Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last month a pedestrian lost his life on a curve on 9A where a hit and run occurred. Over the years the curve has been the scene of a number of accidents. Beyond the curve heading north is an entrance to the rails to trails running path. Inasmuch as this is a state road, would it be possible for the state DOT to fund a walking path at this location so we can prevent fatalities when people are walking or running?


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Constructing sidewalks is terrific - but maintaining them is even more important.
How about a Feiner team pledge to provide adequate and appropriate funding for ALL of Greenburgh's infrastructure - BEFORE we add to it!

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Once sidewalks are put in any home owner where this is done will be responsible for the manintenance.
Cleaning and carrying plenty of insurance to cover acidents.
It makes no difference who puts the sidewalk in place,the state or the town the law is the law.

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Paul - your self-serving posting about homeowners' responsibility is simply and plainly WRONG. Only Greenburgh is so foolish as to put the maintenance on homeowners, and that goes a long way to explaining why there are no sidewalks being built.
Some friends of the Paulitburo in Old Edgemont have sidewalks which are maintained by Town employees. Further, the settlement with the Edgemont School District, where the Town arbitrarily built a non-conforming sidewalk at Seeley Place School, REQUIRES the Town to maintain the sidewalk.
Finally, you have failed to address the issue of maintenance in general. One of the reasons we need to build a new public safety building is the lack of funding to properly maintain the old building - just as the Town failed to fund proper maintenance for either the old Town Hall or the old Library. Sure, maintenance isn't sexy and doesn't generate photo-ops, but it is an important part of good management. That is a missing part of your on-going campaign to be supervisor for life.

its the wall said...

the town board and nita lowey are too busy with crap like the presser park wall

if you tear it down nothing to maintain.

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It's pretty funny that Mr. Feiner posts commentaries as Anonymous and that we can all tell when it's him! (I like when he poses as an old lady!) It would be nice if he actually replied to posted questions and such as himself.

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9:11 Paul did not write the comment that the home owners have to maintain the sidewalks. I did and I am an old lady of 80 years old.
We requested sidewalks many years ago[before Paul's time] and were told that we would be responsible for manitaining them fully.
Sorry this time you made a mistake in blaming the wrong person for a comment.
Another thing also was the cost to move electic or telephones poles unto peoples property.
I think you know this removal has to take place before the sidewalks are put in place.
Some people who wanted the sidewalks backed off because of the maintenance an the placing of the poles closer to their homes.
I do think that you owe the supervisor an apology.

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Dear Ms. Eighty-something -
Just as the Supervisor can petition the Legislature to change the Finneran Law because it doesn't meet the Supervisor's current political agenda, he could ask for the legislation making homeowners in Greenburgh responsible for maintaining the sidewalks to be repealed. He chooses not to, but he could. The Town could also REQUIRE utility companies to BURY their lines, reducing the chance bad weather will disrupt service because of downed lines. Mr. Feiner chooses not to. Asking Mr. Feiner to be a responsible, forward thinking leader rather than a hack politico does not require an apology - so I will politely decline to offer one.

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As a matter of fact, it would be MUCH easier to get the sidewalk maintenance ordinance repealed than Finneran amended - because the sidewalks are an issue under the control of the Town Board, and we all know the Town Board requires just three votes to make things right. So Paul, here's your big chance to make an 80 year old lady happy (and lots of other people too) by employing your majority on the Board to repeal an old and no longer useful bit of legislative nonsense.

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Let me enlighten you as to burying the utility lines,that was
aked many years ago to some home owners and they refused to let this plan go foward WHy they wanted their area to look like the country.
When sewers were put into place residents had the chance to ask that the lines be buried the answers were the same.
We like the country look.
Yes lines should be buried but instead we have to have the poles with no where to place sidewalks.
To accomplish this job of removing poles and bury the lines in todays world would cost a fortune.
This should have been thought of many moons ago.

Anonymous said...

We could get new poles installed together with the sidewals but we will still have the same problem of maintenance.
To change the law for Greenburgh will never happen since this is a statewide ruling,if no throughout the whole united states.
You have a sidewalk in front of your home or business you have to maintain it.

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Don't put the telephone pole problem on Paul's shoulders.
We as home owners should petition whom ever to get the lines buried.
But from what was said that it takes away the county settings that we enjoy now this will never be done.
Paul cannot get himself arrested no less try to have laws amended or changed.
It took a while to put certain laws on the books so it will take longer to amend or remove them.
We have been happy the way the laws have read up to now why change to suit a chosen few.

hal samis said...

Attention Taxpayers!

There are anonymous posters writing that they want Greenburgh to spend more dollars.

Even in an existing rising tax climate that is already destined to produce a likely double digit increase for years ahead.

Bernstein 1, the impact from the final round of Library bonding, a 2010 hit from the NYS Retirement system, more Comprehensive plan funding, a needed new court housing, sidewalks and the Town budget is off and running again.

Meanwhile, tax certs continue to take ratables downward, salaries and benefits continue to climb and here we have some residents seeking to have the Town shovel snow off the sidewalks which add to the value of their homes.

But I'm all for requiring utilities to bury new lines underground. Let's actually allow some new development to occur so we can start this ball rolling.

Finally, I'm continually amused by all the anonymous posts that keep mentioning supervisor for life. Isn't there anyone behind these organized keyboards who actually wants the job instead? Everyone seems to be so sure that it is an easy job and the holder can solve all problems, make everyone happy and it pays so well.

So, when are you going to start circulating the petition with your name on top? Feiner's not perfect but he is getting better and things are improving, even if it is not as speedily as many would like.

But hey, come out of the closet and run. If it is such a great job and all of you know how to do it better, then think what YOU can do to help your friends and neighbors and be a candidate.

You've already got all the answers so why not put this knowledge to some purposeful use.

Otherwise, the picture I get of all this "belly-aching" is:

man holding his belly walks into a restaurant.
waitperson hands him the menu.
"are you ready to order?"

"yes, don't bring me the meat, don't bring me the fish, don't bring me the chicken, don't bring me the vegetables, don't bring me desert, don't bring me the...."

"is there anything I can get you to not on the menu so you enjoy your meal?"

"no, just bring me the tax bill."

customer starves.

waitperson earns no tips, can no longer afford to live in Greenburgh.

restaurant closes, property taxes go down, homeowners have to make up the difference. homeowners can no longer afford to go out to eat.

You complainers know what you don't want. You just don't have the guts to take on the job yourself.

Anyone heard this before?

Put up or shut up!

Anonymous said...


What happened to review of overtime?

hal samis said...

When I have the time.

Re this topic, maybe the Town should pursue having the State create a multi-modal pedestrian facility similar to what is proposed for Knollwood Road.

If it this is good enough for the Greenburgh Health Center...