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Anonymous said...

With no snow to plow, perhaps this would be an appropriate time for the supervisor to direct the highway department to do some weed-wacking and street cleaning. Our commercial roads and median strips, in particular, have been neglected for so many years.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to start thinking about the property on Taxter rd.
Use it as one commented on the blog previously .This would be a good place for the tunnel,to help with the traffic flow in both direction,to and from Rockland county and Westchester.There's 200 acres of wasteland just sitting there doing nothing and will not be doing for many many years to come..

gold benefits - town assunder said...

it is doing something - enriching danny gold and his neighbors.

Anonymous said...

In what respect is this enriching Gold and his neighbors.

golden parachute courtesy of feiner said...

he has a park next to his property that can never be developed - basically its his private park

so the irvington school district will not have any increase in students on this huge parcel - no need to build additional facilities

hey paul said...

hey paul - will you buy my neighbor's house and declare it open space?

Anonymous said...

Bob is a sore loser. Taxter Ridge is as important to the future of Greenburgh as the nature center is in Edgemont. Both are important parcels of open space.

Anonymous said...

Its not just Bob, no one wants taxter ridge

Anonymous said...

Bob doesn't care about Taxter Ridge. He cares about being a powerful big shot. He was, until the court decision knocked him out.

Anonymous said...

6:40 do you sit on your brains.
Taxter Rd.park is important to all of Greenburgh you have got to be kidding.
This parcel was a favor to Gold and that's it.
It has no use and will never have a use except as comments have been printed that it should be exit and entrance to the proposed tunnel.
Green space does not bring in revenue for Greenburgh.
The word Green Space is what got Greenburgh into a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

What will Gold do if the proposed tunnel is placed in his back yard.
Who will be his godfather this time arround?

Anonymous said...

If Paul had been against acquiring open space (Taxter Ridge) Bob would have been for the parkland acquisition. Bob is against everything the Supervisor is for.
He caused the taxpayers to waste lots of money on a frivolous lawsuit.

correction to 10:16 pm said...

wrong anon at 10:16pm - feiner and juettner cost the town millions by purchasing taxter ridge.

out of hundreds of blog posts on the subject, not one blogger has defended the acquistion of this white elephant.

and thanks to bernstein, feiner and juettner have been stopped from making more foolish decisions.

Anonymous said...

Taxter Ridge was an expensive and silly mistake. Everyone (except for those in the Irvington School District) accepts that. Nothing can be done about it now (though the tunnel idea is hilarious!), so let's move on to town matters that affect our everyday lives - sanitation, roadway maintenance, code violations, etc. - things that the town can choose to do with much higher quality.

Anonymous said...

Paul this is your time to make Taxter [so called park]a way to bring in revenue.
This is one of the many mistakes you have made to favor one of your closest friend Gold.
As some nut said that Taxter Rd, and the nature center are important to Greenburgh Tell me how.
There is no tax being generated from both parcels.
I'd like to have a freebe with my home.
What makes this so different than any land in Greenburgh.
To me my home is a park so I too should have the same treatment as far as taxes go TAX EXEMPT.

juettner also guilty said...

dont forget juettner was also a partner in the taxter fiasco. she also voted to untax herself.

defeat juettner in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Taxter Ridge was not a silly mistake. We move to Greenburgh for quality of life reasons. Even Feiner's nemesis, Richard Brodsky pushed for the purchase. So, did Andy Spano, the land trust, environmental groups and the parks & recreation advisory board.

hi danny said...

dear phony anon - you moved to greenburgh for taxter ridge
please give us directions how to get there and where you can park

oh - your probably danny gold who can just walk there.

there's fake and there's anon fake
you are a transparent farce

Anonymous said...

