Monday, January 21, 2008


Please continue to feel free to post your comments about town issues. What can we do to make Greenburgh better?

TODAY: REFLECT on the life of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr
TUESDAY- Work session begins at 1 PM. Ends at 5:30 PM TELEVISED LIVE
WEDNESDAY- Town Board meeting 7:30 PM
CITIZENS BUDGET COMMITTEE is continuing their interviews with possible Comptroller candidates.


ed krauss said...

It's a quiet day at the office. Most people and businesses are off or closed, so in deference to Dr. Martin Luther King Day, I'd like to thank all of the posters to the Feiner blog who offer good suggestions-whether I agree with them or not- but do so without tearing others who disagree with them apart.
I also would like to point out I'm a proponent of the First Amendment, freedom of speach, the press, and posting on blogs. However, I'm violently opposed to personal attacks of citzens especially by people who do so anonymously. Regarding elected officials, it's OK to attack them regarding their policies and/or governmental actions, but not personally. Although I'm opposed to censureship, after reading some of the transcendantly disgraceful postings on this blog, I wonder. It seems freedom OF speach is good, freedom FROM speach is, at times, warranted.

On this a day that honors a man who talked about character, and a non-violent method of evolution NOT violent revolution, we should all stop for a while, look in the mirror and start acting civilly toward our fellow man...whether you like him or not.(Of course, ladies are also included.)

It seems to me this is a good day to start, sort of like a delayed New Years Resolution. How about it?

And, have any day you choose to have.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that this is from an individual who spent years going to the Town Board and personally attacked, attacked, and attacked. Maybe he has learned something in his dotage.

The life of Martin Luther King was not only dedicated to non-violence and civil discourse, but to Civil Rights, Equal justice under the law, and common decency.

I suggest that we allow our elected officials some wiggle room to develop their own programs and solutions to our problems, and limit our political diatribes to the election season that begins with petitioning in 2009.

Talk is cheap, and much of it has echoed in and around Town Hall over the past few years has been very cheap.

King set a high level regarding character, ideas and communication skills for all to admire. But he often spoke of the "big picture," not the one shown under a microscope that we have been so used to hearing and viewing the past half-decade or more.

Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

I wish we could get the Town to enforce the laws on putting garbage at the curb everyday. Please check Prospect Ave by Fair St.! Thanjk You!

ed krauss said...

Thanks, Tom for making my point. For years I have voiced my opinions which differed with the administration. I did not demean any elected official personally. As far as my "dotage" is concerned, I have grown, but have not changed in terms of your implication. I have always been a straight shooter, told the truth and stood by my opinions.

For more than a decade our town was mismanaged from both a management and financial propective. Now the chickens have come home to roost. And a full bank of halogens are focussed on the ineptitude that I have railed against lo these many years. And Thomas, the worst is yet to come, even with the "new" board and any financial help we can muster. decades of mismanagement have put us in a very deep hole. One, that will takes years and specific talent to dig out of.

Regarding the "big picture," people who don't take care of the small problems end up with big ones.

You're obviously a bright guy, with nothing to be affraid of. So, please tell me why you won't use your real name?
.I will continue to speak out against things that negatively impact on our community. I don't call that "attacking," as much as offering an alternative point of view.

Thomas Paine was an important founding father, but I think the best president/founding father was Thomas Jefferson. Maybe your next posting, if there is one will be signed Thomas Jefferson.

Ed Krauss

Anonymous said...

I like what Ed Krauss has to say (although he did do some attacking from time to time) and I especially like what Thomas Paine has to say. I wish he took an active role in town.

Thomas, tell us your name so that we can interact.

Or do you sign anonymous for the same reason that I do -- because people who talk sense on this blog invariably get attacked and insulted by those whom you properly criticize. And I don't need that.

Anonymous said...


Is there any truth to the rumor that the State Comptroller has finished his audit of the sewer districts in Greenburgh???

If so, what are the results??

Anonymous said...

How many audits are hitting this town at the same time.
If they are auditing the sewers they must be going back many years.
Where were the comptrollers then and now.
Boy this is a sad state of affairs.
One blogger said the center is going to be audited ,the court,the library and now the sewers .

Anonymous said...

Just remember those that put their garbage curbside have something going with the DPW.
These people have their garbage picked up four days a week because trucks pass thru picking up garbage twice a week and twice for cans and paper.
We can complain all we want but no one will listen there is too much at stake.

Anonymous said...

no government, no business, no family is perfect. Conducting audits is healthy, evaluating how programs can run more efficiently should be applauded. No need to apologize.

Anonymous said...

I contribute to this blog, at times with numerous noms d’ plume, not to hide, but to emphasize and make at times a dramatic statement regarding some of the puffed up blowhards that quite often dominate the debate in Greenburgh. No one can say for sure who writes under an assumed name or their own. One thing for sure is that there is only a handful of contributors who sign their own statements. Those hardy “Band of Brothers” usually draft long and in depth statements, and therefore one could almost assume that their signatures are legitimate. Henry the IV would be proud of them.

As to Ed Krauss and his defense of his right to speak and criticize, no one can deny his right. That is obvious. But has he contributed much to the debate? Has he articulated reasonable criticism? Has he come up with reasonable alternatives? Has he added to the quality of the political discourse? Has he been fair and consistent? I would say a loud no!

Does he have a hidden personal agenda? Is he a fair arbiter in the arena of intellectual discourse? Is he enraptured with the sound of his own voice? Does he have a group that buys into his many arguments and positions? I say probably, no, yes, no!

One doesn’t have to go far in this county or maybe this country to find characters like Ed Krauss, who come to meetings and spout their so-called and self-adoring "pearls of wisdom." The city and town halls are filled with these characters. They consume time and energy and their heat generates little light. Do they open the public’s tired eyes to abuse and hypocrisy? Are they like Cato who stated for twenty years, “Delenda est Carthago?” Are they like the Oracle at Delphi? Or are they frustrated self-righteous, pseudo intellects, who want to be in the mainstream but quite often soil themselves as they become objects of scorn and ridicule? No, no, no, maybe!

As Publilius Syrus in the First Century, CE, said, “It is a hard undertaking to seek to please everybody.” Therefore Ed should take a hint from old Publilius, who also said, ”Let a fool hold his tongue and he shall pass for a sage.” Would there be any amongst us that honestly believes Publilius did not know Ed Krauss quite well.

Thomas Paine

Fire Strikes East Hartsdale Ave said...

The merchants on East Hartsdale Avenue just can't seem to get a break.

