Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i have created two task forces-- one temporary to pre-screen candidates for comptroller and the other-- a citizens budget management task force that will develop a road map that will enable the town to conduct a comprehensive management review. The permanent committee will be formalized by the Town Board in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Paul please make sure that you ask Samis to fill a slot on the clarification committee.
There is nothing that he does not know about financial procedures.
By the way I do hope that Kolesar has a good shot for comptroller.

Anonymous said...

I think the work must start soon. We all know we are in for another huge tax increase next year.

I would like the committe to at least explore alternative. For example, can we get a bid from the State Police to take over the Police department operations (before we build a new public safety building), and get a idea of the relative costs. It is all well and good to say we want to keep our local police or not, but we need to know the "all-in" costs before deciding. Possibly a combination of state police and sharing with White Plains? Maybe just day time operations of local police and evenings to be covered by state police?

We need a committee that will be open to exploring alternatives.

Anonymous said...

The committee should focus on both capital and operating budgets, and the relationships. We dont want another "over-the-top" expenditure like the library. Everyone is saying we need a new public safety building. George Rosenblum has commented we dont need an office for each judge -- they are not there at the same time. How many leuitenants do we have in the PD? Are they all needed, or do people get promoted because they are nice guys and have years in service? Lets look at what office space there is the building, and what is really needed.

I am tired of hearing people complain about TDYCC. The PD has a much larger budget.