Why won't the Town release the results of the sewer district audit? This whole process has been cloaked in secrecy. Even Samis has been quiet on it.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:55 are you trying to say just because Brodsky and Spano voted for the purchase of this wasteland it is alright.
This was a political payback and nothing else because they knew the land was of no use to the residents as is.
To my knowledge a developer wanted the land to build a golf course and condo's but because of sir Gold who had friends in high places this did not take place.
All of this desention among areas would not have happened and the town ,county and state would have received more tax money.
To these people friendship means more than the residents they represents.

right you are - taxter a taxing mess said...

absolutely, we have lots of open space in westchester as we have plenty of golf clubs - some private, some public

feiner lives in a development where his taxes are artificially low. juettner doesnt even have to pay for taxter ridge!

imagine, she even voted to untax herself after the trial court found that all town taxpayers had to pay for taxter ridge.

juettner is only a friend of juettner and must be off the board the same way barnes and bass were booted off.

Anonymous said...

"please give us directions how to get there and where you can park"


juettner taxi service? said...

maybe juettner can run a carpool service to taxter?

Anonymous said...

On a different topic, when does the Verizon-Greenburgh cable-choice plan go into effect? I know it was agreed upon a year or two ago, and I thought it was a great idea to have options. I've called Verizon, but the reps just say that cable service is not available.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:55's sincerity notwithstanding, the fact that Brodsky, Spano. the Land Trust( a real estate brokerage firm with a P.R. firm's developed name) environmental groups ( what else would they be?) the Park And Recs Advisory Board, and the entire Irvingon school district, thought it was the right move to acquire Sun Yung Moon's Taxter Ridge property, does not ameliorate the indisputable fact that it was wrong on at least two points.
(1) there was no due diligence on the part of the buyers ( the Greenburgh steep slopes law, past before the purchace was made but after the property was assessed for approximately $10.9 million, which rendered approximately 50% of the property unuseable, thus making the preliminary assessment wrong by half) yet bough for at least twice the real value, and
(2) little or no thought was given to the cost of developing the "park" i.e. wit parking, water, rest rooms, infrastructure( roads), electricity, and most of all the cost of even marginal maintenence in perpetuity.

This not and never will be a park, it will be an expensive, very very very expensive returrent to development, and "the 'gift' that keeps on taking."

A few centures ago some of the wisest men on the known portion of the earth, were convinced the earth was flat. Columbus with his four ships, the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria and the "one that fell off the face of the earth," disabused the less gifted minds of that time.

Fast forward to Greenburgh a handful of years ago, the purchase of the Taxter Ridge property (for any price!) was a collosal mistake. the whole colossal mistake and nothing but a whole colosal mistake so help me the Green Hornet and Kato.

Some mistakes come with no erasers. So in the name of environmental support and quality of life the at tax time, Greenburgh residents will be reminded throughout several generations or more...probably more, what an ill conceived waste of tax payers' money "the invisible 'park'" is.

Ed Krauss

ed krauss said...

I don't know why my name did not come up, but I want to assure all that I wrote the previous blog

So now all the anons who love taking a shot at me can do so.

Anonymous said...

I can't help noticing in so many of the comments that it was either Feiner, or the Town Board, or Dan Gold, who engineered the Taxter Ridge purchase and that it was done without thought, without due diligence, without giving a vote to the public about it, etc. Among the many criticisms is that it is a wasteland and can never be used by anybody for anything. I think that much of this is true.

So why are so many people mad at the villages and want them to pay. The villages had nothing to do with it (with the exception of Irvington). They weren't asked to approve or even told what was happening. The villages can't use the park any more than anyone else, notwithstanding that the deal required everyone to have access -- a joke really since nobody has access.

I think that you all should stop venting your anger at the villages. Criticise those who brought you this bonanza.

who is to blame said...

correct - aim your guns at feiner and juettner.

the tweedledee and tweedledumber of greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

There are many people in Greenburgh who should hang their heads in shame,that being the old town board.
You should have never voted to purchase Taxter Rd. property just to please a friend of the boss.
The friend being Gold .
Shame shame on all of you.
You have taken a stance that the residents of the unincorporated area are peeons.
Yes Bernstein lost in the courts
but he has made many of us see how not to trust those in office who should represent the people.
With Taxter Rd. you all represented Gold and company and turned your back on those who objected to the purchase.
You bought this property for more money than it was worth without an appraisal.Tell me was that legal.
If you say yes then you all cannot be trusted with anything else that comes in front of you that states it's for the benefit of the whole town.

