Paul on this type of behavior?. Is this what Greenburgh has gone down to cover ups.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry the results of the investigation have been handed over to the D.A. all this means if that if the D.A. feels their is enough evidence they will indite who ever was involved.

I just want to know why the past commisioners were let go. I heard after they were gone they were caught shredding papers and the building department was forced to put locks and chains around the doors. Please comment about this one Paul because nobody knows about this. Oh i guess it was just another town cover up. I see them all the time every department.

Anonymous said...

I think that everyone who uses TDYCC or works there should be insulted by what Ms. Silverman at the meeting. She stated that Valerie Whitehead made TDYCC a welcoming place and a safe place. According to Ms. Silverman, she had to keep the team inside while they waited for their parents to come get them because it was so unsafe in the parking lot. I started swimming there before Valerie Whitehead took over and I never saw anything unsafe in that lot. And I felt quite welcome. Perhaps Ms. Silverman should clarify her remarks. Maybe she found Valerie Whitehead more pliable than the former head of TDYCC. I could see her glad handing the new director at the meeting on the 23rd.

So, not only does Paul Feiner give her what she wants, Paul Feiner doesn't even defend the center and the people working there. What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

Feiner keeps his mouth shut as far as the center goes.
He knows how much of our money is poured into it and how much has gone into peoples pockets.
We found this out and now he wants to look as innocent as one can be. TOO LATE PAUL you have reached the end of your rope and we will take care of that comes election day.
Not only have you kicked yourself out but you will be taking some board members.

Tell me how can one continue in a position where one knows that he was a complete failure and above all who no one wants .
Paul you started real good and now you have failed royally.

Anonymous said...

Term Limits. Sometimes people in charge are only good for so long.

It started with cleaning up the Center now continue to the next departments. Maybe some new commisioners are needed town wide. Some people become way to complacent.

Laurie D'Amico said...

I found out this evening that Patricia Roper, the Aquatics Director at the TDYCC, was fired today. And by guess who -- Valerie Whitehead! Could someone please tell me why she is still acting commissioner at the center?????

Ms. Roper has done nothing but wonderful things for the aquatics department and everything was running quite smoothly until Ms. Whitehead entered the picture.
Could someone please tell me why Valerie Whitehead is still allowed to make decisions regarding the TDYCC when I thought a commissioner had been named? I do not understand why she has been allowed to continue in her position when a police investigation is occurring. Why hasn't she been placed on an administrative leave ... this happens quite often when someone is being investigated for being involved in criminal activity.

This is a terrible injustice to the aquatics department and one that will not be allowed to happen quietly. A petition has already been started and there will be an uproar about this.

I wrote to Mr. Feiner this evening asking the questions above...I am not sure I will receive a response since the last time I sent him an email, it went unanswered and I had to appear at the town board meeting to try to get my questions answered!

I am so disgusted by all the injustices that occur in this town and this is just the icing on the cake...by the way, can ANYONE tell me if Ms. Silverman ever produced the papers she said she would from the meeting in September? Has she paid the money that is due the TDYCC?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Valerie Whitehead decided to get in one last shot for Gay Silverman. Ms. Silverman looked very happy on Monday.

I won't say that Patricia Roper was perfect or always easy to deal with. However, she did understand the needs of the community and she was trying to start new swimming programs.

I heard that the position of Aquatics Director has been eliminated. If this is true, who will speak for the aerobics class, the lap swimmers, and the FAST team? Who will speak for the community about pool usage? Will Ms. Silverman swoop in with Valerie Whitehead's blessing and take all the time?

I won't even bother emailing Paul Feiner. Based upon his response record it's a complete waste of time. He looked so bored at the town hall meeting I wanted to poke him with a pin.

I still want to know what Ms. Silverman has on the board members since she seems to get her way all the time.

Anonymous said...

Laurie d'amico seems to be on to something here. This TDYCC pool issue smells rotten.