Last spring, it was a devastating flood that cost millions of dollars in damage. Last month, it was an ill-conceived and unnecessary snow emergency policy that drove away customers and was quickly repealed.

Now comes word of a serious fire tonight that shut down the new Chinese restaurant and may also have damaged one or more neighboring stores.

Once more customers will think East Hartsdale Avenue is just not a place to stop and shop.

At least this latest calamity (about which one would think the supervisor would have said something by now) doesn't seem to be the fault of Greenburgh's town hall.

kathwood inquiry said...

can anyone enlighten me as to the status of the 4 abandoned homes on kathwood?

hal samis said...

Dear fire watch,

"you would think the Supervisor would have said something by now"

Whatever the final extent of the problem, it only slightly affected a few adjacent stores -- not the whole block.

And if he started a blog topic to announce this, he would be criticized for not reporting fires in other parts of town. Or births. Or Pet of the Week.

Is his job to report the news or to oversee the Town departments and plan future Town policy?

Whatever he does, he will be criticized; most often by those who don't have names.

Anonymous said...

Kudos again to Hal Samis and his "on the money" responses to the silly, mindless and unidentified remarks from our blog-o-sphere contributors. In this instant silly response era, Feiner's kitchen kabinet of karping kritics are kondemning him for not being on the front lines of the fire in East Hartsdale.

Maybe the Supervisor should have had his hardhat packed and ready to don!

I am sure that the Supervisor will get down to those stores and evaluate what the town can do for them. But all in all, as Mr. Samis has often stated, no matter what Feiner does, he will be damned by someone.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

11:45 you have got to be kidding.
Maybe Feiner should have put on fire gear and fight this fire.
I don't think he is a volunteer so it was impossible for him to do so.
Since you reported the fire on the blog,how many stores were involved.
Did you turn in the alarm how many companies were involved ,did they have have enough water pressure.
You missed so many points concerning the fire but you made sure to bring our attention to the fact that Feiner did not report this on the blog.
You are a poor soul that needs some kind of assistance.

inquiry on hit and run said...

does anyone know what time the jogger is believed to have been struck on route 9A last week?

between whitehouse rd and park ave in greenburgh

Anonymous said...

1:30 pm

Anonymous said...

The Journal News said 12:40

Anonymous said...

Is anybody blaming the Supervisor for the jogger being struck?

Anonymous said...

Today's work session "performance" by certain members of the Library Board of Trustees was truly a sight to behold. No give, just we want, we want, we want.

WOW !!!

As to any new appointments, since the only actual authority that a Town Board has over this body, the Town Board should insist / demand that there be at least two candidates and preferably three for the Town Board to select from in order to put an end to this kind of public be damned Board. Otherwise the Town Board is reduced to five rubber stamps and they were elected fair and square to make decisions, not a group that wants to perpetuate itself and could care less about the public. "Their" preferred candidate no doubt is a very good person, but they may just be in the "wrong place" at the "wrong time". The Library Board needs some new oustide "blood" (and eyes and conscience). Keep up the fight for change Town Board, the current Library Board does not speak for the broad based community, just themselves and the "glory" that they bask in.

hal samis said...

This may very well be my next crusade.

Cable television, channel 76 -- the so-called "government channel".
I don't give a damn about the sorry state of affairs on 75, it is the sorry state of affairs on 76that bugs me.

1) two cable providers (competition) and still Cablevision broadcasts Arsdley shows to unicorporated homes, interrupting Town programming.

2) what's on when
how do I know when all these fabulous open government broadcasts of town meetings, work sessions are scheduled. Watching tonight for the specific purpose of see this afternoon's work session, I am treated to a religious show (more about this), a United Nations informercial and at this writing, the Ardsley Board of Education meeting which bumped a re-broadcast of a TOG November Planning Board meeting.

3) There is not cable schedule on the Town website (unless you are still interested in April 2007. The new Town Clerk may be busy implementing a lot of new policies but April 2007 shows just how attentive Alfreda was to cable.
I did not even see the scrolling half hour schedule on 76 but if you aren't home already in front of the screen, you need the town's website to know what time to be home to watch a desired program.
Glancing at the screen, I see a billboard "Executive Session in Progress" something that my memory of TOG Zoning Board meetings fails to explain that the Auditorium absent of people is because they are in the back room deliberating until some unknown return time.

4) Why do religious programs and advertising continue to be shown on the "government" channel? It seems that we now have a sufficient number of programming hours in the can with more being added weekly. These religious shows should not be on the government channel in the first place (separation of...) but the original excuse was that there wasn't enough programming to fill the broadcast day. Kick them off, kick them off this week. That's why we have channel 75.

5) The worst thing is that the half hour show which I kept on in the background tonight in the hope that the work session would miraculously appear was called, possibly, "It is Written" which promoted not only the word of god but also their book "The Presence" or if you prefer, the dvd for $35 plus $3.95 shipping. Even if this were banished to channel 75, it doesn't belong there either. These tapes must be screened before broadcast or shown only with a substantial "bond" to insure that there is no advertising.

5) To Mr. Sheehan, this is not meant as a criticism but what happened? Cable used to one of your interests. I haven't looked at 75 since the days of the Cable Review Board and as for 76, I have seen maybe 90 minutes in the same period. I thought things were getting better but they are as bad as ever. Do you intend to get involved?

6) With or without Mr. Sheehan, I shall be getting up to speed in this area and hopefully Ms. Beville will be supportive of my interest.

7) If the problem is that the Town doesn't have the money or the manpower, then let's start with simply removing what has no place being there -- an easy decision is to ban all religious programming from channel 76.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how strong the town board will be in not granting the ridiculos request demanded by the library representatives at todays work session.
They were the most greediest trio that I have ever feasted my eyes on.
Do they think that people will sit back and let their requests go unanswered.
Well here is my answer to their requests GO TO HELL.
You cannot hold the town hostage any more because our eyes and ears have been opened to see how badly our money was spent in years gone by.
It took a high tax hike to get the board and private citizens to expose the goings on with this library board.
Thanks to those who speak up at town meetings and especially to Samis who has brought forth all the wrong doings over and over again.

hal samis said...

The results are in.
I had someone conduct a lexus nexus search and there is no case law that supports the assumption that Town volunteers are protected from criticism.

However they are still guaranteed their Constitutional fifth amendment rights.

So if you want to put Library Board or CAC or any advisory board on your resume -- you do so at your own peril. This means that being stupid, arrogant or venal is no longer going to be tolerated as though it were a "protected species" or under "diplomatic immunity".