2/21/2008 8:36 PM

(Since there were so many idiotic diatribes about Taxter Ridge and open space, I thought it would be worthwhile to bring the above ludicrous comment with the below answer! Tom Paine!)

Anonymous said...
Anon 8:36

What pious claptrap. Who the hell are you to pontificate over this issue? You write like this purchase marked the end of civilization. What silliness. Get a life. The property existed since antiquity and there is nothing inately wrong with parks, green space, open land, call it what you wish. It is rough, hilly terrain, and given enough incentives somebody could have made it worse.

Development must be orderly and planned for the commonweal. Your conclusions are political and down right overplayed. get over it. The town is not going broke on Taxter Ridge or anything else. I would worry a lot more over the growth in the cost of basic services, the expensive unproductive school systems and County government. Most school systems today are bankrupt. They are a black hole of spending, but under our old way of thinking they are still critical. Central 7 is a money pit that is not doing its job. Why? Many reasons you all know. Edgemont is a money pit, as Scarsdale, Rye, Bronxille and many other upscale schools. They do their job, no cheaper than MV, Peekskill, Central 7 or the Yonker's system, but they have a better socio-economic cushion. They have a better support system. But no one should deceive themselves over their own problems. They have many!

The bottom line is stop the faux "croc" tears over Taxter Ridge. It is what it is. Every park has a vested neighborhood interest, wake up! Every park serves a small area of concern. They all have inherent costs, and that burden is shared by many.

The survivial in this new economy is tenuous for many Westchester communities. The operating expenses are too high, especially when revenue streams dry up. What's going to happen to the towns and villages that have little or no sales tax revenues? They'll continue to force people out with higher and higher property taxes, do tell! Just understand that people move from Scarsdale to White Plains every day, and that is why White Plain's town houses have gone through the roof! Almost no one can afford to live in Scarsdale once their children are educated. Read the papers!

This, or any other government, is a mirror of the people. In this cycle the public showed it was happy with Feiner, who bucked the convention of the party, which has done little to contribute to the economic mindset of this region. What did Berger have to offer? What has she done as party leader? Where is she today? She should be removed forthwith and her whole executive board should resign, they are an abject failure. The sychophants of the party, like Barnes, Bass and Williams went down to defeat! Hurrah!

Did anyone ever dwell on Williams's arrogance and cavalier attitude of entitlement. She hardly worked, was surly and was too long at what she didn't do. Bass had no clue! She was never challenged and when she was, she had nothing to say. She had raised no money, was bankrupt and completely dependent on her cypher of a running mate, Steve Bass, a political hack. He had never been challenged and like Juettner was an appointed, not an elected office holder. Bass is on the payroll of the Democratic leadership of the County, and had the audacity to believe that he should be considered for higher office. What a joke! When he started measuring the curtains for Abinanti's office his real character was exposed. he is a nobody, a loser, a phony and contributed almost nothing in his six years, except a vote on Darfur, and political manipulating with his friend Sheehan. He was the stealth appointee by the party to erode Feiner's base of support. That he did well. He seduced Weinberg and Juettner on the library. They were sick of the party pressure and the diatribes from critics like Sheehan, the Council of Neighborhood mob, Bernstein, and others, so they started to attack their former patron, Paul Feiner. Barnes, without a real clue, went along with whatever the majority wanted.

So let's look to the future, let's look for reform, let's look to restructure our debt, to work hard to bring commerce back to Central Avenue and 9A and other commercial zones. Let's create incentives to make the business climate comfortable for growth. Without business and commerce this region will whither, or we will just drift into a 3rd World reality of very rich and very poor. It could happen here!

2/22/2008 9:35 AM

candidates needed to arrest decay said...

home depot could have been in greenburgh. feiner chased them to the town just north of greenburgh.

you want results - get rid of tired brain dead careerists like feiner and juettner who have no private industry experience. greenburgh needs a bloomburg.

the biggest problem - there are no candidates. you are right about berger. she is a loser.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:52, get your facts straight. Feiner did not chase Home Depot up to the north on his own. The Town Board did so amid a desire from the people in that community who didn't want the traffic. Of course, had Home Depot built in Greenburgh you would have blamed Feiner and Feiner alone for "being in the pocket of developers." Please get a life.

get real said...

and feiner voted????

get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I never said Feiner voted. Did he vote against Home Depot?

