Friday, November 24, 2006

Opposition to Indian Point Extension Mounting...

Entergy announced the day before Thanksgiving (when no one was paying attention) that they will seek permission from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to extend the license of Indian Point through 2035. The Town of Greenburgh was the first locality to approve a resolution a while back opposing the re-licensing. About 20 local governments have joined Greenburgh in opposing the re-licensing. Hundreds of elected officials from the Hudson Valley also oppose Indian Point. Governor-elect Spitzer, Congresswoman Lowey, Congressman Engel, Congressman-elect Hall also oppose Indian Point.
These are some concerns:
*** Indian Point continues to be a terrorist target. President Bush, in his State of the Nation Message shortly after 9/11, stated that maps of nuclear power plants were found in Afghan caves. Indian Point is a high profile location, just like the World Trade Center.
*** 20 million people live within 50 miles of Indian Point. A meltdown would have catastrophic consequences to the entire metropolitan area.
*** There is no viable evacuation plan for Indian Point. No where to where to hide!
*** Radiocative water was found under Indian Point's power plant. The radioactive water has grown to the size of the Central Park reservoir.
*** Insurance companies won't cover damages from nuclear accidents.
*** Emergency sirens keep malfunctioning.
You can join the effort to close down Indian Point. Visit the web site: or
Entergy claims that Indian Point is safe. If they are wrong - the consequences would be enormous. We can't take a chance.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Indian Point must close

Anonymous said...

It's not worth the risk. Close down Indian Point.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Paul, I need that inexpensive, clean power. Nothing is wrong, nothing bad has happened, and my bet is that nothing will happen. Why cut off our own nose to make a point? Is your financial break even point a lot more secure than mine? If my tax bills go up, just at the time my electric bills go up, just at the time I am foced to install a home generator, (for the perennial brownouts that will follow Indian Point's closure), it may force me into some hard, hard decisions. Why does that not seem to affect you, when it affects me so critically?

Also, environmentally speaking, all the alternatives, aside from being not yet built, and without any law or bond issue to finance them, all are smoky, and make Carbon Dioxide. (Wind is not a baseline power technology).

We must transition, yes, ... but not shoot ourselves in the foot to do so. Show us your transition plan, and make me a believer.

Anonymous said...

We had power outages this summer, repeatedly, even with Inidan Point. I do not agree with Feiner on everyting, but I think Inidan Point must go.

And what would it matter if the sirens were working -- how could we all leave??

Eric McErlain said...

Rudy Giuliani has been working with the folks at Entergy on security and emergency preparedness at the plant for some time now. Click here for audio of what he had to say about the plant.