Any Library Trustees who choose to remain in Florida or on "free parking" can waive their turn to roll the dice. However, under no circumstances, can they advance their token beyond the reading railroad.

Anonymous said...

This is for our town clerk you did a great job in answering the lady that wanted you to have night hours.
She is trying her darnest to get the town up in arms and wants to run the town as she sees fit.
Who cares if she shows up at all the town meetings,her complaints have not changed throughout the years.
In fact what she is doing is causing more trouble than good within her community.
If she wants to know where the funds are coming from she should sit down with the respective board of the center and ask them.
She is another like the library board I want and I want
She should be thankful that some money's were found to help the center along.
Is she in favor of saving or closing the center.
For whom in her community does she speak .
Her threats to the board should cease,that she will be back at every meeting asking and demanding questions.
All her question are those that have been answered many times over and over again,
She is not asking questions as to how to make her neighborhood a
better and safer place to live.
We have heard enough of her nonsense I WISH SHE WOULD STOP MAKING A FOOL OF HERSELF.


Anonymous said...

Lorne Brown,your credentials mean nothing to the public .you should refrain from stating all you affiliations,it does not help you and make your affiliates look bad.
Pray tell when and how did the supervisor belittle the library representatives.
I dont think I fell asleep at anytime during that session.
The entire board said no to their demands and that was it.
Stop fabricating stories and remarks as to what was and what was not said.
The public does not want to know who you represent .
What have you offered to the residents of your area that you could be proud of.

Anonymous said...

So Hal, what do you think of making a staff assistant at TDY CC the interim head, and doulbing her salary. Does this person have any qualifications other than political.

Anonymous said...

Does Paul not have any sense of how the workplace works? If someone came in your or my place of employement and put one of the "staff assistants" in charge (and doulbed pay), it would be a disaster.

1. Arent these civil service positions? Dont people have to be qualified?

2. Doesnt Paul realize morale will be a disaster? And if moreale of civil servants goes down it is not like the private sector. It will be more difficult to deal with.

OK, Hal, all the complaining about excess costs. This is ridiculousl.

Anonymous said...

My prediction -- the TDYCC workers will start doing everything "by the book" and not one iota more.

shut it down said...

shut the whole thing down. why is town government providing this service?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Ms. P. Williams last night she showed everyone in attendance and out there in videoland that she may have retired the T.Washington Award for Utter Confusion. Ms. Williams actually believes that the money that is paid to the Valhalla School Board is the taxpayer's. She must have missed that scheduled compliance class on Using One's Brains 101!

Of course we went from the ridiculous to the sublime while we were listening to E. Preiser, the conscience of the Town, describe and bore all who could hear. With her typical pedantic style, she described in the most minute and arcane manner the problems with the punctuation,in the Town Charter regarding the Boards. On the other extreme, Ms. Williams really exposed her complete lack of understanding of almost anything. In fact, any casual observer should wonder whether she was in a trance. Maybe it was Preiser, whose dulcid monotonic silliness, just happened to hypnotize her while the rest of us fell asleep. Thankfully one Board Member suggested that she send in her instructions in long hand or sanskrit. Personally, I think that 99% of the Town, except her nearest and dearest relatives, believe that she is bonkers. How many times do we have to be reminded how much time she spends attending meetings. Who in hell cares?

So we find out every so often that democracy works and justice grinds slowly.

What we need now is less arcane mindless diatribes by self-appointed guardians of the public weal, and more hard work, rooting out duplication of effort, unnecessary waste, and bureaucrats who are just driftng along.

As old Tom Jefferson once said, the tree of liberty must every so often be watered by the blood of patriots (paraphrased.)

Anyone who now admits that they actually attend these meetings should be careful not to be ostracized by their closest and dearest friends.

Tom Paine

PS; Is Lorrin Brown for real. Is he really a Vice-Chairman of the Greenburgh Democratic Committee? This man's perspectives are churlish, childish and idiotic. (Sorry I couldn't find another CH word to fit in.) He should resign immediately, if not sooner, so as not to embarrass the Democrats any more.


Anonymous said...

I have been contemplating to change from being a democrat to another party but listening to Loren Brown will make it sooner than later.

ed krauss said...

Dear Mr. Paine:

Your pen name suits you well. This is a letter he(Paine) wrote to President Washington believing the president had abandoned him to imprisonment in France during the Reign of Terror july 30, 1796.

"As to you, sir, trecherous to private friendship (for so you have been to me, and that in the day of danger) and a hypocrite in public life, the world will be puzzled to decide whether you are an apostate or an impostor, whether you have abandoned good principles or whether you ever had any."

Criticism of a president is not unique. Walter Lippman, in the January, 1932 Herald Tribune wrote, "...he is a pleasant man who, without any important contributions for the office, would like to be president." By the way, an intellect like you knows ...indicates the quote did not start at the beginning. I didn't use the whole quote because it might upset some FDR lovers.

Apparantly, serving as president taught FDR a few important things. General Douglas MacArthur, upon hearing of FDR's death was quoted as saying,"So Roosevelt is dead; a man who would never tells the truth when a lie would serve him just as well."

So Tom, you made a good choice. Paine, in a one-to-one, private letter(middle of the road); Lippman with a sweet and sour article(soft by comparison) and MacArthur with a blow to the heart and a direct shot to the private parts(Extreme).

You, my dear fellow, chose the Thomas Paine approach, rather middle of the road. Not to publically harsh, vs. Lippman's mild mannered on the light side, and Dougies into the lion's mouth, take no prisoner( something like Cato's Delenda est Carthago) approach.

I know nothing about Washington's alleged trechery, or hypocrisy. But I think Lippmans characterization, and MacArthurs condemnation fit the phony to a tee.I can't, nor will I ever forget the "Jew Ship" St'Louis and the passengers on it, knowingly condemned to their death, by a cowardly president genuflecting to the anti-Semetisn pervasive at the time in our country.

Me, I've tried to live by a Latin motto, not coined by a dead old Roman, but a live young (in 1959, at least) Hungarian. "Non perspire feces poros."

I'm sure a Latin scholar like yourself can figure it out.

Oh, yes, Thelma Washington (no relation to the Washington Paine trashed) Loren Brown and P.Williams (whoever she my be) feel the same way about you, Tom.

Keep on trashin' Tom, the DPW needs tireless "workers" like you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ella Preiser:

Thank you for your efforts to make sure that the town of Greenburgh follows the proscribed laws. There certainly are benefits to an individual with your dedication to the town.

