Saturday, December 09, 2006


I attended a terrific community event this morning- the 6th annual benefit pancake breakfast and coat drive at the Bailey School sponsored by F.A.C.T. (Fathers and Children Together). The pancake breakfast was a real community happening --hundreds of residents (most were from Fairview) attended - and donated pre-owned coats. The coats are being given to patients who use the services of the Greenburgh Neighborhood Health Center. The funds raised at the event are going to the 6th grade class.
This event was one of the best events I have attended over the years --many people from the community (including people who are typically not active in the community)--attended,and donated coats to a worthy cause.
F.A.C.T. is planning to get involved in our snow angel program --fathers and kids will assist the elderly clear their driveways and walkways of snow.
This is the kind of excellent program that makes people proud to live in Greenburgh. It's what a community should be about. Hat's off to the organizers of F.A.C.T. for a terrific job!


Anonymous said...

"This is the kind of excellent program that makes people proud to live in Greenburgh."

True, the school systems do fine work. Thankfully they're independent of town government, because the town's maintenance of roadways - a baseline service of town government - makes people embarrassed to live in Greenburgh.

Thanks to FACT, and other organizations not associated with town government, for all the charitable work you do.

Paul Feiner said...

Please provide me with a list of the roads that you feel are not maintained. If you e mail me at I will provide you with a report as to what action steps we will take.

Anonymous said...

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