Tuesday, November 21, 2006

East Hartsdale Ave gets holiday lights donation from Westchester Greenhouse Farm

In recent years I have received a number of complaints about the lack of holiday spirit on E Hartsdale Ave. The holiday decorations looked old and uninviting. Thanks to a generous donation form Westchester Greenhouse Farm (450 Secor) we have placed attractive new holiday lights on the avenue. The street looks very attractive. We're grateful for the donation and look forward to your additional suggestions - regarding ways we can make East Hartsdale Ave and the rest of the town more holiday friendly. Your comments and suggestions, as always, are welcome. In addition to decorations - your suggestions for additional holiday programs would also be appreciated.
Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

I have an idea for the holidays for the town.

How about a sidewalk on West Hartsdale Ave. from Central Ave. to Dobbs Ferry road, and a rehabilitation and upgrade of this extremly busy and very dangerous roadway. Maybe our friendly Town Supervisor can start working with the new governors administration in January to get this project started? This would be a great present to all who have to or want to walk up or down West Hartsdale Ave, and not have to dodge aggresive traffic, debris, large potholes and gutters, blind curves, poor lighting, and uneven road surfaces.

By the way, thanks to the guys in the Town's Commnications and Lighting division, who were out overnight on Saturday into Sunday morning wiring up the lights. And to Greenburgh PD for keeping East Hartsdale Ave safe and secure for those who use the area.

As for holiday suggestions, I'd like to see a Christmas fair on East Hartsdale Avenue.

7-11's also moving into Central Ave. & Mt. Joy Place.

Anonymous said...

The lights look wonderful. Thanks so much to the Westchester Greenhouse Farm. It would be great if we also had a lit tree where the public library bus sits at the train station. Keep up the good work, Paul. I live on E. Hartsdale Ave. It's a lovely area and should be made special at the holidays.

Anonymous said...

East Hartsdale Ave looks better today than ever! Thanks, Westchester Greenhouse. Thanks, DPW. Thanks, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

I agree, though, that a higher priority gift would be an upgrade/rehab of the entire roadway (especially sidewalks) between the Bronx River Parkway and Dobbs Ferry Road.

Even without the State's assistance, there are many little things that are supposed to be handled by the Greenburgh DPW that would make a big difference.

Anonymous said...

How about an East Hartsdale Ave holiday street fair with music.

Anonymous said...

Hartsdale? Where's Hartsdale?