That being said, why did you need to act in the manner that you did at last night's board meeting? Ms Beville as the new Town Clerk, is the breath of fresh air that has been so needed at the public meetings.

Your bombastic preening about your interpretation of the Open Meetings Law in a very visible effort to embarrass the new Town Clerk was shameful.

Don't you think that you could have had that discussion with her without the cameras and the audience?

If you seek to tear down and make yourself the star, then keep on and keeping on. If you truly want to make Greenburgh better tomorrow than it was today, then act appropriately.

Anyone who feels that they need to appear "smarter" then everyone else , then they run for the job.

Greenburgh is at a critical point in its evolution. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

TP Sounds Like Garfy said...

TP at 5:14 pm today is a foolish boor.

The millions of dollars that the Greenburgh Town Board gave away illegally to the Valhalla School District was indeed taxpayer money.

The state comptroller ruled last year that the $1.2 million a year that the Town receives from the county for the lease of the WestHelp site is town revenue.

Town revenue means town taxpayer dollars. That's why the state comptroller said the money could not be given away to a school district. Not only is the town not permitted under state law to underwrite educational costs of school districts, but the town may only use town revenue for a town-wide purpose. Giving away millions of dollars to Valhalla was not a town-wide purpose.

Of course, the state comptroller did say the deal could be re-negotiated so as not to run afoul of the law. But the state comptroller also made clear that in any renegotiation the rental money paid to the town must still result in the town receiving fair market value for the property. The $1.2 million the town receives in rent is in fact fair market value for the WestHelp units -- and that money is town revenue that belongs to Greenburgh's taxpayers.

So TP, in your snide sneering attempt to belittle Greenburgh's residents, it turns out you really didn't know what you were talking about.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10:02 for exposing Ella Preiser for the sanctimonious bore that she is. She is constantly belittling people who are not part of "her crowd" by making snide comments, and always demanding special treatment. Just because she chooses to live in the past and has not purchased a computer, she haughtily demands that the town function as though computers have not been invented.

She is not dedicated to the town. She is dedicated to her agenda, and she certainly likes the limelight. She would be more valuable if she preened less and concentrated on issues rather than putting people down.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my French, P.Williams is really P. Weems! As for the reviews on the Preiser's agenda, right on! She's a consummate bore, and her contributions leave me and every once else yawning and yearning for her to go away. The next time she attempts a fillibuster she whould read old speeches from Robert Byrd and Wayne Morse. As to WestHelp- get real about the money. The deal was to transfer money to Valhalla for having the site, plain and simple. Any misuse of funds or poor judgment in their allocation is on their side of the fence. If the WestHelp situation did not exist, the money wouldn't. Show the public where the money came from? Show the public how it was taxed from Greenburgh?

Anonymous said...

If the center is costing the tax payers too much money close it.This is not a good running business.
It is not paying for itself.
Is this considered a day care center?
Do those that use the center live in the unincorporated part of Greenburg ?
What does the center charge those that use the facilities?
Could it be a center for only those that live in affordable housing?
Has a survey ever been taken as to who uses the center and how many, where do they live ,can they pay if so how much.
I think the center has become a welfare center if so it should be run by the State or Federal government and not by the residents of Greenburgh.It's about about time that we see where all the money allocated for this center has been going and why.

Anonymous said...

By the way, we should thank the heavens that EK has devoted himself to orating thru this blog. His comical appearance and manner of elecution brought too much unintended levity to the serious business of government.

As Boswell said quoting Samuel Johnson, "...(Sunday) should be different from another day. People may walk, but not throw stones at birds. There may be relaxation, but there should be no levity."

But on Wednesday evenings, EP throws stones at birds, and in the thankful past EK's foolhardiness brought levity where none is appreciated.

By the way, EK speech is not spelled with an "a."

The Phantom

Anonymous said...

What is Feiner's proposal regarding the Westhelp money.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:28 a.m. should get real.

Feiner argued to the state comptroller that the millions of dollars the Town was giving away to Valhalla wasn't town revenue because the Town was really acting as a "pass-through" -- just passing through the money from Westchester County to Valhalla.

However, the state comptroller rejected that argument, finding no evidence in any of the written agreements to support it.

Anon at 9:28 a.m., who sounds an awful lot like Feiner's campaign manager, should think twice before delivering his transparent self-serving opinions on Feiner's behalf and attacking private citizens who believe it's their civic duty to stand before the Town Board and point out what's right and wrong about whatever the Town Board is considering.

Ms. Preiser wouldn't have so much to talk about if the Town Board knew what it was doing. And Ms. Preiser was right on target in pointing out to Ms. Beville that the Town Board does not have the authority to impose absolute time limits on speakers during public hearings.

The purpose of a public hearing is to let the public be heard. The only basis for cutting off that discussion is when the speaker has made his or her point and is repeating him or herself.

There was so much wrong with the Town Board's proposed legislation to add alternative members to the zoning and planning boards -- a proposal that, significantly, no one from the zoning and planning boards, including their respective chairs, came out to support, that Ms. Preiser had a lot to say.

Sorry Ms. Beville, cut private citizens are entitled to more than 3 minutes during public hearings. It's the law. You can look it up. Or if you'd rather hear it from one of Feiner's supporters, you can ask Hal Samis or Bob Reninger.

If they had wanted to speak for longer than 3 minutes during a public hearing, you can be sure no one would have stopped them.

more gimmicks from the dupervisor said...


On Seniors Working Off Their Property Taxes

By Michael R. Edelman

This latest suggestion comes from Supervisor Paul Feiner who, in recognition of the high rate of property taxes in his Town of Greenburgh, has suggested good old fashioned work for those senior residents who can no longer keep up with the rising tax rate.

That's right...send the old folks back to work - at seven bucks an hour. The town will get cheap labor, and maybe the seniors can shave a few hundred dollars off their annual property tax bills.

Helllooo! The suggestion is not a solution to the basic problem, which is that Greenburgh Town taxes are out of control. This year, the budget calls for a 23% hike in town taxes. At that rate, in four years, taxes will double. Even working a full 40 hour week at seven dollars an hour would not produce enough extra income to keep pace with the geometric expansion of taxes.

Moreover, this kind of thinking really says to Greenburgh property owners, "Your taxes have to go up, sorry you can't afford it, maybe you should go back to work or consider moving out."

A 23% tax increase is unacceptable. Even Paul Feiner knows that kind of increase will drive people away from the town; it will force people to sell their homes at discounted prices and prevent younger people from considering moving in.

