Monday, February 11, 2008

UPDATE; East Hartsdale Flood study

Mr. Regula:

Following is an update on the Hartsdale Brook Flood Study.
Our surveyor has completed his work and is processing his data.
He has advised that we will receive it by Friday 2/8.
Once we receive the survey data we will finally be in a position to proceed with our hydraulic analyses.
I will contact Mr. Cioce once we have received the data so that we can set up meeting date to review our work.
Thank you very much,

Dennis Rocks, P.E.

Leonard Jackson Associates


Feienr needs to update emails/ blogsite said...

Paul as I have stated before you hardly ever update your blogsite. Do you notice that you posted this on Feb. 11 and say the update is due in by Friday Feb. 8th. This study almost took 10 months to do and the stores / buildings are still not safe from any flooding.

Anonymous said...

"He has advised that we will receive it by Friday 2/8."

So where is it?

Anonymous said...

This is Greenburgh, not some well-run Town. Be happy if it arrives by February 8, 2009 - just in time for Paul to use it in his next campaign to become Supervisor for Life.