Monday, December 11, 2006

Police presence might happen in Mayfair Knollwood

The members of the Greenburgh Town Council announced steps that could result in providing residents of Mayfair/Knollwood with the police protection they want. Community leaders want the same police protection in 2007 as they had in 2006. The additional police presence is requested as a result of a county shelter that opened late last year at Grasslands. This shelter provides housing for sexual offenders. Some of these sexual offenders were found to have sexually abused, raped, or were involved in the attempted kidnapping of small children.
During the past year the Town Board has funded police overtime for this neighborhood - providing the neighborhood with the protection that had been sought. Today the council is suggesting that the Board hire a new officer --that the police dept expand to 3 new officers in 2007. A new officer might be less expensive than overtime.
If this is done the officer would enable the police dept to expand the commuity policing post to Grasslands Road, which would incorporate the Mayfair area of town. Currently, it ends at Old Tarrytown road.
I spoke to Chief Kapica today and he indicated that for 34 weeks policing may not be at the same level it has been this year --because the officer will be receiving training. After the 34 weeks the police will have more resources to provide residents of Mayfair/Knollwood with police protection.
I continue to believe that the town should continue to keep the promises we made to the community - that we should provide the same level of police protection in 2007 as we did in 2006.


Anonymous said...

"After the 34 weeks the police will have more resources to provide residents of Mayfair/Knollwood with police protection."

The thirty-four weeks seems lengthy, but I think it would be a wise investment.

Anonymous said...

Mayfair Knollwood residents deserve the extra police presence.

Anonymous said...

Let them take the officer on duty at the Hartsdale RR station in the evening hours. The officer (and their are different ones on different days) parks illegally and blocks what little parking there is, and makes no effort to stand out and direct traffic. It would be nice if an officer would be pro-active and at times stop traffic in the circle to let the cars in the garage exit -- at the times the cars exiting the garage back up to the second and even the third levels.

For police officers to break the law and park illegally, in a non-emergency situation, is not acceptable.

But in the meantime, this officer accomplished NOTHING. So let him/her go to Mayfair/Knollwood.