Why don't Feiner and the Town Board cut expenses before proposing a work it off program for old people? Feiner was opposed this last election cycle by his own party He has a reputation of not getting along with other elected officials. And although he easily beat back the challenge, it was more a function of his longevity in politics than a reflection on his managerial expertise.

As it happens, people from all over the town are up in arms about the extent of the proposed tax increase They want an end to reckless spending and they want their town government to work efficiently and with as little waste as possible.

A better idea would be for the council to enact a spending freeze and a tax increase cap which would force it and the supervisor to cut bloated spending before it hands out seven dollar an hour town jobs to senior citizens.

Anonymous said...

The Political Guru- Michael Edelman sounds like the Republican he is. The Democrats may argue and fight, but the failure here is the lack of the two-party system. Where is the GOP that Michael Edelman supports and has lived off for decades?

It is ironic that Edelman picks out a plan that would help some seniors make ends meet. I assume that Edelman would also do away with the minimum wage, because it stultifies the free market regarding labor. I am sure that if he had been alive, through most of the century, he would have opposed:

child labor laws
the 40- hour week
wages and hours laws
safety standards in factorys
Sherman and Clayton Anti-Trust laws
The Securities Act of 1933,4,1940
Social Security
The Wagner Acr
Medicare and more and more!

Edelman's heroes are obviously GOP stawarts like; William McKinley, Calvin Coolidge, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan.

I assume that he would like to put the Great Communicator on the dime and replace FDR. That would be perfect, because the way we are going, we'll be all soon singing, " can you spare a dime?" The song given to us by the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover political stars of the Roaring 20's.

His idea that because Greenburgh has had a 19% tax increase (not 23%),that three more years like that are inevitable, is laughable.

Maybe if his Republican friends in Washington, who have slashed taxes for the super-rich and want to get rid of the inheritance taxes, get their way, the local tax burdens will continue to skyrocket. Last time I looked George Pataki has been long-forgotten and his departure not lamented.

Billionaires like Warren Buffet paying 17% taxes while his help are paying 31% federal tax rates.

By the way, why has Westchester turned from GOP domination to the the Democrats? Well the enlightened folks of Westchester seem to believe that the Democrats are better managers.

But getting back to Greenburgh, Mr. Edelman traces a small employment idea for some seniors to the problems Greenburgh has faced and is facing. Maybe the voters who defeated the two incumbants who authored the spending of the fund balance know better than Edelman. On the other hand, he believes that empty stores, floods, storms, declining real estate values and the rising cost of our school system should be placed at the door of the Supervisor. Times are changing. Sales tax and property taxes are declining and we would all like essential services to be maintained.

Which members of the police force should be laid off Mr. Edelman? Which parks should be shut, Mr. Edelman? Which garbage pick up should be eliminated, Mr. Edelman? You've been around for many years, come on and give us your pearls of wisdom.

The bottom line is that whether a town or city is run by Republicans or by Democrats, in good times, every one is more or less satisfied. But in rough times a
most people are unhappy.

Mr. Edelman should go back to his election evening, off-the-wall, prognostications.

His understanding of the electorate then is no different from his inability to deal with reality today.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Mike Edelman who predictedon news 12 that Paul would lose just days before the election? Is this the same Mike Edelman who thinks that our former District Attorney and her husband were unnecessarily picked on? Is this the same Mike Edelman who supported Governor Pataki when he padded the payroll and gave out patronage jobs to campaign contributors and GOP party officials?

Anonymous said...

Yes. 'tis Mike Edelman who was blasted out of the water by Dick Ottinger many years ago. He's the same scowling attack dog, who is the lawyer to the losers.

He should form up a partnership with Berger, Bernstein, Bass and Barnes, the former killer bees.

How they can have that clown as a political seer is beyond me!

ed krauss said...

A guy can't win in this cyberspacial blog, dominated by the overwhelming majority of the Anonymous Tribe. Every now and then, a small but intellectually "show-offy" group who veer off from the Anonymous to the Pseudo Nym Tribe of phony named posters, freely engage in character assassination. And then there are the hardy who expose themselves to just (infrequently) and unjust criticism by using their real names.

I, from the latter group have been assaulted recently by a guy/gal(nah a gal couldn't be that vicious) who assumes the name of a jailbird, one ostracized by his native England and reviled by his adopted America-for writing, "The Age of Reason," a book with positions like condemning the Catholic Church.

And, denigrated for bringing levity to town board meetings -for years-(Lord only knows humor at town board meetings should be JOB#1, by a typo correcting comic book character. How Ironic, you try to spice up boring, mindless, chaotic gatherings of warring parties, and you get taken to task by a comic book character whose time has passed.

Is it possible that Thomas Pain-in-the-posterior-cavity, and The Phantom- close to the Shadow and the Son of Shadow, are one and the same fingers-on-the-keyboard?

What evil lurks in the heart of man, The Shadow knows.

But like they say on Madison Ave-before inflationary rents drove the advertising industry down to Varick St., Hudson St.,and No-Ho, "say what you will about me but spell my name korectlie."

Aslong as there are,Tom Paines, Phantoms, Shadows and Son of Shadow I, ED KRAUSS will live on in he annals of the Feiner Blog, or, at least until they introduce another topic.

Anonymous said...

What are the results of the sewer district audit? Why is the town keeping this information quiet?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the sewer district audit has not been finalized. Town staff provided the state with corrections. The state is taking another look.

Anonymous said...

Who is Ed Krauss and is he for real?

Anonymous said...

Lets cut to the chase, Presier, Bernstein, Sheehan are the town clowns. Their only goal in life is to cause problems. Presiers stuck up a-- walk to the podium like she owns the place and holier than though attitude need to retire. Morgan put it straight to her if you have important issues forward it to the proper authorities. DO NOT stand up there and dare to undress people who have the guts to talk back to your posturing. Beville should have took the gloves off and slapped the b---- upside her head. As to Francis, Bob and brainless Brown ( L ) move on get a life move to a town you can intimidate. Greenburgh is tired of you all and you must go. Dosent it suck that Francis has to work with the real Democratic team. They have done more work in 3 weeks that the previous boards did in 10 years. Talk about balls they have it , Sorry Ms Brown only in meaning. If it wasnt for brown and Morgan Sheehan and Juetner would have never come to fairview. They dont give a shit about us. Francis the bold liar that he is stated I did not know its unfair my power is gone I am waffling on everything, I did not know about the firings "BS" he is gutless and agreed on the firings.. Now left put people like Salmis and Garfinkle in office and bust up the loosers. When the troy case is done They should bet sent upstate 3-5 would be good. I am so sick of the BS here and I am a first time and last time poster.