Anonymous said...

After paying to have our driveway cleaned of snow the town truck comes through with such velocity that he threw all the snow in front of our clean driveway.
This is one town that the residents cannot win.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure. The more I read this blog, the more I see a sense of discontent seeping into the language of the bloggers.

Let us all face some sense of reality. America, New York, and many other parts from coast to coast are in trouble. People are living over their heads, and society is having great problems footing the bills. The right-wingers want to get rid of taxes and have a pay as you go society. The left-wingers think that social safety nets will solve all of our problems.

In truth, we are a top-heavy aging empire, which went from being the greatest producer of; cars, oil, cement, steel, rubber, and you name it, to the greatest consumer. Over 85% of our jobs are now in the service sector. We export tobacco, intellectual property and not a lot more. Just go into the current almanac or internet and check the figures. We have $6-7 trillion in the hands of China, South Korea, Japan, Formosa, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, The Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Venezuela and a few other smaller exporters.

I did a radio program with a fellow named Ken Brooks, on WVOX, Wednesday who is the head of Go-Eco a company that specializes in hybrid, and electric power limosines. From my research for the program I stated that America is currently using 20 million barrels of oil per day, approximately 25% of the world's production (Oct. 2007) with between 5-6% of the world's population. We cannot continue to go down that path. You can hear the re-broadcast anytime at

Maybe instead of giving each American taxpayer, retiree and individual on disability, $600 to spend on Chinese imports ($168 Billion more out of treasury) we should be asking the Chinese to give gift cards to their people to spend some of the $2 trillion they hold in greenbacks so they can buy American made products. You know we are in the same boat. If we go under, who are they going to sell to? Servicing this incredible Bush debt will be almost impossible. Clinton left us with $535 billion in surpluses during his eight years, under Bush II, and his insane management of the budget, our National Debt has grown to over $9.24 trillion!

All of this constant breast-beating over Taxter Ridge is idiotic and purely political. It is what it is. Robert Bernstein did not initiate this suit to bring back, or establish a better parity over park usage, or who pays for its purchase or maintenance. He challenged it because he is an opponent and a foe of Paul Feiner. What else is new? Putting Diane Juettner in the Supervisor's class or league is a fool's journey. She has been opposing him for years. I assume that with Feiner's new Board he will right the wrongs, work on solutions, and be strongly re-elected. I have no crystal ball, but I would guess that Ms. Juettner will not be a candidate again. If she is, one could eaily assume she will be challenged and defeated. But politics makes strange bedfellows and the next election cycle is still 18 months away.

Again, as it has been said by some, Taxter Ridge is not the end all, or be all, of Greenburgh. The problems facing this town and other municipalities are regional and nationwide.

We cannot afford to pay for many of our services. It is too expensive for many to live here. To operate our schools and essential services we have to pay top dollar. State civil service rules, union contracts, the cost of living, and other factors have locked us in! Do tell!

So what is the answer? It is not the sale of one park or all parks. Who wants their neighborhood park gone. Should this land be left fallow, so maintenance costs shrink? How about the people that use parks? Should they pay higher user fees? I do not currently use any park, why should I pay for any upkeep? But I don't use the schools either. My children are grown and they were raised in another municipality. There are many people opposed to the war in Iraq, but they have to pay weekly as their taxes are withheld.

Therefore, we all have to chip in to make a better society. Our representative form of government is elected and paid to make those decisions, Civics 101.

The grousing over this park's purchase is way over the top and a waste of both the blogger's and the reader's time and energy. it won't be sold, and I believe it can't be, and it is here to stay, I believe. I would encourage a study by the wind energy industry to see if it's summit is viable as a potential wind farm. Just an idea. There are obvious transmission problems, but if we can create energy and lessen our dependence on fossil-fuel, it maybe worth the investment in time and money.

