Thursday, December 14, 2006


Every year, since 1999, I have returned part of my salary to the taxpayers voluntarily. At the beginning of the year I announce goals. I place $5000 of my salary in escrow. At the last Town Board meeting of the year the Town Board reviews the goals and determines how much of the $5000 should be returned.
This past Tuesday, during the Board's work session, the Town Board members reviewed my goals and determined that I met 79.41% of the goals that were announced at the beginning of the year. At last nights Town Board meeting the Board voted that $1,029.41 should be given back. The status of each of the goals will be posted on our town web site:
I am currently working on goals 2007. Please continue to provide me with your suggestions.


Independent thinker said...

i suggest that for lying to the town council and your use of off the books budgeting, you double the amount you are giving back. in fairness, the town council members should also give back some of their salary (esp diana juettner for her woeful undersight of the library project) for their failures on the valhalla matter, the library, and seeking to rush leaf removal law that was ill-advised.