THANKS TO BEVILLE, BROWN AND MORGAN FOR HAVING THE BALLS TO GET FEINER TO BECOME A MANAGER. CHANGE IS NECESSARY AND WELCOMED. When the indictments at the center come down you will thank them and be glad Barnes and Bass are gone, with Jutner and Sheehan close behind

Anonymous said...

I do not have any clue who that last writer was, and for my money anyone has the right to contribute to this blog with their name, or without it. Like Hal Samis, and a few others, I sign my name to this blog and I try to deal with public policy issues. Without the cover of anonymity, obviously many thoughts and perspectives would not appear.

My son writes a political and public policy oriented blog entitled "" and is a widely recognized expert in this field. He talks often of the efficacy of whether blogs should be signed or not, orr whether they should even accept anonymous contributions. There are slander and libel laws and there are cases where blog records can be subpoened. (But I am sure that if, and when, the records were revealed, many, on both sides of these various issues would be quite embarrassed.) Obviously there is much written about the ethical nature of blogs and the comment that emanates from unsigned contributions.

For sure, as it is said, "there is many truth in jest." In the same way, sarcasm, parody, irony and other forms of quasi-humorous comment have their place.

Over the past year of so there have been literally thousands of comments, and statistically only a handful that are signed. Therefore, from my perspective, we should separate out the signed ones from the unsigned ones and understand that an incredibly high percentage of the signed ones are pretty straight forward, issue- oriented and generally carefully written. Probably those are the ones that should be more considered to be more realistic when it comes to public policy. But, by definition they are controlled and very possibly not truly reflective of the writer's inner thoughts.

Therefore, when one analyses the others, the unsigned variety, one could easily understand that quite often the writer's alter-ego, or the true feelings are coming out. It is human nature for some individuals to use this opportunity to express both their public and private thoughts in both the signed and unsigned versions.

It is interesting that I am willing to defend the Supervisor and state my name. Mr. Samis, who I only know from meetings and I do not know socially, also signs his name. I do not consult with him or compare notes on any of these issues. He is an independent thinker who has contributed an incredible body of very smart and erudite work to this blog.

I admire his work, his dedication and his search for the truth regarding many town matters. I wish that I had his tenacity.

On the other hand, there should be more legitimate critics who are willing to sign their names to their positions. If their criticisms deal with the facts as they perceive them to be, I am sure that people will respect their perspectives and attempt to digest their veracity.

One thing is for sure, in my limited time in Greenburgh, I have tried to stay attuned to the broader issues that affect the town. One can easily understand any one's self-interested desires and concerns. One can easily emote with individuals who are concerned with high taxes, safety, pollution, property values, education, recreation and generally all of the quality of life issues. Those thoughts should be self-evident to all.

What amazes me though is the constant harrangue and clamor that we see at Town Hall in Greenburgh and other neighboring locales by often strange individuals who have made a hobby out of self-promotion, obfuscation, and the support of special interests. Obviously there is nothing unusual about special interest, and the halls of the US Congress and the state capitals are crammed with lobbyists who get paid to flack for various causes.

With regards to self-promotion and power mongering, I suggest that what we really need is an organized second party in Greenburgh. There are independents, disaffected Democrats and Republicans that may truly oppose the one-party rule and the squabbles that one-party rule engender. Therefore I suggest a realignment of the parties and consequently a new place for these people to hang out.

By the way, I am sure that some other wag will name these critics.

In conclusion, to preserve our democratic form of political life, I suggest that the newly elected be given time to make their own mistakes, establish their own style and have an opportunity to serve the town.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

If you are sincere about giving the new people a chance, I would suggest you stop harping on the new library, the decision for which is over and done with) and suggest everyone focus on the major issues facing this board -- which I beleive to be the 20% tax rate increase, the capital improvements budget -- which I dont think we have seen yet, and the need to deal with litigation (including the A/B litigation and the Fortress Bible suit).

Anonymous said...

There are always new issues to face. The public should always be available and interested to assist public officials with their input and suggestions. We do elect people, under our form of government to do these jobs. They hire professionals and have the obligation to oversea what they are doing.

But it is not our role to nit-pick over every issue. People in the public who assume the role of unofficial watchdog can certainly help with the monitoring of government, or inhibit and hinder the proper course government has to take. The more difficult government becomes, the less attractive it will be for talented people to want to serve. Remember, many people enjoy eating sausage but few want to see how it is made.

One of the problems this town has experienced and endured in the past half decade was the overly intrusive role of many self-appointed watchdogs, who by the sheer force of their opposition, harrangue, and abuse split the Board apart. These long and divisive actions led to legislative over-reach and therefore limitations on the executive's ability to do his work. Our form of government was not designed to have part-time legislators interfere and obstruct the management role of the executive. Currently the new Board has to deal with an expensive master plan that was thrust upon the town in the closing days of 2007.

I have tried to bring into focus the recent history regarding the library choices that were available. Hal Samis is now dealing quite affectively with the current choices that are available. Therefore, at least regarding this blog, its readers are being reminded and hopefully enlightened as to why we are facing these problems today.

As we move forward into this Bush- generated recession, caused, in most part, by the de-regulation of formerly common banking practices, we will be facing greater revenue shortfalls. Therefore this town government should be looking at creative ways to encourage business and commerce to stay and grow on Central Park Avenue, 9A, and other commercial thoroughfares. If this growth falters, and more and more businesses pick up and leave, Greenburgh will have much, much more to worry about.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Garfunkel is blowing smoke.

In his 2008 budget message, Feiner stated that the library expansion was responsible for only 2.23% of his proposed 23% tax increase and once additional cuts were made to bring the tax increase down to 19%the library was responsible for even less than that. Greenburgh's problem is not the library.

Garfunkel is also wrongheaded when he dismisses the need for a comprehensive plan and endorses "creative ways" for businesses to stay and grow on Central Ave, and Routes 119 and 9A.

Towns can't improve ratables by simply greenlighting development wherever and whenever they want. Greenburgh, in particular, has allowed substantial development over the past twenty years, which has resulted in flooding, traffic, noise, congestion, inadequate infrastructure, inadequate and deteriorating recreational facilities, inequitable and insufficient concentrations of affordable housing, and inequitable distribution of tax-free and low-taxed ratables.

