Tuesday, November 21, 2006

nature center suggests nature center as satellite library

The Town Board met tonight with representatives of the Greenburgh Nature Center. The center came up with an interesting suggestion: setting up a trailer at the nature center as a satellite library location. This concept is very interesting. After the library closes for construction the nature center (satellite library) might want to house books dealing with the environment, energy conservation, science, animal life, farming, etc... The nature center has a loyal following - lots of visitors. The satellite location at the nature center would probably be very popular. The nature center is conveniently located - on Central Ave and would provide Edgemont residents with a convenient library location. Many parents bring their children to the nature center year round. Some additional children library programs could be provided at the nature center.
During the summer months visitors to a nature center library satellite location could read a book and enjoy nature at the same time.
A very interesting and helpful idea...