I hope that we can end this constant harranging blame game. I have no clue who write anonymous contributions, and could care less. It seems to me that there are a few idealogues that have an axe to grind. I have to admire Hal Samis, Herb Rosenberg and the few others like myself who are willing to offer their thoughts.

Interestingly John McCain initiated no "earmaarks," and Hillary authored $300,000,000. Without "earmarks" our state and region would really be in trouble. So McCain says, if elected, he'll veto any bill with one "earmark." Look out! What's the answer?

I say let's focus on ways to cut operating costs and increase our ratables. The challenge is out there, but I hope Taxter Ridge issue, Bernstein's "reason for existance" starts to go away. It is basically irrelevant.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Our sanitation pick up stinks. Last week, I didnt put out paper recycling and i called and they said bad weather doesnt affect recycling. Today I put out bottles and they didnt pick them up. There is no drop off facility. Where do these idiots think I can store all this stuff.

Anonymous said...

You're probably not one of their favorites on your street.

Anonymous said...

6:02 anon
To frustrated re-cycler- Get a life!

I am sure, and I would assume that most rational people would agree, that because of the weather discretion was the better part of valor. Bag it up, tie it up and store it for another few days! Big deal!

daffy gaffy said...

mr gaff-funkle

where has juettner seriously opposed feiner?

hope garfunkel is right said...

hope he is right about juettner - she is a disaster

Anonymous said...

For the past two years, until the new Board came in, she voted with the other 3 Council persons and never even seconded a motion that Feiner made. She never opened her mouth, she left that to Bass and Sheehan, but she opposed him whether or not he deserved to be opposed.

She is really useless.

Anonymous said...

The system which the towns of NY State operate under is one in which the Supervisor is the Chief Operating Officer and responsible for the every day operation of the town. He has a single vote on the Town Board and he can be easily stymied, as he was for the preceeding four years.

Legislative dictatorship is not what our system is all about. If the Supervisor is popularly elected, he needs support to accomplish his programs, assistance in the management and funding of basic and necssary services and cooperation regarding the commonweal. In other words, what is good for the Town as a whole.

He is up for election every two years, and therefore he is answerable to the public in half the time the members of the Town Board, who have four year terms. Juettner, Barnes and Weinberg broke from the Supervisor and joined with Bass, who was never an ally of the Supervisor. He was selected and appointed by political foes of the Supervisor six+ years ago. Feiner's so-called allies on the Board supported the Bass nomination and the Supervisor, who did not have the votes six years ago, went along. He had little choice or leverage in the matter. That is where his so-called allies were at.

Since that time the Supervisor has fought, almost alone, against the efforts by his critics (The CABAL) to destory him and his reputation. He defeated easily Jim Lasser in 2003 without the endorsement of the Greenburgh Town Democratic Committee under the cynical leadership of Suzanne Berger. They were anxious to find someone to run against Feiner in the primary so they endorsed Bill Greenawalt, who had been in and around Democratic Party politics for decades.

The race in 2005 was made close by last minute slams and smears against his running mates, Kevin Morgan and Allegra Dengler, two independently minded, non-organizational Democrats. The smears were orchestrated and paid for by both Sheehan and Juettner. Despite a sand-bagging by the NY Times, the endorsement of all of the Democratic officials and the most of the District Leader, Feiner won re-election. In the November general election with the whole electorate voting, Feiner would have easily beaten Greenawalt. That is why Greenawalt didn't run!

Note, that in the general election of 2007, Paul and his team won by 80% of the vote. The electorate knew who their opponents were (they were the incumbants with 36 years of experience in office) and when the electorate was expanded in November the results were overwhelming for the Feiner Team. Obviously when one takes into account the Independents and the GOP, Feiner is still strongly favored. They are citizens ogf Greenburgh also! They have right to vote! (The GOP head, who was really out of step, wrote a letter endorsing the foes of the Feiner Team, obviously his electorate ignored his advice.)

The bottom line to all of this is that Feiner can do little without support. He has that support now it seems, and the responsibility for Greenburgh is squarely on his shoulders. We should all be pulling for his success.

But there will be a number of Feiner-Haters out there, who would rather see Greenburgh bankrupted rather than enjoy success under Feiner's watch.

