Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last year the Town Board commissioned a study of the E Hartsdale Ave flooding. Al Regula, Commissioner of Public Works, advised the Board today that the study should be complete --with recommendations in a few weeks.


feiner needs to update emails/blogsite said...

Paul it's about time considering this flooding was nearly a year ago. Hopefully the Scarsdale golf club will be picking up most of the cost and blame as the creek runs mostly on there property and is not well maintained by them.

Anonymous said...

If the Scarsdale club is responsible for some of the flooding why is it that the town does not take the necessary steps to have them clean up the stream.
If they don't comply give them a summons and if they still wont comply double it and then triple it.
What is the town afraid to exercise
it's ability to make things right .
Why wait for another flood when you know who contributes to the problem.

hal samis said...

Why did the Town pay for a study if bloggers claim to know the answer?

Give the Town a break!

Anonymous said...

It's the Town's legal and operational responsibility, not the golf club's or any other property owner's. The Town neglected the system and bears full responsibility for whatever the findings show.