Thursday, January 24, 2008


The Greenburgh Town Board will hear a very brief presentation from the applicant of the super Stop & Shop store –Tarrytown/119 this Tuesday January 29th at 2 PM at Town Hall. This meeting will be televised live on public access TV and archived on the town web site: (archives-Town Bd). There is no need for residents who support or oppose this application to attend this meeting unless they want to since public hearings, information meetings will be held in the evening at future dates. It is usually the practice of applicants to provide the Town Board with a courtesy meeting at the very beginning of the process.
White Hickory Associates LLC is proposing to build a Super Stop & Shop along the Tarrytown-White Plains Road/Route119 corridor in Greenburgh. The White Hickory proposal calls for a 75,000 square foot, state of the art, full-service Super Stop & Shop supermarket to be built next to the new Sheraton Hotel at 600 White Plains Road. The proposal also includes an additional 50,000 square feet of office space, 15,000 square feet of general retail space and approximately 8,600 square feet of other free-standing commercial space for the remaining portion of the site, along with ample parking. At approximately 150,000 total square feet, the White Hickory proposal is still 40% less in size than the 250,000 square feet of office space that was previously approved for the site.
A high-end, full service supermarket such as Super Stop & Shop would provide a greatly needed service to area residents who presently do not have such an establishment in close proximity to their homes. In addition, the supermarket and other anticipated uses would offer convenient and quality shopping for area office workers. The White Hickory proposal is also situated in an appropriate location, given that White Plains Road is an established commercial corridor on a state arterial highway with ample capacity to serve any additional traffic generated by the project. Aesthetically, the proposed supermarket, office and retail uses will be set back and lowered below-grade from Route 119 so they have a minimal visual impact, coupled with tasteful and compatible architecture. The White Hickory proposal is presently before the Town Board for full zoning, planning and environmental review


hal samis said...

Love it!

I believe this falls under the heading: increasing town ratables. It is projects like this that are known to provide that long-sought tax relief for burdened residents.

Not only will these residents be able to avoid moving, they will also have a spanking new place to buy food. Hot diggety dog!

Now, if we could only find similar space in Edgemont, the Town could save the $400,000 cost of the spanking new Comprehensive Plan and reduce taxes further.

Can there be any doubt that the community will get solidly behind what should, instead, be called a Town amenity.

Wait and see.

Anonymous said...


There are empty parcels in Hartsdale, why dont you work on them.

hal samis said...

And what would you have built there?

More retail to remain vacant?

More office to remain vacant?

A Town Park to take the property off the tax rolls?

These parcels have little depth which limits their development potential. Of course if the Town wanted to provide some development bonuses...