Friday, November 17, 2006

energy conservation coordinator saves taxpayers almost a million!

An article in today's Journal News ( about the Town Board decision earlier this week to authorize the sale of a federally subsidized housing complex reported that "the company agreed to give up a request for a $1 million tax break, opting for a one year tax break worth about $50,000." Special thanks to Nikki Coddington, our energy conservation coordinator for her efforts. Nikki advised town officials and the new building owners that they could be eligible for technical and financial assistance through a state program for energy efficiency in multi family buildings. This informaiton addressed some of the building owners financial issues and was a major factor in their decision to drop the tax break request. The vote highlights the fact that energy efficiency technical and financial assistance is out there and can improve residents quality of life. For more information about our energy conservation initiatives call Nikki Coddington at 993-1649.
Hat's off to Nikki for her excellent work. This most recent accomplishment is just one of many contributions Nikki has made to our town.


Dan said...

Imagine what she could do for the town if she worked full-time!