Friday, December 08, 2006

Chase Bank to replace gas station on Central Ave

Chase Bank is proposing to demolish the existing Mobil gas station building at 353 N Central Ave and construct a one story 4,056 sq ft, one story Chase Bank building with two drive thru lanes, parking stalls and drive aisles, landscaping, improved drainage and storm water collection, a landscaped buffer between the adjacent lot and improved site lighting.The site plan proposes to improve the ingress and egress of southerly shopping center driveway entrance by closing the current opening curb cuts and providing for a new one curb cut. The applicant also proposes to make improvements to internal site circulation, handicap access, and safety as part of the application.


hal samis said...

The Mobil Station is already demolished.

Chase has a nearby branch in the Westchester Square (Marshalls, Best Buy), will they retain it when the new branch is built?

As you probably know, Chase has closed on the acquisition of Bank of New York retail branches. That means, on Central Avenue, there could be Chase Branches just north of Ardsley Road, next to the Hartsdale Fire Station, in the Westchester Square shopping center, at the former Mobil station and, in Plains, on Aqueduct Road (Bank of New York branch) and in downtown Hartsdale (Bank of New York).

But before everyone panics and says Bank, Bank, Bank remember that the future may be adjusting for existing leases coming due, matching or avoiding competition and adjusting for the Bank of New York locations.

Anonymous said...

Curious - Where is 353 N Central Ave near? I can't picture where a Mobil station was.

Also, isn't the entire road now Central Park Avenue? (I never understood the name would suddenly change driving north towards E/W Hartsdale Avenues.)

hal samis said...

Across from Petland,
in front of Verizon

north of Harstdale Avenue it is indeed North Central Park Avenue
as is one block to the west,
North and South Washington Avenue

Anonymous said...

I've known about this for almost a year now, and so has the building department, etc. And you're just finding out now?

hal samis said...

Dear X,
Is there any chance that the Fire Department get notice of new filings for permits at the same time as the Buildings Department?
Please let me know so I can assure Mr. A. Kreskin that his job is safe.

Anonymous said...

There are too many banks and furniture stores on central Ave. Can't we attract more desirable shops? I'd like to see more restaurants, not neccesarily chains but Chillis is pretty good. Wee need to get our Hartsdale panache back.