We have endured years of the 730- Day campaign with the carping critics of hate spouting their venom at meeting after meetings. Let's come up with some "bright" ideas for a change, and find ways for this Town to prosper. In other words, more revenues and less waste. More light and less heat!

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Garfunkel thanks for the history,but that holds no water for what was done to grant a favor to a friend who wanted a parcel of land to remain without development.
Many of us have defended Feiner right along but this was the last straw.
Yes he probabley will win the election the next time arround since there is no one in either party to run against him.
This is a very sad state of afairs not to have good politicos to work for good government.

ed krauss said...

It seems, Tom Paine thinks that those who criticize "his boy", engage in "pious claptrap', and pontificate in their "idiotic diatribes."

Criticizing "his guy," is "downright overplayed," and those who do, "should get a life." His characterization and brutal denigration of "his boy's" fellow board members, I guess is not "downright overplayed," and he of has a postumous life such that it is, so he doesn't have to get one.

Yet Tom, or is it Richard (I notice that one of you plagiarizes exact phrases from the other's screeds) I agree the town will not go broke on the unnecessary expenditure of $5,ooo,ooo (divided by county and state) but you must admit as the Reaissance-know-it-all that you try to portray yourself as, that it was a stupid decision to spend $10.9 when you could have spent $5. And we will not go broke because of the mismanaged,poorly administered, incompetence, manifest in the handling of the $19.8 library construction project, nor the $6,000,000 shortfall when settling the tragic tree falling event on Central Ave (by the way we were not represented at the negotiations by council- we "saved" money by using our insurance carriers lawyer(just like we "saved" money by under insuring the Town) , who without queston was defending the guy who signs his check... the insurance company.Thus when the "bid" passed $3,000,000 (our liability coverage), he left because his work was done)nor will the Town go broke because the multi-purpose center and the sanitation garage capital projects were mishandled in a similar, but less costly screwup, than the $19.8 million library. No Tom or Richard we won't go broke because financial, management and administrative oopses are covered up by (you guessed it) tax increases.

I wonder, are the combination of these foul ups going to create a third world reality?

Just a few thoughts about your VooDoo recollections of history. Because people don't agree with you, their blog entries, unless proven otherwise are not IDIOTIC DIATRIBES. Your take on Taxter, "it is what it is," may not be idiotic but it clearly does not describe what your position would be if the non-supervisor group were resposible for dribbling away $ 1/3 of $5 million. And Tom/Rich, all of the fiscal blunders described above have one common thread of contnuity. They all occurred under the administration of "Your Guy," and when he had complete control of the board. Diana, Eddie Mae and Timmie were ALWAYS there for him to do as he pleased. Only in the last two years,was he in a one against four situation.Of ourse I'm not blaming him alone, but one president removed from your beloved said,"the buck stops here."And guess who's at the top of the food chain in Greenburgh?

As to the appointment of Steve Bass, "Your Guy" picked him over Bill Greenawalt because he felt he could exert more control over him.

Bill Greenawalt did not run in the general election, because, unlike Paul who had a "safety net" line to run on,Bill did not. You know, as well as I, why Bill lost the primary.

This time around, it was a different story. However the whys and wherefores of this election are suppositions on your part. Maybe people did not vote for Paul, they voted against Suzanne. Maybe she ran a bad race. Maybe, maybe maybe.

You're still on your repetative kick. I wish you'd lose it. There was never a Cabal, and if there was an anti-Feiner group, clearly you and some others were part of a defending Feiner group. So give it a rest.

Another annoying phrase you use which has no merit and much hypocricy is "730 day campaigns."If there is anyone who best fits that description it is "your boy", hands down. He has no equals.

I'm sure your "political acumen, financial/fiscal policy acumen,foreign policy acumen, trade exchange acumen, alternative energy acumen, and all of multifarious acumens yet to be exposed," must do wonders for you bottom line.

But I leave you with these observations:
If pomposity were a merit badge, you'd be an Eagle scout,
It condescention were a valued attribute, you'd be the "flavor of the century," and, isn't The Advocate the #1 selling Gay magazine in the country?

thx ed said...

thanks ed
glad you are back to skewer daffy gaffy, the true believer,

now, where are the candidates?