On top of that, Greenburgh's tax base has been burdened with steadily increasing tax certiorari settlements which have resulted in disproportionately higher property taxes being paid by homeowners.

A comprehensive plan offers Greenburgh "smart planning" which is a roadmap for greenlighting only those projects over time which will substantially enhance the town's unincorporated area ratable base without unreasonably burdening the rest of the town's unincorporated area population.

Anonymous said...

2:35 you have to be a resident of Edgemont or a very good friend of Sheehan.
The civic assoctation have fought tooth and nail to keep commercial development from coming within their borders.
We ned development to help with our tax base.
Edgemont enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Garfunkel is often wrong, but he is absolutely right in his observation that a problem "this town has experienced and endured in the past half decade was the overly intrusive role of many self-appointed watchdogs, who by the sheer force of their opposition, harangue, and abuse split the Board apart."

I watch with annoyance the likes of the Council of Greenburgh Civic Association "leaders" (O'Shea and Preiser), the "representatives" from Edgemont (Bernstein and McNally) and the Fairview activists (Washington and Carey). These are not watchdogs. They are provocateurs, browbwating and insulting and threatening the Board to advance their interests and to amass power with which to bludgeon the Board.

I suspect that the people who are for the whole town don't come to Board meetings because there is no place for reasonable people at Board meetings.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time someone on this blog attempts to criticize the town's or Mr. Feiner's misplaced priorities, such criticism is met with an anonymous personal attack on a series of private citizens who are always being blamed these days for supposedly disrupting town government?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ms. O'Shea and Ms. Preiser are not "self-appointed watchdogs." They are representatives of the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations. The CGCA has been around for more than 50 years. It consists of representatives from dozens of civic associations in unincorporated Greenburgh.

Ms. O'Shea and Ms. Preiser were duly elected by the civic association representatives who participate in that body. And while they certainly are not shy about sharing their views, their views are discussed in advance at monthly meetings of the group's members, the minutes of which have been regularly published for years.

The Edgemont representatives are not "self-appointed watchdogs" either. Bernstein is president of the Edgemont Community Council. McNally was the ECC's past president. The ECC, which has also been around for more than 50 years, is an umbrella organization that represents the eight civic associations that make up Edgemont's 7,000 residents. The ECC's officers and directors are elected at an annual meeting. All 7,000 residents get notice of that meeting.

When the ECC leaders speak for the ECC, their views are likewisse discussed in advance at monthly meetings of the ECC. Minutes of those meetings are publicly available.

It is just as insulting (and probably racist) to dismiss Ms. Washington and Ms. Carey as "Fairview activists." Ms. Washington happens to live in the Parkview Home neighborhood and when she speaks, she usually speaks for herself or for residents of her civic association.

Ms. Washington has lived in Greenburgh a long time and, while some in Mr. Feiner's camp might not always agree, Thelma has a lot of wisdom to offer those who'll listen.

Ms. Carey lives in Fairview. She is not a "self-appointed watchdog" either. She is an elected member of the Greenburgh Central School Board, and she has served for years as an appointed member of the town's Housing Authority. Ms. Carey has years of public service to her credit and while she has not been to very many town board meetings lately, she has every right to be heard when she comes.

None of these people has a vote at town board meetings, but because they come from the unincorporated area's civic associations, and because the unincorporated areas have no elected officials of their own, it is important that their voices be heard at town board meetings.

That being said, they are not the reason Town Board meetings are as disorganized and chaotic as they are.

For example, in the 30 days since Feiner's "team" took over the town board, meetings have been disrupted not because of anything these civic association reps have said or done, but because of the Feiner team's decision, with no prior notice or warning, to fire the top two commissioners at the community center, to smear these individuals with allegations of paper shredding and warnings of indictments, and to replace them at least temporarily with someone apparently lacking in administrative credentials yet somehow entitled to a doubling of her salary.

In the meantime, amidst all the chaos, the unincorporated areas have a 19% tax increase, which no one in elective office seems to be addressing.

hal samis said...

What is the need for a "higher authority" if every municipality has its own Comprehensive Plan. It is being pitched as though it were the one-stop, all-purpose solution to all of the town's problems.

Even if it were, like the inventory at the A&P, it has an expiration date which means that it should be discarded and replaced and let the next $400,000+ bill invariably find its way to your tax bill.

Because, as its backers would like you to believe, everyone else has a Comprehensive Plan (just because it is labeled that, don't think that it is actually comprehensive) but ok, let's believe that for a few seconds longer. Now that we're all believers, would someone explain why with all the Comprehensive Plans floating about, why are neighboring communities with them still facing the same problems that Greenburgh has -- all of them apparently without benefiting from the wisdom and guidance that owning a CP vouchsafed.

The answer is very simple. To implement its recommendations is both unwieldy and expensive and since having a 19% tax increase has already upset some residents, then consider how they will react when the required spending to undertake the Plan's conclusions is presented to those who already can't afford to live in Greenburgh.

Does everyone believe that the Comprehensive Plan is going to make a lot of suggestions that aren't going to cost money? Like the problems are solvable just by rewriting a few laws or setting up a few more committees?

The only reason that the Comprehensive Plan got approved is that the votes beholden to Edgemont were still seated on the Town Board when the matter was voted upon.

The reason that Edgemont needs a Comprehensive Plan is that, legally, they can't get past first base, for their Central Avenue moratorium, without one. And you better believe that this proposal will be back before the Town as soon as the Comprehensive Plan arrives, even with a less than Comprehensive Plan completed, Edgemont, like the Terminator, will be back. After all, look at all the new and fearsome residential plans that have been filed since Dromore Road and the moratorium scare of two years ago.

And, as the number of developable parcels diminishes, this too will make the final Comprehensive Plan less valuable. But by then, this edition of a CP will be well past its sell date and the same group of residents will be clamoring for...a newer Comprehensive Plan.

Today I'm using H.G. Wells exclusively on the blog; first as the source of "The Invisible Man", the story of anonymous bloggers who become insane as the result of their posts and here, on this topic, with "The Time Machine" about this same group of residents who would be happier returning to the past rather than living in the present.

We got a CP, you got a CP, all god's children got CPs. Now who has benefited as a result? And sharing is something that Edgemont really knows about. They want to share the B budget with the rest of the Town and they want to share the cost of the CP, written for their benefit, with the rest of the Town, just throw the villages a bone, the Tappan Zee Bridge which the Town has no control over.
Then, with everyone paying for the CP, Edgemont will be happy and what's good for Edgemont are things that are done for Edgemont.
Now do you completely comprenez comprehensive?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that White Plains developled a comprehensive plan about 10 years and really worked on it? Nothings perfect, but trying to protect residential neighborhoods and improve ratables.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that White Plains developled a comprehensive plan about 10 years and really worked on it? Nothings perfect, but trying to protect residential neighborhoods and improve ratables.

