Sunday, December 31, 2006


Have a happy and healthy 2007. I will be releasing my 2007 goals in early January--hopefully at the first meeting of the Town Board --a week from Wednesday. If you have some suggestions please post them on this blog or e mail me at At the beginning of the year I voluntarily put $5000 of my salary in an escrow account. Part of the $5000 is returned to the taxpayers at the end of the year -if goals are not met.
A partial list of possible goals is posted on the town web site:


Anonymous said...

A tennis bubble

Anonymous said...

My 2007 goal: The Town Board should not empower people who want to divide and destroy the town. These people are not elected by the people. They don't represent most of our views.

Anonymous said...

I concur. The Town Board should not delegate their power to unelected "self appointed" leaders who may have hidden agendas.

Anonymous said...

Now that he's back from vacation, these prior "anonymous" posts could only have come from Feiner himself because only Feiner traffics in this kind of innuendo and smear.

The Town Board has not empowered any people who want to divide and destroy the town. However, a good argument can be made that Feiner has done exactly that.

It was Feiner who empowered the head of the Mayfair Knollwood Civic Association by striking a deal with him to illegally and irresponsibly giving away $6.5 million of town money to the Valhalla School District.

It was Feiner who, after agreeing with the Town Board that he would not hire his own counsel to represent him in the WestHelp matter (and after getting the four town council members to promise that they wouldn't hire their own counsel), turned around and did exactly that. Feiner hired his own lawyer, a resident from Mayfair Knollwood, and had that lawyer falsely represent to the state comptroller's office that he speaks for the town.

It was Feiner who named a divisive pro-village advocate from Dobbs Ferry to head up a committee to investigate budget disputes between the unincorporated areas and the villages. This individual subsequently refused to allow any unincorporated area civic associatiation presidents to serve as members of the committee, issued a report which, not surprisingly, defended the town's practice of charging only unincorporated area taxpayers for the millions of dollars in costs for parks, playgrounds and recreation areas open to all residents town-wide, and then (with Feiner's active encourage) torpedoed any effort to have the dispute mediated through a professional mediator.

Feiner went even further in empowering this same individual, by accepting his far-fetched position that it was legally impossible for the town to allow any of its tennis courts at Veteran Park to be open town-wide, thereby single-handedly killing the tennis bubble deal so many had worked on.

But Feiner didn't stop there. This past fall he empowered a high income tenant from the low income housing facilities on Manhattan Avenue to prevent 42 apartments in those facilities from being used for low income housing, and had the chutzpah to call his efforts a victory for low income housing.

None of these people that Feiner empowered were ever elected by anyone. They certainly don't represent most of our views. And their Feiner-endorsed behavior has been both divisive and destructive, much like Feiner himself has turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner -- have as your goals --

1. Not to authorize or encourage spending of monies or charging to budgets not in accordance with state law. I would say also fix up arrangements in violation of state law, but the violations are so large (in dollars) this will not be easy.

2. Concentrate on Town issues -- like police and public works. Stop trying to have the town provide educational and other services more appropriately under the auspices of other governmental units.

3. Focus more on the Town -- many groups are lobbying re Indian Point. We need you to devote full time to Town issues like zoning and planning.

4. Move forward on new court/public safety facility. The inadequate parking is a disgrace. One day someone will get killed by a car on 119 as they walk out in the dark. Lets not let that happen. Lets be proactive and solve this problem.

5. Small point -- most of the area privately owned driving ranges will be closing. Is there any extra land, maybe in Veternas, that can be used for a driving range. In winter with a bubble? This should not cost money. Fees should cover costs. As to space, why are the trucks and recylcing, a town wide activity, using up space on Veterans park?

Anonymous said...

To Anons at 10:30 and 7:45,

Stop with the innuendo. Who are these self appointed people you refer to and who power have they been given? George Rosenberg saying no tennis bubble? Mayfair Knollwood reps??

Anonymous said...

Work on a better Sanitation schedule! The truth is most of the trucks are done by noon, just go to Stew Leonards around that time as they are racing to the dump. Why cant we have more pick ups. How about a drop off facility for residents that have garbage that they dont want sitting in their yard for the animals to tear up?

Anonymous said...

95% of the goals should be related solely to unincorporated Greenburgh. The villages can handle themselves just fine without township interference.

Aside from tax collection and distribution, the town government should spend no more than 5% of its energy on village and regional issues that do not have a direct effect on unincorporated Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

AGreed with anon at 7:46 -- and that 5% includes the proportionate usage of the Young Center, parks etc by village residents.

Heh, and you village people, stand up for this too, because you risk someone else (NYS?) demanding appropriate budget and charges.

Anonymous said...

Direct some of the ever-present consulting money to analyze and offer remedies for the DPW operations - specifically highway and sanitation operations.

Highway and sanitation operations are the only things genuinely bad about living in unincorporated Greenburgh, particularly when compared to every other municipality we border.

I'll be moving next year (to Scarsdale or Yonkers or within Edgemont) and this issue will be a determining factor. Scarsdale and Yonkers have highway and sanitation operations that Greenburgh should study.

Anonymous said...

Work to eliminate this odd concept of unincorporated Greenburgh altogether. Create the Village of Edgemont (southern unincorporated Greenburgh), the Village of Hartsdale (central unincorporated Greenburgh), and the Village of ? (northern unincorporated Greenburgh). The township would operate sooooo much more efficiently.

Anonymous said...

- Investigate and remedy all the DPW operations management problems.

- Focus on unincorporated Greenburgh's basic everyday services.

- Long-term and short-term planning (zoning, streetscaping, marketing, etc.) for the Hartsdale section of Central Park Avenue.

- "Supervisor: Consistently comply with and enforce Rules of Procedures adopted for Town Board meetings so that the Board meetings will be more civil." (Try again for 2007.)

- Ridge Hill development: It's inevitable now, so just be cooperative. Share ideas in a spirit of neighborly collaboration, and don't be so whiny about it. Then maybe some Greenburgh interests would be considered. Greenburgh is in no position to continue making an enemy of Yonkers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Adopt the sidewalk law

Anonymous said...

Long-term and short-term planning (zoning, streetscaping, marketing, etc.) for the Edgemont section of Central Park Avenue (someone else already said Hartsdale section).

Stop press releases on property adjacent to GNC

Anonymous said...

To the blogger who said resign - I counter: extend terms of office of supervisor from 2 years to 4 years. Maybe if this would be done your critics wouldn't work overtime trying to undercut everyone of your initiatives. I'm sick and tired of these loud mouths who have nothing better to do. They live to tear you down!

Anonymous said...

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