Anonymous said...

...with the rug's rant, I gather he knows gay mags, welcome for coming out of the closet! (water)...

Anonymous said...

Knowing Krauss, he doesn't rant; he uses measured truthful language; he doesn't need to come out of the closet, if you need proof, ask your wife. If he were embarrassed by the "rug," he wouldn't wear it.

So your pithy rejoinder simply proves you are one of the "idiot diatribers," Garfunkle refers to.

Church is more bearable knoing when I come home I can read exciting prose like yours. Maybe you should go to church it'll do you a world of good.

hal samis said...

To Ed and Richard:

"Territory folks should stick together,
Territory folks should all be pals,
Farmers dance with the ranchers' daughters,
Ranchers dance with the farmers' gals."
from "Oklahoma!"

"What a waste,
What a waste,
What a waste of money and time"
from "On The Town"

"Wherever we go,
Whatever we do,
We're gonna go through it together,
We may not go far
But sure as a star
Wherever we are, it's together,
No fists, no fights, no feuds and egos - amigos, together"
from "Gypsy"

"What a Country
What a crazy place to be
A hundred eighty million people and no two of them agree"
from "All American"

"A Fiddler on the roof
Sounds crazy, no?
But in our little village of Anatevka you might say,
Every one of us is a fiddler on a roof,
Trying to scratch out a pleasant simple tune without breaking his neck,
It isn't easy.
You might ask,
Why do we stay up there if it's so dangerous?
We stay because Anetevka is our home.
How do we keep our balance?
That I can tell you in one word, tradition
How did this tradition get started?
I'll tell you I don't know,
It's a tradition
from "Fiddler on the Roof"

"The sun'll come out tomorrow,
So you gotta hang on to tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow,
You're always a day away."
from "Annie"

To Bob:

"I hollered someone save me,
But the passengers they knew right from wrong,
Oh the people all said, sit down, Sit down you're rocking the boat.
Yes the people said sit down, sit down you're rocking the boat

And the devil will drag you under by the sharp lapel of your checkered coat,
Sit down, sit down, sit down Your're rocking the boat."
from "Guys & Dolls"

ed krauss said...

Bravo, anon 11:03. I thought only Hal Samis had that breath of knowledge in the area of musicals.

Keep on singing, it's good for the soul.

Anonymous said...


ed - insights needed said...

ed - is greenburgh a town or a fiction of feiner's imagination?

at every meeting we see a parade of pity about this or that housing authority. is this what the future is?

meanwhile the town board has failed to write a letter to the state comptroller asking which budget the young center belongs in.

the state has parks and programs, the county has parks and programs, the town has parks and programs, the villages have parks and programs.... is there really shuch a need for this triplication??

ed - insights needed said...

ed - is greenburgh a town or a fiction of feiner's imagination?

at every meeting we see a parade of pity about this or that housing authority. is this what the future is?

meanwhile the town board has failed to write a letter to the state comptroller asking which budget the young center belongs in.

the state has parks and programs, the county has parks and programs, the town has parks and programs, the villages have parks and programs.... is there really shuch a need for this triplication??

Anonymous said...

Well we finally see how much of parkland is needed here in Westcester.
We seem to forget that all the other parkland in Westchester county is covered by the taxes that we all pay within our state county and town taxes.
We didn't need all this parkland,since it is hardley used to capacity.
There are no freebees we pay for everything.
The town needs a good State audit of all the land that is paid by the taxpayers.
How much do these parks generate.
How much does the center generate.
Are these places being run in the black or are they in the red.
We seem to be putting more and more money each year for the same maintenance.
There's something wrong with the recreation system in Greenburgh.
This audit should be added to all the other audits that are in progress and those that will be following .

relief from error said...

relief from the something that is wrong in greenburgh is spelled TERM LIMITS.

18 years of juettner will be more than enough.

feiner should also acknowledge that 20 years in office is sufficient (we may need another 20 to undo some of his mistakes).

thank god we have presidential term limits.