Anonymous said...

According to the Scarsdale Inquirer, the person pushing hardest these days for the comprehensive plan and a moratorium on residential construction along Central Avenue (in both Edgemont and Greenburgh Central) is Hugh Schwartz.

Hugh is not only a member of the town's planning board and a resident of Edgemont, but he's a longtime Feiner supporter who worked very hard for Mr. Feiner's re-election.

Don't you think, Mr. Samis, that Mr. Schwartz thinks the comprehensive plan is good for all of unincorporated Greenburgh, or do you think he's just doing what he thinks is in Edgemont's best interests?

Don't you think, Mr. Samis, that because of his years of service on the town's planning board, that Mr. Schwartz may be in a far better position than you to weigh in on the benefits of a comprehensive plan?

Mr. Schwartz is one of thousands of taxpayers in unincorporated Greenburgh paying this year's 19% tax increase. You, Mr. Samis, are not paying that increase.

Maybe the time has come to listen to residents like Mr. Schwartz, and to stop listening to know-nothing blowhards like you.

Anonymous said...

Well 5:01 thanks for damning with faint praise. Personally I don't think I am often wrong, but a number of years ago I asked in front of the Town Board that they check the legitimacy of these neighborhood associations, and find out whether their charters, regarding elections, term imitations, and the role of their officers, have been followed and whether their meetings have quorums.

I was a neighborhood president when I lived in White Plains and I met monthly with its council of neighborhood associations. Therefore I am quite familiar with how these associations work and the amount of people who show up at these meetings. By the way, most associations meet rarely, and the attendees are quite often a tiny percentage of the neighborhood, at best.

Also, I cannot believe that their neighborhoods give unlimited hunting licenses to these officials to speak for them on every issue. One would think that each neighborhood would have to poll its executive committee, and therefore limit its officials to a narrowly drawn response.

But again, I do not know, and cannot speak for any neighborhood. We have two huge developements in my section of town, Watch Hill, and Carrollwood and I do not believe that they participate in any council of neighborhood association.

But all of this begs the issue. One has a legitimate right to disagree with everything that I have said regarding to: parks, energy, the library, development, and etcetera. But in the last election, a vast majority of the voters agreed with me, and the people and ideas I supported, and not my opponents and critics on this blog.

The self-aggrandizing nit-pickers that made up the carping critics of the CABAL have basically disappeared. When speakers like myself started to bring balance to the arguments addressed at the speaker's rostrum at Town Hall, much of the clamor quieted down. When issues like; Bryan-Cave, Dromore Road, the library fiasco, the bottled up tree legislation, and numerous others were addressed, the voters seemed to agree with my side.

The 19% tax increase and spending was authored by the Town Board. Did the Supervisor make mistakes? I am sure he did, and I am sure that he has admitted so. Was the WestHelp money pass through to Valhalla voted for unanimously? Yes!

It seems every time there is a fire, or a flood, or an accident or shooting, the blame-game team runs to the Town Board to excoriate the Supervisor. But this time around he was again elected to 9th term, against a well-financed opponent, and his opponents on the Board and in the Clerk's office were sent to retirement. So it looks like the public was more fed up with the carping critics, and their acolytes on the Town Board then the Supervisor.

Richard J. Garfunkel

hal samis said...

Mr. Hugh Schwartz is doing a fine job promoting Hugh Schwartz both in public comment and here anonymously. And in the Scarsdale Inquirer too, wow! What an exclusive club.

I do think that Mr. Hugh Schwartz is viewing the desirability of the CP from the eyes solely of an Edgemont resident, one who is already publicly in favor of the moratorium on Central Avenue to prevent residential development and in favor of creating more retail on Central Avenue, presumably to add to the vacant stores already there.

Certainly he has set the bar low for being an advocate and not recusing himself from his volunteer chores at the Planning Board when Edgemont concerns our on the Agenda.

What Mr. Hugh Schwartz is not, however, is an expert in real estate development and financing commercial real estate. Those owners, investors and lenders, the people that take the risk and put up the money for reward do not want to build more retail, do not want to build small floor plate office and only want to build residential, plot size allowing the economics. Mr. Hugh Schwartz talks the game of increasing ratables but all Mr. Schwartz knows is that it is better for land to be vacant, paying the least in taxes than to allow any more residential in Edgemont. Mr. Hugh Schwartz, by virtue of the Planning Board seat he commands (appointed by Feiner), did not become an expert, merely well-positioned to tout Edgemont's causes.

What Mr. Hugh Schwartz wants to do is keep new faces from appearing at the doorstep of the Edgemont School District so that his 19% share of Town taxes will not be accompanied by a corrsponding increase in School taxes and thus he is using his position on the Planning Board to promote the CP which is likely being shaped to conclude that Central Avenue needs no new residential development.

Mr. Hugh Schwartz is not worrying about residential development on Central Avenue in Hartsdale because he is worried about an influx of students filling the empty desks at Greenburgh Central. No, he is worried about Central Avenue in Hartsdale because to only be concerned about the portion in Edgemont would bring angry charges of spot zoning, something that even a member like himself on the Planning Board are aware of and seek to avoid.

And, for those keeping track of all the fuss, the Edgemont school population now has regained the levels of 35 years ago.

But if you're so hot on Hugh Schwartz, why not write with your name lending your fullest support as most people discount comments from anonymous bloggers.

Maybe Mr. Hugh Schwartz needs to come out of woodwork and toot his own horn so we can be sure of who is really doing the blowing.

Does the blog like it better when I identify members of boards?

Anonymous said...

So Hal Samis, who doesn't pay property taxes and doesn't exactly make much of a living these days, doesn't think much of planning board member Hugh Schwartz's opinion when it comes to whether or not the town should work on a comprehensive plan. What a surprise!

Sounds like Mr. Schwartz might want to find out sooner rather than later whether his friend Paul Feiner is actually listening to Hal Samis on this issue.

hal samis said...

Maybe there are other members on the Planning Board who Mr. Hugh Schwartz can call friends and maybe they even agree with him.

It would be nice to think that the Planning Board is not upstaged by the comments of one member.

Planning Boards and Comprehensive Plans; "they go together like love and marriage...that's an institution you can't a horse and manure"